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  1. Joseph do you want to contact Dave to get an update from him regarding everything he's making or commission building? If not I can do it
  2. I second that. I do a lot of business with Dave, he's a great guy.
  3. Try Shawn over at Crookknight's Imperial Trooper Packs https://www.facebook.com/groups/Crookknight
  4. Colin you're an armor building machine, congrats brother
  5. I had the same issue a few years ago. I think I demoed 1/2 a dozen bluetooth devices, all had the same result. Like you said it's not a huge deal once you get used to it.
  6. And here's a WTF build, go to page two about 3/4 down on the page
  7. That's funny Some here may recall after Anovos lost their license roughly 30+ kits that were sitting in a warehouse in China (Anovos owed a huge debt to and couldn't pay, shocker) all of a sudden were up for sale by a 3rd party. I found out who that 3rd party was and politely gave them a little flack because of the folks who were losing their arse. The armor sales and the individual all but disappeared. From time to time a kit shows up out of nowhere. Is it one of the 30+, or a older Alpha/Beta kit someone had sitting in their garage? Who knows If Anovos began producing armor again it will be a cold day in hell. I better keep a jacket around just in caser I have to eat my words That said, someone has the SW armor manufacturing hardware, somewhere.
  8. I'm pretty certain that was the statue, I don't recall armor ever being available through any mouse locations, only the helmets and some soft costumes.
  9. Wow this is awesome Richard
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