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  1. Daetrin

    FISD Memes

    I think we have all been there... Or the other - velcro first, troop a bit, adjust, then when done glue.
  2. FWIW, I like "fortress of solitude" more than "man cave". This is primo, my friend, primo!
  3. Actually I'd buy a new set from Joseph to drop ship to you - would that be OK? Happy to move to DM if that's easier.
  4. This is really cool. Would you be willing to do this for someone else as a service? Asking for a friend ;-)
  5. Daetrin

    FISD Memes

    Hahahahaha - love that last one in particular
  6. Not with the kidney. It's normal though that it can take a few troops to dial in your armor. No amount of standing in front of a mirror can prepare you for it. You may end up needing some foam padding too. Have people take a bunch of pix and then adjust, troop for an hour & take pix, adjust, etc.
  7. Thanks - that's a really nice display and I may get one too soon.
  8. I'd appreciate that Luca! This forum as you see it now is vastly different than how it started. The best part is we can change it over time to meet the needs of the users. I fully agree about IG & TikTok. FYI that there is a contingent that is very loyal to FB (I know, I know). We also are up on Discord too. FWIW, I can agree that older people can be boring. I work with scouts a lot (ages 12-18) and they are never the problem, it's their parents that drive me nuts. Such sticks in the mud :-p
  9. And, if I have to say it, also shows how sometimes us older folks can make the mistake of generalizations and conforming to our biases vs. actually talking to our audience. Usually we get older we get wiser, but sometimes we fool ourselves that we are wiser than we are.
  10. This is a perfect reminder about outreach and engagement, and some great advice. Thanks so much
  11. That may be as well. Certainly something entitled about younger people today. I call it the curse of the app, e.g. they think they just press and app and things magically take care of themselves without any effort. This is the generation after all that gets trophies for participation...
  12. I think too it used to be - back in the day - that basic wasn't all that great. Black ab plate buttons, plastic belts, FX helmets, etc. Going EI made you look *much* better for a modest investment in time and accuracy. What was EI then is basic now, and Centurion then is more like EI today. In other words, as the base accuracy has gotten higher with better kits and parts, going EI doesn't always result in a better looking suit to the general public. So I think for the normal stormtrooper, there is less incentive to go higher when basic today looks pretty good (compared to years past). Is EI hard to get? I used to say $50 and a few hours of work. Is that still true?
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