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  1. Just a small tip I learned; A simple way to make the rim of the mic tip white (instead of masking and painting it) is to sand down the rim with sandpaper, revealing the white underneath. That is, if you are using white resin-cast mic tips. Best of luck on your build.
  2. This is such an amazing, organized and detailed list. This will be extremely helpful to so many people. Much appreciated, thank you!
  3. Check out around the E-11 fourms, there are quite a few posts about it there: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/search/?q=Hasbro&type=forums_topic&nodes=127
  4. I think any spray paint would do, but I would recommend primer as well. It should really help with adhesion. Top coats should help add a lot of protection, As Alay said.
  5. Congratulations! Many helpful ideas in this thread, especially with the helmet. Best of luck shooting for Centurion.
  6. If you do end up contacting them, I suggest doing it via their facebook page. In my experience, they are much better to talk to by facebook than their email. If you'd like another alternative, you could try converting the Nerf Version, perhaps adding some 3D printed additions if you'd like, to help it look a bit more realistic. Good luck.
  7. Looking good so far. What filament are you using? Looking forward to how it turns out.
  8. Thank you very much for your help! I was looking for that thread too. Question though, do you this would be able to work with a doopydos?
  9. Many pictures of this guy! Here's another few shots I found:
  10. Before reapplying the tubes, I recommend polishing the plastic a bit, as it may be dulled a bit from the mineral spirits. Quick question, what mineral spirits did you use? I made a similar mistake, and I'm having quite the trouble removing them. Best of luck!
  11. Yup! As well as the Photo Compendium, and the "Best Sterling Templates Ever" thread. Unfortunately, neither of them have a front face view.
  12. I've been slowly 3D modeling an E11 for my pipe build, and I've been having quite a bit of trouble finding a reference picture of the nozzle and front sight. (Looking directly down the barrel). It doesn't even have to be a real sterling, any picture of the front face of an E11 would do. I've been looking for a picture so I could scale the Front Sight correctly around the pipe. If possible, it would be appreciated for measurements of the front sight as well. Thank you very much.
  13. Looking very good so far! How do you plan on painting it? Loving the build so far, lots of good ideas.
  14. The helmet is looking great so far. What paint do you plan on using for the red?
  15. Congratulations! Your armour and blaster look great. A lot of helpful ideas within the build, too.
  16. I personally think the pattern is alright, but there might be a loss of that "3D detail" of the resin compared to the frown. This make take a bit more work, but you could remove the resin in that area, and replace it with an 3D print, in which the hexagons are not filled in. Then you could put the cloth behind it, or just use a black mesh. Good luck!
  17. That looks really nice! The weathering is top notch. Quick question, where did you source this? Did you 3D print it yourself, or was it a kit?
  18. That's a very good looking shoulder system. Looking forward to see how the build turns out!
  19. Woah... I love the way you set this up! The imperial cog is a great idea. Hope it is running well.
  20. Very nice job. Looks very clean. Best of luck on approval!
  21. These model is looking really good! Looking forward to see how it turns out. Do you have any idea's on how you might connect the pieces together? For example, the ear pieces using screws? (As was done on the original helmets)
  22. Here's a pretty comprehensive list of vendors: Good luck with your build!
  23. I personally use a chin strap with tactical pads, to try and reduce the "Bobble Head" effect to some degree. Good luck!
  24. Sounds interesting. The blaster is quite a cool addition to it! Looks a bit more sci-fi, though. I wonder if we'll more of it.
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