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  2. Thank you very much. Wow, I have to say, everyone that I have encountered so far in the Legion, including on all of the boards have been so so so helpful. I can not thank you enough. I ask only because I want to make sure I follow all protocol and understand why. Appreciate it very very much. Ardeshir Radpour
  3. You'll need to submit your costume for EIB. Once you've been approved at EIB, you'll have to submit again as Centurion. The reason for the second submission is because some fixes may be required/requested for your approval at each level
  4. Hi and thank you. I have read it all and have all of my stuff in order. Would I just resubmit the same information after EIB for Centurion? Seems redundant. I am sorry, I am asking this in the most sincere and honest way.
  5. Well I’m part way into a royal guard, an ANH stunt TK (anovos), and a shoretrooper Captain. Just was afraid I’d have to choose one prefix, and then I’d have to decide which one went first. This sets my mind at ease. Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. many thanks on the input. I have carefully taken the forearms apart and take a little of to make them a little less narrow, I still have the option to add a little bit back if required. will post up some pictures later tonight I have also redone my biceps and now the bells are more closer to the chest plate. Redoing the elastic on the on the shoulders as I used cheap elastic and its a bit too stretchy. For the bells I am going to redo with double elastic to have some give but strong enough to to pull them in. @gmrhodes13 I really like your strapping from the kidney to ad is there a DIY guide for this anywhere?
  7. Thanks guys. Kinda what I figured. Was just glad to finally figure out why this just didn’t look right in my head.
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  9. RS Armor will serve you well Cameron. I highly recommend checking out the “Advanced Tactics” section where you can see examples of those who have taken their armor to the next levels of screen accuracy (EIB and Centurion). I’d recommend that you aim to build to one of the certification levels, as TK’s look their best at these levels. It's really not hard to acquire EIB or Centurion, and it’s best to do during your build rather that after. If, and when, you’re looking for other bits –and-pieces, accessories, boots, blasters, electronics, etc., be sure to check out the “Imperial Commissary/PX” section for items for sale, project runs, and for other stuff that most of the troopers use. Also, make contact with your local Garrison. They’ll help guide you through the process of becoming a member of the 501st, and may have local Armor Parties in the works where you can get hands-on build advice and guidance, not to mention meet members of your future Garrison. All the best on your TK journey!
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  11. It's a two step process, you have to apply for EIB first, once approved you can then go on to applying for Centurion. Also have a read of the EIB and Centurion guidelines Good luck and looking forward to seeing your applications.
  12. Hello and welcome, not sure if this helps but a Google search shows a few suppliers, not sure what your customs regulations are like on importing paint https://www.google.com/search?ei=ByHnXKz1NcPbrQHQ6LqQCA&q=rv+30+electric+blue&oq=rv-30+elec&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.0i22i30l4.745988.749071..750374...0.0..0.222.2080.0j3j7......0....1..gws-wiz.......0i71j35i39j0i131j0j0i30j0i22i10i30.EowuVgEi1Oc There is also the option of taking the color code into an automotive paint supplier and have them mix up the paint
  13. I can't wait to see it as well. TLJ was the version I ordered through them. At the time I ordered it they offered both variants. I do not know if that is still the case however.
  14. Looking forward to seeing the full kit. Incidentally will they be offering the TLJ cod variant?
  15. You don't want to down size too much as you want the overall look to match, I have pretty thin arms and added a few blocks of foam inside to stop them moving around, works great and the glove takes care of any gaps in the front of the forearms.
  16. Congrats and welcome to the ranks trooper
  17. Cool, thanks. Off to buy gloss white . I thought I had some, but just 3 different brands of flat white. Lol
  18. Too bad there are height requirements! Ugh. I find the "full range of movement" requirement a little funny. Have they worn TK armor before?
  19. Congratulations!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Welcome aboard Cameron. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Once you add the under suit, gloves and the connecting material between the bicep and forearm you may not need to reduce the overall size. If it's that much of a burden than I suggest adding fabric foam to the interior for stability instead. You want breathing room. Shortening the forearm as you've illustrated is ok.
  22. To add to the story, I believe I'm correct is stating this but Wayne is only a middle man. He buys the costumes and related goods packages them into full kits then resells them.
  23. Most everything on a TK armour is asymmetrical, it's why we love it so much. More organic and less machine like. Listen to Tony, hes built plenty of armour and we all have your best interests at heart.
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