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  1. Hi there! It's finally time for me to build my a femtrooper armor. I'm doing this for my beautiful girlfriend, @Vicky_Velocipanda. She recieved the BBB yesterday (nov. 16th) and we started right off with trimming and assembling the helmet. Here's the progress so far. Unpacking the BBB... trimming the ears... trimming the rest of the helmet... and assembling it: We will trim the eyes and teeth later today and document it. Afterwards I started trimming the backplate and then... well just went on. So this is what we've roughly trimmed now: Vicky will modify these boots to fit the CRL. The next step is trimming the legs and arms. Is my assumption correct, that we're supposed to use the butt joint method here with an inverted coverstripe? (on the inside instead of outside) Or shall we use the overlap method? p.s.: this thread will be pic heavy.
  2. the helmet looks like it is done by a member of skull garrison. you might have more luck over there: https://www.skullgarrison.com/
  3. sorry for drifting away from the topic. I've hidden the discussion and will talk to phil via PM new wires for the speaker should be easy to get at low or no cost.
  4. mine is already done. I'm trooping with it since a couple of years
  5. I can remember Paul (Troopermaster) said that this shape is actually the more accurate one: But unfortunately I don't know anything about the size. I can measure the size on my Anovos and on my CAP-W for comparison if you'd like.
  6. I will take care of that and move the thread into the right subforum Great choice on the RS kit! it's probably the most accurate option on the market. Looking forward to see more. I also recommend to have look on the build threads Matthew provided!
  7. they work perfectly fine and I'm happy to have tony's speakers in my helmet aswell. But for crowded events where I need a loud voice, I still use the good old Aker MR1505
  8. looking forward to more of that! I got the very same blaster and very same conversion kit Using the blaster especially for events with kids. You can give it away for a photo and don't have to care too much if they drop it. Great to see these conversions are still happening!
  9. This is a picture from a screen used belt. You can see how the elastic strap was cut and glued to the belt for perfect alignment
  10. You can iron the chest plate to get a new return edge after cutting it. Not sure how this type of iron is called, but in germany it's used for plastic foil. I know several members who did that quite successful
  11. Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen! Du hast den kleinen deutschsprachigen Teil hier im Forum gefunden. Wie Joseph schon empfohlen hat, solltest du deinen Status updaten lassen. Danach hast du Zugang zu "internen" Forenbereichen, in denen es z.B. auch Merchandise gibt. Falls du irgendwelche Fragen hast, schieß einfach los! Hier findet man Antworten auf fast alles. Liebe Grüße aus Nürnberg, Danny
  12. I once tried to make a mold for vacuum pulling a helmet myself. Together with a friend I worked weeks on that mold and it would never be perfect. It will be the same with your helmet. You need to find the level on which you're satisfied. It's impossible to get it perfectly done like an original one. So make it as good as it pleases you, nothing more. Hope that helps
  13. Well... there is an original one for sale right now https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-Ordnance-Optics-4x18-Scope-Hollywood-CA-Oswald-Kennedy-JFK/163621579726?hash=item26189b2bce:g:b4sAAOSw6lJbT3l1&frcectupt=true 600$
  14. I've moved this to the E-11 Discussion section as it doesn't really fit into "technical support"
  15. Ripper_L


    I will move this thread to the NCO-Club / Off Topic section as it doesn't really fit into technical support
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