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  2. I’m in the U.K. so it’s rarely that hot here but I just got two pairs of fans for my TK & TX lids because as soon as I put my TK lid on with the balaclava - instant lens fog, I couldn’t see a thing. So, temperature aside - fans are good to have for that purpose too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I know RS had a fire and are probably busy, but were you able to get your sizes updated?
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  5. Ah that's a good point! I'll have to do that before I drill any more holes.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. The ears have been bothering me as I felt they could be skinnier. So I will work on that along with the rest of the build.
  7. Nice work, you do have a quite a bit of material still there which you could trim if you wanted too.
  8. Could you post a link to your troop log please "Once you've hit a milestone count, go over to the "Field Exercise Awards -- Post your milestones here" thread, post a link to your troop log and request your profile be updated! "
  9. And now the right ears. I cut one of the ears provided, but wasn't satisfied and started over on the backup pair. Got a better fit. I drilled the bottom screw hole at an odd angle. I'm going to use the hole in the underside, and drill outward from there to get a screw hole slightly higher on the ear so it can actually screw tight and bring the ear close to the helmet. Afterwards, I can fill the old hole with ABS paste and it will probably be hidden by the S rubber seal anyways.
  10. Depending on the silicon E6000 may not hold, just leave for a few days and try wearing and bending to see if they hold, some use superglue to affix their handplates.
  11. Just on the helmet your ears are a little large, you could trim them a little more if you wanted too but doubt it would be required for basic approval. Also appears your left side is slightly higher than the right side, notice you have some curved area of backplate between the ears and brow trim, you could lift this side to cover some of this if you wanted too. Great work though and as I say these are not requirements only suggestions
  12. I go the red line, I like a little bit of curve there. References, you can see there is some return/curve there
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. For the neck, should I be cutting on the red line? Which would leave a slight return edge?
  14. Wow just learned something new that could relate to all troopers. On my shadow trooper kit I noticed this weird like dust kind of a stain. Turned out it was mold from being stored for a long time in garage probably. I was shown a link how to fix this issue and I used half water half alcohol and cleared it all away nicely. Looks brand new again. I pulled out ever part of the kit and also wiped every thing down again because I was told spores could be present and just start it up again. So if anyone sees this on there holster don't worry and just use that cleaning solution works great. 

    before cfjR9vs.jpg

    after IOG4H8l.jpg

  15. I personally would come in a tad more on the bottom of chest also.
  16. Looks pretty good. Id be careful of the neck line because don't want to take too much off the front.
  17. 9) right-side Ab plate overlapping issue addressed. 10) TD re-worked. Length cut down to 180mm / metal clips trimmed on both ends so the control face-plate now rolled to face the outside more 11) I think the "weathering" on the E-11 Blaster in the last set of photos are actually high-lights from the surrounding. Anyway I went back and re-touched the areas with a new coat of semi-gloss black, Please let me know if additional issue arises. Thank you very mu
  18. 6) new Ab-button plate installed. 7) Shoulder strap trimmed down. 8) Ab/Kidney rivets relocated to better match the screen references.
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