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  1. Great !! That's exactly. What I would do is to trim the lower section return edge a little more as below. Littel return edge References Check the distance and mark with pencil before to check again,
  2. Hi, Matt Great work with the ABS repair. Would you mind to add a photo but aligning the Ab top section with the kidney please ? It would be prefearable to see the complete pieces Top to bottom. Thanks.
  3. It could be my eyes or the photo angle but please check the top the lower ridges alignment, they look like being a little lower . .
  4. Hi Jeremy, welcome to FISD, looking forward for your BBB day photos and hope you consider to take that great set of armor to the highest levels of accuracy Centurion !
  5. Hi James, the sniper knee looks good, a couple of side photos would be great to check the alignment. And It's not a common issue the sides to pop up. just be sure to glue the sides and center. keep up the great work.
  6. Hi Matt, glad to see you were able to remove the rivets with no damage to the plastic. As you can see in the bellow comparison, and this is not the best new I would like to give you but It looks like you will need to relocate the kidney rivets too.
  7. Actually not necessary for accuracy and confort , you could leave a little return edge. The Thread bellow could be so helpful . take a look .
  8. looking good matt. just for you to take in account. for higher levels (EIB and Centurion) and for more accuracy the wrist section has no return edge at all. Reference Image Keep up the great job.
  9. Welcome to FISD , good luck with your research and let us know for further assistance.
  10. Great !! Congratulations !. You may want to check this Threads , could be helpful:
  11. TKSpartan

    FISD Memes

    This Guy is already dead, no more they have not warned him.
  12. What could work to avoid the Velcro to go with the belt could be Glue it with E6000 or AC glue . I'm having a similar issue and plan to use AC or E6000 to fix it. .
  13. Welcome to FISD !! good luck with your project.
  14. SHOULDER BELLS BICEPS FOREARMS ASSEMBLY Reference Image Glued the Biceps and Greeblies Add Snap to the Biceps and lower section of Shoulder Bells And Straps TEST
  15. My personal preference is to start all trimming first. others prefer to satrt with the arms this thread is about return edges and can be useful . also you can check this useful thread
  16. It's always great to see another box opening!! Congratulations and let's the fun begins Feel free to ask whatever question you have. We are here to help.!
  17. Congratulations Eric! good luck and let us know if you need some help!
  18. Congrats Richard. @CallMeMrTibbles !!
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