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    Hurray my ANH Hero TK has just been approved! I’m so happy – a dream come true! I’ve been a huge fan of Star Wars since I was a little girl and was lucky enough to be able to work for Disney when they’ve purchased Lucasfilm a few years ago. While working on the campaigns I've met the lovely people from the Dutch Garrison and before I knew it I was dreaming of creating my own costume. Back in January I was finally able to purchase my kit from TM. I was so happy when my BBB arrived in March! Thank you so much @troopermaster for this gorgeous kit! I was very afraid to touch it, let alone make some cuts, too afraid I would damage something I could not repair. From July until last weekend, it was a roller coaster, blue tape everywhere and not to forget the smell of E6000. I will definitely miss it ; ) If I would do everything over, I wouldn’t fuss so much about the cutting/sanding the perfect lines for the fore arms, biceps, thighs and shins – the cover strips will hide it anyway, and not to mention the many re-cuts you have to do while fitting it to the right size. Big thanks to @VulpX (for getting me started and introduce me into the TK world, we had fun : ) @toxication and Nadia (for the lovely evenings, sharing progress and ideas), @TheSwede & @Frank75139 & @lucnak & @CableGuy (for the super swift responses on my WIP-posts – so happy with your feedback!) and last but not least everyone who contributed to this awesome forum! I’ve spend so many hours reading all tips & tricks, it’s so great to see troopers taking the time to help each other to build awesome costumes. I’m proud to be part of the family, and I’m looking forward to serve the Empire the best way I can. Now moving on to Expert Infantryman
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    Hi all! During the recent changeover to the new server, the program for issuing certificates for EI and Centurion was affected. Mathias has worked like a madman to get this resolved and has come through like a hero! If you requested one during or since the 1st of August, I am working to get those issued. We appreciate your patience, and if there are any problems, just PM me. Thanks! Joseph
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    So it's done! Now time for her to submit photos for basic acceptance. I am so excited for her to be an official TK! Here's her big reveal at our armor party yesterday. All 4'11" of her! Thanks for following on this TK build. The adventure will continue on my next RS TK Hero build after DragonCon. Cheers, troopers!
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    The plastic can be a real pain to get paint to adhere, so I opted for self adhesive vinyl. A light spray of soapy water and a hair dryer to mold the vinyl. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Got the "Deployed" artwork curtesy of the MEPD to their Police Officers - loving it! This ones background is curtesy of Wook1138 (thanks Greg) - loving that as well - going to make both into Posters
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    IM IN!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks, all! Oh boy oh boy oh boy. Backtracking, most exciting news first, regarding the... NECK SEAL The first one I made looked great from the front and was nice and squishy but also it was tight and the seam in the back was much too wide and visible due to closure issues. A no go, overall. In my quest for deep, rubbery ridges, I did not rule out actual rubber as some do (citing sweat concerns). I figure my neck is small enough that I'll have ventilation space inside. Brainstorming with my boyfriend led to an idea for a system of magnetized rubber tubes. It was a crazy process and I didn't have enough hands to take pictures while I worked (yes, I would take a spare arm or two if they were giving them out) so I'll just describe it as best I can in the next post. This is where it stands. Front and back Video of closure here. It truly becomes nearly invisible when closed. https://i.imgur.com/u3nJ5BU.mp4 I am quite fond of this little guy. I'll be putting the upper rows on (the ones that taper off before the front) later. I'll have to wear a balaclava under it. I will likely attach the bib to the balaclava. Though I have some sport fabric that I may make the whole thing out of... we shall see. MISCELLANEOUS In other news, I have half-made my canvas belt (pending sizing of my armored torso), have all supplies at the ready to make my holster (thanks, Darman!), have my silicone hand guards awaiting gluing (thanks, Joseph!), got a super nifty tabletop snap press (you're going down, snaps), and will be getting together with a few garrison-mates on Labor Day to continue the armor side of my TK adventure. TO DO Top of my list is purchasing elastic and nylon strapping. Just have to actually DO it which is SO much harder now that my helmet is sitting in a box in the living room, begging to be held. :p
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    I don't have a horse in the race because I cancelled all ANOVOS orders a while ago, but I would highly recommend not making this a 501st thing. If people want to complain, that's their choice, but a large 501st-driven complaint campaign might not have entirely positive effects. There are already a lot of fan campaigns out there ("Fire Rian Johnson", "Remake The Last Jedi", "Fire Kathleen Kennedy", etc) so I think this should be simply customers complaining about the retailer and not come off like yet another sect of fandom who "demands" action. So I would remove references to whitearmor.net and also encourage people to write their own note and keep it more personal. Just my thought on it.
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    I think I am finally done with painting the boots. It took somewhere between 7-9 layers. I lost count at some point. After how much effort this took I did decide to get some clear protective coating for this. I’ll be going with the same brand Angelus for that. Just to avoid any issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    T21 finally painted and assembled. Just need to add a few greeblies and sling. And clear coat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My husband, Chris, just posted a bunch of before and during DragonCon parade pics for the enjoyment of 501st members. It was his first time photographing with the 501st, and he had a blast! You'll know which TK is me with my Short Trooper Equality sign, and you'll see my kids: Cameron as FOTK, and Keira as Rey. There are many other troopers in the photos, so please tag/share the site link with troopers who participated in the parade so they can access the pics as well. Photo access is password protected, and files are high-res. All downloads are free for whatever use you like! If you need higher resolution images than what's posted, let me know and I'll hook you up. https://timelyphoto.com/501st/ password (all lowercase!): vader He will be posting general cosplay pics from DragonCon tomorrow on the site. Enjoy!
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    Recently submitted photos with corrected TD: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have always dreamed of being a Stormtrooper since seeing Luke and Han infiltrate the Death Star in Episode IV. Now that dream has come true. It was quite a journey of sending emails, reading all kinds of information online, and eventually finding this forum. I consider myself a lucky TK, as I was able to acquire an Anovos Stormtrooper kit when they were first announced at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. I purchased it for a price of $350, a special price point they had it set at during that weekend. It came the week my first child was born so it had to sit for a bit while a adjusted to life with a newborn. I was invited to an Armor building party, a few months later and the fun began. Im going to keep this short because you may have already read many of the tips from the great folks on this forum. I would like to thank all those guys and gals that take so much time and effort to detail their builds, answer an email, or text, or in one case, have a nice conversation on the phone! I could not have gotten to the point I have without all the wonderful input from you! I look forward to helping out in whatever ways I can, like those of you helped me. Thanks for letting me be part of this wonderful family, and I look forward to serving the Empire for many years to come. Mark TK-42134
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    Thanks! I think the closures are one of those things that if I don't do it now, I might not do it later. D'oh!! At least that's easy to fix. Thanks for the catch! I don't know what happened! I sat down and there were a bunch of people working on their projects, then I looked up and people are cleaning up and I'm the only one sitting around playing with armor. Totally zoned out. Figured I'd better get up and help clean up too! Haha! And you helped me plenty! Thank you so much!! Definitely was! Sorry to increase the jealously level. lol Thank you!
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    Yaaay! Basic approval is in! Now waiting for my TKID [emoji322] Sent from my SM-G800F using Tapatalk
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    TBH, I’m being semi partial, but I think NOTHING beats ANH-Stunt ...lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi From Osaka Japan! I am from the UK living in Osaka Japan. I have ordered a kit from rwacreations in the UK. I was looking at TKArmour kit but was told its a lot of work to make it compliant. Ross was super quick to answer my mails etc Once my kit arrives I will start a build thread. In the meantime I will start building a couple or E11s from scratch and reading everything I can and checking build threads..
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    Well, you've all convinced me to at least give nylon snap attachments a try. Still have a while til I get to that stage though I'm afraid, as I found out yesterday while learning to put my armor together(!). As it turns out, a fellow Garrison Carida cadet got his BBB two days before I did last week, and we managed to coordinate a time to get together yesterday and take our first steps down the long path ahead. A few Carida vets were free and came by to help us learn how to properly fit things (and form pieces with a hot water bath, in my case), which was so (so) helpful. I got less done yesterday than expected, but came away from our build time much more confident than expected. For good or ill, I believe I have a shot at putting together much of my armor now. I'll need a hand, literally and figuratively, fitting pieces, but I can get things to that point now which is pretty thrilling. I totally forgot to take pictures of my biceps before all the work I did on them, but here they are as they stand now! It was crazy how bad the shape was for me before the hot water bath. Which, by the way, requires water at a rolling boil, no less, for at LEAST 30 seconds to soften that thick ATA ABS. Looks like a pretty respectable shape, right? At least the cover strips will go on! I ended up having to take off much more of the return edges all over than (I guess) ideal in order to bend the curves right. I suspect that will be a theme for this build... This one (right) looks a lot wider but is actually much more comfortable. I will likely reshape the left to be more similar to the right. I was reminded yesterday to check Cricket's build thread religiously. Boy is that a good idea. Especially moving on to the forearms, and trimming the wrists which is totally nerve wracking... confident about this build?? Who, where??
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    Ok, got my TK number: 72715 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yes Indeed! And Thank You! That is an Anovos Kit (for better or worse). Overall the (original) kit was fairly straight forward and relatively simple to construct. The ABS is a little thin in places (mostly in the face plate of the helmet) and the instructions were'nt as clear as I would have liked, but with some well appreciated advice and a lot of time scouring images online and reviewing the CRL's over and over I was able to get it done. I spent the most time on the innards of my bucket. To borrow a phrase: "She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, Kid. I've made a lot of special modifications myself".
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    Suddenly I’m feeling better about this build now that I’ve watched how everything is held together and feel like I really might get it done before Halloween. It seems like the hardest or longest part of this whole build is waiting for glue to dry Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A way to identify the shins is that the inside should have a shorter swoop, conforming to the muscle, outside then has a longer….good thing is it really doesn`t matter, the RS kit (made from Movie suit) comes with only outer parts (left and right) and is Centurion "worthy" so bottom line is: if it looks and feels right to you then all is good The Troopers in the Movie had all variants but all we see are awesome Stormtroopers
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    Oh, that explains why I haven’t heard from Matt today.
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    Ok, finally, it’s attached. Was annoying but I got it done: Now I’m going to add E6000 behind it for extra support and will paint the rivets white. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk