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  2. Ok, so I'm down to 183. Still not fitting me well enough. Maybe 175? Another 8 pounds. But yea I'm not liking my butt at ALL. It's appearing to hang too low/the center point and I still have that issue with the right overlapping. Could it be because of the gap still existing/weight? I'm really not sure if it's the trim edge, if the entire butt plate isn't trimmed up enough or if it's my right thigh. It's really hard to tell. It was suggested to try to lower the thighs belt and see what happens from there with the butt plate. The butt plate I want is nice and tight but I don't know how he did it. first pic is what I'd desire, second pic(in green) is from my submission pics.
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  4. Slow progress but I'm trying to work on at least something each week. Did some more sanding on parts, Taped up a few parts and sprayed black primer on the underside of the pieces. Thanks to Andrew for reminding me that I should tape up the areas where I'm going to glue. I might spray another coat tonight and then I'm going to let the paint cure for a few days before I put a clear coat on it. Probably going with matte since it's the underside, and really just doesn't need to be bright white. Side note, I'm planning on using magnets to secure the chest, and was thinking about using magnets for the shins as well. I'm trying to decide if it would be worth the effort vs velcro. Velcro is super easy to use, and the industrial strength holds pretty well. Magnets looks like a lot of work and planning, but would be nice to lock in place when kitting up. I might use magnets to secure the spats. Still haven't decided.
  5. Hang in there Chris, @justjoseph63 is working on your review . I think there's nothing pending.
  6. Looking great! Can't wait to see you all suited up.
  7. I just wanted to make sure you are not waiting on me for something. It struck me that I may have missed something. I know these reviews take time. I am in no hurry. Thank you, Chris
  8. Thank you, and to answer your question, Glen answered it best.
  9. Some have separated their cod, not much advantage really, don't find that area is really an issue bending, it's more for the shorter trooper so they can remove some of the height, but should be no issues for basic approval, all must be hidden behind the belt though. Yes the Anovos helmet is a Stunt version, you would need different ears, bubble lenses, also need to fill/push out two teeth as there are only 6 on Hero versions. Hero and Stunt are two version of the same armor. Here's a few links to have a read of. https://drive.google.com/file/d/10tEVteIreh6AHMogW010cuH_Bf8TBfU6/view https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_anh_stunt https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_anh_hero
  10. First... Thanks for this awesome build tutorial! Very helpful and distracted me too much from work today LOL. After buying the initial run from Anovos I'm finally getting around to my build 5 years later. Question - In their Shadow Trooper build video the guys from Tested cut the codpiece section free from the ab piece to allow for greeter range of motion and the ability to sit. Any thoughts on this? I'm not going for anything but standard approval. Finally, stupid question, what's the difference between a Hero build and the Stunt? I understand the general terminology in that Hero designates an elevated level of finish but I can't see how the CRL differentiates. EDIT - One thing I just noticed is the Anovos helmet only qualifies as the stunt due to the number of teeth in the frown. Thanks! Steven
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  12. Sometimes the D.O.s get a little sidetracked with things (like real life and such) but I can assure you we are always here. If we fail to comment or respond on your build thread it doesn't mean that we don't care, it's just that we haven't had the chance. All are welcome (and encouraged) to contact any one of us at any time with questions or concerns, or you can PM us all at one time here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/profile/39088-deployment-officer-team/ and we will be more than happy to address your concerns or queries on a personal basis
  13. There ares so many different ways to mount the lenses. Here's just a few ways An interesting simple way Personally I hold in place and apply black silicone around to hold it, leave it 24-48 hours and done.
  14. Yeah I had thought about heating it and then using a large clamp to bend it and hold it in place. I’m unsure if the magnet trick would work but I’ve got a pestle from a mortar and pestle as well as several slate coasters I could use to hold it down… might give that a true! I’ve seen a few peoples helmets that seem to have 3 white screw things holding the lens in place - do you know anything about that at all? All else fails I guess I could buy a new visor and go back to a fixed wrap around lens Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Armory Boots, Soft Parts, and other Accessories Page 21 Completed - gmrhodes13 Page 20 Completed - gmrhodes13 Page 19 Completed - gmrhodes13
  16. I used some heavy magnets either side and a small spanner vertically across the middle of the lens which helped the lens stay curved and up tight against the rim of the lens. You could also try a little heat to help form them into place, down side you would have to keep a hold of them while cooling, don't want them too hot or you could damages the lens.
  17. Have trouble with my eye lens. They are very rigid and I’m struggling to get them held in place whilst the Sugru dries. They keep bending back straight and it is leaving gaps. Does anyone have any tips? Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Vocoder repainted so that it is more symmetrical Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. In short, no. And weathering would not be the issue. As it is sold in its "E-11" configuration from S&T, the accessories are pretty wildly inaccurate (note the incorrect T-tracks, scope, Hengstler, and power cylinders), and should not be used if adhering to 501st standards and CRLs is your goal, as it would not be approved at any level. The BASE model is the correct one used, but only in Rogue One/new generation properties, and it also varies significantly from the actual Sterling machine gun used in the Original Trilogy (note the squared off handle to accommodate the motor assembly, and oversize end cap for battery access, among other things). You could absolutely modify a base model with the 'proper' accessories and use it for a Rogue One trooper, but in general, most cons don't allow, and common sense would dictate, not having a blaster actually capable of firing projectiles while trooping. Plus, honestly, it's freakin heavy, even gutted. I would look elsewhere for a number of reasons. Also, if an admin can move this to the proper area somewhere over here, that might be helpful. If you'd like to learn more about the Rogue One blaster, there's a great thread over here!
  20. Alright thank you for your answer, i will poste updates as soon as i fulfill the requests
  21. Hello, I would like to ask you if is possible for stormtrooper or any imperial to use Sterling E11 Blaster - Arisoft gun, If there will be added some weathering. Thank you very much, best regards Douša Václav
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