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Next level PVC mannequin

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I've seen lots of PVC pipe mannequins posted up, but I haven't seen this yet and thought I'd share it. Just came up with this idea when I saw a new type of 1-1/4 end cap at Home Depot. 


The poses are endless. I'll post more pics when it's done, but you get the idea from the pics.









I cut 1/2 inch lengths of 1-1/4" to use as rotater cuffs for the joints. Lot more solid with the cuffs.







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 Did you glue the pipes on, or let them stay there by friction? Wondering how you would tighten the screws if they became loose from moving the limbs around.

Right now I'm relying on a compression fit. Cotter pins would work well too.

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Nice work.


For those not as handy with tools I have used these before





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What do those run?

Depends were you purchase them from and in what quantity, from $2 upwards
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