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  1. Purchased the skin this morning, it looks amazing! I noticed it’s the R1 stormtrooper looking at it closer. Glad to finally see Star Wars represented in the game.
  2. Hey everyone! I apologize for the long break, I fractured my collarbone and life got insanely busy for a couple weeks, but now I am back for another update. First off, my black Testors 1139 arrived, and I was able to paint the black details like the vocoder and the Hovi mic tips, as well as the black outlines around the gray. I'm quite happy with my paint job, but it could still use a little touch up. I also applied the S-trim, although there are a couple wrinkles in it. (Also you can see some blue tape in there holding the lenses in. Still figuring out a way to permanently attach them) Next, neck seal from Darman's Props arrived (thanks Justin for the link!). It is very comfy and looks great! Also, near my house there is a fair, and since I consider my armor "Halloween-Ready", I decided I'd take the armor for a quick test drive. (My brother came with me as Kylo Ren. Future 501st member? We shall see...) It was a huge hit, and I had 35-40 people ask to take pictures with me, and I was only there for about 40 minutes! I enjoyed most seeing the other people's reactions. I do need better gloves as I am using cheap costume gloves, but I will order those soon, probably Nomex flight gloves on Amazon. And that is pretty much it. Until next time
  3. Thank you for all you do on this site!
  4. Thank you Joseph for all your hard work, and congratulations to Brien.
  5. I see Mike Edmonds (Jabba and Logray) right below Jeremy Bulloch, and Anthony Forrest who played a Sandtrooper and Fixer bottom left. PS: I wish I had that many autographs
  6. Thank you! Thanks, I will make sure to do that soon.
  7. Hey everyone! It has been a little while, but progress has been made. First off, sniper knee is completed. Next, I will show a small belt tutorial, as I have almost completed it, I just need to finish trimming the screw covers. First, mark and drill the holes on the plastic belt. Make sure these holes are centered. After that, center the plastic belt on the canvas belt. Make sure you align the corners of the plastic belt to the canvas belt. Next, mark the holes with a pencil. Then, punch the holes with a hole punch. Insert the screws with this side facing out, so that you can take the plastic belt off the canvas belt if need be. Screw in, and then this part is done. Next, cut the elastic for the drop boxes. Leave a little extra as you can always cut it off. Align the two ends, and use a hole punch. Then, for this build, I am using Chicago screws for the drop boxes as well. What I did, was sandwich the inner drop box with the two elastic ends. After that, put the outer box on over the inner box. And, done! All that's left is to put the covers on. Here is the mannequin, looking very cool. And that is pretty much it. Until next time
  8. Hey Daniel, sorry this reply is late, my computer that I normally use has stopped working. Anyway, thank you for the advice, I used a screwdriver on the ears and that helped suck the ear in a bunch, so now it looks so much better! I also got around to opening up the eyes, although I might go a tiny bit farther in the future.
  9. Hey everyone! Here's a quick update. First, here is the helmet almost completed I've done a ton of work on the ears. They're sitting pretty flush, but they still need a bit of work done, especially at the bottoms. Also, for this ear, should it be scooted forward a little bit? Or is it okay as it is? And about my question about the brow earlier, it ended up being pretty much fixed by the screws in the ears. Now for a list of things remaining to do, as I am now just putting on the little details: Finish trimming and paint ab buttons. Finish shoulder straps Work a bit more on the sniper knee and thigh ammo Assemble belt Get rubber gloves for latex hand guards And that is pretty much it. Until next time
  10. Hey everyone! I have been hard at work on my bucket, so prepare for a pretty lengthy update. First, I assembled the helmet using the screws supplied with the ATA helmet kit. Then I ran out to the store, and purchased Testors 1138 Gray, which was the color mentioned on the paint diagram. (1138...coincidence?) Then I also purchased this mineral spirits for removing the excess paint. It works very well and I highly recommend it. So I started painting on the frown as well as the traps. I think it turned out quite well, just a few touch ups needed. Question: the brow is very straight until it starts to angle down on this side. Should I trim it off? Although I am worried that it might not line up right with that back ridge. And that is pretty much it. Until next time P.S. Three pages YAY!
  11. Thanks Glen for these pictures, I need to fix the eyes of my helmet a smidge.
  12. Thanks Mario! Thanks Justin, I will definitely be using the painters tape for the brow. Although I won’t be painting the inside black, as I would like to stay as true to the original helmets as possible, even though no one but me sees it
  13. Hey everyone! Although I have not gotten much traffic here,(which makes perfect sense as this forum is dedicated to stormtroopers, not mandalorians) I will continue to post updates on my thread here. I may end up moving this thread to the Bounty Hunters Guild forum. But for now, it is here to stay. So, onto the progress report! I have done a complete overhaul of the old pieces, as they were inaccurate and needed a change. I also made custom keyhole slots for the back of the helmet as seen here. I have also updated the forehead crest. And that is pretty much it. Soon I will be applying the first coat of fiberglass resin. Until next time
  14. I too would like to congratulate and say a big thank you to Glen for all you do here. You have posted a ton on my build thread your encouragement, advice, and TK knowledge. I appreciate that greatly. So congrats on 15,000 posts, I hope to one day get even a fraction of what you have done.
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