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    Quick reference guide for armor used in ******** Otherwise known as the OT (Original Trilogy) ******** Whether you are aiming toward Basic 501st approval, Expert Infantry or Centurion level, the FISD Gallery section is an invaluable resource for information containing hundreds of images of screen captures and film used armor. However, searching for the exact reference you are looking for can take a lot of time, especially for those seeking higher levels of accuracy or approval. This thread contains edited versions of those images and is designed to be a quick reference. It also contains notes and CRL (Costume Reference Library) requirements as applicable, but does not contain them all. For complete info. you can view the various costumes here: CRL IMPORTANT! Please be aware when applying for higher levels that the Deployment Officers do not depend solely on the CRLs when reviewing submissions. Screen caps and reference images are also taken into consideration. When in doubt, always feel free to contact any member of the D.O. Staff for assistance... we are here to help! The costume categories are shown as ANH (A New Hope) Stunt, ANH Hero, the Empire Strikes Back (ESB) and Return of the Jedi (ROTJ). Items for basic 501st approval will be listed as Basic Items for Expert Infantry approval will be listed as Level 2 Items for Centurion approval will be listed as Level 3 Requirements from the various CRLs will be shown like this: bold, italicized in white, and may be paraphrased for brevity. Comments will be listed as Notes: or Important: Below is a list of items featured. To make it easier, just scroll over and click on the area you are interested in seeing. THIS FEATURE MAY BE TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE- (Working on it, though)! For now, scroll down to see details. HELMET ARMOR BOOTS/HOLSTER Brow trim CHEST/BACK PLATE (Including strap connections BOOTS Ear Placement AB/KIDNEY POSTERIOR PLATES (Including strapping) HOLSTER Ear screws BELT (ABS and canvas) AND DROP BOXES Ear bumps SHOULDER BELLS Tears/traps BICEPS/FOREARMS Frown THIGHS/LOWER LEG ARMOR Tube stripes THERMAL DETONATOR Hovi Tips HAND GUARDS/GLOVES Vocoder This will be an ongoing project and more photos will be added. I have locked the topic, but if you have any reference images you would like to see added, please feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking, and I hope this helps!
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    I’ve finally closed the Anovos chapter of my life. I had 2 FOTK standard kits on order. I cancelled one early this year and got refunded, hoping the second would come through. Both ordered in August 2016, the second refund has taken me 4 weeks but it finally happened today - NEVER EVER AGAIN will I give these thieves and liars another cent. I hope you all get money/product down the line, somehow. I know the full story of why/how they got to this point with the FOTK kits, yet stood by them. It was my bad call. Anyway, I now have a first class ABS kit, ordered and delivered within a week that I’ll work on and bid this dark part of my costuming a grim fairwell...
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    Troop #18 - 16 November 2019 - MCM ComicCon Birmingham (approx 7 hours in armour) Good solid troop this one. There was a good group of us for most of the day plus an officer for most of it too. Started out in the entrance way guiding people in from the trains. I some how managed to get a feature in the con closing video from this! Just before lunch we took part in the Silver Sabres display with Lord Vader as guest of honour. After lunch the con was incredibly busy making moving around pretty hard so we spent most of our time on the club stand. This was at a pretty decent location right by one of the doors into the hall. As the con calmed down towards the end we were able to get out and patrol a bit more but by then most of us were pretty much done for the day. Not overly sure what everones name was who was in the group, that happens when theres over 300 member in attendance and your bad with names! I know @CableGuy was one though, maybe he can shed some more light on it! Photos by assorted UKG members, sorry guys I forgot to note down who took them!
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    Hi everyone, I'm new (obviously), been wanting realistic stormtrooper armor since I was a kid and finally took the plunge. Ordered a full commission from Mark a few weeks back and am anxiously awaiting it now. I live in Carlsbad, NM and will be joining Dewback Ridge Garrison once approved. Just wanted to check in and say "Hi", been stalking these boards for awhile trying to increase my knowledge base. Have ordered everything I can think of to be ready to troop and am looking forward to putting it all together and posting pictures for everyone's feedback. SUPER excited to join the ranks!
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    Hi, My mane is Eduardo from the Peruvian Garrison I´ve been a Legión member since 2013. Dz-31387 here. I have already 4 legion costumes: Tusken Raider, A´sharad Hett, Edrio Two tubes and Garindan All of them denizens of the empire, so now I´ve been working on my first armor, of course with the help of some of my garrison brothers. I hope soon I became a member of this Detachment
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    Troop #0003 (of 68) Force for Change - Lego League competition, Melbourne 24 Nov 2019 (And yes I've fully re-painted my kit which I'm much happier about) With the lift doors closing With the wife (Pilot) With the high ground with the plans for the future
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    A couple days ago I received my Basic 501st approval! A great big thanks to all who've helped me out thus far! When I started on this endeavor I felt like I was trying to swim solo across the ocean. Everyone of you has had a positive influence on the process. A few of you seemed to be checking in often to offer loads of great advice. gmrhodes13 you've provided excellent feedback and the most impressive insights in locating things on the forums. ukswrath I followed your Anovos build and greatly appreciate the encouragement. Hopefully by following it I will make an easy transition to higher levels. Had it not been for your build thread I would still be working on this thing. TKSpartan thanks for pointing me directly to the things I needed to adjust and having the ability to highlight great posts with pictures when your words weren't doing it for me! Me like pictures! justjoseph63 the detailed critique was very helpful and timely to assist in getting myself prepped for approval. Now onto the blaster. I've got my resin doopydoo kit in hand, hit up T-Jay for the extra bits to make it better than a rubber duck and started reviewing the enormous wealth of info here. With any luck I'll be able to have a moment or two to work on it despite all the holiday, family, and work hub bub to be able to qualify EIB then Centurion in short order. TK41469 signing off!
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    Troop #16 MCM Comic Con, Birmingham UK Had an epic day at this event. We had 307 members of the UKG (and it’s additional sections) and put on an amazing show!! Photo credits to Flying feet photography, Darren Bailey and various social media
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    I just posted up a thread this morning which may help for your journey to Centurion, Jonas: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/48335-quick-crl-reference-guide-for-your-ot-build-pics-notes-tips/, It contains info. on what we will be looking for when you apply, but keep those questions and photos coming!
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    New shot of the trooper and the speeder from a new TV spot. Looks pretty awesome!
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    Hello, I have been looking around these forums for a little while now, soaking in the wealth of information available (there is soooo much). Earlier this week I finally pulled the trigger on an RS commission for ANH style TK. I am very excited to get the armor and start trooping! I have already made contact with the Florida garrison and my associated squad (Makaze). Looking forward to meeting my fellow TKs in a couple months!
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    I’ve been a Star Wars fan most of my entire life, but it’s only been a few months where the idea of being more than just a spectator was even there. I attended my first 501st event as a guest and was blown away by the workmanship put into the costumes. I started looking into “Vader’s Fist” when I got home and saw that not only is it just to have fun, but it’s “Bad guys doing good” and taking time to help in the community. That really got me excited! Since then I’ve been running thru many of the FISD discussions and believe I’ve decided on a OTTK ANH Stunt. Because I’m a fairly big guy. 6’ 280lbs, I am looking into an Armor Master kit, with the full intention of going to Centurion. (Hey, go big or go home!) I haven’t pulled the trigger on a kit as figure I need to drop a few inches so the armor fits without looking ridiculous. I’m already on my way and hope to be starting a early as January. While I’m working on my superstructure, I’ll be looking into some of the soft parts as well as required tools. I’ve never done this so I’m pretty much starting from scratch. Looking forward to meeting some So Cal Garrison folks real soon! —Aaron Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You are very welcome, Jonas! You can trim off all of the lower edge, which will allow it to sit a lot closer to the front of the calf.
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    Hey everyone, This build thread is a long time coming. I have a KB Props FOTK (TLJ) kit and am building as an Executioner. Armor/Helmet - KB Props Gaskets/Harness/Shorts - Geeky Pink's Phantastic Gaskets (My amazing garrison-mate Teresa) Boots - Imperial Boots Laser Ax - 3D printed parts courtesy of the Edmonton Public Library (EPL) SE-44C - TBD (likely 3D printed by another member of the Badlands Garrison) This is my first full foray into building a costume. My ANH TK was a commission that I did a little work on the achieve EIB. Pictures of build progress too follow...
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    Maybe some rebels work there....
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    DANG those look awesome, Jonas! So glad to see no return edges!
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    @Von Goodleef - The Imperial Handbook is available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble (US). https://smile.amazon.com/dp/1452145288?tag=amz-mkt-chr-us-20&ascsubtag=1ba00-01000-a0027-win10-other-smile-us000-pcomp-feature-pcomp-wm-6&ref=aa_pcomp_prc1 https://www.barnesandnoble.com/p/star-wars-daniel-wallace/1124391298/2662535861761?st=PLA&sid=BNB_ADL+Marketplace+Generic+New+Books+-+Desktop+Medium&sourceId=PLAGoNA&dpid=tdtve346c&2sid=Google_c&gclid=Cj0KCQiAiNnuBRD3ARIsAM8KmlsFTSVoArh7gu3NGyJ_VhZIkIzW1s-yrZ_aa1AMJ7YZ9LY7xE98lKcaAqupEALw_wcB Additionally, the backgrounds on many Trooper's images are all photoshopped. Individuals' photos are simply edited onto general Imperial-style backgrounds. Hope this helps! Caleb
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    Almost done with the biceps! Go figure I didn't realise scissors were that much faster... Left one after trimming: I fixed the upper corners after taking these pictures And both, glueing on the covering strips: Hopefully I will get my package from ATA soon... I swear the postal services is out after me...
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    I've added my two cents where I can - see above. Good luck!
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    I'm glad that you are doing better my friend. Being a stormtrooper has been a dream of mine since I was 13. Now I'm 53. Also I am wanting to be healthier so I can see my grandchildren graduate and get married and have great grandchildren :')
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    Welcome!!!! I'm a newly approved member of the 501st as of September. This past summer I built my first set of armor with the help of all these awesome people her on the FISD! Listen to the advice and always ask questions if you're not sure about something. No question is stupid or unimportant. Chances are someone has dealt with whatever problem you're having. Also, be open to changing your feelings about things. I found myself so sure of something then to be shown that I was wrong or misinformed. Trust the process and your fellow crazies. We are here to help. Check out my build thread and good luck on your journey!
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    The Hearing Assist Came the other day and I mounted it in the bucket. I drilled two holes under the rubber brow but the microphone are thicker then I thought and scared to drill the holes any wider to glue them in luckily you can’t see the holes with brow covering them. So I mounted the mics on the inside by the frown but I can’t hear with the ear buds and when fans on because the mics are close to the fan so if I want to hear then I turn fans off. If I want to stay cool I turn the fans on.
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    Looking good James, good luck on your approval. If I had any advice it would be to drop your biceps, there should be very little gap between them and the forearms. Looks like your missing a few photos also.
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    Looks like he does mostly Clone troopers, not TKs, Martin. You may want to inquire over at their Detachment: https://501stclonetroopers.com/
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    The forearms came out GREAT! The only issue I can see is that even with your arm slightly bent it looks like the "scoop" is looking as if it will end up cutting into you (red arrow). This can be safely opened up a bit like the right one is (if needed). For the thighs, remember that the cover strip should only go down as far as the top of the raised ridge. If you have a gap between the thigh ridge connection this should ideally be filled with ABS paste or a small piece of ABS can be glued behind it. You want to avoid this look: Fronts Backs Also, when you get to this part, the back edges of the thigh ammo pack need to be an equal distance from the "corners" of the ridge at the rear.
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    There was a bit of that oily stuff on some parts, but not too much actually. If I remember correctly, there was quite a bit of that greasy stuff on the breast and back plate, not much on other parts! And I participated in his free shipping promo because I‘m located in Germany and international shipping rates are crazy!
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    Greetings All, I have gone as far as I can without consulting the braintrust ;-). A little background, I joined and started reading the forums in January 2018. Following a back injury 20 years ago (activity waned but hunger didn't) I successfully enlarged myself to over 350 pounds. I decided that I needed a significant goal to encourage me to fix this problem and redefine a lifestyle. After working with my doctor on a plan and setting my goal to add a ANH STUNT TK to my costume collection I have worked over a year to drop 112 pounds so far on the way to my final target. Now that I am within a range that armor can be made to work I started to customize for myself an AP kit that Mark prepared for me. (very happy with Mark at AP, he has been responsive and helpful) So, I have shimmed my thighs and kidney/abdomen assembly and have gotten to where I can actually start to wear the armor for fine tuning. This is where you folks come in. Q1: Thighs will sit about 1/2 inch higher once strapped to belt under torso but still leave a fair amount of black. I don't see any way to enlarge them further since they are resting right up to the bottom of my well rounded A$$ and so need some suggestions here. Should I trim the top of the back of the thighs to allow the front to move a little bit north? Q2: If I fasten the shoulder straps at even their most extreme length I end up with a gap at bottom of chest plate and back plate. Abdomen is fitting well and cod plate is as high as it is able to go. I have a long torso and shorter tree trunk thighs so this doesn't help the case. I am sure you will all see other things I haven't mentioned or may not realize yet so fire away troopers. Thanks!
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    Welcome to FISD! I, too, am a new recruit and starting to pull together all my build items. You are spot on with aiming for Centurion (as am I), and the fine folks here will be a TREMENDOUS help. I look forward to following your progress on a build thread, and working simultaneously on this journey to the Legion! Caleb Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It’s about time u submitted Erick !!! You got this. !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Welcome to the true home of shiny white armor, Eduardo... great to have you here!
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    What is it that Tony says? Oh yeah...photo please [emoji1787] Only joking. I understand the importance of protecting sources and not everything has a picture to go with it [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Congratulations! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks friend for the encouragement. Working on it for a few hours a day makes sense. And yes, I have been learning about EIB and CENTURIAN. All of this info is a bit overwhelming at first. I never knew that there was so many differences in Stormtrooper armor.
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    Welcome to FISD, Jim! I'm official new here myself, but as with you, I'd been following the forum for a while now. As I'm sure you've already gathered, the Troopers on FISD are very welcoming and extremely helpful. If you ever need encouragement, they (we) got you covered! I myself am waiting on my own armor kit to come in, (will be assembling it myself), but I can relate to being excited about our BBB days! As others have suggested, I plan on handling a couple times in the next couple of months before my build is complete, to get a real-life sense of things. I'm so excited! Again, welcome!
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    So, I got my package from ATA today, took a while. In it contains new ears and a thigh ammo belt. I might need to order new ab buttons as it was revealed to me through Josephs new CRL guide that I would need to change them. All in due time.
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    For most parts you can fit them yourself... a roll of blue painter's tape and a full length mirror will be your best friends for this. It does help to have someone when getting fully kitted up, but is not a 100% necessity. I would highly suggest starting your own build thread, and here is why: 1. You can ask as many questions as you like. As Erick stated, "No question is stupid or unimportant" and you will get more responses. 2. You can (and should) post progress pictures, and lots of them! This especially helps when you have an issue. Seeing an actual photo makes it MUCH easier to help. 3. Keeping everything in one thread helps you (and us) keep track of your progress. 4. Since others may have a similar issue or question it can help them as well. One thing to keep in mind is that building a quality set of armor takes time. Like all of us, I'm sure you want to get it done and start trooping, but rushing leads to mistakes. When in doubt, always measure twice (or more), and ask for advice before cutting. Consider this a marathon and not a sprint and you will come out with a truly spectacular set of TK armor.
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    Here is my question on these... If Biker Scouts can have those cool speeders that hover above the ground and can reach ridiculous acceleration, why are we stuck with a vehicle that has treads? (Fun though they may be).
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    Even if you cannot attend one of Gary jr.'s famous armor parties (normally in Clermont) you should ask if you can be a Handler at one or more Makaze Squad troops while waiting for your armor to be completed. Handlers are always needed, and I cannot stress enough how important they are to a successful event. "Duties" include taking photos for the public, warning of obstacles, providing escorts to the restrooms/break areas, picking up fallen armor pieces, protecting us from kids smacking us with toy lightsabers, LOL, keeping us informed, and a myriad of other things. It will also give you the chance to ask questions, as well as meet the fine folks you will be trooping with once you get approved!
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    Thanks a million. I can't wait to get my BBB and start building.
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    Greeting friends! Your quick responses and encouragement have already been amazing! I'm really looking forward to bouncing my ideas/needs off you guys (and gals) and join your ranks in the future! Here is the link to the ANH Stunt build thread I've started, and I already have a list of questions and components which I'm seeking opinions on there. I still haven't located Panda's ATA build thread, so perhaps I'm not searching for the correct terms. That visual reference thread from @giskard8 and @justjoseph63 are fantastic! Thanks again for all your assistance; I look forward to being a part of the FISD community!
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    Welcome to the FISD, Jim. Sounds like you did everything right so far. Don't forget to send pictures when its BBB (big brown box) day. Yes, you might have to do some little adjustments here or there, I am thinking of the shoulder bells right now. But as Arthur already wrote, it would be a waste to not go for the higher levels with that great set of armor. In the meantime go ahead, visit the Makaze squad, make contacts and get some impressions. Seeing fully finished armors in person is always different than on pictures and you will soon get an eye for the details to be aware of.
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    Congratulations and welcome to FISD. RS is an excellent choice although it might cost you a bit more. You might still need some alterations after you received your set to make a perfect fit for you, but I am such the guys on FISD and your Garrison could help you achieve that. Please also check on our Lv.2 "Expect Infantry" and Lv.3 "Centurion" section. It is a waste if you have a set pf RS and not applying for a higher level certification. Good luck and have fun.
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    Good eye, Ryan! The right side needs of the canvas belt needs to be lowered a bit. Although acceptable for Level 2, the ABS belt should be raised at least to the yellow line, but preferably the green one.
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    I've seen lots of places that sell boots. I just want good and comfortable quality ones.
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    A cool name and purpose. They look like FO Shoretroopers to me.
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    Has anyone actually personalised there’s by adding a photo? I’ve yet to do mine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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