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  1. Wow! amazing details Adam, good luck with this project and looking forward for the advances !
  2. Hi, Chris, In my case, I used the same type of Blade, It's a time a patient consuming the very first armor build , once you are used to, you will see the cuts go better and in line. Your images looks ok to me, clear. Keep up the good work.
  3. Hi Chris, To allow post more and bigger photos to a post , you will need a Photo Host and add a link into the forum post you want. Mos of us use Imgur to store and post photos directly into the post. Take a read to the bellow tutorial.
  4. Hi parker, glad to read you're starting your build and hope this thread can be helpful. My Front section is as yours, what I did was just trim the return edge a little more to allow more space to my head when suiting up. The reason I leave it as it was thinking about the plastic could weaken and break. What I would recommend is to leave it as it and If when finished your build you feel uncomfortable, you can trim it. " it's better and easier to remove plastic at the end , than add it again" Bellow is a sample photo as it's usually trimmed (not mine)
  5. Looking good Nick. You can trim the cover strips following the two halves line or either straight More references
  6. Hello, welcome to FISD. ! Good luck with your project ! check out the links Glen gave you and let us know for further help.
  7. Hello James, welcome to FISD. Research and patience are the clue to a good ending project. You may want to take a look to this section https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/38-getting-started-read-this-first/ Good luck and we are here to help.
  8. Hi JAred, You may want to post that info into the following forum section.
  9. Awesome Mónica, best wishes for your recovery. That car looks amazing!!!
  10. Hi Alex, welcome to FISD. looking forward for your advances !!
  11. congratulations!! let's the party begins!!
  12. That was exactly what I wanted to be sure about the two halves being correctly sorted.
  13. Glad to read you're almost done Mike!
  14. Hi, as glen pointed, you can trim it the same size
  15. Hi Nick, the position looks ok, and typically , front cover strips go 20 mm front and 25 back. Before gluing the cover strips could you please post a photo as bellow?
  16. You're completely right Luca, and the s trim looks nice. Helmet's ears are not the rock stars in building process
  17. Welcome Martin, looking forward for your first photos !!
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