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FISD User Ranks & Awards


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For anyone wondering what the various logos, bars, and titles to the left of posts is all about, this is the thread for you!


User Ranks

Found above the avatar, rank is determined either by post count or other criteria:

Private: 0-24 posts

Corporal: 25-49 posts

Sergeant: 50-99 posts

Lieutenant: 100-149 posts

Captain: 150-199 posts

Major: 250-499 posts

Colonel: 500-999 posts

Commander: 1000-1499 posts

General: 1500-1999 posts

Field Marshall: 2000-2999 posts

Grand Moff: 3000+ posts

Expert Infantry: Users who have received an EIB Award

Centurion: Users who have been granted Centurion Status


There are also special ranks given to Command Staff and Extended Staff, such as Detachment Leader, Deployment Officer, Combat Photographer, Hall of Fame Curator, etc.



Achievement and Service Awards

CAzrC9y.png rXeGYdP.png 91UKa3R.png


The FISD Achievement Award is granted for exemplary service to, or outstanding achievement for, FISD. Tradition holds that persons currently serving on staff cannot be granted Achievement Medals (or else it can become too self-serving). Thus, if you see a staff member with an Achievement Medal, they've all earned them prior to joining staff. To date only two people have ever earned a second medal, and no one has ever earned a third.


Award Levels

FISD Achievement Award (1st Award)




FISD Achievement Award (2nd Award)




FISD Achievement Award (6th Award)



(and so on)



The FISD Service Award is granted to recognize the contributions of Command Staff for their commitment to keeping the detachment running. Each award represents a full year of service. Additional awards are denoted by a star (1 Gold Star = 5 Silver Stars, 1 Silver Star = 5 Bronze Stars, etc.). A frame denotes fifteen years of service, with additional stars for further years.


Award Levels

FISD Service Award (1st Award)



FISD Service Award (2nd Award)



FISD Service Award (9th Award)



FISD Service Award (10th Award)



FISD Service Award (16th Award)


(and so on)



3D Contributor Award

This program, as with others, is an optional Detachment-only award incentive. It recognizes members who have gone above and beyond in contributing to our 3D forum section. The Silver award can be earned numerous times over the years. The Gold award is given to those that have contributed at such an astounding level that it is deemed appropriate. All awards are given at the discretion of Command Staff.


Award Levels

Silver 3D Contributor Award


Gold 3D Contributor Award



For more information please refer to this thread.



Attaché Outstanding Achievement Award

This award is bestowed to those who consistently exemplify the meaning of an Imperial Attaché and have gone above-and-beyond in helping their fellow troopers for at least one full year:



For more information and a list of recipients please refer to this thread.



FISD Master Armorer

The FISD Master Armorer program is an optional, detachment only incentive award to recognize individuals who have directly helped another 501st stormtrooper to achieve Expert Infantry status. Some people spend countless hours helping others, and want to reward their results as well as incentivizing new people to help as well.


Award Levels

FISD Armorer (5+ "wins")



FISD Senior Armorer (15+ "wins")



FISD Master Armorer (25+ "wins")




Centurion Badge

These are awarded to those who have reached the highest levels of costume approval for FISD. These are awarded only once, to the person, regardless of costumes:




Expert Infantry Badge (EIB)

These are awarded per costume, thus a person can have more than one EIB award. Stars (like the awards above) indicate multiple awards, and appear above the EI badge (1 Blue Star = 5 Gold Stars, 1 Gold Star = 5 Silver Stars). 


Award Levels

Expert Infantry Badge (1st Award)



Expert Infantry Badge (2nd Award)



Expert Infantry Badge (3rd Award)



Expert Infantry Badge (4th Award)



Expert Infantry Badge (5th Award)



Expert Infantry Badge (6th Award)



Expert Infantry Badge (7th Award)



Expert Infantry Badge (8th Award)



Expert Infantry Badge (9th Award)



Expert Infantry Badge (10th Award)



Expert Infantry Badge (11th Award)



Expert Infantry Badge (12th Award)



Expert Infantry Badge (13th Award)



Expert Infantry Badge (14th Award)



NOTE If you are approved with a "2nd Version" of a particular costume that you are already approved with you do not receive an additional award, there is only 1 award issued for each costume version ie: only 1 x Hero, 1 x Stunt, 1 x HWT, 1 x ESB, 1 x TFA and so on.


If you have a second/additional version costume approved you will see "2nd Version" and [APPROVED] added to the thread title, no additional profile stars


For more information on the Expert Infantry and Centurion programs, please refer to this thread. EIB and Centurion requirements can be found in the corresponding costume CRLs (as Level 2 and 3), additional information on how to apply is available here for EIB and here for Centurion.

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