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  1. Congrats Glen, thank you for all that you do here, many of us will be grateful for your help and support and will remember it for years to come!
  2. Bravo to staff, members, and all in between, I’m so proud of this group for achieving this goal. Congratulations to all the first 1000 EIBs, here’s to many more
  3. Done, looking forward to seeing the results!
  4. Would there be a TFA and a TLJ helmet variant CRL? Since on the book cover it’s a TFA helmet but on the figure it’s a TLJ. Or would the figure’s helmet be considered Non Canon?
  5. So sorry to hear that you have to let this project go, you are so passionate about this that I know you’ll be back on this project in no time. Hope everything gets better, and hold tight to your dream. The great thing about hitting rock bottom is that it can only go up. Best wishes.
  6. Same, I almost can’t watch a Star Wars movie without noticing a mistake(rotating shins, gaffers tape, etc.). All good fun though, my family is baffled every time I point something like that out
  7. Hey everyone! It's been a bit, got a bit distracted with other stuff, but now I bring good news! KB shipped out my remaining parts and I received them yesterday! So here we go! Helmet I received the TFA resin KB helmet and it looks great! Mine had a small crack on the bottom that was easily repaired with some glue. I also received a TLJ/TROS helmet (which was ordered before I had gotten a great deal on the Anovos helmet), so I might do something unique to the helmet, like turn it into Commander Pyre or Captain Cardinal, guess we'll see I also began cutting the eyes out, I used a Dremel with the cutting wheel to make some initial cuts, and the sanding drum to finish it. I also used sandpaper and needle files to get in the space between the eyes. Resin Parts The resin TD and chest clips also arrived, and they look great, the TD fits really nicely on the plastic part of the TD. The chest clips also look great, looking forward to working with these parts! And that's pretty much it! More to come soon
  8. Lol, okay, may need to consider other options I would bet that I’m not even close to as efficient as you!
  9. Wow that came out great, if I end up needing to paint my FOTK I’ll definitely use your process!
  10. I agree, absolutely love the banners, so clean and look really nice. Thank you Glen for making these, they look spectacular!
  11. Wow, this is an incredible list! Very detailed with lots of great categories that will definitely help future builders! Fantastic work, what a great resource
  12. Hey everyone! Apologies for not updating this thread, unfortunately I did not hear from KB that he was shipping out my parts, hopefully they will be ready soon! I did get some done, so here we go! Butt Plate I did some work on the strapping, this time on attaching the butt plate to the ab plate. Pretty simple stuff, set 4 snaps and glued them to the butt and the ab plate. I also set another 4 for the straps. Belt I decided I'd work on the belt, since it is the last major part of the build that I haven't touched yet. Initially I got a TrooperBay belt, but KB sent one with the kit. I opted to use the KB one as the Trooperbay one was too wide and smelled really bad as it is rubber and the KB one is plastic. I started by sewing the clips to the inner belt. Next I secured the plastic belt to the inner belt, which came with the TrooperBay belt. The inner belt is like a seat belt material. I marked and punched out 2 holes with a hole punch. I then inserted the chicago screws I got on Amazon. The screws are 1/4 inch. I then drilled out holes into the plastic parts. Next I marked holes on the belt, and then used a hole punch and punched it out. I will probably be making some L shaped tabs out of ABS, as the belt boxed don't want to stay on. I also have yet to attach the last plastic box. I will probably be getting the felt pouches from TrooperBay.
  13. Good luck with the build, looking forward to seeing this! Haven’t played the game yet but I’ve watched some of it, the TKs look pretty darn cool
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