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ANH TK - vocoder examples

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Just posting a few handy vocoder images from ANH. As per the photos, there is quite a common theme/style amongst the stunt helmets.


As with all things ANH, there are variations and exceptions. I’m posting this based on the 501st’s usual pattern of selecting the “most common” appearance for uniformity.


*note that the current CRL does not specify anything more than the vocoder must be painted black.


The main thing to note is how “most” ANH stunt helmets have the “fuller” vocoder style. This is when bars 2 and 6 are quite long/tall. See pictures below.

















there are variations and exceptions: however, the below image shows two clearly different vocoder styles. 







Hero helmets have more variation, some with a fuller vocoder, others with a thinner central section.









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hey there, Troopers. Bumping for new members, or as a reminder to anyone looking to paint their vocoder. :duim:

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