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HOW TO: Attach lenses using SUGRU

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While there are a number of ways to attach the lenses inside your bucket, I found the easiest and fastest is to use a product called SUGRU.  It is a kneadable glue, sort of like play-doh (plasticine) that is super easy to work with, and will hold forever.  It does keep somewhat of a pliable consistency after drying, can be removed if you ever need to and does not emit heat during the curing process like CA or Epoxy glue.

It is available online (like here on Amazon) and in many craft shops, usually in packets of 3.  It comes in a variety of colors, but I suggest using the black.


HINT:  This can be done if you have already built your helmet, but it is easier if the face plate has not been attached.


This whole process will take you less than 10 minutes to attach both lenses.


Here is a photo of one of the individual packets, and the contents rolled into a ball.



In this instance I am using 1 packet per lens.


You will need a craft (popsicle) stick, sharpened at one end:




Here is the trimmed eye opening from the inside:



The next step is to roll the SUGRU into a small "snake" shape about 7 inches in length.  (No longer).



After that, you simply press it into the outside edges of the eye opening.  Note that I left an open spot at the top.  I recommend this for ventilation purposes.  (Helps keep your lenses from fogging up).



Place the lens evenly over the opening.  Using a craft (popsicle) stick, push the glue firmly into place around the outside, making contact with both lens and helmet surface.  Don't worry if it seeps through to the front.

Hint:  This glue is strong stuff.  You don't need a crazy amount of contact surface.  It will not come off unless you take it off.




Turn the faceplate over, and any glue that has seeped through (see red circle) can be easily removed with the sharpened end of the craft stick.




Allow 24 hours for it to dry, and you are DONE!




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