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  1. Final paint detail to the ears Making mesh piece for behind the teeth Mic tips painted and once dry mesh added Have most of the pieces for the TD so will start on that. Trial fit end caps, need a little heat Getting size right Going for the "game version" TD so cut a piece of poly pipe. Adding some tape to get sizing right Then trim Just adding some glue to the panel and then wait for screws to arrive then can fit the brackets I made earlier.
  2. Looking good, here are some references of the frown
  3. The Etsy blaster has a lot of print lines Praetorian blasters are nice, supply has been low of late but you would be happy with the purchase
  4. That is a very basic Rubies blaster which can be found in costume shops and Ebay ($20) ( as well as other places) Some garrisons will approve for basic but check with your GML (garrison membership liaison) If you have a look through some of the build threads many post information about where they have purchased their blasters
  5. When using Imgur for photos try using the "direct link" option
  6. You can also use screen and promo references for research
  7. Oh happy days, nothing better than a BBB, the absolute joy and excitement, then the sheer panic sets in When ever in doubt head to the gallery section, lots of great references there https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/ Looking forward to seeing the progress, good luck
  8. Measurements given in this document are intended to be approximate and generalized; not criteria for approval.
  9. Thats so last year (or 4 ago) , mine was better anyway
  10. Thats a lot of filling and sanding, good on you for sticking it out. I go for dinner prints these days as my hands can't do a lot of sanding, longer to print but a single pass of spray putty and good to go. With your research try to go off screen references above the CRL, they will be even more accurate. Keep up the good work.
  11. You could try to message @CrookKnight I know he did a build and offers other packs
  12. Nice work, the ribs are a little wide side though.
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