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  1. Very nice, the only thing I would try to change would be the brow trim paint, looks a little textured
  2. Interesting material, I'll have to do some searching locally
  3. Very nice, what is the paint like with regards to cracking with flexing the hands
  4. Appears separate Just note also that the CRL's are going under review at the moment and there may be a few changes on some pieces, I don't believe there will be any change to the belt at this stage
  5. Very nice finish. At this stage there is not a CRL in progress, someone needs to build the costume before one can be started. There is also not very much reference for the "movie/realistic" style Pyre, most references are from the animated version so what ever reference you can get the better, the LMO's won't approve a new CRL without enough reference material. Galaxy's Edge has the "movie/realistic" figure Some more figure references here https://jedibusiness.com/figureDetails.aspx?id=20416 Here you can see the differences between the two styles Realistic Animated Good luck and looking forward to the progress
  6. Correct the arms are different also the biceps and that was the original design. Here is a great Anovos build for references
  7. Oh happy days, now open that bad boy up and get to panicking
  8. V tabs can help stop butt plates flaring out With a heat gun you bend strips of ABS plastic into the shape of a V, only glue one side and the other remains free to allow movement when you bend. Just helps stop the butt plate from pushing back from the back plate.
  9. I've asked for the gallery tab to be put in a more prominent place as many don't see it nag nag @Sly11
  10. I don't think I've seen actual measurements anywhere, it's more make them fit you best. I recall similar measurements mentioned in this build https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/46870-lord_potatos-walts-trooper-factory-anh-tk-build/?do=findComment&comment=651521 Just refer to references to make sure your not taking off too much, they are pretty big
  11. Gallery section for all costumes is in the top menu bar https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/ Rogue One section is here https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/category/28-r1-tk-reference/
  12. gmrhodes13

    Mobility Cut-Outs

    Mobility cut-outs thigh and shin
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