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  1. Yeah. She would have been proud at where her designs went.
  2. Thanks! I’m probably on here way too much lol
  3. Thank you guys, this build has been super enjoyable so far!
  4. Hey Tony, things are going well, been building a ton so I kinda forgot to post updates! Here we go! Spats Here they are, just need to put the clip greeblie on. I glued the one side, and stuck some Velcro on the other, so that they can be taken on and off. Ab Plate The ab plate was pretty easy, I started by cutting the back in half with a blade. Next, I cut a 2 inch cover strip. I still have to trim the top off, but overall looking pretty nice. I also plan to take about that much off to fit me. Legs I made the strapping for the legs, simply used 1 inch webbing and folded it over, to make a loop, and set a snap on the end. This isn't screen accurate, but is still very practical. And those are held up by a leather belt. Here's a picture of the legs on me. They look quite good, still figuring out how to attach the gaskets, whether I should just attach them to the thigh or to sew them to the leggings. They are just taped to my legs in the photo. Chest I decided it was time to tackle the chest plate situation. I copied what Anovos does and installed risers into the chest plate. I cut out 8 triangles out of scrap ABS, and glued 4 and another 4 together. Stuck some Velcro on, and boom! Chest plate almost done. I say almost as there is a small gap between the chest and the yoke. And that is pretty much it for now. Until next time
  5. I totally agree, this could be the catch phrase for any TK build Nice work so far!
  6. Sure, if you could show some photos of where the forearms should be trimmed that would be great.
  7. Thank you, I guess I still need to finish trimming, thanks for pointing it out
  8. Okay, so here are some more gasket photos. I have just done the knee gaskets, with some Velcro sewn onto it. Basically, I put some tape where the bottom of the thigh is and the top of the shin is and put it in the middle. For the arms, I stitched some Velcro onto the top and bottom so that they can stick right on to the armor. I have also begun on strapping the armor. Using snaps, I have attached the shoulder bell to the yoke, and it sits quite nice. I used Glen's method of shortening the front strap so that the bell is always forward as well. Thats pretty much it for now.
  9. Here are some more designs that I came up with, as well as cleaned up the overall design a bit. Hope you like them!
  10. No problem! Glad you were able to find some!
  11. Thanks guys, I’ll post some more gasket photos soon
  12. Thanks! The build has been quite enjoyable thus far. Yeah, the thighs are super tricky, definitely the most dreaded part of the build for me, glad to have it out of the way. Thanks, both have been pretty fun to make!
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