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  1. Yes, I updated the FISD one in here before rolling out the mass mail and have the other one as well: https://cdaniel-lauber.de/FISD_pics/IMG_6872.JPG
  2. I noticed the SSL certificate of my server had expired one month ago. I just renewed it, so at least all the images I had restored should be back again.
  3. Congratulations! Looking forward to this busy year of further development! Glad to have you as our glorious DL. You have my full trust, Andrew! Thanks to all involved as staff and thanks to all nominees
  4. Merry Christmas to all of you!
  5. oups, lol. I mean here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/239-expert-infantry-honor-gallery/
  6. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/eib.html/ Just to close this topic after 4 years - here's the new gallery
  7. If you make any updates to the files - will they be available to me, if I buy them now?
  8. For Sale/Trade (Personal Items Only) and Ongoing Sales & Project Runs use the auto archiving feature of our boards, which deactivates inactive threads, so we should not check for the date in these forums, but rather if they are autoarchived or not. If they are, we can move them to the actual archive. All threads without activity over 3 months are being auto-archived/deactivated. Question to this: For Sale/Trade (Personal Items Only) has it's own archive "For Sale - Archive" as a subforum. Should we move that to the main forum archives? For the Ongoing Sales & Project Runs I'd create a new subforum in the main forum archives, called "Ongoing Sales - Archive". I'll move any deactivated threads in there.
  9. Must have been some sort of flexible spout with aerator at the end for a tap, similar to this:
  10. If you need any help with your armor or the approval process, I'm happy to help you out. My parents have an apartment in Chieming and Traunstein isn't too far away from where I live now, either.
  11. Congratulations! Looking forward to your EIB and Centurion applications. Do you have a preference what to build next? Maybe a DLT-19 blaster? Maybe a FOTK executioner?
  12. Heftige Glühstrümpfe Luca! That's a great report on your journey! I hope your first troop will be a blast! The event looks like a perfect start with younger and older members attending. Have fun and let us know how your first experience went!
  13. Hey Andrew and welcome to the beginning of an incredible journey! @justjoseph63 and @CrookKnight are our Imperial Attachés for the Carolina Garrison. If anyone can help you hands on, it's one of them or somebody they know in your region. Both are expirienced builders and know exactly what they're talking about. The only other option to get help hands on would be to hope for an armor party in your area. But no worries: we've had plenty of new members with no building experience before. You'll get the right guidance on this platform and it's not as hard as you think it will be. We've had plenty of AtA builds on here, even going higher levels, btw.
  14. It looks amazing! I'd be happy to do some test-prints for you Did you print any other parts than the helmet so far? And what measurements does the biggest part have? I can print some huge stuff on my CR-10 max, so I'm really looking forward to your files.
  15. Looking great, Dino! Hope to see you in action soon. What's the next event you'll be attending in your Pyre suite?
  16. Servus Andi! Schön, dass du den Weg in's FISD gefunden hast. Das hier ist definitiv der größte Wissensschatz des WWW, wenn's um Stormtrooper geht. Mit RS hast du schonmal nichts falsch gemacht. Ich selbst bin übrigens auch aus Südbayern und hier gibt es noch einige mehr aus der Region. Im restlichen Forum wird zwar Englisch gesprochen/geschrieben, wenn du aber mal Hilfe auf Deutsch brauchst, kannst du einfach bei den 'Imperial Embassies' nachfragen, da gibt es auch "Unterstützung auf Deutsch". Wie Tino schon geschrieben hat solltest du aber erstmal die "Getting Started" Section auschecken - viel Spaß! LG, Danny
  17. Another great issue at the beginning of this new year!
  18. Hello and welcome to the FISD, Joseph! You should start by reading through the Getting started section to gain some basic information: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/38-getting-started-read-this-first/ The most helpful thread in here for Anovos kits is @ukswraths buildthread:
  19. Then I highly recomment to have a look at @ukswraths buildthread: You should also open a WIP (work in progress) thread and post your step-by-step progress, you will get a lot of feedback here.
  20. I agree, I'll archive them and the Chinese Embassy will need to start pretty much from the beginning again. Anyone on staff who can speek/read chinese?
  21. I'm not sure what to do with the Chinese embassy (银河帝国中华大使馆). It looks like a forum update destroyed most of the chinese ideographs.@Locitus Is there a way to recover them? Otherwise we would need to archive most of the chinese subforum. @Frank75139Who's the Chinese Garrison Attaché at the moment?
  22. Hi David, welcome to whitearmor.net! Feel free to ask any questions, whenever they pop up.
  23. That was my first one too! There is a conversion kit from... well, yeah was a conversion kit from doopydoos.com, it's currently out of stock, like most of the stuff there. Good thing on that blaster is you can give it to a fan for photos and there won't be much damaged if they drop it.
  24. If you swap out the helmet, it is indeed approvable for basic. But it might take a lot of work, depending on the condition in which the armor is now. But for 500$ you can also get some decent kits out there. You'd have to build them from the start on, but they are far more accurate than FX. I started my journey with a FX armor ~ 9 years ago and wouldn't do it at that price. Even back then, I paid less.
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