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  1. Thanks Mario! Thanks Justin, I will definitely be using the painters tape for the brow. Although I won’t be painting the inside black, as I would like to stay as true to the original helmets as possible, even though no one but me sees it
  2. Hey everyone! Although I have not gotten much traffic here,(which makes perfect sense as this forum is dedicated to stormtroopers, not mandalorians) I will continue to post updates on my thread here. I may end up moving this thread to the Bounty Hunters Guild forum. But for now, it is here to stay. So, onto the progress report! I have done a complete overhaul of the old pieces, as they were inaccurate and needed a change. I also made custom keyhole slots for the back of the helmet as seen here. I have also updated the forehead crest. And that is pretty much it. Soon I will be applying the first coat of fiberglass resin. Until next time
  3. I too would like to congratulate and say a big thank you to Glen for all you do here. You have posted a ton on my build thread your encouragement, advice, and TK knowledge. I appreciate that greatly. So congrats on 15,000 posts, I hope to one day get even a fraction of what you have done.
  4. Hey everyone! Thank you for your replies. I made some more progress over the past few days. First, I trimmed the belt and cut the corners to 45 degree angles. Next, I did a little bit on the helmet, mainly on the eyes. I learned from another thread, when cutting the eyes, use a blade and mark a few different depths on the eyes, like so, mostly so you do not trim too much off. I also have the cap and back marked at the brow as there is still a little return edge there. And that is pretty much it. Until next time
  5. Hey everyone! Here is a quick update. First off, I purchased some snaps that are much more accurate than the Tandy snaps, and installed them on the right side, as well as on the butt. Also I have the cod rivet marked and is ready for drilling. Also, I'm not exactly sure what to do for the side closure. As you can see, it doesn't really want to sit flush. I think if I try the warm water treatment or a heat gun, I should be able to reshape it to a more flush look. And that is pretty much it. I'm working on the belt next, so I will be back soon. Until next time
  6. Okay, thank you, I kinda thought the measurements for the corners were off
  7. Hey everyone! Here is a quick update. I have done some pretty heavy mods already to this helmet, but it is already starting to take shape. First, here are some reference images I am using. Next, I have the cheeks cut out to give them a more accurate shape. Here is a shot of the ear details made by me. And I also added the forehead crest. That's pretty much it for this update. Until next time
  8. Hey everyone! Sit down, relax, put your feet up, maybe heat up some microwave Womp Rats, cause this is going to be a long, but fun one! After watching the new The Mandalorian trailer, I decided that, wow, that silver helmet looks sick! So, I will be starting with a Pepikura Boba Fett helmet and converting it to a Mandalorian helmet, bondo-ing and sanding it to get it smooth, and finally, will be making a resin cast of the helmet. And then, of course, the beautiful silver paint. For the Pepikura helmet, I have it scaled down about 10%, mostly because my printer would cut off pieces, but also because the Mandalorian's helmet looks a bit smaller than Boba's helmet. I will be making the ears and the forehead crest(for lack of a better name) from scratch, first out of paper, then to bondo etc. So, lets get to it! I will be updating as fast as I can but, I am also working on my ANH TK right now as well, and this is just a side project. Also I do not have very much experience with bondo or resin yet. Until next time
  9. Awesome thank you for the pictures and the very quick reply!
  10. Hey everyone! Thank you for your replies, I appreciate every tip and advise I receive. Here are some pictures of the forearms and I agree with gmrhodes13 about the shape of the forearms, as the right is very round compared to the left. Also, canvas belt from TKittel arrived, so construction on the belt is beginning. Here are the drop boxes, trimmed and almost ready to go. Next, mannequin! Yay! And that is pretty much it for this small update. Until next time
  11. Hey everyone! Thank you Mario and Asa for your advice(sorry this is so late). Its been a little while but I have been making lots of progress. First off, canvas belt has been ordered from TKittel. Second, hardware and latex hand guards arrived from justjoseph63. Installed side rivets. They could use another coat of paint, they got scratched during installation. Also if anyone is curious, I used a screwdriver to install the rivets. Next, thighs and thigh garter belt are finished. Here are some pictures from my first suit up with the legs glued. It was the most amazing feeling ever, and I am really happy with how it's looking. Is the gap between the thighs and cod too much? I feel like it looks okay but I'm not sure. I have big thighs from playing hockey, so if they do have to be brought up, I will need to remove more return edge from the tops of the thighs. (This is an older picture so the front cover strip isn't on yet) I have also removed the return edge on the belt. And that is about it for this update. Until next time
  12. Thank you Asa for the tip, I will be correcting the return edge shortly as while walking around the house, I noticed mobility is extremely limited. Here are the photos with both legs. And I messed around in Photoshop for a while, and created this for your viewing pleasure. I will also be ordering sew in snaps for my shoulder bells to keep them up. Also I forgot to say I have been using an Iron Man compression shirt until my Eastbay shirt gets here.
  13. Thanks, I’ll post pictures later today or tomorrow Good eye, I was just wearing the left on the right for the picture
  14. Hey everyone! Thank you for your replies. Here's an update with quite a bit of progress. First off, a small BB arrived from IB boots! Very happy with the quality and the fit is great! So, now that the boots arrived, I have started to fit the legs. First I measured the correct widths, cut with Lexan scissors, and with a little bit of sanding, the legs are ready for glueing! I have also finished glueing all the snaps for the body. Here is a pic of me with the legs for the test fit. The R1 Black Series helmet is just for effect. Edit: Woot just realized second page!
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