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  1. It's only been a year and a half... Baby is great! she's walking, speaking (I can't say talking because it's just individual words most of the time), playing with her big brother, and her main activity is driving mommy nuts! I trooped in my TK twice now, a Christmas parade and a Lego convention. I broke my armor both times, pulled the chest away from the abdomen. It ripped out the original style connections so I think Ill fix those once I get a chance. I put some acetone back in my baby jar of scraps so that should soften back up soon I hope, so maybe this month Ill get around to fixing it. That's about it armor wise. I did get accepted for a new job so sometime in December I will leave the military and start flying for Delta Air Lines. We're super excited about that!
  2. Guess I never updated my build thread. Here's my EIB app and approval thread! Now I'm going for centurion, I fixed all the mandatory centurion items so I'll hopefully post that thread soon. Baby is due this week (hopefully not today, the hospital is 2 blocks away from the superbowl!) so I should have some time off work to help the wifey, and take a few more pictures For the Centurion fixes I trimmed and lowered the helmet brow, I added white to fill the gap on the thigh piece, I glued the belt boxes into place, and I think that was all I needed to do. I think I adjusted the forearms so they were slightly lower, and Ill have to look at the thigh placement when I wear the suit next. So... I need to suit up, take a few pics, and I should have centurion in the bag!
  3. Guess I should suit up and take pictures, I think I fixed everything already! Too bad I won't be home for 3 more weeks... Does number 501 get anything special too? That would be fitting I think.
  4. I got a kink like that, it was smaller but it was easy to remove, if it's on the inside part of the forearm it won't be as noticeable. I'd use a heat gun on low and a sandbag or stuffed animal that you don't care about. Or if you can find something harder that matched that curve, maybe even an orange. Then very very slowly add heat to the part. User gravity to help, have the part horizontal supported by two objects with the round object on top, and just heat a small section at a time. If the heat gun is adjustable put it to 180*, if not keep it on low. Be very very patient, once abs is warped a little it will warp a lot very quickly if you let it. Good luck!
  5. My anh abs armor was a little more than cut to size and glue, but not much more...
  6. Starwarsscreencaps.com has great HD screen caps as well, but no time stamps like you just made. Great work
  7. E6000 will stick to gloss alright, sanding the surface helps but you should be alright. You can always test it on a scrap piece and see how much force it takes to remove it after letting it cure for 72 hours
  8. If I'm seeing what I think I am, I think you could fill the oval indent with resin and it should be fine. Sand down the sharp edges, fill it with resin, then sand it once it's cured. Over that you can do month or some other filler, sand it smooth, and it should not be noticeable.
  9. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/image/4455-phasma_and_tkjpg/ This seems to show the cod well, I don't see hard ridges either.
  10. You could print it, and then sand them down to be less sharp.
  11. I found this in an old thread, might help https://i.imgur.com/NUKrHzf.jpg I think it has shape there, but not sharp ridges
  12. Do resin in and through the crack, on both sides if you want to seal it nicely. Let me search, I had to fix a crack in my Vader shoulder bell and that's how I did it. I'll post pictures if I can find them. They are in my Vader thread somewhere on the sld forum.
  13. I agree, e6000 isn't the answer for fiberglass cracks like that. Clean it out, sand a little, and then add some resin and fiber matt to the back. Once it's cured then sand down both sides and you'll be golden.
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