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  1. I've had this happen to me. Didn't clamp the snap, took care not to get E6000 on the metal... Must have missed something and now got a nice, snap-shaped imprint on one piece of armor Thankfully it isn't very noticeable, unless the lighting hits just right or you see it up close in person Not the best quality picture, but you can spot the slighter brighter (and raised, ouch) half-moon circle. Yay for heat-reactions and heat-bending...
  2. Hello Biggi! Glad to see you on here as well, I was looking forward to this day I'm sure others would be interested in those, they're pretty awesome Looking forward to our shared troops this year and beyond. Until then, welcome to the FISD LG, Luca
  3. [4] 18/12/2021 -- Lichterfahrt Hildesheim As a last troop for the year, I participated in the Lichterfahrt und Carshow Hildesheim, a light parade throughout the city for around three hours. As with the CCon Stuttgart, I met up with TK-71384 so we could travel together -- and have a photoshoot done before the troop. Once more we showed some imperial presence, got to see eyes light up as we drove past with salutes and the Imperial Marsh or dancing along to the Cantina Band. All in all a very cold and very cool event and I'd love to participate again next year, even if I've undoubtedly caught a cold. TK-66744 signining off
  4. I'd say the biceps are probably the best part to start with, because most mistakes are easily hidden and it's very straight forward in terms of where to cut and what to glue. Additionally, it's a quite small piece of armour, so it's great for getting used to working with the material. I personally followed RS video tutorials in terms of build order and I thought it was a really good order as a first time builder -- and one I'd copy for future builds
  5. Morgi

    FISD Memes

    What's his number? We'll never know... script v english v German I'm actually kind of curious if other languages got any more IDs for this guy.
  6. Willkommen auf dem FISD -- glad to see another German TK join us! Maybe we will get to meet on a troop some day
  7. Thanks, I definitely had an amazing time and regret that I couldn't be there on Sunday as well. Well, as today marks my three month anniversary of getting approved and I've got a total of three troops so far... I'd say we give it another 7 months for me to finally get that milestone badge
  8. Morgi

    FISD Memes

    Ahhh, the joys of having a one-room-apartment please don't fall down the stairs, please don't fall down the stairs, please-
  9. Morgi

    FISD Memes

    The simple times, before the FISD, before the obsessive need to know all the differences in armor
  10. If you don't want to be choked all the time, I'd recommend just cutting the middle elastic of your ab-chest connection. It works wonders in manoeuvrability and breathability Otherwise, I'd say you could cut a bit, but I'd try the above first.
  11. Might be the angle, so this might not be fully accurate, but here's what I'd go for: Otherwise, I'd go with what Fishgoh0onk already pointed out. Good job on the Hovi Mic tips, BTW!
  12. Congratulations on your BBB Day! You're off to a great start, I'm looking forward to seeing your build
  13. [3] 27/11/2021 -- Comic Con Stuttgart After an unwanted one month break from trooping I got to do one last event before Covid-19 starts shutting everything back down in Germany. Having to travel several hours, I got collected by TK-71384 and TI-31866 in Stuttgart for my largest event to date. Comic Con Stuttgart. The German Garrison got represented by about 60 members on Saturday with a few members of the Rebel Legion joining us in representing Star Wars. Picture credit: streetphotographer.me on Instagram During the Event we managed to capture a high-demand bounty, overthrow the Emporer and hopefully recruit many new TKs. I got asked to take hundreds of pictures, totally forgot to take some photos of my own and met so many amazing people. In this field report are some of my favourite pictures that I confiscated from several unsuspecting fellow con goers. TK-66744 signing off
  14. Congratulations and welcome! I'm glad to hear that you fit in well and enjoy trooping as a TK!
  15. Morgi

    FISD Memes

    I'd like to thank TK-71384 for inspiring these memes by sharing what it's like to do Homeoffice and would like to credit her for the Stormtrooper Safety Briefing pictures
  16. Congratulations Trooper! That's one good looking set of armor, I'm sure you'll enjoy trooping in it!
  17. What an amazing day, congratulations! I'm sure this will be a day long remembered One thing that you could improve, would be to lift your thighs a bit, so you can get your shin armor out from underneath them and gain a bit of mobility
  18. Morgi

    FISD Memes

    Gotta love all those small details
  19. Two troops down and a few improvements made. Aside from minor repairs and changing minor details to improve my comfort, I've added two major things: I added a pouch inside my chest plate, which holds money, an emergency glucose, my keys and so on. Its actually rather spacious, so who knows what else will end up in there over time. I also got myself an Aker, because not speaking at all is just as annoying as having to shout constantly, just so you can talk with others. Additionally (without photo), I thought it was worth mentioning that having padding is nice, but moving it down enough so it isn't visible is even better. Was there anything else I should mention? Ahhh, yes... That might take a while. I haven't forgotten about it, but I'm not yet at a point where I can apply. Give it a few months and that application will probably pop up... probably, haha. In the meantime, if any of you notice things that I should improve on any of the pictures in my troop log, please tell me! With that being said, there's still stuff that I'm working on (as proven by this update), including the fact that I plan on decorating my trooper box next. So who knows, maybe I'll one day post another update on here in regards to weathering, my Trooper box and/or additional upgrades. For now, thanks for reading and as always I very much appreciate all the support and help that got me to this point!
  20. [2] 30/10/2021 -- Saalbau Witten On the 30th of October 2021 we met up at Witten for a Star Wars Reads Day, alongside a costume contest for the kids in attendance. Although the event sadly wasn't as well-visited as anticipated it was still an amazing second troop and a great chance to get to know more people and costumes. It was a joy and a pleasure seeing all the bigger and smaller kids meeting their childhood heroes and very fun being able to play games with the kids and fellow troopers. TK-66744 signing off
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