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  1. Many of us do a little trimming once we start trooping, good luck and remember to keep taking fluids
  2. Just one reason for using makers from the vetted sellers list
  3. Nice work, you may just want to remove some of the excess paint on the gums, shouldn't leave the teeth area
  4. Welcome and good luck with the build, looking forward to the progress
  5. Nice work trooper, would you have any other images or a little more story, could be an inclusion to the monthly newsletter, here's an example
  6. Have you thought of posting this on the legion boards, you may get a bigger response. Strike that I just noticed you did. You could also reach out to the legions diversity team ldo@501st.com
  7. Costumes have different ID prefixes, for Stormtrooper it's TK so you would have ST and TK. You can find a full list here http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRLbyname It the numbers which never change
  8. I use doubled over elastic and that works for me.
  9. Nice work and to think I just used silicon in my first helmet
  10. I'd say they had enough ear bashing at celebration Anovos, get it together guys, you've had 4 years now and consumer confidence couldn't be lower.
  11. I've been trooping in an ATA for 7 years, just updated to my spare kit which has just been built so hopefully will keep going for another 7 years. My first ATA did get a couple of cracks from air transport that and some of the glue yellowed, which most didn't notice but I did, converted that set to a Sandtrooper which is now approved also. For other armor head to the Getting Started section, you'll find a thread on "vetted sellers" I'd also say no to a second hand set, you may very well have to modify it to your frame and if that's the case you may as well start from scratch. Good luck on what ever you decide.
  12. Have a look through some of the build threads, you'll find a lot of tips and tricks in those. Make sure you wash all the parts with soapy water, sometimes than can be residue of release agent on the armor. Good luck and looking forward to the build.
  13. Congrats on your first troop, some great photos there
  14. I find on areas that are still a little curved that the cover strips need more pressure to hold them, use of clamps and masking tape can help this, when you apply the cover strip hold with clamp then apply pressure to the thighs and wrap tape around, this will help hold them until the glue dries.
  15. HBF Run For a Reason LOCATION: Perth CBD DATE: Sunday 19 May TIME: 8:30 am LANDSCAPE/WEATHER: Cool brisk walk along Riverside drive TROOPERS: TB13310 - Liz-Liz TK85421 -Q - gmrhodes13 TI47140 - Jason - tantaris ID11842 - Kate - K8T IG21897 - Johnathon - ImpererialKanos TK36367 - Luke - Gyurizon ID91064 - Daryl - Torpedo WRANGLERS: none REPORT: Arrived at PCEC at 7:30 am went for a little walk to get some fresh air arriving back at car park bumped into Liz and Q then Luke arrived we got ready and then started our trek to the train, was stopped by the guards to get a quick photo then onto the train. We received great welcome on the train " oh wow Storm troopers ", then on to Forrest Place to meet with Jason, Kate, Johnathon. Then the photos started everyone wanted a photo with us, was awesome to get the attention we made Desert Scorpion Garrison proud. Then it was time for the run/walk wow it was a bit of a wait to get to the start line then we were off. The walk was cool in some places until we were in the sun but all in all the walk was awesome, Q, Luke, Jason and Johnathon sort of shifted into a faster gear and left me, Kate and Liz a bit further back but was all good then when we neared the finish line we could hear the commentator saying oh wow storm trooper they were over the finish line then we came in and they spoke to Liz, then over the finish line. We all made it. a quick chat to our friendly Guide Dog WA and a photo with a cute guide dog, all and all was a awesome day for my first troop CHARITY: Guide Dogs W.A INJURIES: none ARMOR REPAIRS: none HAPPY PEOPLE: A lot of happy people wanted photos UNHAPPY PEOPLE: none MISSION STATUS: complete REPORT BY: Daryl
  16. Nice work, a lot of us use Imgur, it's free and it's a simple upload then copy and past each image into the thread, does away with a few of the steps
  17. "Virgin Australia is proud to be a codeshare partner with our sister airline Virgin Atlantic Airways – Britain’s second largest long-haul airline serving the world’s major cities. As partners, we offer increased loyalty rewards through reciprocal frequent flyer programs and lounge access. " Virgin Australia's Galaxy's Edge site is not assessable as yet https://travel.virginaustralia.com/nz/holidays/star-wars-galaxy-edge
  18. Thank you Richard Branson, you're our only hope, well for those of us outside of the US https://www.virginholidays.co.uk/the-ultimate-star-wars-experience Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge area early access 19 February 2020 Be among the first in the queue for one of the exciting rides in this new land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Also take part in a private 1-hour event where you are free to explore the land (without rides), encountering roaming Star Wars™ Characters along the way. One-way bus transportation between your Disney Resort Hotel and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is included. Immersive dining experience 21 February 2020 A Star Wars™ themed dinner with Character experiences, an Imagineer talking about the making of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge area, and much more. Round-trip bus transportation between your Disney Resort Hotel and the dining experience is included. Dessert Party at Epcot 16 February 2020 A dedicated area to watch the night-time spectacular whilst feasting on Star Wars™-themed sweet treats. One-way bus transportation from the Epcot Dessert Party to your Disney Resort Hotel is included. Virgin Australia's Galaxy Edge page not accessible as yet but will soon https://travel.virginaustralia.com/nz/h ... alaxy-edge
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