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  1. Hi Nick, and welcome to the FISD :-) I was in your place a year ago and I just want to say that building your own armor is a ton of fun and if you purchase a ready to wear kit you will miss out on this. ANYONE can build a stormtrooper if they want to. This forum is stuffed with tons of helpful tutorials, and should you decide to start a build thread you are like 99% guaranted to get a qualified response within 24h from one of our staff members on any questions you might have. Know that building a stormtrooper yourself can't be done in 1 weekend or 2. It will take weeks if not months, but it will be very rewarding. So the question weather one builds their own kit or purchases a finished one should not be answered by what you think you can do but rather it's about how much time you can/are willing to invest in such a project. With that being said, RS propmasters are on the vetted makers list which means they make great armor and should you buy anything from them I am sure you will be pleased with the quality of their armor. I have never heard of OriginalStormtrooper.com, but I'm sure someone else has.
  2. Absolutely amazing design Greg I too have an idea on possible alterations. Could one replace the "XV" on the front with a white EIB DLT-19? The laurels would have to be moved a bit i guess. That way the imperial cog, the DLT-19 and the laurels are all featured on the front which means we can lose them in the back to make space for a big raised golden "XV" in the center of the back side much like the X shown in the picture Justin posted. I wouldn't want to add gold to the front side as this would disturb the nice blue and red play of colours. Then this coin would be set up just like most real coins - a big head in the center of one side, a number on the other.
  3. I wasn't really happy with the speakers from Tony, so I disassembled my old overear headphones and put these into the helmet instead, to get the perfect SHA experience. The SHA itself and everything else I got from Tony works perfectly well, just the speakers aren't really great.
  4. Jakob Mühlbauer 61199 Centurion DIN A4 TKSpartan https://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/61199-centurion.png
  5. Jakob Mühlbauer 61199 EIB DIN A4 TKSpartan https://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/61199-eib.png
  6. So happy to have made it into the first five hundred centurions of the five hundred-first I'll do some more tweaking on those drop-boxes :-)
  7. Here are some threads that are worth mentioning, I think This Index is really an astonishing collection of great treads, many thanks to all the contributors
  8. Recieved the new cloth belt and reassembled the belt yesterday The last picture ended up a little sloppy, my right biceps came of and the TD isn't sitting straight
  9. And here comes the finished box, fits everything including helmet and blaster Certainly not a piece of art, but it does it's job
  10. V tabs added on the sides Shoulder bridges shortened Neck region tidyed up 1 belt to go
  11. My canvas and ABS belt are connected with rivets. So when I gave the ABS belt a water bath, the canvas got wet as well. Of course I could have removed the rivets, but I don't have any spares and they are hard to come by during lockdown -.- Anyways, I already got an answer from Ross, he's got me covered and he'll also sent me some new rivets
  12. Dammit, I never should have given that belt a hot water bath -.- What good are bent sides, when you have replace the main thing xd I contacted Ross about a new belt and the accompanying rivets/snaps, let's hope he can help me out quickly. The other fixes will be easy to handle, but the wait time for a new belt is a bummer. I added the missing pictures to my original post^^
  13. Name = Yacorp / Jakob Mühlbauer Armor Maker = RWA Helmet Maker = RWA Blaster Maker = Imperial Warfighters Height = 175 cm Weight = approximately 70 kg Boots Maker = Imperial Boots Canvas Belt Maker = RWA Gloves and Hand Guards = trooperbay Electronics = Ukswrath + StrmTRPR85 Neck Seal Maker = RWA Holster Maker = RWA Garrison = German Garrison Link to my EIB application: This is it - almost a year has passed since I first came to the FISD beginning my TK journey, and now my armor may face it's final precise observation/control. Since achieving EI status I've made the following changes to my armor: - Side Traps repainted - Ear screws repainted - Shoulders brought closer to body - Used hot water bath to bend ABS belt around my body - enlarged corners of the ABS belt to make up for the shrunken cloth belt - brought drop boxes down - bent TD to make controls more visible - shortened strapping between ab, kidney and butt plates - installed ABS on the inside of the butt to prevent trooper butt (can be seen in EIB application thread) - further trimmed cod and butt area - Shins: no real change here, just wearing them a little lower now Edit: I just realised my helmet photos still show the old traps, here are the new ones: Also here are two pictures showing the interior of the knee ammo belt: Edit remaining pictures added:
  14. Me burnig things part 2: In the flame of a common candle carefully roast two pieces of leftover coverstrip material. When molten use a metal staff to form out a nodge in the middle. The plastic will take on the desired burnt black color around the nodge and will require no further painting. Glue to butt for 24 hours. This should stop the trooper butt problem. I also thightened the strapping between the butt, ab and kidney plates to decrease the gaps.
  15. Brilliant idea to solve the trooper butt problem! I will do this right now And your transport box is a work of art, I'm gonna have to take a closer look at the tutorial tonight
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