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    I did this for a promo video to support the BC Lung Associations Stair Climb for Clean air fundraiser. This is an event where participants see how long it takes to get up a 48 storey building in Vancouver. Funds are raised to help those with lung conditions, and as a tradition - firefighting teams from all around come to compete in full gear! Yves Ho TD 9815 has done this for years IN COSTUME to compete with the firefighters. And yes, he is fast in armor! I did this event last year without armor and it was tiring! Anyways, Yves challenged our garrison to see how fast we could gear up. Here's my submission, complete with distractions.
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    This troop was in support of the Stockton Heat, an American Hockey League team based in Stockton, California. The event was held indoors, and we greeted Heat and Star Wars fans as they entered the Stockton Arena before the game. Another trooper and I was asked if we could go to a groups suite as we were going down to the main hall, which we agreed to. We had fun with that family and took some photos with them. I decided it would be fun, in pure Stormtrooper fashion, to go to other suites, bang on the doors and do security sweeps. Everyone had great fun when we did this, and were grateful we stopped in. Here is a picture of us making sure the popcorn served to the suite holders was up to Vader’s quality. Here’s us taking a quick break for some Foosball. And finally, before retiring for the night, I tried to work on my droid identification skills. It turns out that it WAS NOT the droid I was looking for Photo Credit for the buttom picture goes to @FirstOrderConcepts who joined in the fun handling for his very first time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Approval email received! Just need to wait for the election dust to settle and I'll have my TKID!
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    Thanks, Rat! Still alive over here. Garrison elections have finally gotten sorted and I've soft-picked my debut troop in April so all that remains is to get approved by then. which shouldn't be TOO hard, considering how much I'm beginning to look like a tk... another armor party on Saturday afforded the opportunity to finalize some strapping lengths and shave down some armor-bitey areas around the cod, as well as pass on some paint and advice to a couple fellow cadets who recently started their TK builds. Turns out I know a decent bit now, y'all... and what I can't remember off the top of my head, I can find in my reference photo album. Anyway, here's the (SHOULDER STRAPPING NOT IN) look: Also, pardon the lighting. This was before I reshaped the inner thighs. They're currently slimmer (but with the same curves). Forgot my holster hanging straps so no holster in pic. Loving the hinge on that side though! The other side, not so much. It has elastic strapping which is stretching far too readily, and then when it would go back together, the tab system provides just enough pressure to keep it spread apart. Also the lower snap hits my hip bone. I will be rethinking that closure. Ignore the black everywhere up top. Bib needs to be hemmed/tamed, had it on for sizing purposes. Think I'll trim my shoulder straps in the back. Anybody have input on how much I take off? Then I had to run upstairs to get cell signal. So I did. I sounded like a pile of Tupperware in a large mixer, but it was perfectly comfortable and I came downstairs with no problems. Only snag was that my left chest snaps came undone then, and whenever else I moved much. I'll have to readdress them. Then, when nobody was watching my potentially really really stupid move, I set up my camera on a timer and tried to sit down. And boy was it fun! I'll reinforce my butt plate with fiberglass tape and monitor for cracks. And try not to sit a lot. Maybe. Left to do: Sew in second halves of shoulder strap snaps (say that five times fast) Create shoulder bell-bicep wrap strap and bell-bicep hang strap Make elastic boot top cinchers Pad back thigh Rethink right ab-kidney connection Reshape lower calf openings Make strap from gloves to upper edge of forearm armor to keep cuffs from slipping down Repaint tube stripes with new brushes Mount ears, hovi mics, pad bucket Paint various hardware white Purchase ski mask/helmet liner Finish edges of neck seal bib And, longer term, I have to refinish my blaster and mess with helmet electronics. But the stuff above is more immediately necessary for approval. So.
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    Meanwhile... Yeah, I know it's not part of my TK build, but while I'm waiting to submit we finished my wife Sally's Imperial Line Officer and I just had to share. A.J.
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    Well..., it took only one event as a Handler to realize, without a doubt, that I want to be apart of the 501st. I’m hooked on the FOTK and have decided on the TFA styling. I’d also like to finish it with approval as a Riot Control Trooper (I have 3 Z6 RCBs and should probably put them to use). Less one set of tires ($$$), a win at the local casino ($$$) and some saving ($$$)..., I have this much now, $$$$. So let’s go shopping!!! Over the the next few days I’ll be reading all the TFA builds (thanks again for the links in my intro) and taking notes for my build. So far I’ve read that KB, JIMI and Anovos might be the best options. I’m not familiar with all the “preferred” FOTK armor sellers but would love to hear from anyone with recommendations (PM if necessary). With this build I’ll have the challenge of s-t-r-e-c-h-i-n-g it to fit my 6’3” frame and finding a size 14 boot. I did find a photo of a 6’3” FOTK so I’m excited to learn that it can be done. Thank you all for sharing this experience. I’m very excited to be a part, and take part in all the fun. I’m also looking forward to a, most likely, long and challenging build. (Photo: TK-42134 still struggling with the “Droid” search...)
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    Hi everyone, I received my approval yesterday and have signed up for 2 troops including the Toronto Comicon. I look forward to meeting many of you and to giving to the community. If only I knew: -Just how much information is out there! -That the advice on here is so solid. -Do more research, make more notes -Triple check your supply list -Just how darned HOT it is inside TK armor! Oops! -Gather all of your supplies and triple check your list. It will save a LOT of trips back and forth to the fabric stores, hardware stores, hobby stores, Amazon... A funny thing happened on the way to the Death Star: -My journey started with an email to a 501st member that I found on the 501st.ca site. He welcomed a total stranger (well.. he DID Facebook stalk me and talk to a mutual friend to make sure I wasn't a total psycho) with awesome advice, invited me to his home to see his armor, and has been there for me the entire journey, taking pictures, offering advice, and volunteering to help at any time. Thanks SO much to @Twosolitudes Shout Outs: @Twosolitudes @68Brick @gmrhodes13 @wook1138 and everyone else who helped, laughed, and kept me company during my build thread. Last of all to my dad. Last summer was spent at the hospital with my dad who was slowly wasting away to prostate cancer. The last conversation I had with him was when I told him I had finally found the Trooper armor that I wanted to order, and told him the price. He said "Buy it". The next day he was unconcious and unresponsive, and he died the day after. My TKID is in honour of him. His birthday was April 8 1934, and I am TK 40834.
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    Nice work Brendan and congrats on approval. Before you pull your helmet apart - keep in mind that the alignment of those ear screws can look off in pictures depending on the angle of the shot. I have an AP kit and always thought my screws were a bit out based on pictures, but when looking at the helmet in person, it is very close to lining up to the edge of the trap. I took a bunch of pictures to test, and sure enough... depending on the angle of the camera to the helmet, the screws can look really out to lunch. Especially if you are close up to the helmet and using a wide angle lens (like what most smart phones have). Did the hovi mics come from AP like that? See you at Centurion!
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    Thanks, yes, the uneven edges will be covered by the paint. I will use tape to cover the exact size of the display. Before, i will paint the inside black. After the paint is done i will remove the tape and the only thing you will see ist the display, even if you look from the side, as everything is painted black inside. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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    I'll just wait until I have enough for a full kit from AM. Not worth the trouble and worry.
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    I've recently been diving headlong into a T-21 build, and it occurred to me that I've been neglecting to finish this kit. I am super close to finishing, and I suddenly realized that I have been actively avoiding working on it. Which got me thinking, "WHY???". It's been a dream of mine to have a Hero Luke suit, so what was going on?? I am sure that at least one of you out there knows the feeling when you feel that you just can't do something without screwing it up. And looking back at my progress, I see what caused me to stop dead in my tracks and make all sorts of excuses for why I didn't have time wasn't making this a priority. It was the grappling hook box. I had no idea as to how I was going to make it work on my kit. I was terrified that I was going to screw up a $300 prop (yes, I paid a little over that much for the box...). So with that, I just decided not to work. Period. I'm crediting my husband for reminding me about my kit-in-progress. Actually, it was a comment he made last night as he looked at the floor of my nerd-room, which was covered with a 1:1 scale printout of a T-21, a large log of EVA foam, and various cutouts of styrene and PVC piping. Photo taken while the floor was still in its "clean" state... "So how are you able to get to work on your stormtrooper with the floor covered in all this?" A nice reality check for sure. As I sat on the floor and looked around, I realized that there was nowhere to walk on the floor. I had (intentionally?) built an actual barrier to my TK with another project. And that's how projects never get finished! Sooooo, today I decided to put away all the T-21 stuff and get back to work on my Hero build. And I'm committed to stay focused until I'm done! I pulled out the grappling hook box and decided that the safest way to bend the side tabs would be with boiling water. I pulled out a heavy duty roasting pan and filled it with water. The extra large surface area allowed me to submerge the tabs and still give me lots of room left to work. Here you can see how straight things were before the hot water treatment: I had to remove the round hook holster and left side belt clip, but this was an easy task- they were fixed on with e6000 (yay!). I used large paint stir sticks to help keep the tabs flat because I only wanted the bends to occur near the box, not on the tabs themselves. It took me about 30 minutes, but it worked! My grappling hook box now fits nicely along the kidney. Some before and after pics: I still have to glue the left side belt hook and grappling hook circle back on. I'm going to give the whole thing a few days to dry out before I tackle that part. But at least this hurdle has been cleared, and I can now confidently wear the grappling hook box without it looking 'off'. I'm excited to finish this build now. Whew! Oh, and my new Praetorian Blaster E-11 arrived in the mail a few days ago, and it is gorgeous! (I will probably do a little weathering to it to make it look a bit more battle-worn, but it's still beautiful.) The detail in that spring element alone is stunning! I gave my Hyperfirm E-11 to my husband for his RS TK... which caused him to revert instantly back to a 10 year-old boy, running around the house with it, yelling, "Pew! Pew! Pew!". He can't wait to be a TK.
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    I decided to go FO, I acquired some Anovos Alpha armour, The abdomen needs adjusting which I will do soon
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    So when you can't find what you're looking for you make it yourself Front Back
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    I think you have a point to argue here. I don't recall anyone being called on those types of hovi-mics before (but I don't closely follow a lot of the approval threads). This is not clearly indicated in the CRL, or at least the CRL does not appear to have changed so I don't know why these tips would no longer be allowed. From what I can tell, if you passed EIB with them, then you should be good. Don't trash them yet
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    I re-cut a lot of my plastic bits for the feeder plate because I wanted the pieces to have a beefier look to them. I snagged a sheet of 1/8" white ABS off of Amazon, which is more than enough for my needs. It took using a cutting wheel to initially cut them because the ABS is so thick. A sanding drum and some hand sanding later, and the parts were done. I glued it all together today. I don't think it looks all that bad. After that, I chose to work on getting the stock together. I needed to sandwich the support in a channel between the two halves. I traced the outline of the support piece on each half. Don't worry if you think I carved a channel into both halves like this! I flipped one half over and re-traced things before beginning. If you plan on doing this as well, remember to wear a decent respirator! Or else all this powdery nastiness will go into your lungs. An hour later, and the channels were carved out! Each channel is approximately as deep as one layer of EVA foam (6mm). I simply sanded with a large sanding drum until I began to see the second layer appear. Then I applied a liberal coat of contact cement all over each half, carefully lined things up, and.... Taaa daaa! Here you can see how thick this blaster is. Let me tell you that this stock is super- and I mean super- lightweight. With the support firmly in place inside the foam, it feels really strong and stable. And it may not look like much now, but I can assure you that it will begin to look more like a real T-21 very soon!
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    Thanks for the welcome. I'm in Hampshire and just ordered a doopydoos E-11 Blaster and deciding how far to go with it but definitely going with T-jays completion kit.
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    Strange that the glue is failing like that. You can try a slight bend in the strips to match your shape before gluing, and also try roughing up each surface with an aggressive sandpaper before gluing to help give it something to stick to.
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    Ok some updates... Done the Shins.. Shaped and trimmed.... The sniper knee was a bit of a pain I do have another one just in case.... Will glue in the elastic and hooks 3x per shin shaped to fit my weird shins measured with my imperial boots on. next up shoulder bells.. x4.... I have two sets, I messed up on bell by trimming to much.. so I got a replacement set but the plastic is a bit different color..... Elastic and popper attached as per Ukswrath tutorial As you can see the colour is slightly different I got some novus so I hope it will buff up any tips?? Did the forearms and biceps.. return edge removed and shaped and sized for my arms Thighs.. I also wanted to tidy up the helmet so frown repainted.. I am waiting for masking template and paint from trooperbay before I do the tubes Belt was a pain to do but after a clean up and polish I hope is ok. My Chicago screws arrived today not sure to use these or the rivets thru the poppers Kidney part.. had to shape this quite a bit to bit me. pan of hot water did the trick. need to do final shaping and then some repair on some thin parts and clean and polish. shaped the top part to fit me better with the hot water in the pan trick. Bottom.. only one popper so far measured the second ready TD.. Used hyper X glue from japan which was horrible... Cooked the ends for a bit and sanded the edges of the tube so it fits very tight to the tube. needs really good clean and polish. chest and ab started.. will do the belt fitting and holster fit next.
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    Hi and welcome aboard! Looks like you've been doing plenty of research and asking lots of questions, which is undoubtedly the recipe for success. The awesome folks here at FISD will transform the huge, daunting project into an attainable and enjoyable ride. Keep in touch and post lots of photos! My order of building went from head down to toe—bucket, arms, torso, thighs and lastly shins. I also installed strapping as I went, just for some variety from all the ABS trimming. It will work in any order, though! And yes, you can do away with all of the return edge on the wrist-end of the forearms. For L3 this is required, but I also found that it made them way easier to slide over my hands. Turns out a few millimetres makes a huge difference. Return edges everywhere else are up to you—the simulated "thicker armour" look is definitely cool, but it can compromise comfort and mobility. I ended up doing away with most of mine. It's easier to remove them than to add them back on, though, so you may want to test-fit and evaluate as you go. Good luck and have fun! We'll be here.
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    Henceforth: Anyone who challenges the level of gloss on TD screws shall be sentenced to installing 1000 S-Trims and Sniper Knees.
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    Just installed the new mesh! Thanks to Ukswrath for sending them out so quickly!
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