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ANH Holster, although we see Stunt holsters on most Stormtroopers, strap size and color varies from trooper to trooper as well as position on belt.


Majority having long straps



Approximate guide



Hero Holsters, the following are what are seen on Han and Luke, E-11 style with the 4 rivet attachment, although slightly different





Approximate guide



A nice shot of Han and Luke both with E-11's holstered and Han carrying the DLT19. Note the droop on Han's belt from the weight


Incidentally how many of you noticed when TK421 (Luke) comes out of the falcon wearing the comlink and grappling box he is also sporting a detonator?jzfBfu4.jpg


RS Holster worn by Hero helmet trooper below, mid attachment, believed to be a rebel DH-17 holster put on a TK belt (incorrectly). Also note the stitching is on the left (front) of the holster and the standard E-11 is on the right (back), it is shorter than the E-11 and also angled on the bottom.


ANH holster RS.JPG






At first only believed to be worn by 1 trooper we have the image below showing 2 troopers sporting this style of holster




Very easy to spot as the holster is a lot shorter than an E-11 holster and slightly angled on the bottom



Hero Promo, short like the RS holster also stitching on the left (front) BUT with a cut-out section and SE-14R in the holster, once again you can see it is a lot shorter than an E-11 holster as it is high on the thigh. This could very well be one of the RS style holsters modified with the cut out seen below.



4 rivet attachment as you can see the two rivets on the one strap below





No Holster and of course there has to be someone who's been in a rush to dress and forgotten his holster (note not approvable)

no belt.jpgy29Jf6j.jpg




For anyone wishing to make their holster removeable 


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Great post, Glen.

And thanks for making this updated graphic a reality. Let’s hope it starts to catch on.


Additional images; https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/48867-anh-stunt-belt-attachment-suggestion/

I just upgraded my belt for centurion level, so thanks for the new info.

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