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  1. New Recruits Getting Started - Read this First! Where, What and Whom To Avoid When Buying gmrhodes13 Supply list for your OT TK build.... gmrhodes13 The various types of armor and where to find them 61 pages complete gmrhodes13 This section now finished not to be touched not done yet in progress completed authors to correct (Command Staff) (Extended Staff) Communications Center Announcements - Looks to be complete Forum Help & Support - Complete New Recruits Getting Started - Read this First! FISD Guidelines - Glen 501st and Detachment Access Requests New Member Introductions Newly Approved Members - Sound Off! Enlisted Barracks Off Topic Field Training Exercises 501st & Detachment Members 501st General Discussion 501st For Sale/Trade Detachment Only - General Discussion - Election Archives - not to be touched - Poll Archives NA - not to be touched Detachment Merchandise - Trading Cards Events Fire Team Area Advanced Tactics TK Pre-Approvals - TK Pre-Approval Questions & Discussion - Request TK Pre-Approval - Glen Expert Infantryman Program - FISD Expert Infantryman Badge (EIB Requirements - Request Expert Infantryman Status - not to be touched FISD Centurion Program - FISD Centurion Requirements - Request Centurion Status - not to be touched FISD Master Armorer Program The Replica Section Imperial Commissary For Sale/Trade (Personal Items Only) - For Sale - Archive Ongoing Sales & Project Runs eBay Armor Armory Hard Armor (General Discussion) Assembly, Mods, and Painting - Tutorials, Tips and HOWTOs - Templates and Blueprints Boots, Soft Parts, and other Accessories Electronics for Helmets / Blasters 3D Parts and Technical - 3D File Depository - 3D Printer owners - 3D CAD Designers and Tinkerers FISD 3D Contributor Program The Foundry - Armor and Prop Making Costuming And Builds Original Trilogy (501st Approved) Archive area setup by Andrew for costume build threads https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/241-build-threads-requireing-maintenance/ - Authors to correct here or archive Rogue One - Rogue One Build Threads ANH (Stunt and Hero) - ANH Build Threads ESB Stormtrooper - ESB Build Threads ROTJ Stormtrooper - ROTJ Build Threads First Order Battle Group Costuming and Builds First Order (501st Approved) - TFA Stormtrooper > TFA Build Threads > Garrison Titan FOTK Build Area - TLJ Stormtrooper > TLJ Build Threads - TROS Stormtrooper > Rise of Skywalker Build Threads - Captain Phasma - TFA and TLJ > Captain Phasma Build Threads - Captain Cardinal > Captain Cardinal Build Threads - Commander Pyre > Commander Pyre Build Threads CRL's and check lists Quick access Weapons of the First Order Quick find resources Gallery & Research Costuming and Builds - EU (501st Approved) Heavy Weapons Trooper - HWT Build Threads Stormtrooper Commander - TKC Build Threads Incinerator Trooper - INC Build Threads Sky Trooper - SKY Build Threads Death Trooper - Death Trooper Build Threads Battlefront DICE Shocktrooper Star Wars Rebels - Rebels TK Build Threads Concept Armor - MQ Build Threads Legacy Stormtrooper (Joker Squad) - CRL and reference threads need photos updating - Legacy Stormtrooper Build Threads Weapons Locker General Weapons Discussion BlasTech E11 - ANH BlasTech E11 to check, some images still missing - ESB BlasTech E11 - ROTJ BlasTech E11 - TKC BlasTech E11 - R1 BlasTech E11 BlasTech SE-14R BlasTech DLT-19 MiniMag PTL Missile Launcher, T-21, RT-97C (MG-15) BlasTech DC-15A and DC-15S TK Lightsabers Flamethrower (Plasma Rifle) Recon (non TK 501st approved) Kasyyyk Stormtrooper The Force Unleashed Stormtrooper Other 501st Costumes Other Non-Approved Star Wars Costumes Non Star Wars Costuming Imperial Embassies /Danny Ayuda en español Unterstützung auf Deutsch Praesidium Italica 银河帝国中华大使馆 Section Française 日本語 Kiosk Русскоязычный форум Recasting Discussion Recasting Discussion ----------------------- Next section: New Recruits FISD Guidelines
  2. Tape will work well holding pieces in place while the glue is drying.
  3. AM or RT are best for the taller trooper, a few threads of info for you: Boots will a little more difficult for size 16, I would suggest trying to find a pair of Chelsea type boots and recolour white. You could also try Crowprops who do make to order, not sure if he goes up to 16 though https://crowprops.bigcartel.com/product/jhodpur-tk-white-short-boots
  4. New Recruits Getting Started - Read this First! Page 9 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 8 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 7 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 6 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 5 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 4 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 3 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 2 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 1 99% gmrhodes13 Remaining Where, What and Whom To Avoid When Buying The various types of armor and where to find them Supply list for your OT TK build....
  5. I use a lot of free online audio converters, a few will allow you to merge audio files, dropping the sound level on an additional file sounds great in the background. Here are a few: Merger and some other tools (if you go to the right of the first audio track you can also disable the cross fade) https://audio-joiner.com/ Increase/decrease volume https://mp3cut.net/change-volume Trim files https://audiotrimmer.com/ Reduce background noise https://audiodenoise.com/
  6. Nice work, thank you for the research, it should help others in the future.
  7. I find you really have to make sure pieces are securely glued before applying bondo/filler, any movement before applying bondo/filler with crack, I ahd one bad area and used some JB weld as it is sandable and has held up well.
  8. Very nice, came out great, I would suggest a coat or two of a sealer, would just protect the paint from any dust or grime build up. Looking forward to seeing your next project ( you are bound to get bitten by the building bug )
  9. A great review, it's just a shame it took so long to get to you, this could have been due to Covid19 but there were some grumbles about Hellhounds as to communication and long shipping times for some time with many thinking they were no longer supplying blasters. Just looking at your photos a few things that could be improved is the air holes in the resin, a few along the right side T tracks, there is also the mold lines on the handle, under and top of barrel and top of front sight, also a bit too much weathering on the sight, should match the rest of the blaster. In saying that all round it does look like a nice blaster, hope you get plenty of trooping out of it.
  10. You could check the 501st legion thread here https://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=28538&hilit=Chatter+background Some other links I've ran across may have something https://www.soundboard.com/sb/starwarsfx http://soundfxcenter.com/sound-effects/star-wars/0 http://www.galaxyfaraway.com/gfa/1998/12/star-wars-sounds-archive/comment-page-1/ Tie Fighter https://www.101soundboards.com/boards/10320-tie-fighter-sounds-star-wars Falcon https://www.101soundboards.com/search/ millenium falcon Speeder https://www.101soundboards.com/sounds/650409-speeder
  11. Looking good, you are a little close to the corners on the thigh ammo strip with the rivets though, won't be an issue for basic approval but could be mentioned at higher levels, always pays to check those reference images
  12. New Recruits Getting Started - Read this First! Page 14 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 13 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 12 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 11 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 10 Complete gmrhodes13
  13. Are you using the "direct link" option, that normally fixes any issue, you need the .jpg or .png extension link not the abbreviated link. On computer you can just right click on the image in Imgur then select copy then paste directly into your post and it should show up.
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