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  1. Hello bard, welcome to FISD and thank you for sharing some cool details about you. Take a look to the useful index Glen has gave you and let us know how we can help . !!
  2. Hi Karl, thank you for your EIB application. As Glen mentioned, and in order to start your review. could you please check the posted photos and re take those necessary ? Please refer to the the bellow linked Photo Check list . Thank you One of us will be with you as soon as possible sir.
  3. Congratulations Chris!! Welcome to the FISD ranks !!! Enjoy !!
  4. Hallo Galton nice shot , Welcome to the Legion and FISD!! Enjoy being a Bad Guy Doing Good!! hope to see you more often here in the forum.
  5. Hi Georgia, Any progress on this? let us know any questions or assistance.
  6. hi Jonatan !! super fast Centurion application!! Chemi will be with yo shortly.
  7. Hi Jonatan, Thank you for your new EIB application , one of us will be with you as soon as possible. Added to the processing line.
  8. Hi Jake and welcome to FISD. In order to have a wider panorama of the different Armors and take the best decision I would strongly recommend you to take a read to the following section: Once you have read it, let us know all your additional questions, we are here to help.
  9. Congratulations Trooper !! Welcome to EIB Ranks and I'm sure we'll see you taking the next step to Centurion Badge under your name soon. Keep it up !
  10. Hi Christine, and sorry for delaying. Life turns a bit crazy from time to time. We are a few steps to grant your Centurion Badge, but as you may know, Centurion is the top level of accuracy and we check the applicants a bit more detailed and consider not only the Crl but the screen reference images. Bellow are some fixes we need you to do that are Centurion level requirements . CRL for Basic: Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area. This is a common issue that can be easily fixed. Carefully using a toothpick with some paint disolver (non acetone) or sharp tool like a cutter or knife point. Reference Images CRL L3: Ear screws shall be slotted, flat topped, countersunk and painted white. The ears top screws are perfect but the lower ones need to be changed to the flat topped requested in the crl. Reference Images CRL L2: Correct Aerators/Hovi-MIX tips are present. Screens used shall be of a wide type mesh, with the rim of the mic and the inside white or painted white. This is an easy fix with a few minutes of painting session. Reference Image Your small ab plate looks like having a return edge that it's not present in the screen used references. A little trimming time will be needed to solve it. Reference Images CRL L3: No return edge on the inside of the front of the forearm is allowed. There is a remaining little return edge. Just a little sanding job, easy and quick fix. Reference Images CRL L3: Canvas belt must be firm / sturdy in appearance. No creasing or sagging  There are some creases that are quite prominent, a possible solution could be to tighten the canvas a bit and if that doesn't work a replacement will be needed. In my experience with Anovos canvas belts, I had to carefully remove the ABS belt because the square covers are glued on tightly (if the belt got damaged, I would fix it with an ABS piece behind it) and install a new one. I consider this one the toughest issue but we are confident that you can do it Trooper. We are here to help you if you need. CRL L2: Sniper knee plate must be aligned with the ridges on the shin. You did a great advance with the first fix requested in your EIB submission, but sadly, the sniper knee is still a bit lower (red lines) and should go aligned with the shin (blue lines). To fix that, It would be necessary to take it off and re-glue it higher to match the ridges correctly. Remember you can contact any of us in the DO Dpt. for assistance.
  11. Applying without E11 Blaster is optional only for Basic Approval , for L2 and L3 it's a requirement.
  12. Thank you !, just need the E11 Blaster photos and we're ready to start.
  13. Hi Christine, I'm the D.O. making your review. thanks for your Centurion application. In order to continue and add that Centurion Badge under your name, I'll need you to add some missing photos . Please refer to the updated Centurion Photo Check list bellow. Thank you.
  14. I'm sorry for your loss and hope joining us give you some reward when you see the little ones ( and not so little too), smiling when they see you in your armor. Welcome to FISD and take a look to the Getting started section and let us know how we can help you. Good luck and looking forward for your TK ID soon. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/38-getting-started-read-this-first/
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