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HOWTO: Make a return edge on armor using a heat sealing iron

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I have a lot of people asking me how to do a return edge, or tips when they've bought a heat sealing iron and can't get it to work. So I figured a video tutorial would be helpful.


Pete / Stukatrooper came up with the original concept and created the original web tutorial here. Pete's stuff is always inspirational, so many kudos to him for this!



I did a lot of trimming and return edges on my AM build here, also good for reference:



Here is another tutorial for modifying the thigh armor tops to create the "ANH" look (notches)



Here's online sources for heat sealing irons:



With that out of the way, here's a 2 part video tutorial for how to create return edges using a heat sealing iron. I hope it's helpful for all the people asking for tips on how to get a better return edge! :)



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To bend an old saying, no pun intended.. "a picture is worth a thousand words"... then a video is worth a million. Brilliant Videos Terry :salute:

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Yeah you need to watch. Mine is coated but if it's too hot it will stick to the plastic sadly


A test bit of plastic is a great idea for something like this as usually where you want that return edge is your final cut line.....don't want to mess that up :)

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