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Rivet Setting/Removal 101

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At some point in your OT build you will be using rivets.  It may just be for attaching the thigh ammo pack for Basic, the cod tab for EI or all those plus the ab/kidney ones for Centurion.


It's honestly pretty easy to attach both kinds of these using basic tools you probably have on hand:  A flat-head screwdriver (preferably large), a drill with the correct size bits and a hammer.  Removing them will require a thin bladed flat head screwdriver, some heavy-duty pliers and perhaps a drill.  Safety gloves and goggles are recommended.


For this tutorial I will be using scrap ABS.  Now, let's get to it!


                                                                                    Split (bifurcated) Rivets


Assuming you are (hopefully) aiming for Centurion, you will need 9 (with washers)

6 for the left ab/kidney connection

1 for the lower cod tab

2 for the thigh ammo pack (if not using cap rivets)

Head diameter should be 5/16" (8mm).  Shank should be 3/8" (9.25mm) long


                                                                MEtndWB.jpg?1       xMdrkqR.jpg?1


BEFORE YOU START:  Make sure you have a very hard surface to hammer on, and I suggest laying down a piece of heavy cloth on top of it so you don't scratch your armor.


1 Carefully mark your hole placement(s).  Using a 9/64" bit (about 4mm) drill out the hole

2.  Insert rivet, dome side out.  Hole will be snug

3.  Turn over piece, insert washer onto rivet shank

4.  Using the thin end of the screwdriver, insert it into the split and gently hammer it down

5.  Continue moving the screwdriver farther up toward the thick part, hammering at each increment to open up the "legs"

6.  Use the shaft of the screwdriver to get the widest opening possible.  At this point you should be able to

7.  use the hammer to flatten it out completely


                    1                                                 2                                             3                                                 4                                           

HugomSc.jpg     Au4uvhH.jpg     1w1dQsU.jpg     yfdtRDO.jpg  =   AxRgsrT.jpg


                                       5                                                        6                                                                                                 7                                           

                  5eMf0d0.jpg         9l4vPLY.jpg   =     6QOQeoh.jpg        M2ypcv9.jpg





                                                                                       Single Cap Rivets

Single cap (one domed end) rivets were used in the original films to attach the thigh ammo pack to the bottom of the right thigh.  Although not a requirement at any level, many like to use them for screen accuracy


You will need 2 sets (top and bottom), one for each side

Head diameter should be 5/16" (8mm)

Again, you will need a hard surface (like the edge of a workbench) to hammer on

                                                                                                                                                               Reference photo for placement

                                                                               UzOKjke.jpg?1  7OmW3RG.jpg?1


IMPORTANT!  Make sure the back edges of the ammo pack tabs are equal distance from the corners of the rear of the ridges on each side!




1.  Carefully mark your hole placements.  Drill holes.

2.  Insert bottom (facing inside).

3.  Shank should be facing outward.

4.  Place cap on shank.

5.  Gently give a few good taps with a hammer until it is set.  Cap will flatten out.


                    1                                             2                                          3                                          4                                             5

canWc1E.jpg     M30AoM8.jpg     Tg4peUO.jpg     ZxS4Rvt.jpg     jES0VPh.jpg





                                                                             REMOVING RIVETS


Spit type:


1.  Using a thin bladed screwdriver, CAREFULLY pry up each side the "legs".  POINT SCREWDRIVER AWAY FROM YOU WHEN DOING THIS!!!

2.  Using a set of heavy duty pliers, pinch the legs together until they meet

3.  Washer will now slide off and rivet can be easily removed


               1                                        2                                         3

0JhKy2Y.jpg?3   VbfdeRW.jpg  oBSwkMB.jpg?1


Cap Rivets


These are a bit trickier than removing the split type, so take your time to avoid damaging your armor.  Safety gloves and goggles are suggested.


1.  Using a pair of pliers, grip the cap part (this avoids it spinning).

2.  Using a drill bit at least as wide as the shaft of the rivet, CAREFULLY drill through the bottom (base) from the back

3.  Once the drill has penetrated the entire rivet, it can be easily removed.


                   1                                          2                                                                                3

tS2Vhwu.jpg   G1VE0dU.jpg  cK97NkL.jpg   Dhk8Boy.jpg   


                                           If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, post up here.


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On 3/15/2020 at 1:21 AM, justjoseph63 said:
At some point in your OT build you will be using rivets.  Whether it be aiming for Centurion where the split type are required in the left side of the ab/kidney or for the thigh ammo pack (Split or Cap type) for Basic approval.

Excellent info. :-)

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