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  1. Definitely no to Jedi Robe, that armor is terrible and very outdated, and is definitely not worth the money. Check out some of the vetted sellers from this link: These makers will be much better quality and will be much more accurate. Good luck with the build!
  2. Yeah, I definitely think it sounds awesome! I feel like that would have been really cool to see, but I’m wondering if the roles were reversed, and it was JJ’s that got scrapped and Trevorrow’s that made it to theaters, maybe I would feel the same about the scrapped movie, and would like JJ’s movie better.
  3. Awesome, love the carded figure. Is it a custom?
  4. Okay maybe I should have posted a picture of what I was asking earlier. Just to confirm, is overlaps on both sides accepted, or is it only on the inside.
  5. Cool, yeah I only thought overlap could be used for the inside of the shin, I didn't know it could be for the outside of the shin as well
  6. Okay cool, thank you both so much, I think I'm going to overlap then, as it's screen accurate as well. It also looks a bit cleaner than trying to use inner cover strips. Here's how much I have for the overlap on the inside of the shins. Also here's a side by side of the slight overlap on the outside compared to the join. Join Overlap I think the overlap looks much better. Thanks again.
  7. I didn’t even know that overlap was allowed, will it affect approval at any level?
  8. Hey everyone! I think I'm almost ready to glue the shins, just a little more sanding. Are they looking ok?
  9. Thank you! I’ll post some close ups once it’s done printing
  10. Thanks! For the blaster, I have a 3D printer so I’m printing it myself. Some pieces are not there as they’re still being printed
  11. Hey everyone! Back with an update! Rough trimming continues. Lets start with the chest. Chest Trimmed the sides down to accurate size. For the back/ yoke, I'm going to wait till I glue them together to trim the sides so that it looks like one piece. Also I found the trim line and drew it out in pencil. Shoulder parts Dremeled them out using a cutting wheel, made quick work of those. Abdomen Didn't do much trimming, KB already rough cut the top and bottom edge and I didn't want to trim too much off. I only trimmed the sides. Shins The shins were relatively easy, and they should be easy to put together, as unlike the thighs they already have the curve molded in which is good. Blaster My 3D print of the blaster designed by The5thorseman is basically finished, and my does it look awesome! I'm blown away by the detail, it's just incredible. Forearms Did a little more trimming on the forearms with the cutting wheel, looking close to where I think it should look. And that is pretty much it. On a side note, KB's rough trimming job is ok for the most part, but on a couple of the pieces they are slightly hacked at. Nothing major, but still a slight inconvenience. I'm also trying to make the thread easier to read, note the change in font size. Until next time
  12. Visible seam eh? Could we maybe get a CRL for these guys?
  13. Thank you so much for pointing that out, I wasn’t sure where to cut, so I just cut off a smidge of the edge. I will definitely look for that line
  14. I actually quite like that Sith trooper turned tread speeder driver concept, looks very similar to the patrol troopers seen in Solo, probably just because of the black pants
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