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  3. I should clarify, I mean more my own personal pressure to get it right and follow the guidelines. Sorry for any confusion
  4. Having someone knowledgeable around can definitely help your build progress
  5. 13th troop representing Erskine Veterans Charity at the annual motorbike meet. Great day for it the weather was splendid. Lottsa high fives, fist bumps and happy faces all around
  6. I can now see the end of the tunnel! Yesterday afternoon, I spent a few hours with a member who lives nearby sanding, chit chatting, and ultimately fitting the forearms and biceps. All of this is going to keep me busy until the other member and I meet up again. Time to paint the thermal detonator tube, assemble it and work on the forearm and bicep cover strips
  7. Exactly! That's what's been intimidating for me to work more on my TK Kit. I feel there's a lot of pressure to make any cut or glue as it isn't able to be undone. When I got it I laid everything out and got super overwhelmed. I did however get the motivation yesterday to finish the assembly/glue together a bicep piece! So yay! Small victory! It was also a used kit so it's partially assembled already so I had to figure out where in the proccess it is to being completed. Luckily I have two things going for me that can help. 1) The forums here have a LOT of information. I used that one extensive Anovos assembly guide to help with the bicep yesterday. 2) I have someone from my garrison coming this coming Saturday to help get me started and guide me on what to do!
  8. I know right? The resemblance is uncanny. Bart
  9. Yesterday
  10. Troop 27, another baseball game… and my first wedding. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. To stop twisting and movement up you can add either velcro or snaps to the top of the front of the boots and also the inside of the shins, works well for most. Also adding some foam behind the sniper plate can help push it forwards away from the thigh.
  12. ^^ this ^^ That is a hurtle to get over for sure. How can it not be for most? I mean you are going to have to meet a standard and are going to be held to a standard whenever trooping. That's a lot at the beginning and finding the right members to coach you along is one way through that. Bart
  13. So being relatively new to the 501st, I though I'd share my thoughts. I first remember meeting the 501st at a Charlotte Checkers Game in 2014. Here's some picture of little me at that event: Finding out about them, I always thought it was super cool what the group does with it's charity and community work. However, it was defiantly intimidating to join. It seemed like something that was a "nice thought" but never something I'd be able to do. I was worried that my level of costuming wouldn't meet the standards (tbh I still worry about that). But with the resources on the different forums and the helpful people that are able to provide input, I was fortunate enough to figure out how to get in! Now that I'm in, it has opened my eyes to both the good and the bad behind the curtains. Majority has been good. I've meet some very nice and helpful people at my garrison. I've seen first hand what good my actions have on people and what joy it can bring them. Only bad is the legion politics and hearing about random drama happening. But that's bound to happen with like what, 15,000 people worldwide? It is a little bummer to hear when that stuff happens, but it's not a deal breaker for me. Like I said, there is majority good happening. I'm excited to continue being apart of this group for years to come!
  14. That looks like a super fun troop! And that Obi-Wan... wow, did he escape out of the movie? He's on point.
  15. Troop 2: Luseland reading at the library. Small town Saskatchewan. 27May23 I was much more relaxed for this one. This is the size of troop I thought my first troop would have been. I was generally comfortable in the armor but still taking note of a couple things to tweak. I still haven't got the bucket fitting just right yet with the glasses, but it is workable with just a bit of discomfort. The best solution, if I can ever do it without glasses, will be the hardhat suspension in there. This was a journey. Seven hours of driving in total and three hours of trooping. It made for a long day. The town has never had any kind of event like this before and despite a number of conflicting events in their area they were happy with the turn out they did get even if it did come up shy from their projections. They have ideas for next year to get more focus and participation perhaps teaming up with the local school as well. We had time to play around and the librarian wanted to get some fun shots to use locally and we were all happy to play along. I am not the selfie king but this was their theme. Two of the rebels travelled in from Saskatoon to team up with me and TK-55810 for this. That dude in the middle was cheating. The dice never rolled my way. I'm jealous of TK-55810 who has somewhat mastered sitting. I was standing for three hours but am getting more used to it. I wasn't in agony by the end and the boots were feeling good. I'm in trouble. Wrong book section. This one was better... I guess. The kids were all pretty quiet. Their parents were more excited at times. They got to play a game and get entered for a draw the library was doing. She told us she took her kids to Star Wars in 1977 when they were teenagers and if they weren't in the fields seeding they would have been at this. This guy was the highlight of my day. The four of us were talking with the librarian when no one was in the building when the door opened behind us. He walked in the doorway to see four Star Wars characters all turn and look at him. His jaw dropped to the floor and pretty much stayed there. He brought along all his Lego that he and his dad built so, of course, we had to get this photo with his TIE fighter. He's grinning from ear to ear. So am I. When we were ready to leave they asked if we would mind also walking to the pool which was just a block away. So, yes, of course we will go watch the caged in younglings. Then they wanted us on the pool deck for more photos with the lifeguards and kids. Small town fun. We might not have signed on for a pool shift, but that water did look tempting after the day. Bart
  16. Thanks Joseph! I can absolutely remove the padding in the helmet to sit lower. I remember you saying this on my first Centurion app. However I will say that I didn’t not put very much in this time because I knew of the issue in the past, and from my costuming experience I believe I have a really long neck lol. My TD clips were from ukswrath, unmodified, but if needed I can adjust them. We’ll see what the DO’s say but thanks again for your comments. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. I use Velcro on the front inside. I glued the soft pc. to the boot and the other strip on my inside cover strip. I just set it in the right spot when I put on the shins. Never moves and allows ankle pivot for walking/stairs. Hope this helps Trooper
  18. can anyone give me some help or advice on my shin/calf armour. my left knee with the sniper plate keeps fouling my calf and also keeps twisting around. Thanks
  19. Looking sharp, Dan! Seriously GREAT job on this build, brother.. always a pleasure seeing someone who has gone above and beyond with tons of details. Well done! If I could offer up a suggestion (not a big deal, btw) it would be: Your bucket seems to be riding a bit high, and I think padding may be the issue. If you can see clearly, no biggie, but if you find yourself tilting your helmet forward to see better you may want to either remove or reduce the padding in the top. I had this issue, so now I only have pads on the sides/rear so that it sits much lower and my bucket moves when I turn my head. Note how the bottom of the helmets sit lower and cover the neck opening in front. Just a heads-up here.. the D.O.s may ask you to raise your TD and bring it in closer. Ideally the top of the cannister should be lined up with the top of the canvas belt (see reference pics) and the top of the clips should be barely visible from the rear. The TD from your last submission (3rd pic below) looks great! Note how the bend in clips on the screen used TD (4th pic) don't even reach the height of the top of the cannister. Other than that, I think you have it nailed. Again, dynamite job in this armor, Dan, and I'm sure you will have that next approval soon!
  20. Troop #22 (139) Birthday Party Pittsford YMCA Pittsford, NY May 27, 2023
  21. Troop #21 (138) WNY Toy Show Bill Gray's Iceplex Henrietta, NY May 27, 2023
  22. Last week
  23. Name: Dan Quinn ID: TK-80419 Username: KaiserintheHood Garrison: Midwest Garrison Armor Maker: MTK TrooperBay Helmet Maker: MTK Trooperbay Blaster Maker: Hellhounds Height/Weight: 5 foot 11” 150 pounds Boot Maker: Crow Props Canvas Belt Supplier: Self made Neck Seal: Self made Hand Guard: Trooperbay Holster Maker: Darman props
  24. Oatey 30922 ABS Special Clear Cement, 16 oz, Milky White, 16 Fluid Ounces https://a.co/d/5TnNGgx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. I tried the loctite plastic bonder but it didn’t hold and just popped apart with minimal pressure. I’ve been testing more with the abs cement and it doesn’t seem solid enough with just putting a thin coating on one side. However a thin coating on both sides creates a great bond that I haven’t been able to pull apart and hasn’t melted the plastic. http:// Oatey 30922 ABS Special Clear Cement, 16 oz, Milky White, 16 Fluid Ounces https://a.co/d/5TnNGgx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Oh strange! Ok I’ll try that! Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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