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  2. Oh yeah, my goal is to have my armor complete by May 4, 2022. Yeah, a year off but with home projects and beer brewing, I hope I can meet that deadline.
  3. Here are some pic's of setting up the standoffs that will hold the lenses in place. I liked the way that Paul used the standoffs but he he used sugru and I used JB Weld, mostly because I thought I was a bit more familiar with that type of epoxy. Looking at Paul's build, it looks like sugru might be the better way to go as it looks like I'll be adding at least two more coats to build up to be strong enough. Tomorrow I'll add the second coat...more photos to come.
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  5. Q1: Correct! However due to the way the EI history page is set up though, Scott M. was the first person to be shown in the list, and in some ways really was the first EIB in that regard. You are otherwise correct Q2: Incorrect! Only the detachment founder get the Falcon as the background. Staff has the bridge of the super star destroyer. Q3: Correct! The last person though was Joey, TK MD from Bolivia IIRC. Q4: Correct! Q5: Correct! Q6: That statement is correct - the goal ever is to get more people to get EI, not Centurion, so we wanted to keep the incentives heavy
  6. Troop 10 Clan Silvius traveled to Illinois to visit family for vacation and we took it as an opportunity to do our first out of Garrison Troop. The Midwest Garrison folks in the Shorewood/Joliet area that hosted the event were amazing and we had a blast. We did a parade around the neighborhood and stopped to do group photos. It was awesome. So happy to have taken the opportunity.
  7. Since nobody else took up the challenge 1) Who was the first person to receive an "expert infantry" award from FISD? The first "expert infantry" John TK2036 (although EIB was not in the thread title ) , the first "Elite" Joey TK2126, the first "Mark IV" Scott TK4149 2) On the (now broken) EI listing page, what is the significance of the background images? Each costume version had background from the movie it was from, command staff had millennium falcon in death star landing bay 3) Who was the only person to be approved with an FX helmet? I thought a few did, Scott TK4149, als
  8. No I do not want to look like I’m wearing daddy’s armor Thanks, I am pretty much using a couple videos and a bunch of different threads as a guide and then trying to combine all that to help in my build. Since this is my first time doing this it can be a lot at times haha. M Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. TK-8785 requesting detachment access please. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=11362
  10. You should be sizing it to yourself. Many tutorials will show the measurements they are working with for who they are building for as a way to show how to do it. You can use that as a guide so you know if something is not right such as if your measurements have been a little smaller each step of the way and suddenly you've got a piece that measures wildly larger than the thread your reading / watching. If it's too big it's not only going to look funny but be cumbersome to wear. Besides, you don't want to look like you're wearing your Daddy's armor.
  11. Hi, the covers are right sanded, I would suggest two options you could try: 1- Replace the snap for chicago screws, they have a flat surface so you can place the cover just in place. 2- Change the Snap piece , use the flat one instead of the cap one. Hope this can help.
  12. Thanks Charlie. I will be trying the internal cover strips. Can I do a hot water bath with cover strips on, or would they need to come off first? Thanks, M
  13. Hey Dan. I am, although there sizing still seems a bit big for me. I am trying to fit the suit to me which since I am skinny think will be a bit less than what their measurements are. Should I cut to those and just add padding inside? Obviously a bit late on the arms parts if so... Thanks, M
  14. Thanks Joseph. Both pictures you posted are of the right forearm, did you mean the left or are both maybe off? Here are a couple different angles of both sides. And then pictures with an internal cover strip clamped in. Sorry the clamps make it a bit difficult to see. The left inner side is a bit oddly shaped because there is more taken off the bottom side as there was no ridge there so I took more for sizing. I marked where I could maybe cut to make that scoop more symmetrical, but don't know if the would work as I would then be taking off some of that inside ridge. I
  15. You will definitely want an enamel paint, rather than acrylic. Both should be very prevalent at your local hobby store. Trooperbay also carries the appropriate TK paints. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Newbie question, I searched Amazon for Humbrol #85 and an "acrylic" #85 came up....is this correct? Is acrylic paint the paint to use? I didn't see any references to acrylic listed so I wanted to make sure - thanks! https://www.amazon.com/Humbrol-Acrylic-Dropper-Bottle-DB0085/dp/B08DJDNGXQ/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=humbrol+%2385+paint&qid=1620499744&sr=8-1
  17. TK-70473 requesting FISD access please! Profile: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=33594
  18. Yeah, haha, like I said this was my first time sewing so I ended up going over the stitch like 3 times. I'm more than likely going to be making(or buying) a new belt at some point. I just want to finish this one in case there's anymore "gotchas" or other things I'd like look out for next time. That hole got away from me when I was drilling. I don't know what happened. On that note also... I had a few freak outs last week while I was working on the button covers. I realized that the snaps I was using here are massive. I do
  19. Awesome update to the lock system you made. Hope you can get some troops in soon to test it out.
  20. Awesome design! Congrats! There were some other amazing designs too so great job on all of them!
  21. I’d definitely recommend trying the internal Cover strips before resorting to hot water. Despite what people who have had success with it may tell you - using hot water to bend the parts is very much a lottery, at least in my experience. I’ve had it work with no issues, and I’ve had it ruin parts completely. T’s very difficult to do with any degree of accuracy and think it should only be suggested as a last resort. I had a similar issue with my external cover strips not sticking on the forearms. Fitting internal strips first completely solved the issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Hey trooper. Looks like your steaming through. :-) Just out of interest, are you following the tutorial videos by RS Prop Masters themselves? They guide you through every part, cut line, coverstrips, measurements of the originals. They will really help you match up all of the correct parts and maximise the end result of this beautiful suit. :-)
  23. I love the ingenuity you have applied to this build Robert, well done sir, also such very clean and tidy build.
  24. Are you using the Doopydoos kit, Thomas? If so, he may have meant how much is removed from that area in order to fit the metal bar in. The less you can get away with removing the stronger that area will be. Are you using one of Tino's finishing kits like this? (I swear by them and wouldn't do a build without one). It may help to start a build thread in progress, post up some detailed photos of any issues and ask all the questions you want to... We are here to help!
  25. Very exciting times Mario, very much looking forward to your build. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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