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  1. It’s one thing to poke fun at those that, with no love for Star Wars, capitalize on the franchise for their own monetary benefit thereby also depriving us of a chance to appear for free and have any proceeds donated to a charity of the organizer’s choosing. Yet, while I often refrain from expressing my truly meaningless opinion on topics that do not concern my own conduct or pursuits, I cannot stand to see ridicule pointed at innocent fans who dress up just for the fun of it. Fun is a subjective construct, and as such, it cannot be stated that our accurate and systematic approach to building stormtroopers is the only valid method by which one can represent and enjoy the franchise. If the individual derided earlier in this thread whilst attending a premiere is a weirdo, then I too am a “weirdo” and glad to be one. As Joseph said, I would hate to rob someone of fulfilling their whitearmor passion simply because they observe some insensitive members, who feel the time and money we all have invested into our costumes somehow equate to superiority, hiss and sneer at one’s first attempt at replicating something we all emulate. After all, no matter how much liberty was taken in these costumes, the emulation is close enough that the public will doubtlessly identify it as a stormtrooper (or a Power Ranger) just as they would us. I concur with the prior comments that this thread and all like it should be closed. Though I said it might be acceptable to criticize those that open themselves up to as much by commercializing others’ intellectual property to reap monetary reward, it is too difficult to differentiate from a mere picture of an enthusiastic fan. As such, there’s no sense in indiscriminately insulting and laughing at all less-than-accurate attempts. Happy Holidays Everyone!
  2. Hm, that’s odd. My Anovos helmet (circa 2018) doesn’t have the slight bump in the lower margin of the right eye like yours and Thomas’. Thanks for your input!
  3. Following. I am curious to know. I am aware the ANH helmets are notoriously incongruent, but I don’t think I had ever heard of that being accentuated by the helmet’s eyes. Like Thomas, thanks for any information, troopers.
  4. If the price listed on the website is USD, then I don’t see taking the risk on these snaps as being worth it. You’d only be saving $0.50 USD if that’s the case relative to Tandy Snaps on Amazon. However, since it’s an Australian website, if the price is in the Australian dollar, then I can see the incentive to try it. What I’d recommend, if you do purchase them, is to test them out on an especially mobile joint before you do a full installation. In other words, try some of the snaps on the elbow joint (forearm-to-bicep). Move it around a bit to see if the snaps come loose or hold. If they hold after some persistent arm waving, then do another joint and test. I obviously don’t have any experience with these particular snaps, but I can vouch for the Tandy snaps. They work well. If it’s a matter of saving $0.50 USD for the same amount of snaps, don’t bother. Otherwise, I encourage you to test it and let others know what comes of it!
  5. The ship cameo (no spoilers) was one of the best parts. Very excited for it!
  6. If I recall correctly, there is nowhere on the CRL that specifically requires a return edge. In fact, the only mention(s) of return edges are requiring their removal (e.g. distal end of the forearms). Then again, I know the CRL’s were just updated— specifically the higher levels— so I’d recommend looking it over to be sure. As for the deformation of the shoulder bells, you have to remember that the pictures I think you are referring to are of screen-used bells. Thus, the malformation likely has more to do with the simple fact that the stunt costumes took a beating during filming and less to do with the removal of the return edges. I have never heard of a case wherein removing return edges compromised structural integrity but perhaps Joseph can add better insight on that.
  7. Exterior with Crack and E6000 The yellow identifies the largest crack with some surrounding stress marks. The green signifies where the E6000 covering it stops on the outside roughly where the return edge ends. The black line is because I have clumsy fingers... Interior w/ Cloth The gray you see “leaking” out is actually epoxy putty I applied as initial reinforcement to the area prior to any cracks. Obviously, it was insufficient but thought I’d try it on a whim.
  8. Very helpful thread that I wish I had encountered during construction. I have removed many of my return edges specifically to prevent cracking since I have Anovos armor. That being said, Joseph hit the nail on the head when he said the Anovos armor is prone to cracks in the neck and sides of the back/chest plates. My largest crack is in the neck area as of very recently. I have reinforced it with E6000 on the outside/exterior part of the armor since it is covered from view by the bottom of my helmet and on the interior side with E6000 and a cut bathroom cloth. That being said, would you recommend that I simply remove the return edge altogether to prevent the crack from leaving the return edge and venturing onto the anterior portion of the chest itself (i.e. where it would be much more visible) or do you all think it will hold as is with the abundance of E6000 on both sides? Like I said, I wish I had this thread at my disposal during the build; excellent resource as usual, Joseph!
  9. Buckets off. Never gone but instead merely marching far far away. RIP.
  10. Without your diligence, I wouldn't be a FISD member and thus would not even be able to make this comment today. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to perform on behalf of the FISD for prospective and current troopers!
  11. Good to see you on here, Thomas. I received a great deal of help from fellow troopers here. I’ll also be around throughout your build to help where I can. Everglades Squad has your back.
  12. Congrats! Welcome to FISD and the Legion!
  13. Always up to something creative it seems. Nice work on the shins! You're bringing this kit to Supercon, right?
  14. I’ll speak to care since it seems you’ve received ample advice on fitting. For maintenance, one of my squadmates recommended the following: Dr. Martens Wonder Shoe Balsam 2.87 oz Neutral One Size https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000M3R2HE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_L5s8Cb9CRNEN3 It’s a little pricey for what it is, but I consider it worth it. I use it at the end of every three troops. The balsam is protection from weathering, moisturizes the leather, and keeps your boots shiny. It’s no miracle worker though; after awhile, your boots will start to degrade— especially as your shin pieces scrape against the boots. Longevity also depends on how many outdoor troops you do. If anyone else has experience with this product, please feel free to chime in. Aside from the person who recommended it to me, I’ve yet to meet another TK that uses it.
  15. Congrats! Welcome to the Legion and FISD.
  16. The Florida Garrison just lost an exceptional trooper. Glad to hear your move is complete; hopefully I’ll still meet you sooner or later. Best wishes, enjoy your new home!
  17. One of the best parts if I do say so myself. Congrats and welcome to the FISD!
  18. I trust you won't be disappointed. Welcome aboard!
  19. Looks efficient but that price... Then again, this hobby isn’t tailored for cheapstakes like me, haha. Thanks for sharing this; maybe my fireteam will get one for all of us TK’s to use.
  20. Erice3339

    E-11 Lot

    No, I did not. I ended up going with a HfxProductions Hyperfirm, but they are no longer in business. I am very happy with it and recommend it if you can find one from another member. Another vendor that is superb is Praetorian Blasters on Facebook. Both options are good for durability which is important if your primary intent is to troop with it. I’m still not too sure about the one I linked here. I’ve never seen or heard of an E-11 from this seller since I posted this thread. Let me know if you have any more questions!
  21. You should be. I look forward to trooping alongside you in your new TK!
  22. Proud to have him among the ranks. Thanks for this report; giving children like Declan a reason to smile, amidst a health condition that gives all the reason to frown, is why I joined. Great work and happy to see this!
  23. I’m still a novice, but I have a few costumes now: ANH TK Stunt— Centurion ROTJ Royal Guard Biker Scout— WIP
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