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  1. The Florida Garrison just lost an exceptional trooper. Glad to hear your move is complete; hopefully I’ll still meet you sooner or later. Best wishes, enjoy your new home!
  2. One of the best parts if I do say so myself. Congrats and welcome to the FISD!
  3. I trust you won't be disappointed. Welcome aboard!
  4. Looks efficient but that price... Then again, this hobby isn’t tailored for cheapstakes like me, haha. Thanks for sharing this; maybe my fireteam will get one for all of us TK’s to use.
  5. Erice3339

    E-11 Lot

    No, I did not. I ended up going with a HfxProductions Hyperfirm, but they are no longer in business. I am very happy with it and recommend it if you can find one from another member. Another vendor that is superb is Praetorian Blasters on Facebook. Both options are good for durability which is important if your primary intent is to troop with it. I’m still not too sure about the one I linked here. I’ve never seen or heard of an E-11 from this seller since I posted this thread. Let me know if you have any more questions!
  6. You should be. I look forward to trooping alongside you in your new TK!
  7. Proud to have him among the ranks. Thanks for this report; giving children like Declan a reason to smile, amidst a health condition that gives all the reason to frown, is why I joined. Great work and happy to see this!
  8. I’m still a novice, but I have a few costumes now: ANH TK Stunt— Centurion ROTJ Royal Guard Biker Scout— WIP
  9. I kid you not, that pun was completely unintentional. I adhere by it though.
  10. I’ll echo what others have said by recommending you stick with E6000. I’m relatively new myself, but I am relieved I went with E6000. I have taken apart my thighs three times now and that would not have been possible with the adhesive you are looking at since it welds the plastic together.
  11. Welcome to FISD, Stephen. Just to throw in my two cents, I have an Anovos and, as long as you are willing to wait, I personally think it’s a great starter kit; however, if I could do it over, I’d recommend Mark of AP in Canada. After seeing his kit in person, the plastic is alot more durable which is important if you plan on trooping frequently as I do. As mentioned by another member here, AP has a sales thread on FISD. And to speak to your concern of purchasing from someone you’ve never met by means of an email, I have found it to be commonplace in the hobby. Nonetheless, I would trust anyone the detachment staff here vouches for— such as Mark of AP. Good luck with your build!
  12. I already know that’s the truth. I came across this one while polishing the kit. I might wear my belt slightly looser. Thanks for your input as always!
  13. As usual, please excuse me if I am posting in the wrong location. I was not sure if this post would be better suited for my build thread even though my build is finished or if the Hard Armor (General Discussion) would be more appropriate. I settled on this section, so please remove it if I am mistaken. Anyhow, I am looking to get some advice on a crack repair that I recently did on my armor. I am familiar with the following tutorial and have since repaired the crack: However, the crack is along the left ab-kidney seam and is consequently not accessible from the underside (i.e. the crack is covered by the lowest strap holding together the two pieces which is then further covered by a piece of ABS scrap that I set the split rivets in that hold the fabric to the armor). Short of taking the rivets out and the associated process, I glued a piece of ABS scrap to the outside of the armor since the area is covered by the belt anyways. Here it is: The scrap piece is adhered flush to the armor with E-6000. My primary question is this: If I'm trooping in my TK, on average, about twice a month, should this repair hold for a couple of years or would I be better off taking the scrap piece off and tackling the crack from a different angle? I of course do not want the crack to spread any further. I realize the question has no definitive answer nor one that can be guaranteed, but I still wanted to get the opinions of those I trust most when it comes to stormtrooper armor. I'm aware that this kind of problem is just a hazard of our trade. Thank you in advance!
  14. It’s a HfxProductions “Elite” E-11. You can find them on Facebook; however, unfortunately, the owner has disappeared from the website. One of my squad mates heard from one of his friends that he may be in some legal trouble. Nonetheless, you should be able to find what scope they used on their E-11’s.
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