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  1. Great advice, even before you get to the primer stage. It's hard with armor that needs painting it's got to fit spot on, I ran in to the same issue with a clone commission build, had everything set to size (as we where similar) only to find the belt would not close on the recipient when trial fitted, man took some work to add in some extra but lesson learned with my FOTK build. These do take a lot more work than an OTTK but I'm sure you'll get there in the end, don't loose faith
  2. I purchased a Doopy Doos pipe build kit and added electronics to that, lots of room inside for batteries. You will also find the pipe build kit is also a lot lighter than the complete resin kit. You will have to order the hengstler counter separately though as it isn't included with the kit https://www.doopydoos.com/stormtrooper-e-11-detailing-part-hengstler-counter-box-1558-p.asp Kit https://www.doopydoos.com/stormtrooper-e-11-pipe-blaster-base-detailing-kit-2068-p.asp Can't help you with a US seller, although there have been some over the years I don't know of any current.
  3. It does look like a few of your lines are a little wobbly, around the teeth too, you may want to try to remove some of the excess with tooth picks, they work really well. Perhaps a little grey over some of the inside black lines too. Before adjusting ears to fit I would use magnets or even nuts and bolts to hold the side pieces together as they can change how they sit.
  4. You may want to take a direct front on photo as it appears a corner is over hanging on the larger ab plate top right.
  5. Around 5mm is fine for biceps, you can take off more if you need too. All the return edge on the bottom of shins can be removed, otherwise they will dig into the boots If you get stuck just check a few of the other WTF build threads, you'll normally find answers to most common questions in them
  6. Looking forward to the progress, oh btw armor assembly first and beer later, the other way around doesn't work very well
  7. Biceps sit a little lower than ANH also
  8. Not a specific version of TK I think it was presumed they where on both sides when the molds had been made. It was something I was looking at removing on my next set which I have waiting to build.
  9. Just don't make them too small, I have mine cut to the standard sized cover strips but I do have a lot of room left, I decided to add a little foam inside rather than making them too small as they may have not matched the rest of the armor. I would suggest adding some tape and trying all your arm pieces on at the same time to make sure everything looks consistent
  10. Hello and welcome aboard, good luck with your build, looking forward to seeing some photos
  11. Looking forward to the progress and photos, good luck
  12. Nice idea with the balloon, I use a piece of wire and make an oval at one end larger than the pipe and push in tight, great to see other ideas at work
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum looking forward to seeing your build progress, good luck.
  14. You'll be amazed how much more you can see just taking out those inner sections of the eyes. Definatley could do with a bit more paint on those teeth
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