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  1. I'm mainly comparing my helmet to these RS photos from the gallery.
  2. Here are the ears attached with my tiny clamps. What do you think? Front and back of each ear need a bit of trimming still, I'm waiting on the helmet to be connected before I trim more.
  3. Thanks, The ears do cover the seams, I could trim a little more if I wanted but I figure I can always trim more later. I'll take a picture with the current ear shape/location, that might help. I've tried it on like this, it fits fine as far as I can tell, but I wouldn't know if it didn't. I guess test screws won't hurt anything (that's what she said?) So I'll try that. As long as they aren't blocking the ear holes I guess it wouldn't matter much.
  4. Helmet question time! Here is my helmet, I plan on placing the front and back here, I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything and that this placement is ok. Let me know if you need other pictures. If I get good responses Ill likely drill the holes today and start really working on the ears. I did get the thigh straps connected, so those are completed and ready for wear. I am about to glue the straps to the shoulder bells to get them wearable, and that's all I've done lately. Family, work, and painting the house has taken over the past week or so, so ive been slacking on my stormtrooper build. I did get larger boots, so those should help with comfort, the size 11's were just too small. The 12's I have will work great I think, and they fit a set of insoles I had laying around so that will also help
  5. IDK who Chad is, or really anyone else on here (but thanks for all the good threads and help I've received), but I see his point but I think it is an incomplete thought. If we are just talking about staff showing preference to a specific vendor it can set a bad precedent. I know some staff members are vendors and will obviously support and promote themselves, but if a staff member heavily promotes/supports a single vendor (as in they only promote that vendor no matter the quality, and ignores the existence of others) then that would not be acceptable in my mind. In that case I would be suspicious of some type of foul play, under the table deals, bribes, or other shenanigans. I am not accusing anyone of this nor do I expect to, but if it happens I would expect that member to step down from their position or to change their ways and to support all approved vendors equally. On the other hand, if a staff member guides newcomers like myself toward vendors who have a good reputation and deliver accurate and timely products, while not showing undue preference, that would be acceptable by my interpretation of the charter. Hence the approved vendor list. Once a vendor, 501st member or not, shows bad intent, is unable to deliver quality parts, or is shown to marginalize and degrade others work then they should be publicly removed from the vendor list. Their accusations should be laid out, and then forum members should easily be able to find why they aren't a good person to buy from. Nobody has control over what armor anyone buys, or what they do with it on the own time, except the person who bought it. If they want to paint it pink, or rainbow, or blue, or turn it inside out and wear it to walmart then that's impressive, but just fine. The legion, and the detachments, should make the accusations known, and if they are valid they should remove said vendor, and that's it. I have watched a recaster in the SLD get called out, get help, and is now back on the "approved list" for vendors (I think there is a list somewhere there, but it's a smaller detachments so they may not have an actual list, just recommendations). So it is possible, but in this case I don't see that happening. Now, back to the subject at hand. I really hope my comments aren't controversial, I just followed 40+ comments and figured I would summarize a little of what a lot of people are feeling, and also help get the thread back on subject. To sskunky, That totally sucks. I can only see a few minor differences (not been looking at white armor long, but I can spot a vader version from 100 feet away haha), but the ears and a few other tells makes me believe your accusations. Ive seen your work over the past few years since I started this hobby and I really wish this hadn't happened to you. I wish the best for you and your family. If able, I would find it easier to spot the similarities if you compared both of the helmets in the pictures to another vendor's helmet. The shadows and other small details you mention are just not visible to me yet. But I understand if you don't have the time/patience/desire/ability to do that. To TM (assuming you read this), I would be interested in what you have to say about the accusations, and I would like to see if you have any proof that sskunky's accusations are incorrect. If you can prove that you didn't recast this or any other items that you sell then I will happily refer people to your quality products and I hope others will follow. If there is no proof, or no response then me and (most of) the rest of the legion will assume you are a recaster and will try to keep current and future members from purchasing from you. The ball is in your court, I hope you don't drop it. To everyone else, HI! Thanks for all the help, I'm getting close to finished on my TK and the forum has been invaluable, as expected. Sorry if I sound uneducated in TK stuff, it's because I am , if you have any questions about Vader, R2D2 building, or MSE building there is a good chance I can answer them (or at least direct you to a good source) so please don't hesitate to ask. Keep up the good work, don't get the Rona, and I hope to see you trooping soon! LLAP (oh wait, wrong forum) MTFBWY (uhhh... nevermind, how about) Long Live the Emperor!
  6. I know about the curve on the sides, just seems nobody mentions the curve on the bottom
  7. Here is the rear of the shoulder bells. I'm thinking I have 2 options, I can either cut them flat, horizontal, perpendicular to the current vertical line, or I can cut the right to match the left. I'm going through reference photos in the gallery, I don't know if the bottom of the bells is straight on the back, or the front. A lot look like they are angled up slightly. IE: I know this is a funny angle, but it proves my point a little bit. There is also this one. Obviously some are angled more than others, But to me it looks like all the bells have a curve on the inside, and they have an angle on the bottom edge. If you count the outside where the ridge is as vertical, none of them are perpendicular to it. Based on that research I think I want to leave the left rear as is and modify the right rear to match. Probably the front too, idk why it would be any different. Am I crazy? has this been discussed before? would it be wrong? I also have noticed that most of the time the detail on the back plates looks slightly askew, not as bad as mine, but it's still noticeable in the photos. Thoughts?
  8. Also, It might help when I get the shims and ab to kidney connections in place, that will hold the front and back together better and it might straighten the top back plate with the O II. might... ill play with it, see what I can do. Well I didn't make my goal of finishing before going back to work, I head back tomorrow, and that also means I have to shave my beard off... it was actually getting to be quite the nice little beard. It was only a month old, and it's the best I've ever grown haha.
  9. I measured the green lines below, from the edge of the return edge to the closest corner of the square. The left is 2 1/2", the right is 2 1/4" I think the kidney to back seam isn't level, I'll check that next time I don the armor.
  10. The left shoulder bell is slightly shorter in the back, about a half inch. I never noticed the crooked back plate, the bottom edge might need to be re worked. I'll look at that when I get home.
  11. I've never really noticed this wonkiness before... The facemask is warped, the right side as I'm wearing it sticks out more than the left. This could be my fault, but I expect that it's just the standard TK helmet shape. I don't really recall seeing a helmet from this angle before so maybe that's why I didn't notice it until now... well... that and I've now spend a month studying stormtroopers and hadn't paid much attention to them before.
  12. If a buyer doesn't know, care, or understand what recasting is they will support sellers who recast. As a group we care, the general public might not. I saw someone comment that we are all copying from Lucasfilm/Disney anyways. And if nobody buys, then nobody would recast.
  13. What about the shoulder bells, do they need more removed? @justjoseph63
  14. I trimmed more of the helmet, I think it looks pretty good. I did draw a pencil line on it to show me about where the 2 shells line up. Here it is before trimming, I like this positioning, but idk how close it is to how it should be. Then I disassembled them. Then I trimmed eyes and teeth. I think they still need a bit of trimming, any tips as to where? I plan on filing the teeth a bit to make them straighter, and the eyes seem ok, but not quite perfect. There really isn't much of a lip around the eyes, I'm used to a good half inch with Vader haha.
  15. Hey Look! It's a blind TK! I was fitting the shoulder bells and I figured I might as well put the legs on too... and they helmet, why not? I'm good to submit to the GML right? hahahahahaha Here are a few more pictures, I think they are ready to mount, I will shave the edge by the elbow near the chest on both sides, it cuts in behind the chest plate and should be curved, it's currently straight. The pictures also have my left bell slightly under the shoulder bridge so I bet I could trim that extra half inch off and it would be fine. With tweaking I bet both could go without that half inch at the top, curve them a little front and back, and then I wouldn't have the corners poking into me as much. It should make the overlap less, and less noticable. and some closeups I also have the shoulder elastics glueing, so those should be ready tomorrow. Now I get to research more! Helmet, shin straps, and bicep to shoulder bell connections are up next
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