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  1. Armory Boots, Soft Parts, and other Accessories Page 31 Completed - gmrhodes13 Page 30 Completed - gmrhodes13 Page 29 Completed - gmrhodes13
  2. Not sure if this thread may be of any help Or this one
  3. Recently I found some new to the market tape, it was called Frog tape (painters tape), it has a finer glue residue and seems to lay a lot smoother, doesn't allow as much bleed, may be something to look out for. I do find if you give a light coat of paint first that this will fill in any bleed areas, once dry you then go over with the grey. Appears you may just be touching the gums in a few places, you could use a toothpick or something similar or mineral spirits to rub off the extra paint, here are a few references, notice the gap between the grey and gums Here is an example from one of the EIB applications.
  4. For the the shorter trooper these are some great builds to follow https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/38416-crickets-rs-stunt-build-for-the-vertically-challenged/ https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/38842-fragarocks-rs-stunt-build-not-to-scale/ https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/42868-sha-shas-wtf-anh-stunt-build-complete/ Imperialboots do runs of TK boots Undersuit, sporting compression shirt and pants work well, normally can find them quite easily E-11 suppliers Neck seal Teresa Geeky Pink Don't forget to check out this thread for resources
  5. Great news, the wait will kill You know have time for researching, the All in One Resources thread can be a great help, also don't forget we have galleries full of reference images. Waiting for those BBB photos
  6. This has come out a treat great work. It may be the photo but appears your henglster might be on a slight angle.
  7. As I mentioned previously just look at the paint consistency, it have thickened over time an may need a little thinning. I have found I've had to add 2 coats at times, also make sure your first coat is completely dry before adding another coat, 24 hours is normally enough in warm weather.
  8. Also note when searching for the picatinny rail, between the holes they are angled cut, I've managed to find them on Aliexpress in the past.
  9. Armory Boots, Soft Parts, and other Accessories Page 34 Completed - gmrhodes13 Page 33 Completed - gmrhodes13 Page 32 Completed - gmrhodes13
  10. Armory Boots, Soft Parts, and other Accessories Page 37 Completed - gmrhodes13 Page 36 Completed - gmrhodes13 Page 35 Completed - gmrhodes13
  11. They do look a little rough to me but hopefully one of the @Deployment Officer Team will chime in. I would not build up the paint anymore it will just make it look worse. I wouldn't sand either as you will scratch the gloss finish of the plastic. I normally use rough automotive buffing compound to clean off any mistake paint or mineral turpentine which is a little more gentle than using thinners, which could also damage the plastic depending on what type of thinners you are using.
  12. Looks better but to me the paint appears very thick and a bit rough, normally it will go on quite thin and smooth, I normally have to apply a second coat, next time you use the paint perhaps add some thinners to it and see if you get a better result. Here's mine for comparison
  13. Armory Boots, Soft Parts, and other Accessories Page 40 Completed - gmrhodes13 Page 39 Completed - gmrhodes13 Page 38 Completed - gmrhodes13
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