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  1. I don't know if it's related to the current issues the site is having or not, but I haven't received any email from this site since Oct. 24. My settings on this site are for email to be sent when I receive PMs or content is added to threads I follow. I assumed there was no activity here for a week until I logged into the site and saw I had a bunch of notifications pending. I've looked in my gmail account to see if it's being routed to spam/trash, and there's nothing there. I created a filter to autoroute all whitearmor email to my inbox way back in 2016 and haven't had a problem with receiving email from whitearmor before.
  2. Ah, they aren't mistakes, but rather battle damage. My armor has seen incredible amounts of battle damage! That kind of thing is fairly screen accurate, you know. Start your build thread when you get your BBB. We love to see the birth of a new TK. And don't hesitate to share mistakes, because that helps you get the help you need. We are all here to support you and help make you look bada$$.
  3. Roger that! Okay, I will say that I agree with the others who have mentioned that your ab should shift up, (which will also bring your cod up, too). Someone around these parts mentioned that there should be an inch or two of space between the armor and your bits and pieces in the cod. This should make walking a little more comfortable as well. You'll see that the cod is kind of "high and tight", but still with room for mobility. Another screen reference for you: Typically, you'll see the correct ab plate position is when the top of the ab button box rests somewhere at the bottom of the sternum. The green line shows the top of the ab button box. The green line should be placed roughly around where the blue line is. You also mentioned that the top of the ab plate sits at the bottom of your rib cage. Typically, the top of the ab plate overlaps the bottom of the rib cage, so you could definitely bring it up a bit.
  4. Hey Michael, Just to make sure that I'm understanding correctly, the pics you've shared are not your armor, but you're using them as an example, correct? Think of the cod/thigh connection as puzzle pieces. They should fit each other, right? I suggest putting the torso and thighs on first. Get a pencil. You'll need to do this process both visually as well as physically. Now, stand in front of a mirror. Look at where the thighs overlap the cod. The cod serves as a template for your trim line. Using your pencil, trace a mark onto the thighs along the edge of the cod. Make your line on the thigh slightly along the inner edge the cod (this makes a conservative trim line). Take off your thighs. Trim conservatively along your trim line. You will most likely be trimming more along the inner thigh than anywhere else. Try your thighs on again with your torso. Now move your legs around a little bit. You should notice where the plastic is still clipping the cod by feel or by sound. Once you've isolated those areas, mark them with your pencil. Remove the thighs and trim again (conservatively). Try on the thighs with the torso again. Move around a bit. Check for any areas where the thighs are hitting the cod and mark them. Remove the thighs and trim again. See a pattern here? To get it right, it's a tedious process of "try on, mark, take off, trim, repeat". Take your time, and you'll get it right! Good luck! Oh, and one more thing... that rivet needs to be relocated on the ammo pack. Screen reference below: But if this isn't your armor, then disregard.
  5. Thanks! I used some thin, non stretchy fabric. Kind of like cotton duck cloth, but thinner? And small zip ties. Use one color for one polarity, another color for the mate to keep pairs easy to match.
  6. I don't know if this will help or not, but I had a similar issue with the shoulder bells when fitting my husband's RS TK. I found that the white elastic connection between the chest plate and back plate was too long, even though it seemed like it was the right length without the bells attached. I ended up shortening the white elastics up a bit. This ended up reducing the amount of "give" to the left/right, resulting in a more secure arm and tighter aligned bell-to-chest/back connection. Basically, If you have too much white elastic in there at the shoulder between the chest and back, your bells will pop out and away, resulting in large black gaps that we all want to avoid. Before adjustment on left. After adjustment on right. No trimming was involved, just shortening up the white elastics.
  7. Just a small update about the Grappling Hook Box amp mod... It worked flawlessly. I spray painted the end of the mic cord with black vinyl paint so it would blend in better. I was able to be super loud while at the con! It was really nice to not have to repeat myself when talking to people. I was able to even get trooper's attention in a loud parking garage at the beginning of the DragonCon parade (I was wrangling a bunch of us TKs into canon formation). At some point at DragonCon, I spotted another con-goer dressed as a Jedi in an outside patio area. I was about 40 feet away from him, and I said (in a normal voice), "Ugh, rebel scum." I was very surprised when he looked over at me, waved his hand, and said loudly, "There are no rebels around here!" And I replied, "Huh. There are no rebels around here. I'll move along," and I walked away from him. Everyone in the area erupted in laughter. It was awesome to be so easily heard. Very, very happy with this hack to my Grappling Hook Box!
  8. We attended 4 days of DragonCon in Atlanta, and it was a completely incredible experience. If you've never been there, and you love cosplay, this is your home. I can't adequately explain the feeling of being among over 80,000 fellow nerds who all have appreciation for costuming. We bring both of our kids to the event, and they absolutely love it. People constantly stop them to take photos, and it makes them feel like rock stars. So. Much. Fun. I was fortunate enough to be approached by one of the Directors of DragonCon while I participated in an early-morning local CBS television shoot on Friday. He was looking for a cosplay family that would be willing to be interviewed- early Sunday morning in costume- for CNN's Headline News Weekend Express. After some discussion with my hubby, we decided to say yes. During the time that the Director transported us to the CNN studios at 7am Sunday morning, we found out that the segment would be live. Ah, no pressure at all, right? The segment was supposed to be about how families can cosplay together at DragonCon. It started off that way, but then it turned into me promoting the 501st Legion. I hope I did y'all justice!
  9. I think your ab/cod connection is definitely salvageable! I'll elaborate once I get to my main computer in a few hours.
  10. Um, I hate to tell you, but your ab is upside down. The WTF kit tends to run on the small side. For my WTF kit, I only moved the cod up barely an inch for it to fit properly, and I'm just 5'4". Not much taller than you! Even that small amount, and I thought I might have moved it up too much. To reduce the cod pinch at the thighs, don't be afraid to make your cod narrower in the nether region. You can make it really skinny for comfort and no one will notice. It's fine for all levels of approval. Remember that the top of the ab button box should always be situated somewhere at the bottom of your sternum. All the other pieces should be adjusted to fit as long as you keep your ab button box positioned in the correct location. I would bring the cod down a bit. And the chest could use trimming of the return at the bottom front. You want to keep enough for brackets (if you're using them), or if you don't care about having a return there, you can remove it entirely. IMO, I think the chest looks better with a little return on the bottom of the chest, though (unless you're building a Hero). I like to keep 2-3 fingers width between the top of the ab button box and the bottom of the chest plate. If you can position things here, you will easily see on your chest plate how much to trim from the neck. You'll also want to remove most (or all if you want!) of the returns along the edges of the chest plate so you can have better comfort and improved mobility.
  11. Hey Simon! First, congrats on earning your Centurion! You need to update your signature to reflect that you are *done* with your TK now! Second, thank you for the kind words about my little tutorial. I'm glad that it was able to guide you through your build! Aren't magnet closures simply awesome?! I couldn't imagine trying to fuss with velcro or bra hooks now. Magnets make TK life much easier. Yep, it's always important to account for the additional material on the inside of the boot when you're fitting these for sure. I didn't really highlight this because I've always built my own shins on the smaller side, so it's never been on my radar! It's true that you don't want to size your shins to be super-duper snug before installing the magnets. Maybe leave an extra few millimeters around the bottom to allow for the buttons at the ankle, I suppose. That said, those magnets should still remain closed, even if they are a little tight at the ankle. Definitely a great tip for sure, Simon!
  12. Is a kit ever really completed? After having recently completed this TK and Mr. Cricket's TK, I went about doing a full cleaning of my nerd room. When I have a clean space to work in, I end up with some serious bursts of creative inspiration. Today was the day I had a serious "A-HA!" moment. This lightbulb moment was about my voice amplifier. Many of you put your amp in your chest plate, and that's fine for a lot of you. I found that (like a lot of you have reported) I ended up with feedback when I would try to increase the volume of the amp. The mic is just too close to the amp when it's placed in the chest if you want to be heard easily in a crowded troop. Being on the thinner side, I relocated my amp to my belly- namely, it's velcroed inside the recessed ab button box of the ab plate. Relocating the amp to the ab helped a lot, so I could turn up my amp even louder. But I still had some issues with being heard by Imperial Citizens. When I made my amp even louder, I'd get feedback. I figured that the placement of the amp into the ab was about as good as I could get. One of the Biker Scouts in my Garrison has a white cotton duck pouch that houses his amp, and WOW... he can be easily heard anywhere! I sewed one of these for my TK- figuring that if I had an extra box on my belt, it would blend anyhow (and certainly not as conspicuous as those non-canon binders I see everywhere). I thought that this would be the solution for my Hero! Nope. This solution will work on a Stunt, but not a Hero with a grappling hook box. Sigh. The grappling hook box is positioned where the cloth amp box needs to go. I don't want it on my back plate because that would look very odd. And I can't swap it over to my left side because I like to holster my blaster, and the cloth amp box would get in the way of the blaster while holstered. Ugh. I will be able to use the cloth amp box for my Sandtrooper, but I need something for my Hero. Back to the drawing board. I was looking at my super-clean nerd room today, and began looking at my Hero kit (currently displayed on a mannequin). I examined everywhere I could place the cloth amp box... then inspiration struck. "Why not hide the amp inside the grappling hook box?" Whaaaa???!!! OMG! Would it work? I have a brand new extra Aker amp (happily discovered when cleaning up the nerd room), so I first eyeballed if the amp could even fit. Yep. Size-wize, it's a go. After this, I'm sure you can imagine what happened next. Dremel. Lexan scissors. Pliers. Glue. Velcro. And in less than an hour, I had a secure and fully functioning grappling hook amp! Okay, I know that the center hole isn't exactly canon, but it's a small enough mod that it works. I could even make it less visible with a white grommet- maybe I'll hit it with some paint? I kind of like the black grommet, though. The mic cord routes behind the back of the belt, under the kidney notch, under my shirt, up through my neckseal, and to the mic taped to my cheek. The cord won't really be visible at all. And I can really make this thing LOUD now! The benefit of having the amp in the box is that the box amplifies the amp itself. I can't wait to use this at DragonCon!!!
  13. This kit is approved! Chris received his formal 501st approval for his very first costume this weekend. He chose TK-10441 as his ID since it's similar to mine (TK-10401). He is thrilled, and I've nudged him to get himself introduced here in the FISD and also at the Georgia Garrison forums. I took some additional photos of him in kit on Saturday. Unfortunately, I don't currently have access to the pics I took with the Fuji X-T3 (which looked amazing, I must say!), but I managed to snap some with my cell while we were wrapping up. This looks like something you would see in a brochure of the Stormtrooper Retirement Benefits package. And some extra shots of the kit. I like to continue to evaluate the fit of the kit not only by watching how it moves when being worn, but also in candid photos after it's been worn for an hour or so. These kind of pics help me really see where things might need adjustment. Overall, I'd say it doesn't look too shabby. I see that the left thigh rotated out, but that's an adjustment of the elastic sliding on the garter belt. And maybe I could loosen the elastics on the drop boxes by a few millimeters to reduce some of the tension that causes them to angle out slightly. I might still shorten the forearms a tad, and trim the left and right of the chest plate a bit as well for comfort. Despite those things, I'd say this is a wrap. Wouldn't you say that this new TK looks supah-happy?! His first troop will be at the DragonCon parade at the end of August. I can't wait for him to experience all the awesomeness that is being an approved TK! Thanks to everyone here at the FISD for your guidance and feedback as always. FISD is Best Detachment!
  14. I think this is the thread Ray is referring to. The only way to get purple stains like this out of the armor is sanding sanding sanding, followed by polishing polishing polishing. I'm sorry this has happened to you! And keep all black soft gear away from your white plastic. I keep my black garments in their own white pillowcase in my bin to prevent dye-bleed. Good luck!
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