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Build of pimped out TK Armor Carrying & Storage Case

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I picked up this HUSKY Mobile Tool Chest from Home Depot in Bellingham WA to transport my armour for trooping.

It's a 50 gallon capacity so it is quite big, has a pull out handle and a caddy inside to hold small stuff.

I decided I would make it look like something you might see on the Death Star so thought I'd share the build with you.




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So the first thing I did was decide where I was going to paint to get the best effect.  

I did mock-ups on my computer and decided on the layout I liked the best.


Then the taping started.  I used regular painters paint tape to cover the parts I wanted to keep black.

This was the most TIME-CONSUMING!!



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I used the Krylon Fusion - white gloss spray paint from Walmart.  It dries really fast so you can do multiple coats no problem.  

BTW it needs multiple coats to cover the black plastic well.  I kept running to the store to get more paint cans.

You really need to spray in a very well ventilated space. :blink:    Outdoors is the best.





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Once all the tape is removed this is what it looks like.  

NOTE: I didn't paint the entire transporter at the same time.  I did it in stages, top lid first, then front and back, then sides (over a week or so).

As I was still deciding what would look best.  The pics below are the final version of paint application.




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Next I had to get my TK Nameplate ordered to fit where the Husky logo is located.  The logo is embossed.

In order for my nameplate to fit nicely in the space I needed to cut out the Husky logo.  


I tried all kinds of different things to make the space flush but cutting the whole thing out was much easier.

In hindsight, I would cut this out before the painting process so as not to damage the paint job AND I would do it outside or in the garage as it makes a mess  :roll: 




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This is really cool. So does all your stuff fit OK in it?


Yes there is lots of room.  


I tuck the arm and leg parts inside the chest cavity.  


I added a cushion on the bottom of the case.  I could add more "soft stuff" around the perimeter such as camera case foam but I need to save some Imperial credits first.


The HUSKY case comes with a little caddy that I use to put the smaller items such as gloves, hand guards, O2 canister, repair kit, neck collar, amp speaker, etc.


See pics below with and without the caddy:



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That is great! I am totally going this rout. Where did you have the name plate made and the stickers if you don't mind me asking?


I went to Sign-A-Rama to have my signs made.  They are a signage franchise in the US & Canada.

If you want I have all the templates at the sign shop could have them made out for you and mailed out.

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PM Sent

Also, I wonder if Vader Armor would fit in one of these. You could paint it with a black and red scheme for his, leaving the larger sections black and doing the thinner lines red.


I think it would if you kept the little caddy out.  It's quite deep.

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