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  2. Just placing this wonderful list of resources here for myself and others.
  3. Just heard from the Armorer, and was ask about glove size. Something I haven't seen is the proper way to measure hand size? Is there a rule of Thumb on this (see what I did there) for the chemical gloves that Triple D has with his Kits?
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  5. Enjoy your new banner @Chemi!! The most ellaborate one yet
  6. Adam, Luca, and I having a friendly pauldron debate for the past several days, mostly consisting of us jokingly giving Luca a hard time. In other news...
  7. Like a lot of things practice makes perfect, I used to do some automotive spray painting but swapping back to spray cans can take some trial and error. I did find using automotive acrylic paint the best as you can apply a little heavier without creating runs as it would dry quite quickly, for a lot of enamels you just cant do this. With auto acrylic paint you can also sand, buff and polish which is a bonus if you have any dry areas or runs. One thing for sure is I'll never use rustoleum again, I've tried that a few times on droids and it's terrible paint to get a constant coverage, no matter how much you shake in between. Not sure if I've mentioned it before (I loose track of build comments) any paint sanding I find is easiest to do wet, with wet and dry sandpaper, helps to not clog as fast and makes the paper glide a little easier, a few drops of dish washing liquid can also help glide the sandpaper. Hopefully your next go over will do the trick, looking forward to seeing the progress
  8. So after painting the interior and endless amounts of sanding, I finally felt ready to give paint a try... Well... a few lessons were learned. Granted this was really my first attempt at trying to paint anything like this, it definitely turned out to be a good learning experience. First problem was that when I attempted to paint it was far too hot, it was around 95º F in the middle of summer and I was painting in my garage. This caused the paint to dry too quickly, leaving a slightly dusty look, which then caused me to over compensate on the thickness of layers that I was laying down. So after 3 coats I had lots of textured spots as well as sagging paint where I layed it on too heavy. So this round of painting was a no go. Back to endless sanding lol
  9. Worked the shoulder bell straps, using elastic and snaps. Glued on the shoulder plate side, snaps with snap plates on the bell side.
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  11. Welcome Dan! RS is my armour of choice and I highly recommend their kit.
  12. A couple more pics filtering through from the weekend...
  13. Thanks Glen. That’s really good to know. Didn’t realise that. The plan is to ultimately switch out this temporary hack for BlastFX once I get it repaired. The only switches in that will be the trigger, the Hengstler counter button, the selector switch and one more fitted under the mag release. Nothing you wouldn’t normally see on a screen-used E-11.
  14. That was a busy weekend for you. And I now have a lot of improvements to make on my armor prior to the next troop.
  15. Should be very helpful for our new builders
  16. I've done on a few occasions I have also used the electronics out of cheap toy blasters, they may not be as accurate but allows you to have some basic sound and lights at a low cost. Just note if you are applying for higher levels you have to make sure additions can't be seen, like switches, I had to remove one, fill the hole, sand and paint for my L3 application
  17. 10 troops complete! Requesting my first trooping badge Thanks!
  18. Looking awesome trooper. Looks like someone is in line for a trooping award, post a link to your troop log in this thread and request your 10th trooping award
  19. 10. 2/4/2023 - Deafopia - Seattle Museum of Flight An event put on to support local business run by deaf owners and support the deaf community. Trying to recreate the famous head bonk exiting the command module Overall a fun, unique troop. Being in a crowded room with very little noise was a different perspective for me.
  20. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/113-advanced-tactics/ EIB and Centurion stuff is in here. You obsess over the CRL and photos required, then get someone to take said photos whilst you repeatedly refer to the photo sheets and yell at them for not noticing your shoulder bells weren't quite aligned. But seriously, to me, it's really satisfying having armor that's as accurate as it can possibly be. Not at all a requirement, just a fun thing for those of us wired that way.
  21. Ouch yeah my progressive lens aren't to great!
  22. Very nice, just watch what images you use as close up's, especially for higher level approval OR do a little more sanding, a few areas 3D print lines can still be seen For L2 EIB 3-D printed blasters can not contain visible print lines, and must be sanded smooth for a more realistic appearance.
  23. Hello and welcome aboard, Imgur is what I use and don't have any issues. I think post of has have the were to start/panic after we have opened our BBB's, not to fear as soon as you start trimming your first piece you will realise it's really not that hard to do. Make sure you do your research, you will find just about everything you would want to know in this thread When in doubt we also have the gallery sections full of references https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/category/24-anh-tk-reference/ Good luck and hope to see a build thread from you soon.
  24. 2023 73. Aliso Niguel Winter Formal - Irvine, CA - Sat. 2/4/23 (ANH-S TK #46, FTE #55) @Gh0stxxiv, @TattooedStormtrooper, @Starkiller, @Dsposato0 and I had a blast providing extra security for this Star Wars-themed high school winter formal dance in our community this weekend!
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