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  1. You may want to get in contact with the guy who does RT mods. Hes not answering his email and the web address I had for him, is no longer what it was. If he is no longer doing armor, where would a taller bigger trooper look for armor?
  2. Greetings Fellow troopers, or I hope to be a fellow trooper one day, I found a video on YouTube with someone discussing Stormtrooper armor and was wanting to get some expert opinions on it and this seemed to be the best place to go. He got his armor from OriginalStroomtrooper.com. Has anyone ordered anything from them? Hows the quality? The price is in British pounds so whats the American dollar conversion? The quality looked pretty good but as I have never seen anything about this site, I figure it might not be up to the specs of the 501st like some of the other vetted sites I have seen are. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. For the Empire!! Stormtrooper816 PS If this doesn't belong here, I apologize and feel free to move to correct area
  3. How would I get in contact with them? Can I volunteer to be a handler at troop events so I can get my feet wet?
  4. What is the difference between the ANH Stunt and ANH Hero TK uniforms? About the only difference I can see is the brow on the helmet. Is there any other difference in the uniform and is one more preferred over the other? Thanks!
  5. Greetings! My name is Adam from Kansas City. I'm not a member of a Garrison yet but I'm looking forward to buying, modding, and donning some trooper armor by the end of the year when I get my weight down and comfortable financially enough to buy a set. I found this detachment through the 501st website and the threads have been very helpful on determining who to go to buy my first set of armor. I'm a big guy, 6'1" currently 305 pounds but looking to get to be around 230 before i buy my armor. That's the deal I made with my wife anyway. I look forward to joining the 501st and trooping with you all in years to come and chatting with the vets on how to best make my armor last. Feel free to drop me a line whenever you need.
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