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  1. Dan, you are a legend! :) Thanks for the 3k+ helpful posts you've done!
  2. There's no specific criteria we follow. But this thread here is definitely worth pinning! Thanks a lot for the hard work!
  3. Hey @matthewjblack , I've moved the topic to "The Foundry", where it fits much better and pinned it, so it get's the attention it deserves! Definitely some neat piece of history of the StarWars costuming fandom.
  4. In some of the scenes 501st members with their own armor were present on set. They were mostly used in the background. For the close-up and stunt shots it looks like Rogue One armor to me. btw this subforum is ment to be for technical support, I will move the thread to the correct place. ;)
  5. weird. It works fine for me :/ I can send it to you via mail, if you wish.
  6. might work on the pc instead of a mobile device with tapatalk.
  7. "501st Legion" also vanishes if you reduce the screen even more. If it's too small, the toolbar switches to mobile version. Only way I see is to move it over to the left, maybe between "New Posts" and "Pages" (?)
  8. you can sew a patch on there to cover the wrong prefix.
  9. Hi Jimmy! I'm still a student, too. No worries about being too young, there are younger members within our ranks! I also started with a stormtrooper and I would never regret it. Especially if you're a little technically gifted it should be no problem to build your stormtrooper. If not, you can still buy an assembled set of armor from one of the armor makers, but this might cost you a lot more money. As stated before research is most important, check out the getting started section and consider which armor maker suits you most.
  10. Welcome to the FISD! Feel encouraged to give it another try.
  11. Hi there! It's finally time for me to build my a femtrooper armor. I'm doing this for my beautiful girlfriend, @Vicky_Velocipanda. She recieved the BBB yesterday (nov. 16th) and we started right off with trimming and assembling the helmet. Here's the progress so far. Unpacking the BBB... trimming the ears... trimming the rest of the helmet... and assembling it: We will trim the eyes and teeth later today and document it. Afterwards I started trimming the backplate and then... well just went on. So this is what we've roughly trimmed now: Vicky will modify these boots to fit the CRL. The next step is trimming the legs and arms. Is my assumption correct, that we're supposed to use the butt joint method here with an inverted coverstripe? (on the inside instead of outside) Or shall we use the overlap method? p.s.: this thread will be pic heavy.
  12. the helmet looks like it is done by a member of skull garrison. you might have more luck over there: https://www.skullgarrison.com/
  13. sorry for drifting away from the topic. I've hidden the discussion and will talk to phil via PM new wires for the speaker should be easy to get at low or no cost.
  14. mine is already done. I'm trooping with it since a couple of years
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