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  2. Oh man this is definitely not how I wanted to start my journey lol. Thank you guys for the heads up and a direction to go. I do have a rouge one black series helmet as well and I'm sure it needs to be modified as well. Who is a reputable rouge one armor seller?
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  4. Hi Mark!!! Yes, I think you can sand the big plate a little more (those buttons look great!!!). Reference images Regarding the other one, I think that trimming the bottom part a little will solve the problem. Reference images You’re doing a really good job!!!
  5. Good morning. Today will be a fun work day on this Stormtrooper of mine. I plan on gluing snaps into place, as well as try to finish my legs. I still have to work on removing some material from my sniper knee, but I have to re-tape the lines where I want to cut. I started fine tuning the ab buttons. I think I may have removed a bit too much on the bottom left side. I will work on sanding the big plate down as I feel it is still too large. I did use the diagram below but mine still seems off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. @BigJasoni my suspenders are kind of the same design. Thanks for the pics!
  7. Thanks for the advice Joseph. I will work on it today.
  8. David, I think snaps are your best option. I bought tactical suspenders that already had snaps on the ends which made it easy to place on the corset. Additionally, the snap webbing had Velcro on them, so I'm kind of doubled up. Here's a few pictures of how I mounted mine along with a pic of the screen used corset: End of suspenders Inside armor Mounting Location Screen used armor
  9. @BigJasoni Thanks for all of that! Yes, I have heavy duty suspenders I just haven't figured out how I am going to mount them. Yesterday I cut the sides and shims apart and joined them in the back with a butt joint like the OTs. Waiting for that to cure before I moved forward. I have left little space for adjustment behind the trauma plate (velcro'd) for thicker layers. All in all i'm happy with the fit. I tend to wear the torsos a little tighter but nice to have that relief if I want it. I'm up for ideas on mounting the suspenders. I was thinking snaps, but ill get those mounted before cutting the top. I know the torso sits really high on me and pretty uncomfortable under the arms. But I may have it up too high. I'll post a pic with it and the chest plate on.
  10. Welcome to the FISD, Jason!!! Good luck with your build
  11. Welcome to the FISD, Jason! If you had the chance to read the link re: Makerofthings that Justin posted, you will know that they are re-casters, meaning that they have stolen the designs from others. As much as we don't condone this in any way, it happens. My first TK kit (before I knew about the FISD or 501st) was from them. After building it I noticed that the bucket was WAY too large and there were other issues. I ended up selling it on ebay as a "Halloween costume". BUT, this does not mean that your kit will not be accepted at Basic 501st approval (or even higher levels) if it meets the requirements in the CRL. We are here to help, so always feel free to ask any questions. I would suggest starting a build thread here and be sure to post up lots of photos (tutorial link here). If I can offer 2 main points of advice, they would be: 1. Take... your.... time. Don't rush your build. 2. If unsure, always post up pics and ask for advice before cutting or gluing. Trust me.
  12. Trimming to the pencil line you have drawn looks pretty darned good to me. Some were rounder than others, but I would have no issues with passing that at Centurion! When it comes time to attach the ammo pack to the thigh I have a few suggestions if I may: 1. Make sure that the rivets are not too close to the corners. 2. It should not be an issue at Basic and is not specifically listed in the CRLs but traditionally for Level 3 we have required that the rear edges of ammo pack be an equal distance from the "corners" of the ridge at the rear. 3. As for the height it sits at in the front, the majority had it either angled up, covering the front ridge completely as seen in pic 1, just enough to cover the bottom of the ridge (pic 2) and there were a VERY few that had it lower than the ridge (pic 3). Version 3 may pass at Basic, but for higher levels we look for the "ideal" trooper and there can be no gap. Lastly, the amount of ABS you leave above an below the boxes is up to you. As seen below some had more, some had less. What you have at present is just fine, and I wouldn't suggest trimming it down as it provides some strength and will help prevent any cracks. Hope this helps, and keep the questions and photos rolling in!
  13. David, everything's looking pretty good so far. Regarding the cuts, all of this depends on your body shape/ height. Personally, I have a slightly longer torso, so I tend to leave mine uncut. However, from all the pictures I've seen, the 850 chest plate does appear to sit lower, so you should be able to get away with trimming a little extra, just don't eliminate those recessed parts altogether. Here's a picture of my two abdominal pieces; different makers and different costumes, but a shared part on screen. Paul's design on the left is regarded as the most accurate, and you can see here how he handled the top. Jimi's on the right is almost identical height-wise, but since it arcs upwards, cutting the top out, similar to @11b30b4, to give the sternum a little relief isn't uncommon. Your 850 kit appears to be a mix of these two styles. If the top is sitting directly on top of your sternum or just rubbing you the wrong way, cut it down a little, but don't follow the line of the chest armor. It might help to see the front box taped up on the armor so we can gauge where it's all sitting. Also, since you're still on the abdominal armor, I have to tell you that this is probably the most important part of your kit. From your pics, I can't tell if you have suspenders for this yet or not. So, before you start cutting anything, you need to make sure you're wearing it exactly where you'll be wearing it when it's finished, which means getting your suspenders set now. Basically, your abdominal placement affects your chest and back placement, which affects your shoulder bell placement, which affects your biceps placement. In turn, your abdominal also affects the placement of your belt, which affects the cod and butt, which determines the placement of your thighs. I always suggest getting a sturdy set of suspenders with little to no stretch. FInally, you may want to consider cutting down the sides, but that's ultimately determined by how your side straps are sitting in relation to your abdominal. Basically, you don't want a ton of white abdominal armor peeking up over the top of the gloss black strap that connects your chest and back. I stole the following picture from @TheRascalKing's build thread so you can see what I'm talking about: Hope this all helps.
  14. I am trying to emulate the reference photos above on the curve of the bottom edge. I think it still need a little more work. Any suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. After looking at another members AM Centurion Request I found that some work had to be done on the Knee Pack. I sanded down the top to give it more of a straight edge at the top corners. I will also have to work on removing some of the edge of my sniper knee. I am currently in the process of taking it off so I can make the cuts.
  16. Bryan, all thanks to you. The resin printer was a pretty good investment, but it just makes me want an even bigger one. Lol.
  17. And honestly, I don't know if Mike puts the TKs in the same bucket as Mando builds, but his current flight suit wait is a year. The best thing you can do is just reach out. Two years ago when he wasn't nearly as busy as he is now, it took about 5 months for me to get mine. Hit me up on Facebook Messenger if you want Jim's ROTK order form. I sent you his email info; he responds fairly quick. I knew he was getting annoyed. Lol. Regardless, don't get the wrong impression about the helmet. You can get the 850 bucket approved, there's just a few things that should be addressed. I know Andy said you had plans of eventually submitting for EIB and Centurion. However, if you do go the Black Series conversion route, @TerribleBen was recently approved in both the BS helmet and an 850 kit. If you haven't checked out his thread yet, it's here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/48870-terriblebens-r1tk-adventure/ Keep in mind when you're doing the helmet conversion, regardless of what many of us have done previously, per the CRL, you're not required to cut out the stripes on the tears and traps. The CRL simply says "engraved," and a nicely painted engraved trap looks way better in my opinion. Trust me on this one, you don't want to cut those stupid little stripes out. I've done it on two 3d printed helmets and a black series. The tubes and "teeth" are pretty easy, but the others will make you cry. This is one of the reasons I like Nico's helmet: I think we discussed the belt briefly, but you're going to have to get a little creative with the 850 kit. You should have been supplied with some extra strips of ABS, but if I remember correctly, you'll still have to cut your own tabs which is easy to mess up. Just remember, curved surfaces measure different than flat surfaces. I'll definitely be watching your build closely.
  18. Not here, you are better looking at the Clone Trooper detachment https://501stclonetroopers.com/
  19. Are there any build threads for a Clone trooper scratch build off the prints here. Clone DC-15S Carbine Thanks in advance
  20. Thanks, @gmrhodes13. You would think that I would have remembered to look there.
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  22. Facebook link Oh and other contact info in this thread Darkside Closet is another good vendor but you will have to wait currently @ 6 months if not longer
  23. Jason, I would go for one of Jimi's undersuits, but for the life of me I can't seem to find his contact info anywhere - here, the 501st forums, RPF, Facebook - I'm having no luck. As for the helmet - that's when Andy said "I'm tired of relaying information - talk to him yourself!" So I didn't get the helmet info before. If I had access to a 3D printer, I probably would print Nico's bucket. But I don't, so for now the plan is the Black Series conversion. If/when I get access to a printer, my priority is your redesigned belt boxes.
  24. Costuming and Builds First Order (501st Approved) CRL's and check lists Quick access Page 1 Completed - gmrhodes13 SECTION COMPLETED Costuming and Builds First Order (501st Approved) Weapons of the First Order Page 5 Completed - gmrhodes13 Page 4 Completed - gmrhodes13
  25. Wow, I really need a resin printer now! Incredible details that FDM can’t resolve. Nicely done!
  26. Unfortunately people move on and threads become broken and of little use. Even now using Imgur there is no guarantee that they may go the way of Photobucket. When I started we had a section on tutorials which was a great use, it contained detailed step by step guides for all of the armor pieces, unfortunately this was also lost due to Photobucket and broken links. I've mentioned a few times we need to make another area like this again as it's a great resource for the new builder.
  27. Apart from adding a piece of plastic and gluing it place under your shoulder strap for strength you really shouldn't need any velcro to keep the straps down, there should be a small elastic strap over the back of the straps. You may also find a little heat is needed so the straps conform to the back plate once worn.
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