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  1. Very nice looking build. What electronics do you have in there? Looks very clean.
  2. That's really interesting to hear! I'm glad that we got some of our own in there. I hope you guys had fun. Can't wait to see you guys onscreen.
  3. Really good advice, thanks for posting. Would you recommend two files? One for the rounded areas, and one rectangular one for the rest?
  4. That looks really amazing. Great source of inspiration. Quick question, how comfortable is the armor? Especially with walking through the sand and water! Looks wonderful.
  5. Got my ears painted and countersunk. I messed up the left one a bit.. Screws have been painted white as well, with a covering of gloss clear coat. And now for a test fit!
  6. Alright, thank you. Do you know of anyway I could do that without having to redo the paint job? Thanks again.
  7. Thank you for the positive comments. Helps keep me going! I see now, that is a mistake of mine. Do you think that may affect approval?
  8. And boom. Finally got my tubes painted. I think they look pretty good. (Right side cheek stripes painted over for adjustment)
  9. And finally, finished. Now to paint on the new ones. (With Stencils this time) Odd that my pictures are either too small or too large...
  10. One side down. Takes quite the toll on my hands...
  11. A long time ago, I tried to make a stormtrooper helmet. Needless to say, I messed up big time on the tube stripes... I'm currently working on removing it, slowly with enamel paint thinner and q-tips. It's been taking a long time...
  12. Are there any alternatives to Paypal? There are a few mentioned on this thread, but I was wondering. It may be difficult to shift over to another site for business, since most use paypal.
  13. Very nice job! I like seeing these types of restoration. May I ask how you repaired it? Did you use fiberglass, and such? Thanks. Looks great.
  14. I've been working on my helmet from ATA, but I'm still trying to tweak it for centurion. So far, so good. I might post a build thread up soon!
  15. Hello everyone. I've been lurking around the forums for a while, but I've never created an account yet. I'm currently working on an ANH stunt, and I look forward to the help of the awesome community here. I'm trying to reach towards centurion, hard as that may be. Hopefully, I can join your ranks someday! I've got quite the road ahead.
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