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  1. I've now applyed with the garrison, and ordered some fans from StrmTRPR85. Next up will be getting a transport bin for the whole thing and turning towards the helmet interior. For coating the helmet I've now settled to use Plasti-dip.
  2. Thanks for the hints. I've brought the forearms down a bit, and the right thigh up a little, and now I'll see how approval goes.
  3. I think i'm ready for a full check-up and can start thinking about a TK-ID :-) INFORMATION: 1. First/last name Jakob Mühlbauer 2. Future Garrison/Squad/Outpost or local area German Garrison, Custodes Euroi Squad 3. Armor maker RWA 4. Helmet maker RWA 5. Cloth belt maker RWA 6. Neck seal maker RWA 7. Boot maker Imperial Boots 8. Height 175 cm 9. weight 70 kg 10. TK type ANH Stunt 11. Name(s) of any Trooper(s) who significantly helped with your build Cableguy, gmrhodes13, TKSpartan, thank you for your guidance on the FISD, always supporting me with my build thread!
  4. I'll look into the EVA sheets. I might use these and velcro on top where needed. Today put everything together for the very first time. Been able to put everything on by myself, exept for the second arm I just noticed that my right glove slipped on some of the pictures. My hands feel pretty empty, I just don't know where to put them. I feel like i'm missing something I think it's time for doopydoo's to get their act together any finally get back to making some blasters.
  5. Great to hear guys! For the helmet interior im planning to coat it with black velcro entirely. This will give me the common advantage of people not really seeing my face through the lenses and from down below, along with maximum flexibility where to place my tech. So there is two ways to got about this a) Line the helmet with hook velcro, directely attach the padding to the hook velcro, and put loop velcro on the fans and voice amp. Here i'm worryied about the scratchy nature of the hook velcro, especially when putting the helmet on and of. b) Line the helmet with loop velcro, and put hook velrco on padding&tech. Here i'm unsure if self adhesiv velcro will actually attach to the padding. I'm looking a the kind of padding that Cableguy and many others use. Which of these do you think would be the smarter option?
  6. Glen, Mario, thanks for clearing this up for me. I opted to try to get the left biceps to the same height as the right one, before I turn to the forearms. We'll see how it goes. Here is a picture of my very primitiv, but for now finished helmet interior: I also went with increasing the eye socket a tiny bit: My next try with the sniper knee is now done as well: The side shown in the last picture doesn't look good and will probably need to be redone, but are the middle and the other side ok?
  7. Thanks, I'll do a visibility check once I've cleaned my lenses :-)
  8. I don't quite understand what you want me to do with my forearms. Bring the up or down? Or twist? For the shoulder bridges i'll just move the elastic loops downwards, so the will actually hold the rear part of the shoulder bridges. The chin strap is only temporary, I'll imensly improve the helmet interior with some tech and proper padding over the course of the next months, but I haven't even ordered most of the parts for this.
  9. Lid finished!!! I'll clean it and add a chinstrap tomorrow. For the sniperknee the sides are now glueing, we'll see how that turns out. Here's some pics showing the newly positioned arms:
  10. Thank you all for your input on my armor! So I fired up the dremelonce more on took care of the knee ammo: Check I guess. Also check on the TD, the end cap was just coming off on the picture. When properly attached there is no gap between the TD clip and the end cap. The tube stripes turned out pretty wonky, but look much better than before. I've moved up the both bicepses and brought the left shoulder bell closer to the body, I'll get pictures of this once the gluue has dried. Lastly I ripped off the sniper knee and started over. I grinded down even more of the top end of the coverstrip, and gave the knee plate a hot water treatment. Then glued it back on but just the middle part. I'll leave this for 24h and then see if I can get the sides to allign. In the middle the gap between the coverstrip and the lower end of the knee plate is now down to 3mm. Not great, but definitely an improvement. Pushing the kneeplate any closer will once again ruin any chances to get the sides alligned. In the reference pictures Mario has provided there is some gap as well, so I hope this is gonna be ok? Aside from kneeplate issues, what can you recommend for me to get the left shin to sit properly? I feel like it sits to low on the pictures in my previous post.
  11. I don't feel confident enough to paint the stripes freehand, but your results with the toothpick are most impressive. When/if i order new templates I will try to apply your technique and do it without painting white underneath the blue. We will see how my fix of the tube stripes turns out, but to be honest I don't think it will be fully satisfying. Will finish up the thigh ammo belt tomorrow as it requires dayllight to properly see what I should be grinding of. For the helmet I've now magically moved the lower ear screw and completed the hovi mics. Apart from the helmet the kit is now complete. (The tiny elastic to hold down the shoulder bridges is still glueing) Being able to put on the entire armor alone still seems like witchcraft for me, but I'm getting better with the individual pieces. Now for the first time I actually brought all the parts together (with proper strapping). So lets have a look. Diagnose: 1. Shoulder bells are to far away from body parts. 2. Right thigh hanging lower then the left one. 3. Left shin to low, and not really alligning as well. ... Cure: 1. Move the sew on snaps outward on the black elastic - easy 2. Move the rigth thigh up? Or the left one down? 3? I'm sure with all your expertise and eagle eyes you folks will spot some more places that require special care. I'm open for any and all suggestions :-)
  12. I grinded of the top of the knee ammo, I didn't wanna risk taking of to much so i took it slow. Can easily take of more if necessary.
  13. I just peeled of the templates and look now nice thos tears turned out...., traps are easily fixable, but my gods what is that?! The tube stripes did not go well at all. I think I might have used to much white paint beneath the blue. At least this makes the removal of the front 4 stripes easier.
  14. I shall quickly take care of the knee ammo belt tomorrow. Those tube stripes are a dam problem though. Of course I got these mixed up, I wish I had seen your thread sooner! Do you think it might work to reuse the templates? Or would that just make a mess of things? Sure I could order new ones, but I only have a couple of days left until university starts and then I'll be far away from my workshop and armor for a while.
  15. Helmet all painted now, i'm curious what i'll see once the templates are off. I haven't messed with the lower ear screw yet. I had planned to attach the lense to the top screws like Ross does in his video, but realised that it is clearely to short to reach them. Now I'll have to see if I can get some sugru tomorrow. My new plan would be to cut out the individual lenses using a heavy duty razor knife and then attach them using sugru as Joseph suggests. The mic mesh is obviously still missing, as is padding. The rest of the armor is almost done now, my arms have strapping, and love how nicely the forearm can be stored within the upper arm. For the thighs, I painted the rivets white, und increased the curves on the thigh ammo belt. Also the ABS treatement has closed the gaps.
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