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  1. Great move - SpecOps is the perfect home for non-standard troopers.
  2. Great to have you here - welcome to FISD
  3. We need to pin this thread - excellent information here that I will certainly be taking advantage of.
  4. Man, the details on this are crazy compared to the old days. Looking great!
  5. Man, what a find. As noted, we have suspected these were faucet aerators for many years, but it's nice to have this finally confirmed.
  6. I had one of me from Celebration Los Angeles where I was wearing an Alpha 75 TFA TK and walked in to one of the displays and froze for about 10 minutes. People came in and started taking my photo thinking I was one of the displays, it was pretty funny. At the time. Thanks for the Rose Parade pix Glen, man those are some mighty fine memories.
  7. LOL, which ones? I copied/pasted them and maybe the pasting didn't go through? It's hard for me to say as I can see all of them, as you may imagine. Should I just copy/paste all of them?
  8. Strange, I see them. I wonder if it's a permissions issue. Trying again...
  9. Brier? Brier? Man, I used to drive through there all the time back in the day and lived just south of you on Locust Way. Man times have changed, but one thing hasn't and that is having a good TK in Garrison Titan is always welcome. You look close, and definitely go the pre-approval route and make it easy on our GML. The feedback you'll get here will be better than anything you can get elsewhere. Have you signed up on the garrison boards yet? And, I empathize with you, I joined the Legion when my daughter was about 6 months old. Yes, that was 16 years ago. Man, how time flies.
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