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  1. This is an amazing thread. I've pinned this for posterity. Well done
  2. Or perhaps a variant. As has been noted, it's been part of the ANH-H CRL for many years now. It's kind of like our unofficial "mascot" as we have used it on our 5th year coin, trading cards, and even has been on the "face" of our coins since our initial run. As long as there is canon evidence, it will get in as an option. Otherwise no one says you can't troop with it at casual events. Heck, not a single TIE pilot in the movies has ever worn a side arm but its very common to see TI's trooping with more hardware than us.
  3. It was a fair question. There are other people on this board who may be interested.
  4. I don't recall getting one. I have the Alpha 75 patch, but no coin AFAIK. Would be great to see a picture of it.
  5. My confusion is which item are you talking about?
  6. Welcome Ana from another Garrison Titan member. Best of luck and let's get to trooping!
  7. Awesome - can't wait to see what people come up with
  8. Former LMO, SpecOps DL, Garrison Titan member, holder of the most FISD EIB Awards and all-around nice guy Todd Maxfield-Matsumoto & other R2 builders in my garrison & the Pacific Northwest made it to the cover of the SeattleTimes today. https://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/movies/how-building-r2-d2-and-star-wars-droids-creates-joy-and-wonder/ Talk about dreaming a dream and a lesson that persistence pays off - way to go!
  9. 3rd degree brown belt. In some martial arts in particular karate, each belt is one color, e.g. green, purple, etc. For brown belt because it is a big jump to black belt, so they tend to break it in to multiple levels. ichu kyu translates in to one rank below black belt.
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