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  1. Thanks! Danke! I'm sure the event will be amazing and I'm very much looking forward to it
  2. Most of the screws for the original strapping are not needed. So you can skip the brackets entirely if you want to. In case you still want those screws, feel free to go ahead and use the brackets to install the small screws for the torso (3 sets of two screws for the chest, ab, back, upper and lower kidney and top of the butt plate). I first tried the original strapping, then removed everything aside from the screws and installed the snaps. In my experience, you could skip installing the original strapping if you do not plan on keeping it. Feel free to only add the screws in case you're interested in having that small extra, without the need to go as far as adding the elastic. The set-up that I use from the inside. Hope this helped!
  3. Hallo Andreas! (or would you prefer "Grüß Gott"? haha) Good to have you here. RS makes some excellent armors, I'm sure you'll be happy with yours. I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures once it arrives -- it will be a memorable day for sure, so you'll want to take some photos
  4. I'd suggest you go head over to the "request an appearance" page on the 501st Legion website https://501st.com/request.php Good luck!
  5. My helmet is an RS helmet as well and I mainly followed their tutorial, with some additional help from the people on here and some small variations that I found improved the overall appearance. Maybe go one video at a time and whenever you're done with a video or have any questions about a certain step or procedure you can come back here and ask for help. As long as you post pictures after every step, so that the people on here can catch any potential mistakes, those tutorials will be very helpful -- even if you decide to not always follow them to the letter and instead go with some other techniques
  6. I'd suggest getting your (on the picture left) shoulder bell closer to the shoulder bridge. This isn't required for basic approval, but I've found that it improves the overall appearance of the shoulder bells to minimise that gap. Another gap that you might want to minimise is the gap between the bicep armor and the shoulder bell, possibly by taking away a bit of the armor on the shoulder bell in roughly the shape that MaskedVengeance already lined out. Another thing that might help would be taking away the return edge. Justjoseph63 has a great post on how much return edge you can take away: As for cutting off too much, simply try to cut a few millimetres at a time and do another test fit, then cut again and so on. Just don't forget to compare your armor to the references. I hope this might have helped you!
  7. Thanks guys! I'm sure I'll enjoy it a lot!
  8. The padding behind the sniper plate is really good. I've tried walking around with it a bit and it's helped a lot. Additionally I've added a bit of thinner padding to the back of my thigh on that same leg, so there's a smaller chance of the thigh sliding forward over the sniper plate additionally to the lowered chance of the sniper plate sliding back enough to get underneath the thigh. It also has the added benefit that both paddings can be a bit thinner, so the armor overall stays closer to my leg. Don't know if you want to do that as well, but it's working for me so far. Glad to hear you've found that useful! You can thank Tino (T-Jay) for the idea with the thick front padding -- without him I'd still be insisting that I'm fine without my glasses, never knowing the immense improvement in sight that I got by wearing them
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! I really appreciate it Thanks! A long, long, long story? Well, I sure hope so! Given that I'm only eighteen, I'm sure there's tons more to come -- maybe EIB or Centurion? A new armor? Who knows, but let's hope it'll become a long, long, long story Glad you enjoyed reading all of that (perhaps it's gotten this long, since a fanfiction with over 200 000 words was my inspiration to become a TK?). I'm looking forward to having fun! Thanks! Danke! Ah, I appreciate that bit in German and I'm glad you liked it. (There's over a thousand members in the German Garrison and its still growing. I'm sure you'll get to see many more of us German newcomers on here in the future, haha) Another newbie, wohoo! Thanks, I'm glad to hear that! Never too late to join the party You already heard the story in person, I'm glad you like the written version as well, haha And what a world...! There's still so much to discover and I'm looking forward to it Thanks, I'm sure I'll have a blast! ... And once again I've written a whole essay in what was supposed to be a quick thank you A huge thank you for all the kind words, it truly made my day to open this forum to another notification.
  10. Congratulations on your approval and your amazing armor! ... That's longer than I have been alive Glad to hear that you finally managed to join, that must've been an amazing feeling!
  11. Hello and Hallo, I can't believe that I finally got to this point where I get to introduce myself to all of you again -- this time as a TK...! Because I get a whole new post for myself, I decided to use this space to talk about my journey to the 501st, how I chose my costume, as a way to say "thank you" to all those that I've already thanked several times before, but will do so again, because their help was so very much appreciated, and of course to explain why I chose to be TK-66744. I hope this is at least a bit enjoyable to read My journey to the 501st Legion starts with a 12 year old Luca, who isn't that much of a Star Wars fan, but has just discovered the wondrous (and kind of terrifying) world of fanfiction. Younger me decided to get an account (which soon gained me the nickname "Morgi") and slowly started to fall in love with the Star Wars stories and through that Star Wars in general. Honestly, without that fanfiction, I probably would not be this much of a Star Wars enthusiast. One fanfiction in particular caught my eye back in December 2015. It was a story about Darth Vader and the Empire with some truly amazing Stormtrooper characters. You could find me every single Friday waiting for that next update. The author soon let the reader know, that she herself is a member of the 501st Legion, talks about trooping and all the amazing people. I wanted that and decided to keep saving money until I finally would get to buy my own set of Stormtrooper armor. In the meantime, I wanted to meet members of the 501st and to get to gush over those characters, to admire those Vaders and Stormtroopers not only through a screen. Somehow that dream of meeting those characters never worked out. The dream to become a member of the 501st Legion myself grew instead -- what better way to meet a Vader or a Stormtrooper than being inside that armor yourself, right? At age 17, I got fully immersed in the topic, watched videos about the 501st on YouTube until they could only offer me those short clips that had about seventeen views and were from 2009. I was hooked. Instead of studying for my graduation, I decided to watch Star Wars movies and 501st videos until I came to the conclusion that I would buy my own armor. I researched on here and finally decided to go with an RS kit. At the end of May, two days before my oral exam in history, the first box arrived and my mother had to take that box away until the first of June, so that I could actually focus on the exam. During the whole month of June I worked on my armor using those nice videos and tutorials online. My birthday gifts consisted of a neckseal and similar accessories. At the beginning of July I then decided that I would need to get more specific help than that material could offer and I got an account on here. The next month went by in a blur with daily updates on my build thread and an absolutely amazing support from all the members on here. Thank you very much! In fact, the build went well enough, that when I met up with Tino (T-Jay) towards the end of August to take my Approval Pictures, the GMOs had nothing bad to say about my armor. At this point a huge thank you (again) to Tino for the hours that he's helped me so far and continues to help me. You've become an absolute cornerstone in my journey to becoming a TK, from advice on regards to trooping, over help with my armor and the approval pictures to helping me choose my TK number (you're right. Using the number you get when you look up "Morgi" on a mobile phone number pad is kinda neat ). Oh, and of course a huge thank you for showing me all your props! Those were the first screen accurate props that I'd ever seen (12yo me would've been horrified that it took me over five years to make that dream come true, haha) and I'm still blown away by the experience...! Long story short: At the beginning of September I then got the happy news that I've been accepted into the 501st Legion as TK-66744 Thanks for all the information on here, the individual help and the continuous support during my build! There's nothing more for me to say, except that I'm looking forward to meeting more of you, to being a part of the Legion and to finally have that first troop at the beginning of October. Thanks for reading all of this, I know it's a tad longer than most posts here Luca/Morgi/TK-66744 German Garrison
  12. Thanks! I already requested access on Tuesday, so I'm just waiting for the actual access right now
  13. Earlier this week I got the happy news that I have been accepted into the 501st Legion -- without even having to do any further work on my armor. Thanks for all the help and the well wishes, guys! TK-66744 reporting for duty If everything goes well, I'll be doing my first troop at the beginning of October and I can't wait for it! Meanwhile Tino has given me lots of advice and tips for trooping, which I'm very grateful for In the meantime, I've been waiting to get all the proper access and I've been trying to see where I can improve my armor a bit further to make it better to troop in. For that I spend an hour inside the armor (getting help from a few friends for suit up and observations) and tried walking around, climbing stairs, exploring my field of vision and my range of motion... Due to that I noticed a few other things that should make my first troop a bit more comfortable. I took away a few millimetres of plastic at the sides of the crotch piece, so it doesn't cut into my thighs as much and I worked out some padding, such as behind the sniper plate, to keep it from sliding into my thigh armor and the padding inside the helmet. Tino showed me a way to pad the front of the helmet, so that I can still wear my glasses and gave me some of the padding that he used. It works perfectly and I'm very happy with my improved vision inside the helmet. One last improvement was getting some fabric glue for my belt, so it wouldn't fray. The glue is invisible and fairly flexible, which is good. Now I've only got to wait and see if it also manages to hold up during trooping. Thanks for the idea, Rich! And here are some pictures:
  14. TK-66744 requesting access. Thanks in Advance! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=34089
  15. In the original armors they had a return edge at the bottom of the chest plate because their strapping system required it, with screws in that return edge. However, there is one example of screen used armor not having that return edge: Luke, being too short for a Stormtrooper, has that return edge cut off to shorten the chest plate for a better fit. My personal opinion? It looks a bit flat without a return edge. You don't have to leave a large one (not even one large enough for screws if you're not using the original strapping), but I'd leave a few millimetres, so it doesn't look too flat. Maybe you should just leave it for now, try it with the ab plate and then see how it looks. You can always take more off, but I wouldn't want to have to re-make return edges
  16. It's been a while since my last update... Yesterday I spend the day with Tino (T-Jay) and he helped me make some last adjustments, went over the different armor parts with me and took my basic approval pictures. A huge thank you, I had an amazing day and I absolutely love what we managed to do with the armor. Because I forgot to take a lot of pictures of the things that we did (I was probably too excited by all the cool Star Wars props that he's got around, haha), I've only got a picture of Tino helping with the adjustment of the metal clips of the TD, so that they can lay flush against the tube: Other things that got adjusted were (for example) the frown paint or the curvature of the butt plate. All in all, an amazing day with excellent photos that I already submitted to the GMO this morning. Now all that's left is to wait for their response and see where we go from there.
  17. So glad to hear that! I'm looking forward to seeing your results!
  18. Regarding the holes in the ABS paste: When I was filling up the thigh gaps it helped me to press down on the paste. You can find how I applied ABS paste on my build thread here: I hope this might be helpful!
  19. Don't forget to paint the back of the helmet as well, those two trapeze looked like they were still missing some paint Crazy nice work on the ears! I must admit, I'm a bit jealous at how well they fit... Is it just me, or does your cover strip on the left thigh extend past the thigh...? If so, I'd shorten that a bit to align better with the top of the thigh.
  20. As someone who had to take apart some of my already glued armour at later points during my build, I can only suggest using E6000 glue (if you aren't using that already). When it came to taking them apart it was fairly easy to do so and to clean everything up. Personally, using that glue saved me a lot of stress whilst glueing because it's very easy to fix mistakes. If you're nervous about glueing, that might be something to look into! Good luck on your build, this is looking amazing already!
  21. Might just be me having learned English as a second language, but wouldn't it be more accurate/easier to comprehend to have something along the lines of: "and has upward facing edges"? Not that I know exactly what's talked about, but that sentence sounded a bit off to me. Since you said pointing out typos is welcome, I thought I should mention it. If this is just me, feel free to ignore it
  22. Well, it's only for higher levels of approval. And even so, its fairly easy to correct in most cases by simply taking away a bit of the side: That's what I did with my belt after making a similar mistake EDIT: you should probably cut a better (straighter and parallel) line than the one that I added to the picture
  23. Back to fixing all the issues brought up in my pre approval request. The Ab Plate As justjoseph63 noted, the ab plate wasn't sitting right. To fix this, I decided to alter the strapping by glueing one of the snaps a bit higher: I haven't tried it on yet, but I hope that it'll help straighten the armor. The butt and kidney plate This picture edit by justjoseph63 shows the issue(s) fairly well: I need to pull in the suit (especially the butt plate) without the return edges bunching up even more. Because I'm too skinny for the armor and I can't just make the sides smaller (at least not with my experience, materials and tools), I decided to fix the easier issue first. To pull in the butt plate even more, I opened the strapping and tightened it as much as possible: This makes it even more difficult to pull in the kidney plate, but it also lessens the possibility of the butt plate flaring out like that. In order to have not as much of a bunch up at the return edges, I cut the areas where it bunches up a bit down. Here's what it looks like now when I apply pressure from the sides: Not much of an improvement and because of the strapping between the butt and kidney plate I couldn't really cut down anything there, but it's all I could think of. If any of you have any idea on how to solve this issue, please let me know!
  24. Thanks, I'll add it to the list! It might have to wait a bit though, because right now I'm working on the ab strapping to get that straight. Got it in one! Because I use the chin strap that RS supplied, I can shift it from side to side a bit. Too dumb that I shifted it, without noticing it until afterwards, when I really didn't have the motivation to do another suit up on my own in the hopes of it sitting better. Looking at my past pictures, the helmet being at the center has never been much of a problem so far, but I'd appreciate a look at it with Tino so this doesn't happen again. If nobody has any suggestions about the legs, I probably won't put them on the next time (at least the shins) because getting in and out of them is a pain (literally) when suiting up without help. If there is indeed anything I should be doing to improve the look of my legs, please tell me!
  25. You can find some screen-references in the gallery section, so I'd check that out to make sure whatever you're cutting is actually accurate. Or you can use starwarsscreencaps.com to get some screencaptures of your own if those in the gallery aren't helpful enough.
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