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  1. Yes Mike, they both died of COVID.
  2. Tragically, his wife Tracie has passed last week as well: https://www.tributearchive.com/obituaries/23403589/tracie-reber/lapeer/michigan/muir-brothers-funeral-home I'm just gutted by the news still.
  3. Great to see you again Nathan, though I wish it was under a better circumstance. Thank you so much for sharing those memories. They are all we have left of a great man and a good friend.
  4. It is with a heavy heart that I mourn the passing of Terrell Reber, who was my XO for many of the early years of FISD and later became DL in his own right. In that time, he contributed his insight and wisdom in many areas most particular in the areas of armor, molds, and armor making. He was the first person to find a legitimate, conflict free path to selling TE derived armor when he founded ATA. It may be hard to believe, but there was a time those years back when a decent set of FX armor was $1200 and TE type armor was hard to acquire from a reputable person. ATA changed much of that, and ATA set the bar for providing quality armor at an affordable price. Hence ATA: affordable trooper armor. He was very picky about quality and hunted for plastic suppliers who would provide virgin material with the right shade of white. He could have charged more and had a long wait list, however felt that would be against his principles. These days there are many options for people to procure quality TE type armor at an affordable price, and we have a solid list of reputable makers. It can be hard to believe that it wasn’t always this way, or that even having a public list of vetted armor makers was considered taboo. With a glance at a picture, he could tell you the make of the armor or helmet and could spot all the “tells” that was uncanny. He gave selflessly his experience and advice to FISD members time and again. However, most of all I will remember him as someone who was always there to take a phone call when needed. Who gave selflessly to this hobby that he loved. 43 is just too young. Buckets off, as I drain it of my tears.
  5. No wonder they have a hard time getting good pilots. Our 401(k) match is awesome, and at least we get a re-location allowance.
  6. Daetrin

    FISD Memes

    Loving the recent memes (Squid Game + Kirk)
  7. Great to have you here - welcome to FISD
  8. We need to pin this thread - excellent information here that I will certainly be taking advantage of.
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