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  1. TROOP: Book Week at Dianella Secondary CollegeLOCATION: Dianella Secondary CollegeADDRESS: 180 Nollamara Ave, DIANELLADATE: Friday 23rd AugustTIMEArrival: 12.30 pmTroop: 1pm - 2.30pmLANDSCAPE/WEATHER: Library and classrooms.TROOPERS:TK85421 - Q - gmrhodes13TK59226 - Jerry - jezzapmTI98311 - Peter - FlockyTI47140 - Jason - tantarisREPORT: Arriving at the landing pad Pincer Flight and Fire Team Stinger headed in for security and ID checks. (WWCC scanned and entered into records) We geared up and had already impressed the main office staff walking out the change room, as many photos were taken regardless of the no phones to be used sign. We headed off to scout the library for our appearance before being directed to go to class rooms and conduct checks of the students. A few literally ran and screamed and fell to the floor in the corner of the room (obviously rebels). Other imperial students were Impressed by the imperial might of Fire Team Stinger troopers and Pincer Flight pilots. We headed back to the library where we found Jedi training manuals so we could learn their tactics to beat them and history books of the Empire. Staff had photos before lunch time came and the students poured in for photos and costume judging of year 7 to 12 students. Everyone very impressed with our efforts. A jedi and Tusken were held at bay by the Garrison. A surprise at the end for Trooper TK59226 as TK85421 had organised birthday cake for the birthday trooper. Time to exfil and we went back to the main office for more photos and when we changed we were treated to an absolutely delicious lunch made by the students and a gift from the school of a mug and pen. CHARITY: NoneINJURIES: Stairs carefully negotiated by all troopers. No incidents.ARMOR REPAIRS: NoneHAPPY PEOPLE: School staff and students extremely happy and appreciative of our efforts. Troopers fed and given gifts. UNHAPPY PEOPLE: NoneMISSION STATUS: Sector cleared.REPORT BY: Flocky
  2. Tony @ukswrath has a great thread, lots of info and images to follow
  3. Bin looks great. Just on your helmet make sure you don't have any excess paint from the teeth on to the gums, looks like there may be a little bit there.
  4. Most of the time it is layers of paint not drying before others are applied or too thick coats, temperature, humidity, to dry a coat can give a very sandy orange peel look and also what type of paint you use. I painted mine with automotive acrylic as it has thin coats, dries quickly between and is a lot harder than a lot of enamels. I use a generic paint stripper from the local hardware, brush on, leave to interact and then it's a case of using some gun cleaner/thinners and a pain brush for those little hard to get places. You will need to wash it down with soapy water afterwards to make sure no residue remains. Can you post up some pics.
  5. Hello and welcome aboard, research is the key to this hobby, some great info in the Getting Started section, would always recommend purchasing form a vetted seller
  6. Adding some foam to the inside of the armor, on the outer of the leg will help bring the thigh a little straighter. Really depends how it fits on your thigh too if you have a lot of room in there they will float so either some foam or even trimming a V section out of the rear could help.
  7. You may find this useful https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/382584/running-12v-pc-fan-with-9v-battery And https://www.quora.com/How-many-9V-batteries-are-needed-to-run-a-12V-fan
  8. Just remember those are only suggestions not requirements I bet I know what you've been working on
  9. I think you will find the 12V fans with 9V battery will not last very long at all, I down sized to some 5V and a flat battery pack of 4 x AA's, last quite a long time. If you want to stick with the 12's you could always try 2 x 4 AA packs giving you 12V
  10. No good files around that I am aware off unfortunately.
  11. While you wait there are a couple of tweaks you could make, there's that eagle eye thing You could trim your smaller ab plate a little You could tighten the back strapping between your butt plate and kidney, there is a small gap there Also when kitting up watch the closure alignment on the tops of the calves You may also want to close up the gaps on the sides of your ab/kidney, I find doubled over elastic allows a bit of give and movement compared to nylon, but it's a personal choice You could also trim off some of the excess belt Mate you have a solid build and its' a credit to you, great work getting that SDS to this stage, good luck.
  12. I know the wait can be intolerable but hang tight trooper, DO's are down a member at the moment and there are a few in front of you. Shouldn't be too long
  13. You'll find the right forearm of ATA is a lot rounder compared to the left, as I've had practice with a heat gun I heated both top and bottoms then gently applied some pressure form the side so they became more rounded. With skinny arms I also added a few pieces of foam inside to help them sit central. I have seen people use a hot water bath and still be able to adjust, I just prefer a heat gun as it's a lot quicker BUT it does take some practice. Also agree your thighs need to come up a lot, you will need some space between them and your shins when you attach the sniper plate ant thigh ammo strips
  14. Depending on the different makers I've seen the odd sized comparisons on quite a few. You don't want them too tight as they may dig into your ankles while walking, also wear the top coat of the leather. I added a little foam to the insides of mine which also helps keep them a little higher as I had a big gap between shins and thighs. You may need to trim to the V but just do small cuts and try in between, better off too big than too small
  15. Just notice your ab plates too, reference for comparison below, shouldn't have rounded corners and the smaller plate is a little big
  16. Nice on the kidney but looks like you may have squashed the ab plate rivets a little too much from that image. Toothpicks are handy to use to help clean up excess paint.
  17. Looking good, a couple of adjustments and you should be right, appears you could probably drop your biceps a touch too
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