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  1. I bought the first one I found at a local discount store, I think most are around the same size
  2. It's amazing the print quality you get from these resin printers.
  3. Looks like you have trimmed the rear angled ridges from the top back of your shins? Here's another 850 Reference
  4. Posting a build thread is the best way to get feedback on how your build is progressing, at most times someone can chime in if you have questions or if they notice something odd with your build Here's the link to our gallery area One other thing to look at is the various types of TK, with swapping out just a few pieces (and a helmet) you can transfor from ANH stunt to hero and also ESB, here is a sheet on the differences between them And don't forget to follow the CRL's (costume reference library) base legion requirements and higher requirements Expert Infantry and Centurion, much easier to build from the get go if you wish to apply to those levels at a later stage.
  5. There are no requirements on the material type in the CRL so they can be either, screen used had leather material
  6. A couple of threads on the subject It can look daunting at first but if you've delve into RC or any plastic model kit building you will be just fine. There are plenty of great builds and people ready to lend a hand, we also have gallery areas full of references and sizing. Many have DDD (AM) armor and are very happy with it.
  7. Looks like some of your image links aren't working, I'm only seeing one image
  8. If I could suggest a couple of things you could tweak for EI, (or disregard, after all I'm no DO). You could centralise your thighs at the knees, I had similar issues when using fabric gaskets, I finally ended up adding a stiffening piece of foam inside the gaskets which takes up the slack and keeps thighs and shins better aligned. Even a small block of foam on the outer sides of the thighs would pull them over. You can see on the rear image how the thighs pull the fabric gaskets to the insides. Not sure if you can reduce the circumference of your spats as there is an opening on the rear and you can see the grooves. I know the DO's have mentioned wrinkling around the shorts on an EI application previously. Also you could adjust forearm to glove spacing to match. I also noticed the angle of you posterior, front corners appear to be under the belt and pushing the belt upwards at the back
  9. Perhaps Alan Harris Alan Harris (born May 28, 1938 in Enfield, Middlesex, London, England; died January 25, 2020) was a British actor who played several roles in the Star Wars movies. Starting out as a model, Harris moved onto stage productions, and later motion pictures. For Star Wars, Harris' work was mainly behind the scenes; however, he has occasionally stepped in as an actor, notably portraying Bossk in The Empire Strikes Back. Harris has the rare distinction of appearing as different characters in all three films of the original Star Wars trilogy (as well as the first prequel, The Phantom Menace), as well as playing a Stormtrooper in all three films. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Alan_Harris
  10. Hello and welcome aboard, a great thread full of helpful links
  11. Seems to have the job. Just take care mixing coats of different paints I've seen some real horror stories when the paints have reacted with each other, you look to be safe
  12. Correct, you can go larger if required, many add to the rear to leave the front standard sized. It's entirely up to your GML what they consider approvable so best check with them before going too big. You'd be amazed how many threads there are looking for cover strip sizes but using the search function can help https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/search/?q=cover strips&quick=1 You can even find measurements in the RS photo gallery A helpful video on cutting cover strips
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