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  1. Daetrin

    FISD Memes

    Glad to know I'm not alone here...
  2. Daetrin

    FISD Memes

    Sometimes it's OK to take a break.
  3. You'll also want to register on the Garrison Titan boards (271) Garrison Titan - Garrison Titan as that is our local garrison. I'm in Seattle too, hope to meet up soon.
  4. Doesn't have to be that bad. We had like 3 SQL queries that made it about a 5 minute process. Also, once as a younger person, I wrote a desktop app that automated the Legion web site. I'd just get a list of IDs from the FISD database and it would automatically click the links for me. Good times. What I'm trying to say is if you are doing something manually, why? It should be automated and not take more than 15 minutes a year.
  5. Also, AFAIK, it's only ever used once a year and that is during detachment elections. So not much to-do until next cycle (which is why we only updated it annually), or am I missing something?
  6. Well done guys! It would be my privilege to troop with you someday
  7. Way to go Joseph! As you know being a DL is a marathon, not a race, and you've been training for this for years. I'm sure you'll be a stellar, amazing, and highly effective leader for this detachment. The fact that you ran unopposed is a testament to your dedication, and the positive relationships you've built throughout the years. Your contributions to FISD are noteworthy and of singular accomplishment. I can't wait to see what you do next. Seems like I'll need to go to FL for a staff breakfast in 2024!
  8. Daetrin

    FISD Memes

    Ack - I need to get on one of these - I have Discord open all the time. :p
  9. In the past we did bulk updates to the both the forum database and Legion database via SQL queries and updates. I'm not sure who owns that process anymore, but it would be good to get that info transparent to avoid future confusion.
  10. Daetrin

    FISD Memes

    I think we need a meme capturing and celebrating Andrew's FOUR TERMS in office as DL. One is quite exhausting, that he's hung in there this long and done an AMAZING job is quite notable, IMHO.
  11. Oooooooooooo, this will be awesome
  12. Daetrin

    FISD Memes

    This hits hard.
  13. Article: https://www.looper.com/1490824/star-wars-90s-anime-ai Tiktok: Im super happy how this one came out, a few characters ive never done ... | Cad Bane | TikTok Looks pretty cool. Also, IMHO a bit more of the style of Attack on Titan. At some point, you know someone will do a true short film like this. Maybe not for 20 years, but it will happen eventually.
  14. I think the problem is thinking that there has to be *one* calendar. You can use a single printing for the US/Canada and then do a local printing say for the UK. I don't see why we need to put any country-specific holidays on it at all. @Nairy has an excellent point - just put some 501st/FISD/SW specific dates on it and call it good. Heck, you can even publish the PDFs and people can print them locally. They will never be as good as having a central print like we did before, but then people can customize the calendar part if they want, and it helps with shipping. Did you see the prices back in the day? They were very reasonable, now, not so much.
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