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  1. He used to be a reseller of AM armor. That is the last info I had from a few years ago.
  2. Q1: Correct! However due to the way the EI history page is set up though, Scott M. was the first person to be shown in the list, and in some ways really was the first EIB in that regard. You are otherwise correct Q2: Incorrect! Only the detachment founder get the Falcon as the background. Staff has the bridge of the super star destroyer. Q3: Correct! The last person though was Joey, TK MD from Bolivia IIRC. Q4: Correct! Q5: Correct! Q6: That statement is correct - the goal ever is to get more people to get EI, not Centurion, so we wanted to keep the incentives heavy
  3. At least historically we've never prevented people from submitting artwork. Our first webmaster and graphics guy was V'Pier, who never owned a TK. We had another DWM who also was not a 501st TK. Not sure what reason we'd give for only allowing 501st folk/TK to submit designs....
  4. That's absolutely amazing! I think you should be featured not only in the next FISD newsletter, but also the 501st newsletter. @Sly11 @gmrhodes13
  5. Yeah, usually they replace silver with gold and 100% for sure need to be able to support numbering.
  6. Eric, as you know the EI coin is always a variant of whatever we have going on. So is it possible to see an EI version of this?
  7. True. Wish it was retroactive so we can see the end of the RP...
  8. I fully disagree with that sentiment. I see a lot of mistakes made because people can't search the archives. What value is keeping them out of public view?
  9. Agreed. It's amazing what the 2021 staff do - they are incredible!
  10. Agreed! There is even a cachet to being the 501st if you miss the 500th
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