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Common FISD Acronyms and TK Glossary

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Are you new to the FISD and wondering what the heck all those abbreviations and strange sounding terms mean?  To help you along, I have compliled a list of the most commonly used ones that will give you some insight.  If you have ANY questions about a particular term that is not listed or suggestions for new ones  please ask!


                                                                                           TK Glossary located at bottom of post


              Entries marked with blue asterisks ** are our "vetted" (tried and true) armorers.  More information on them can be found here 





ABS Acrylo Butadiene Styrene is a highly durable lightweight thermoplastic used by most makers of Stormtrooper armor.  More info. here

AM Armor Master-  U.S. based maker of ANH Stunt/Hero style armor **

ANH A New Hope  (Star Wars episode IV)  1977

AOC Attack of the Clones  (Star Wars Episode II)  2002

AP Authenticprops   Canadian based maker of ANH Stunt style armor **

ATA Affordable Trooper Armor  U.S. based maker of ANH Stunt style armor **




BFG Big Freakin' Gun   Larger style weapons (T-21, DLT-19 etc.) used by HWTs, Sandtroopers and certain other TKs. 



CFO Cast From Original-  UK based maker of ROTJ armor**

CO-  Commanding Officer

CRL Costume Reference Library  List of all 501st costumes with a detailed description of each.  Link here.

CSCommand Staff




DO Deployment Officer  Responsible for approving troopers at higher levels (EI and Centurion)

DD Doopydoos  UK manufacturer of various SW props, including resin weapon kits.  Link here.

DCA Detachment Costume Advisor  Offers advice to GMLs for approving various 501st costumes

DCOG Detachment Captain of the Guard  Responsible for interpreting/enforcing rules, mediation and disputes.  Also oversees disciplinary hearings and moderates FISD elections

DF Detachment Founder  Paul (Daetrin)

DL Detachment Leader  Elected head of a Detachment

DMBO Detachment Merchandise Branding Officer   Responsible for all items pertaining to FISD logos and branding

DWM-  Detachment Web Master Systems Administrator/website gurus

DXO-  Detachment Executive Officer (XO is commonly used)  Second in Command of the Detachment



EI Expert Infantry   Optional second level awarded for a more advanced screen accurate TK build.  More info. here

EIB - Expert Infantry Badge  Official FISD logo used for the above rank.
ESB - The Empire Strikes Back  (Star Wars Episode V) 1980

EU Expanded Universe  Older term use for non-canon items/characters not seen in the existing SW films (books/novels/comics etc.)  Currently referred to as Legends 




FISD 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment

FO First Order 

FOBGFirst Order Battle Group.  Area of the FISD dedicated to all things FO related.  Link here.

FOTK -  First Order Stormtrooper

FX-  Older brand of TK armor.  Armor is acceptable for approval up to EI with modifications.  Helmet is not accepted for approval at any level.




GML Garrison Membership Liaison   Responsible for approving costumes at Basic level

GCO Garrison Commanding Officer  Elected head of a Garrison

GXO Garrison Executive Officer  Second in command of a Garrison




HDPEHigh Density Poly Ethylene  A petroleum based thermoplastic polymer used to make the 50 original Stunt helmets for A New Hope.

HIPS High Impact Polystyrene   Used by some makers of Stormtrooper armor.  More info. here

HWT Heavy Weapons Trooper  As seen in the Battlefront video game series.  More info here




IA Imperial Attache  FISD Extended Staff Officer.  More info here

IAAImperial Attache Ambassador-  Staff Officer in charge of the IA program

ILM Industrial Lights and Magic  Special effects company founded by George Lucas in 1975 for SW

IPM Imperial Propaganda Machine  Pertaining to the monthly FISD newsletter/Facebook/Twitter accounts




L1 Level one   Basic 501st costume approval

L2 Level two   Refers to Expert Infantry status.  Please see EI

L3-  Level three   Refers to Centurion status.  Award for the highest level of screen accuracy for a TK build.

LCO Legion Commanding Officer Description here

LCOG Legion Captain of the Guard  Description here
LFL-  Lucasfilm Limited Film/television production company started in 1971 by George Lucas.  Now owned by Disney.
LMBO Legion Merchandise Branding Officer   Description here
LMO Legion Membership Officer   Description here
LPRO Legion Public Relations Officer   Description here
LXO Legion Executive Officer  Second in command of the 501st Legion
MEPD-  Mos Eisley Police Department   Detachment for Sandtroopers.  Link here
NL- News Letter  Refers to the monthly FISD online publication
OT Original Trilogy  (A New Hope / The Empire Strikes Back / Return of the Jedi)
PER Personnel Officer  In charge of various FISD administrative duties 
PM  Private Message
PRO Public Relations Officer  Serves as the FISD's main voice on Social Media





R1 Rogue one: A Star Wars Story   2016

RL - Rebel Legion  Info here
ROTJ - Return of the Jedi (Star Wars Episode VI)  1983
RPF - Replica Props Forum  is a non-501st forum for prop replication information sharing.

RSRS Propmasters  UK based maker of ANH Stunt style armor**

RT-MOD - Canadian based maker of ANH style armor **
RWA-  UK based maker of ANH style armor**
SDS Shepperton Design Studios UK based maker of ANH style armor



TB Trooperbay  Seller of various TK accessories.  Link here

TBA To Be Announced

TBD To Be Determined

TD Thermal Detonator
TD - 501st Costume designation for Sandtroopers

TFA The Force Awakens (Star Wars Episode VII)  2015

TPM The Phantom Menace (Star Wars Episode I)  1999

TK - 501st Costume designation for Stormtrooper style armor
TLJ The Last Jedi  (Star Wars Episode VIII)  2017
TM - Troopermaster    UK based maker of ANH Stunt, ESB and ROTJ style armor **
T/MC-  U.S. based maker of ANH Stunt style armor **
TROS-  The Rise of Skywalker (Star Wars Episode IX)  2019

WIP-  Work in Progress

WTF Walt's Trooper Factory-  U.S. based maker of ANH style armor **


                                                                                          Glossary of common TK terms



ABS Paste-  Slurry made from ABS scraps and acetone used to fill gaps/seams.  More info here

Aurebesh-  Writing system/alphabet used to represent spoken Galactic Basic (the most commonly seen form of written language in the SW franchise).



Brow Trim-  Black rubber gasket with a U shaped profile located above the eyes that extends back to the center of the ears on a TK helmet

Bucket-  Alternate name for a TK helmet

Butt join-  As used in ANH and ESB armor where the seams on the biceps, forearms, thighs and calves are hidden with a cover strip



Cap-  Rear section of a TK helmet

Canon-  For our purposes, as seen on screen or deemed a standard part of the accepted/sanctioned Star Wars universe

Centurion-  Highest level of FISD approval for screen accurate TK style armor  Info. here

Cheeks-  Elongated semi-tubular areas located below the tears on a TK helmet

Chicago screw-  Fastener that has a barrel-shaped flange and is internally threaded.  Commonly used for attaching the holster to the canvas belt.

Classic (strapping system)-  As used in OT armor, the torso parts are held together with metal brackets/straps in lieu of snaps/straps

Cod-  Lower tab of the abdomen plate that covers the crotch area

Cover strip-  Plastic strip used to cover the bicep, forearm, thigh and calf seams on ANH and ESB armor



Detachment-  One of 16 specific factions within the 501st dedicated to researching, constructing and promoting a distinct group of costumes

Double Cap rivet-  Hollow bodied 2 part fastener with a dome on both ends used for attaching ammo thigh pack.  Not screen accurate.  (See Single Cap Rivet below).


Double snap-  The use of two snaps instead of one on the ends of a connecting strap, providing a more reliable/stronger connection

Drop Boxes-   Rectangular boxes located below the ends/tabs of the ABS belt on most TKs



Ear bar-  The raised area in the center of the top (round) part of the ear on a TK helmet

Ear bump(s)-  The 4 raised ridges on top of the ear bar.  Hero ear bars have 3 bumps

Expert Infantry-  Optional second level of FISD approval for screen accurate armor, given only after Basic 501st approval  Info. here



Face plate-  Front section of a TK helmet

Frown-  The upside down V shaped opening (tooth area) located above the vocoder/Hovi tips on a TK helmet



Garrison- The largest type of 501st unit within a geographical region containing at least 25 members.  Currently 76 world-wide

Gaskets-  Black ribbed rubber or shiny black coverings used to cover the shoulders, elbows and knees of FOTKs.

Greeblie-  A small part (usually plastic or resin) used to accessorize a prop weapon or armor



Hovi (mic) tips- Short round black plastic parts attached in the recessed areas on either side of the vocoder on a TK helmet.  Note that the ones used in the original ROTJ helmets were metal.

Hero-  TK armor style as worn by Han and Luke in ANH.  Differs slightly from Stunt.  More info. here

Hyperfirm-  Maker of high quality rubber-type TK weapons/props.  No longer in business.




Knee plates-  Separate knee coverings worn by FOTKs which cover the front area between the thigh and shin


Legends-  Please see EU in the acronyms area



Merch-  Term often used when referring to FISD/501st branded merchandise

Mobility cut-  Arc shaped sections removed from the top rear of the calf and bottom rear of the thigh for comfort purposes



Neck Seal-  Black ribbed collar used to conceal the entire neck and openings above the back/chest plate.  Examples here


Outpost-  The smallest 501st Legion unit containing at least 1 member, usually outside the borders of an existing Garrison/Squad.  Currently 30 world-wide

Overlap (construction)-  As used on ROTJ armor, this is where one side of the bicep, forearm, thigh and calf connecting seams overlap the opposite

seam, eliminating the need for a cover strip




Pull-  Term usually used with the words "bad" or "rough".  This is when the ABS loses it's intended shape in the vaccu-forming process.



Rare Earth Magnets-  Incredibly strong neodymium magnets commonly used for holding armor parts together during gluing.  Info. here and here.

Recast(er)-  Person who steals someone else's original design in order to manufacture and sell copies, normally at a discounted price.  Info here

Return Edges-  Angles on the edges of many parts of TK armor used for strength or to give them a thicker appearance.  Info here



S-Trim-  Black rubber gasket with an S shaped profile installed around the opening of a TK helmet

ShimABS pieces normally used to extend the sides of the kidney plate, but can be used in other areas as needed.

Single Cap Rivet- Hollow bodied fastener with a dome on one end used to connect the thigh ammo pack.  Screen accurate, but split rivets may be substituted.  Head diameter should be 5/16" (8mm)

Sniper Knee Plate-  Hexagon shaped piece attached to the top front of the left calf

Shoulder bridge-  Ribbed armor piece that connects the chest and back plate

Spats-  Circular pieces which wrap around the lower ankles of FOTK armor.

Split Rivet-  Round head metal fasteners with a split (bifurcated) shank attached on the left side of the kidney/abdominal plate.  Head diameter should be 5/16" (8mm).  Can also be used to mount the thigh ammo pack

Squad- Subdivision of a 501st Garrison in a distinct region containing at least 10 members.  Currently 78 world-wide

Stunt-  Armor style as worn by most TKs in ANH.  Differs slightly from Hero.  More info. here

Swag-  Alternate name for merchandise (coins, patches) etc.  See also Merch.



Thermal Detonator- Elongated canister clipped to the rear of TK belts.  Examples here

Thigh ammo pack-  Semi-round armor flexible piece with rectangular boxes, attached to the bottom front/sides of the right thigh

Tears-  Irregular triangle indentations located below the the eye openings on TK helmets.  Pronounced "teer"

Traps-  The trapezoidal shaped indentations located above the rear of the brow trim on each side and on the rear of a TK helmet

Troop-  An event sanctioned by a local Garrison, Squad or Outpost.  More info here

Tube Stripes-  Blue curved lines located on the upper section of the cheeks on TK helmets



Under Suit-  Black (normally compression) garment(s) worn under TK armor to conceal all exposed skin




Yoke-  Extended tabs that are attached to the back plate and extend over the shoulder/under the armpits on FOTK armor.



Vocoder-  The 7 raised black ribs located in the recessed area between the Hovi-tips


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