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All-In-One TK ANH Stunt Index of Resources by MaskedVengeance

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This is an All-In-One compilation of various resources for ANH Stunt Stormtrooper builds which will hopefully be helpful to prospective troopers as you get started and begin your research. Many TKs over many years have spent countless hours documenting their tips, tutorials, and builds, and this index includes posts and links which have been helpful on my own journey to the 501st. Printable PDF documents are included with select posts. This index will be updated as additional resources are created and identified by troopers helping troopers.


501st Legion Links:

501st Legion - Member Application

501st Legion - Available IDs

501st Legion - Garrison/Outpost World Map



FISD Forums

Getting Started - Read This First

ANH (Stunt & Hero) Forum

Tutotials, Tips, and How-Tos


Getting Started Forum Pinned Threads (selection)

Various Types of Armor by Daetrin

Common FISD Acronyms & Glossary by justjoseph63

Steps to Join the Legion by Dark CMF

Cost of a Stormtrooper by Dday


Supply Lists

OT TK Supply List by justjoseph63 (Print PDF)

List of Soft Parts by justjoseph63


Build Tips and Resources

Quick Reference Guide OT TKs by justjoseph63 (Print PDF)

Armor Party 101 by justjoseph63

Return Edges 101 by justjoseph63 (Print PDF)

Paint Color Guide by themaninthesuitcase

Billgrams One Stop Shop (some diagrams may be outdated)


Magnets 101 by justjoseph63 (Print PDF)

Butt-joining Armor by ZacMuleer

Sanding Before Gluing by Shinyarmour1

Make Heat Gun Return Edges by pandatrooper

Making ABS Paste by kman (Print PDF)

Resize Armor with ABS Scaps & Paste by Harbinger (Print PDF)

Armor for Bigger Troopers by ELP

Altering Armor for Shorter Troopers: See Cricket's builds (WTF, RS Props)

ATA Armor Sizing by Thrawndike bar

V-Tabs for Kidney & Butt by gmrhodes13, Cricket's implementation, Colin's implementation  [NEW 3rd LINK ADDITION]

Kidney Plate Shimming by Bullseye

Fix Back Plate Kidney Overlap by A.J. Hamler (also in his build thread)

Reinforcing Super Strong Shoulder Bridges by A.J. Hamler (Print PDF)

Arm Armor Assembly by pandatrooper

Forearm Alignment and Shoulder Bells by CableGuy

Thighs Assembly by pandatrooper

Thigh Trimming by Cgarduc

Fill Thigh Ridge Gaps with Sugru by justjoseph63  [NEW ADDITION]

Angled Mobility Cuts Behind Knees by ABS80

Attaching Flexible Hand Guards by justjoseph63 (Print PDF)

Tips for Using E-6000 by jeebus68 and others

E-6000 Safety Precautions (PPE) by cm325i

Cover Strips threads: gazmosis, I'm Batman, sith_241, & Falciform13

ANH & ESB Cover Strip lengths and Ends by CableGuy

Scribe technique for Cover Strips by chiefbonan 


Bending the ABS Belt by gazmosis, Boba_Skywalker3

Attaching Belt to Abs by GnrlGrievous

Holster Placement on Belt by CableGuy

Current (2021) Holster Placement by gmrhodes13 (follow-up to previous thread above)

Belt Assembly by ukswrath

Removable Holster with Snaps by Harbinger  [NEW ADDITION]

Belt, Holster, & Drop Boxes video tutorial by RWA (youtube)  [NEW ADDITION]

Thigh Ammo Pack Positioning by CableGuy  [NEW ADDITION]

Armor Thickness: 1.5mm, 2mm, Capped by Jakebullet

Shoe/Boot Stretchers by justjoseph63, OneStrangeCyka

GO TO Resources by ukswrath


Strapping Systems

Rivet Setting 101 by justjoseph63 (Print PDF)

Snap Setting 101 by justjoseph63 (Print PDF)

Snap Setting Hardware Solutions by TheRascalKing

E6000 and Snaps Discussion by Harbinger, Snap Options by ukswrath

Snaps with Rivet Heads by TheSwede

Split Rivet Placement by DroidHunter

How to Use a Rivet Tool by huttman

How to Make Snap Plates by stukatrooper

Elastic ABS Reinforcement by Cricket

Magnetic Shin Closures by Cricket (Print PDF)

Magnetic Shin Closures (supplement) by Zugor

Alternate Magnetic Shin Closures by OddViking327

Types of Inner Strapping by Shinyarmour1

Internal Strapping by justjoseph63, nrgband

RascalSnaps by TheRascalKing

Thigh Garter System by Pencap510

Making Thigh Garters by Spectre

Bicep Hooks by Pyrates and Brent

Shin stabilization by Cricket and themaninthesuitcase


Helmet Assembly

ATA ABS Helmet Assembly by pandatrooper (Print PDF)

ATA Stunt Helmet Assembly by Ales (Print PDF)

ATA Helmet Build by maxsteele

ANH TE2 Helmet Build by TK-4510

Helmet Ear Tutorial by gazmosis (Print PDF)

Draw No Gap Ear Line by bpoodoo (Print PDF)

Ear Trimming Foil Hack by trooper96

Choose Your Brow Height by CableGuy (Print PDF)

Helmet Alignment by CableGuy (Print PDF)

Template Painting 101 by justjoseph63 (Print PDF)

Tube Stripes by CableGuy (Print PDF)

Vocoder Paint Examples by CableGuy (Print PDF)

Helmet Painting Tips by CableGuy

Replicate the Screen-Used Look by CableGuy

Hovi Tip Found Part Groundbreaking Discovery! by Dan_O and Sly11


Helmet/Bucket/Lid Interior

Attach Lenses Using Sugru by justjoseph63 (Print PDF)

Mounting Lenses by Solcar23

Helmet Padding by Boba_Skywalker3

Hard Hat vs Foam Helmet Liner by han_solo1

Interior Painting #1 and #2 Post by Staffa359

Truck bed-liner vs plasti-dip by TheRascalKing 

Helmet Fan Placement by RLH2515

What's in Your Bucket by Ragtooth

Helmet Interior Build by kamikaze

Helmet Internals Purchase Options by JZYL

Clean frown mesh install by Toothdoc & others

TrooperTalk iOS App by BrinkHouse

Voice Changer Suggestions by nick007

Voice Amp System by JFarwell

iComm + Aker Volume by kaa1304

iComm Help by endy

iComm 3D Box Holder by Garbz


Video Tutorials (youtube)

RS Prop Masters' series

Pandatrooper's series

TK-4510 (Trooperbay)

CableGuy's build video series

Armor Building with TK1636 (forum post here)

RWA's Youtube Channel


Photo References

FISD Gallery

LFL Archive Photos: Part #1, Part #2

538 HD Screen Grabs by dashrazor (2010)

1059 frames of TKs in ANH by Jeklynhyde (2020)


Armor Cleaning, Sanding, & Shining

Wetsanding and Polishing by Ensi (Print PDF)

Best Way to Clean Armor by Daetrin

Novus Plastic Polish by Darth Aloha


Armor Yellowing

Yellowing Preventative Measures by Brandon

Make Aged ABS White Again by dashrazor

Reversing UV Damage on TK ABS (external)

Trooperbay Whitening Gel (external)

Additional Yellowing Discussion and Resources  [NEW ADDITION]


Image Posting

Photography Tips for Posting by CableGuy

Posting Imgur Photos 101 by justjoseph63

Post images on Imgur by Ensi


E-11 Blaster

FISD E-11 Blaster Reference (Print PDF by Blaster Team)

Rubber Blasters: Hyperfirm vs. Praetorian by kman

Rubber Blasters: Hellhounds (vs. Hyperfirm & Praetorian) by MaskedVengeance

Another Hellhounds Props E-11 variant review by Toothdoc

Hellhounds Props E-11 Review/Experience by KaiserintheHood

Completion Sets for E-11 Resin Kits by T-Jay

Sterling SMG & E-11 3D Print Files by trooper96  [NEW RELEVANT POSTS]

Full Aluminum Parts Kit by fieldmarshall

Previously Unknown E-11 Prop Detail by Joe and gmrhodes13

TroopaCoola JMC E-11 Build by CableGuy

Sterling Sub-Machine Gun Diagrams / Handbook / Images by gmrhodes13

Sterling Main Spring Forming Tool by trooper96

E-11 Suppliers 2021 by gmrhodes13  [NEW ADDITION]

How to Smooth Out a 3D Printed E-11 by justjoseph63  [NEW ADDITION]

Gun Rack for Blasters by T-Jay  [NEW ADDITION]

ANH E-11: Sterling vs Bapty Differences by justjoseph63  [NEW ADDITION]


Armor Storage/Transport

TK Storage Bin by Garrett803

Husky Cog Wheel Covers by GoofTrooper

Add Shelves to Husky Bin by TK21999

Husky Bin Modification by VancouverTrooper

Customizing your Transport Cases by OddViking327


FISD and Stormtrooper Supplemental Posts

Armor Tree History by Locitus

ATA Armor History by c6dy

A Sad Day for FISD by Sly11

FISD User Ranks & Awards by Harbinger

Your First Troop Tips by justjoseph63

Emergency Trooping Kit by justjoseph63

Talk Like a Stormtrooper by Thrawndike bar

Christine's PVC Mannequin by Cricket

Adjustable PVC Mannequin by TK4205

Terry's Duct Tape Mannequin by pandatrooper

Trading Card Holster by swagger

What does your TK ID Represent? by gmrhodes13

How did you choose your TK ID? by humperdingle

Story Behind Your Nickname by Snaps

Re-Introductions by CableGuy  [NEW ADDITION]

Differences Between OT TKs (Post #1) & (Post #2) by sharkbait

Rogue One TK vs OT TK by 11b30b4

Joseph's TK Mancave by justjoseph63

Help Fix FISD Dead Links & Photos by Sly11

Using a Torch/Flashlight to Find Armor Cracks by CallMeMrTibbles

FISD Memes by Morgi  [NEW ADDITION]



What is recasting and when is it bad? by Sonnenschein

TM Troopermaster recast CFO by sskunky


ANH Stunt Build Threads (WIPs)

ukswrath (Tony) - ANOVOS (Print PDF by harris.adp)

Harbinger (Brien) - ANOVOS

kman (Kalani) - ANOVOS

Uxorious (Fredrik) - ANOVOS

Rat (Jim) - ANOVOS

Blast 'Em! (Shane) - ANOVOS unfinished


ukswrath (Tony) - AM 1.0

pandatrooper (Terry) - AM

LTM (Lou) - AM

A.J. Hamler (A.J.) - AM (Print PDF by MV)

OddViking327 (Colin) - AM 4.5


AsBlondeAsLuke (Diana) - RS Props

tsongololo (Jennifer) - RS Props

DudeSidious (Wayne) - RS Props unfinished


Cricket (Christine) - WTF, RS Props, RS #2 (Mr.)

shashachu (Sha Sha) - WTF

StrmTRPR85 (Jeff) - WTF


LadyInWhite - AP (google doc)

Pyrates (Aaron) - AP

wook1138 (Greg) - AP

zv288bot (Jorge) - AP

Scimitar (Eric) - AP

Bud Spaklur (Matt) - AP

MechaPumpkin (Danny) - AP

SpiceCredits (Rick) - AP

batmanmike (Mike) - AP unfinished

Shinyarmour1 (C) - AP unfinished (photography)

rwmead10 (Ryan) - AP unfinished

MightyAtom (Mark) - AP

Sly11 (Andrew) - AP  [NEW ADDITION]


Dark CMF (Tim) - TR-Mod

LEGOeatPokemon (Jonas) - SDS

dereferenced (Brian) - T/MC unfinished

Redforce (Anthony) - NE

maxsteele (Ron) - NE


CableGuy (Dan) - RWA

CTID (Mark) - RWA


NOTE: Many of the Pre-Approval, EIB, and Centurion request threads below are for ATA armor, as that is my armor type. Threads from other makers are included for their valuable content


ATA Build Threads (WIPs)

ukswrath (Tony) - rebuild

Ensi (Daniel)

DStep (D'Angelo)

echo327 (Erick)

StarTrooper (Jayke)

TheLorelei (Lorelei)

Bazz (Adi)

Quixotic5891 (Antonio)

RampantLion (Leo)


Zarlon (Kyle)

gmrhodes13 (Glen)

wingnut65 (Jeff)  [NEW ADDITION]


pandatrooper (Terry) - MEPD TD


Flykiller (Jerome) - thigh question

timecyspace (Clay) - unfinished

MaskedVengeance (Caleb) - unfinished (Print PDF)


Pre-Approval Requests

Actionsdower (Jim) - RS

iEmpire916 (William) - AP

husky68 (Robert) - AP

TKModder421 (Greg) - ANOVOS


Jared (Jared) - ATA

REN2100 (Ryan) - ATA

Hotel (Jim) - ATA

MissingNo (Peter) - ATA

echo327 (Erick) - ATA

31-9 (Jayson) - ATA unfinished

snipedoc2001 (Cody) - ATA

Swarzo (Cory) - ATA unfinished

Cesarisamisfit (Cesar) - ATA unfinished


EI & Centurion Informational Threads

Advanced Tactics: EIB and Centurion by justjoseph63

ANH Stunt EI Visual Checklist by Sly11 and Wingnut65

ANH Stunt EI Photo Submission Guidelines by justjoseph63 (PDF by Sly11)

Multiple EIB Award Recipients by gmrhodes13  [NEW ADDITION]

Expert Infantry Honor Gallery by gmrhodes13  [NEW ADDITION]

ANH Stunt Centurion Visual Checklist by Sly11 and Wingnut65

ANH Stunt Centurion Photo Submission Guidelines by justjoseph63 (PDF by Sly11)


EI Requests

TKittell (Robert) - 100 AM

Dargas (Richard) - 163 ATA

gmrhodes13 (Glen) - 291 ATA

Boba_Skywalker3 (Dominic) - 310 ATA

TK6682 (Michael) - 337 RS Props

Warwitch (Gabriel) - 340 TE2

EnemyZero (Tom) - 355 ATA

ukswrath (Tony) - 435 ATA

sylverbard (Mark) - 456 ATA

YESSRAM (Yessid) - 465 ATA

CrookKnight (Shawn) - 638 AP

Cricket (Christine) - 700 RS Props

TheRascalKing (Justin) - 807 ANOVOS

Wargasm (Joshua) - 810 ATA

lucnak (Luc) - 815 ATA

Jared (Jared) - 841 ATA

TK 71627 (Jose) - 850 WTF


echo327 (Erick) - 948 ATA

equuspolo (Ardeshir) - YR2019 ANOVOS

Ruffalo - 949 RS Props

husky68 (Robert) - 953 AP


Centurion Requests

gazmosis (Steve) - 32 ATA

Solcar23 (Carlos) - 52 ATA

JEDISTAR (Charlie) - 60 ATA

niugnep (David) - 76 AP

piklz36 (David) - 86 ATA

Jancelot (Chris) - 92 AP

Techne (Chris) - 108 ATA

RampantLion (Leonard) - 115 ATA

Vader's Wingman (Jason) - 123 ATA

ukswrath (Tony) - 144 ATA

DarkOrder66 (Christopher) - 160 ATA

YESSRAM (Yessid) - 165 ATA

justjoseph63 (Joseph) - 167 AM2.0/ATA

Squimspickle (Aaron) - 213 ATA

Cricket (Christine) - 316 RS Props

Daetrin (Paul) - 326 TM

Soulart (Teresa) - 335 AP

jamihal (Jim) - 344 ATA

Ruthar (Taylor) - 354 ATA

TheRascalKing (Justin) - 396 ANOVOS

menschie (Colin) - 404 ATA

Bazz (Adi) - 436 ATA

MissionTrooper (Andrew) - 454 AP

Ruffalo - 457 RS Props

OddViking327 (Colin) - 485 AM

MightyAtom (Mark) - 488 AP (photography)


Purchase Options (my build)

Armor and helmet: Affordable Trooper Armor (ATA)

Undersuit: Trooperbay One-Piece Double-Zipper (courtesy of a GA Garrison mate)

Boots: Imperial Boots 421

Gloves: See hand guards below. (mine)

Hand Guards: justjoseph63's kit

Strapping: TheRascalKing's kit

Holster: Darman's 8oz leather (tan straps)

Neck Seal: Darman's Premium (zipper)

Belt: TKitell's Imperial Issue

TD Hooks: ukswrath's kit

Mounting Hardware: justjoseph63's kit

Hovi Tip Screen/Mesh: ukswrath's kit

Helmet Fans:

Voice Mod/Amp: iComm + Aker amp

Blaster: Hellhounds Props E-11


Alternative Accessory Options:

ukswrath's Cooling Kits by ukswrath (Etsy)

TrooperTronix Helmet Fans

Henry's Helmet Fans

DIY Neck Seal by BrinkHouse

Geeky Pink's Neck Seals

Making a TK Neck Seal by Doggydoc   [NEW ADDITION]

Also see Joseph's Soft Parts List above


Other External Resources

Ukswrath's Website

Less Intimidating Build by imperialbrewer

TK41973 Blog

Tony Barnett TK300 Website (snaps)


| FISD wordmark used with Command Staff permission |

Edited by MaskedVengeance
Resource and/or PDF link(s) added
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This... is... phenomenal!  The amount of work that has gone into this borders on OCD, (which is what I love about it) :D.  GREAT job, Caleb!

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Thanks for the kind words, friends! My hope is that other new builders (or perhaps veterans too) will find this a helpful resource for their TK journey. It represents much of the information that I've compiled for my own build, and I thought I'd pass it along! Aspiring Troopers helping aspiring Troopers!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Amazing job. I can not only imagine how much time it took to compile but also how much time future recruits will spend using it. I, for one, would have spent much time coming back to this thread. 

Any chance this might be pinned? Regardless, great work on it! 

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On 7/2/2020 at 1:20 AM, LightBox said:

This is such an amazing, organized and detailed list. This will be extremely helpful to so many people. Much appreciated, thank you!

On 7/6/2020 at 11:11 AM, Erice3339 said:

Amazing job. I can not only imagine how much time it took to compile but also how much time future recruits will spend using it. I, for one, would have spent much time coming back to this thread. 

Any chance this might be pinned? Regardless, great work on it! 

I'm glad to hear you guys have found this thread helpful! If definitely took a long time to compile, and it will ever be a work-in-progress to update as I continue to come across other resources. As for pinning, I believe that is up to certain staff members, and I've recently seen @Daetrin and @Ripper_L take such action, though I'm not sure what the criteria are. Either way, I'm glad this thread will be helpful to future builders!

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There's no specific criteria we follow. But this thread here is definitely worth pinning! :)
Thanks a lot for the hard work!

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Troopers! Just a quick note to remind everybody that I'm always on the lookout for new informative resources to add to this thread, so if you spot something not listed that may be helpful, send it my way! I definitely want to harness the hive mind for the ultimate goal of troopers helping troopers!

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  • 1 month later...
  • 3 weeks later...

Here are some threads that are worth mentioning, I think


This Index is really an astonishing collection of great treads, many thanks to all the contributors :)

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vor 34 Minuten schrieb MaskedVengeance:

Ok, so I couldn't help but repost Luca's @Morgi recent mention of this post in his fantastic FISD meme thread. I'm glad that this compilation has been helpful enough to builders to garner mention in a meme. =)




Keep up the great meme work, Luca!



Thanks, Caleb, I appreciate the shout-out. Glad you like the meme! (And as if there was any way I was gonna skip over this thread when making memes about the FISD.)



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1 hour ago, MaskedVengeance said:

Well in this case I nominate Tony's @ukswrath EPIC Anovos build thread for memeification. Nearly three quarters of a MILLION views and over 1K comments. :smiley-sw013:

Wow thank you very much. I'm delighted it has helped so many. Troopers Helping Troopers

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  • 2 weeks later...

Greetings fellow troopers!  I'm not one yet but this year will be the year that I get my armor and I'm looking forward to it.  A couple of questions after I have looked around the forums.  I'm a bigger guy so will be needing bigger armor.  I've tried to contact RT Mod but it appears his links and email address are no longer valid, does anyone have updated information for this company.  If not, I will probably go with AP as they look like they will be able to accommodate my sizing, I hope.  My biggest concern are the boots, I'll be in a size 15, any vendors listed go that high or do other bigger troopers have a recommendation on where to find boots?  Looking on imperial boots, the ones they have for trooper have a zipper and not the u shaped piece in the middle.  Is this acceptable for approval at the highest level?  Sorry for the length. Thanks for your help and this list.  

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Welcome trooper-to-be! Last I checked, Terry (Pandatrooper) had taken over the production of RT-Mod armor, but I’m not sure how much that operation got off the ground. I’m sure some others may have more information. Here’s the announcement from several years ago:


As for sizing, I think WTF may also have an armor kit for larger troopers, but as you said, AP also has a good one. Imperial Boots make a perfectly approval boot for TKs, which many of us wear. They’re the 421s, and I’m not sure which ones with the zippers you must have seen. Crowprops also makes TK boots, and they’re tailored to your size.


Looking forward to following along with you on your journey!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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  • 3 weeks later...

This would be a good one to add to the compilation, I did have a look but only one coffee so far so I may have missed it ;) 



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5 hours ago, gmrhodes13 said:

This would be a good one to add to the compilation, I did have a look but only one coffee so far so I may have missed it.

I like your thinking, Glen. I actually saw that a while ago but had never made the addition. Thread updated, so Joseph's love of sugru is now doubly represented on here. :laugh1:

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