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  1. There is a discussion thread on recasting and the differences between "good" and "bad" in another thread. This conversation is best continued there.
  2. Yup, all valid points. Hopefully another vendor will offer them, as you guys can tell Hero is my fave look, followed by ESB. I have a stunt helmet but tbh do not troop in it nearly ever.
  3. Actually it depends on who makes the lenses. Mike Appling made some for one of my hero helmets and they worked out great. Also, some folks offer replacement ears so you can take a regular helmet and do the hero option. Note that you would either need to sand and paint t to smooth out the cap and back if you want perfection or leave it bumpy for good enough. It has been years since I last shopped for armor but at one point TM Troopermaster was #1 at least for armor and hero helmets, and TE2 for stunt helmets.
  4. I would do a lot to get a copy of thisk.
  5. Well, that's what my wife would do when I die. A good reason to have some type of document written up, else 1000's of $$ will be chucked in the bin. I don't have an eye for this like Terrell or Wyatt used to who could spot in seconds the exact make, but as noted others do. $50 is a sweet deal.
  6. The two most memorable trooping moments for me were 1) The first time I ever went to Emerald City Comic Con. This was before the event was big and when my garrison was pretty small. No one wanted to troop it so my fellow TD Brian Sasaki & I went on our own. We got all of 5' inside the door and were mobbed for photos by at least 10 minutes, and couldn't even move. I've never been so mobbed for photos since. They ended up using our pix in promos on their website. This was 2006. 2) Rose Parade, 2007. Being flown out to California for a week, 4 men crammed into a room with 2 beds, Germans, Brits, and Belgians trying to see who can stay up the latest at the bar. Not much for sleep but yeah being able to march 5 miles in full armor with 200 other troopers from around the world. And as you can see all the memories, the impromptu football, etc. Nothing else has come close.
  7. Battery should arrive on Monday, I'll update to how it goes.
  8. 100%. But if it's not in full armor, doesn't count.
  9. Captain Pedantic says TK-8020 had a black pauldron ;-)
  10. Thanks Tony. I ordered one from AMZN and it will be here Monday, and will update this thread. Just caught me off guard was all.
  11. I don't think I ever posted it. As ever, you were very gracious with your time. It was from Celebration 8, at least that's what the photo says! ‎Saturday, ‎April ‎15, ‎2017, ‏‎6:52:10 PM
  12. Thanks Adam I'm going to go with the AMZN solution for now.
  13. My iComm system from ukswrath makes a ticking sound that increases as I turn up the volume. I haven't touched the system since my last troop - anyone know have any insight why it's not longer working? I recharged the battery and that's not it. Everything is connected.
  14. I'm just replying so I can say a big "Hi!" to Dean, whose White Armor Chronicles were the godfather of FISD.
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