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  1. Ripper_L

    cardboard trooper

  2. Ripper_L


  3. Ripper_L

    Trooper Images

    pictures of complete TLJ troopers at premiere or behind the scenes.
  4. Ripper_L


    screen captures from TLJ
  5. Ripper_L

    A Friend Can’t Create a New Account

    Did he try to explicitly put "whitearmor.net" on the whitelist? If so, I can send the confirmation mail again. In case that doesn't help, please PM me his username..
  6. Ripper_L

    First time builder - WTFs ESB

    At least the staffers use the "Activity" feature a lot, so they see your thread better the more active you are.
  7. Ripper_L

    First time builder - WTFs ESB

    the shape is not too bad. How flexible is the back of those shins? It might close well enough as soon as the elastics and hooks are glued in. If so, you don't need a hot water bath. As @TheSwede mentioned, I'm your man if you wanna move that thread
  8. Ripper_L


    done, thanks for the heads up!
  9. Ripper_L

    ANH Paint colour guide

    What is the translation into Revell colors?
  10. Ripper_L

    Is the following armor accepted

    Someone in a facebook group posted what he got after ordering from rebatesesg.com Here is a picture: So be aware and don't order unless you want a cheap costume for your kids.
  11. Ripper_L

    Trooper Spreadsheet?

    Ehm .... not sure about what's written there about holsters.... ANH holster straps can be either black or tain in color. Stunt has two fasteners, hero four. Anyway great spreadsheet! We can improve this a little more and once it's perfect we should make a downloadable PDF file out of it.
  12. Ripper_L

    WIP Stormtrooper Hero

    This looks impressive. As Greg said, the shins should be open. Pepakura is a lot of work, I suggest you use epoxy resin on the surface. Put thin layers of it on the paper, one after another until you have a hard and durable material. After that you will still need to sand the surface until it's smooth and round instead of poligonal. This will take a lot of time and you might use some more layers of epoxy resin or filler. In the end I recommend you to get the whole armor painted or if you have the skills, paint it on your own. looking forward to this build!
  13. Ripper_L

    Supply list for your TK build....

    This is amazing! Great work and thank you so much. If you don't mind, I'll add this to the very first post.
  14. Ripper_L

    SupRsloth's Troop Log

    Trooping at it's finest! Just recognized, that this thread is in the FireTeam section instead of Field Training Exercises. I'll move it for you btw, you're looking great in your armor, @SupRsloth !
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