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  2. Ultimately that decision will come down to your GML (garrison membership liaison) and how they intemperate the CRL. Personally I don't think that will be picked, there are other more obvious areas I would think would be looked at For TFA the top plate is glued with the front section free to fit your hand through. Also has two angle pieces to support at the front For TLJ/TROS there are built a little differently and have a zipper down the center with elastic and under the top are angles The pill box and picatinny rail are separate too You could reach out to our @Deployment Officer Team for L2 and L3 requirements.
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  4. Troop 041 - 2022/10/01 -- JDRF One Walk KC in Leewood, KS
  5. I retook the full body back photo and posted the new one after I noticed the tight shoulder bridge was lifted. I heated and adjusted the right shoulder bridge to get it to sit flat on the back. Boiling pot of water for the win. Before After
  6. It was indeed A BLAST. I've got a couple backdated pix from Balloon Day 1. They didn't get shared in time and are too good to miss, so... I'm 95% sure I'm the upside down one. At least 95%. With more sleep it might get up to 99%. Me, Randy (Vader), and Allen must have posed for 15000 photos that day. I, of course, do not have any on my own camera. I was thrilled to have this memento. (27) 10/2/22 - Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Day 2 Getting up at 2am is not good for the brain. This is day 2. I'm posting this on day 4 when my sleep was more caught up. I'll be trooping on day 6 (Thursday) and plan to do FIVE troops in three days, all of which start at 2am. Chant and light incense for me plz. Anyways, I'm next to Vader. A rare bucket-off pic that I liked. Can't say no to Yoda balloon pix. With my own camera! THIS little guy, named Wesly, hung out with Vader and me for crowd photos. He was amazing. A joy to troop with. Dancing around, making the crowd laugh, and teaching this old trooper the joy of LIFE. Though I'm not in this shot, I had to share it. Big salute to the tiny Magma Scout. When next I update, I will have trooped in my HWT pack! Much excitement.
  7. May as well share my bin in this thread too. Almost a year of service and it's one of the best armor additions I've done.
  8. Tiny update - I modified my rolling bin to allow the pack to strap on. This is a $7 truck bed bungee from Harbor Freight cut way down. I can roll it, I can tip it. I can even open the lid and the pack stays right in place. I'm gonna suit up on Thursday for my first HWT troop. EXCITED!
  9. for such a case, you can use a case for a construction tool, it is a little more expensive, but it can withstand its own weight if you stand on it
  10. @TKSpartan I have added the requested photo of the left side detail as requested.
  11. Apparently to hard is undo
  12. So these are the wrist lower forearm pieces. Its been a while but I dont see this version for TFA or TLJ… do these need to be corrected to pass CRL? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hi Gerald and thank you for applying for EIB and I'm sure you'll be going for the higher one . I'm the D.O working on your app and just need a favor , could you please add another photo like the one bellow? thanks
  14. It could also possibly eliminate the need of filling in any gap in higher approvals later on! Lower thigh ridge joins (front and rear) shall butt-up flush against each other. Any gaps must be backed with ABS or filled as not to be noticeable.
  15. Hi Alex, If I may , adjusting a little more the lower section of your thighs (it looks like you have enough room) would give a better look. Not too square legs. This is easy to accomplish by reducing lower section joint. References
  16. These are the images I got from Arvin (he asked if I could post them in this topic for everyone to see)! Wow Arvin, looking sharp!!!
  17. Thank you Jonatan for offering assistance to our members, I think this might go well, so I am going to pin your post so it is easy for everyone to find.
  18. oh Andrea at RS Prop has 2 photos from me so if you know her she could share with you.
  19. Hi everyone sorry about being off the grid for the past week - I got hacked so was in major security protocol lockdown. the good news - got the armour - it is an amazing fit. So I learned the following and I will post photos shortly: 1. Line of sight / visibility is tight so definitely walk around and get a feel for everything. 2. Putting armour on is tricky at first but you can get the hang of it with experience - challenge is are the snaps and trying to do it when you can’t see it. 3. Keeping things straight and perfect - I was not perfect on the first try but you can quickly see where you may need help and extra pair of hands. 4. I want to send photos but I need some time to clean up on the IT side. If someone has an email/text I can send something if you really want to see it…but I need to still do some reconfiguring of my laptop. next steps: second assembly and photos for sending through for comments / approval. I have Halloween and one of my clients is a TV station and we discussed doing the weather report on Halloween (LOL). No pressure! talkto everyone soon.
  20. Troopers! I want to help out the community and the people that doesn't have the time or have the necessary tools or skills to create a cool Signature banner or have the background of your Action Photo removed, or even if you have a request for a certain Profile picture! I don't know how popular this will be, or what requirements I will need, but we will learn as we go and if it turns out to be popular and it gets too much for me - I'm sure that we can find a few more that are willing to help out!
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    Me, two months after getting my first TK
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