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  3. This is a picture of the kit, 2 years after build. I was invited to Jordan for the Middle East premiere of Rise of Skywalker. This is where they filmed several scenes from the movie (Wadi Rum desert).
  4. Dave Conklin is a personal friend of mine. He has built many AM kits for the Empire City Garrison! I have an AM 2.0 and recently just purchased AM 4.5. He completely helped me build the 2.0, with Centurion accuracy, and even years later is still sending me little scraps and rivets for my newest build. The AM 4.5 comes pre-trimmed. Green lens, helmet decals, extra ABS. The only thing you will need to purchase are Boots, gloves, soft part of belt, and neck seal. Also, the needed tools for build and extra accessories (such as Testors paint or Split rivets).
  5. Congratulations, welcome to the Legion. You should also take a look at our EIB program for higher level approvals.
  6. Welcome! It's great that a Troop inspired you to join! While there is no "100% certified, 100% of the time" list, there's a large list of vendors here that have a very long and positive history with members here. While, on internet terms, its odd to stay away from Ebay/Amazon/Official Sites and go with individual people, it is certainly the way to go, as-long as they're "approved" here. While you can go with "non-vetted" vendors, do make sure to do the research. The issue with Non-Vetted vendors, is that there's a more likely chance of there to be issues when you order. Feel free to ask questions, check MoSc0ut's comment for the link about the vendors. There are no bad questions!
  7. Just returned from a third viewing and there's lots of fun stuff to be caught when watching the FOTK scenes very closely. There's a scene on Kijimi that is reversed, so the calf greeblies appear on the right leg. There are bendy cod pieces all over the place, a cracking thigh split as Poe et al escape the Star Destroyer, and then there is the case of the shortening TD end cap. As you can seen from the pic below the trooper on screen right has the standard width black end cap (approx. 1in/25mm), whereas trooper left as a much shorter end cap. It's all black so isn't a TFA TD. Given the TD cylinder is an insert it looks like they were prone to getting pushed further in to the holder. I spotted this issue a few times and it can also be seen in the 'Jedi Mind Trick' scene. Can't wait until late Match/early April for the 4K Ultra version. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Welcome. Research is the best as said before. The link in the first response is a list of the only vendors you should consider! Also: you should ask any questions regarding the kit you want to go with or about a buyer here on FISD. Everything a stormtrooper ever needs to know is here goodluck
  9. Looks excellent. Aiming high is definitely the way to go. I made that mistake of just aiming for basic and having to redo things that would've been easier from the get go. Keep up the great work!
  10. I would say you’ll need to shim the outer greave to create the required seam. Make sure the large greeblie fits well to determine final fit. The inner seam can overlap as you wish. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. Looks excellent, keep up the good work. Keep an eye on the gap between the thighs and the cod when actually putting your straps together. Its a bit too big in the pictures that you posted. Keep it up, it looks great!
  12. Ouch. Looks like he lost part of his blaster?
  13. Some more drilling...coming together. Comments please?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. A little more progress tonight. Happy MLK Day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Some progress over the last couple of weekends - finished the torso, constructed some suspenders, and attached 3" stretch fabric (with two snaps) for the thighs. The thighs straps will eventually attach to the belt via a snap or sewn loop, but for now it's velcro until I get a better handle on how I want my belt to sit, and how high I want my thighs. Not my actual undersuit, and sorry about the white legs! And I can get in and out of it, and (for now) the snaps are all behaving. Next up: shoulder bridges. It is kind of a momentous occasion because I am finally starting to strap all of this on my body! I can see the end of this project. Here are the suspenders with web belt, used to attach the thighs. Here are the thigh with snap attachment to the 3 inch stretch fabric. (Thanks to Dennis from Central California Garrison, and Sha Sha from Golden Gate Garrison for this tip.)
  16. Thanks for the feedback troopers! I received my bucket today! Lightweight, standard TFA variant. Buckets on
  17. Owch. Unfortunate footing right into that divet. Another example to the 'Why the GE/FO Needs safety rails"
  18. Okay maybe I should have posted a picture of what I was asking earlier. Just to confirm, is overlaps on both sides accepted, or is it only on the inside.
  19. Ouch. I felt that. Looks like it’s time for some bodywork and paint. Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  20. Yesterday
  21. Thanks for the advice. I'll check the belt height when he's wearing the armor and work on the height at the front. Have been painting boots tonight. I think the tabs on the back will get cut off.
  22. The ‘tab’ you have is your inner shin/calf area for the velcro. There doesn’t seem to be much room on the outer side to do very much of an overlap. Check your clip greeblie to make sure you have enough room to apply it. The indentions as-is are almost the same size as the clip greeblie. I believe from the research I’ve done on these that the outer seam is meant to be fitted as a butt seam with a strip inside to glue each piece to. The other thing I’ve found is that if you use the formed trim lines, it seems that once you put the shin and calf together the spat doesn’t go around them. I wanted to leave the top part where it was and trim around the ankle to help the spat fit, but I have yet to have time to play with it all. The spat needs almost all of its return edge removed. If anyone else had better information or some tips, please chime in. Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  23. Cool, yeah I only thought overlap could be used for the inside of the shin, I didn't know it could be for the outside of the shin as well
  24. I prefer the overlap look, I used enough overlap for a piece of Velcro to run along. Coming along nicely
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