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  1. What makes me furious more than anything is so many people that signed up were turned down. Some just wanted the opportunity to be apart of something great. The 501st is a NON PROFIT organization. The members of this organization that were given this opportunity should be grateful, in addition they're paid $500 a day. As much as this bothers me I also realize a lot of people are struggling financially these days. Maybe, just maybe, it was for a good reason.
  2. Glad to hear you finally received a kit Jonah. There's a lot of knowledgeable folks here so you should have plenty of help along the way. Looking forward to your build.
  3. Velcro or tape will work though 3M industrial velcro seems to work best. Tape tends to pull off when there's too much humidity.
  4. Glen you are an extremely valuable asset to this detachment.
  5. Glad the build thread has helped, and you like the electronic goodies . Thanks for the support.
  6. Great question. Glues like plastic weld (Devcon or equivalent) help to prevent flexibility at the seams which will cause paint cracking.
  7. Hey Daryl run the bell support brackets as deep as they'll go. Once you apply the glue ensure the small tabs are glued as well. The small tabs are there to help give the area that's cracking more support.
  8. With a splitter, a headset should work just fine however, because of close proximity of all the components and the need to reduce feedback issues the omni mic that is supplied is best suited for the system. Lastly if you were thinking of going wireless be aware a couple millisecond delay when speaking to transmission is normal. Some folks are ok with it, it drives me nuts. Hope this helps
  9. Looking awesome, keep up the great work
  10. Looking forward to how your set up works, and as always thanks for the support.
  11. Don't fret trooper. There are so many folks here and ready to help. You can do it.
  12. Wow thank you very much. I'm delighted it has helped so many. Troopers Helping Troopers
  13. I have some, not the greatest of quality but better than nothing I guess.
  14. Looking good Steve, very sorry to hear about your family member.
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