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  1. I have a playlist that's memorised, 5 phrases, with a "this is the way" in between each, I can cycle through from memory, one switch goes play next, the other switch stop or start, you can press switch multiple times to get to a phrase required or just let it run. Remote finger switches have elastic wrapped around so they stay in position. Remote switches are very small without the casings, can't find the exact picture this one is similar. The remote switch is just larger than a cr2032 battery.
  2. Hi Carrie you can't access the sales sections until you have a minimum of 5 posts on this forum. In regards to price, really what ever you can get for it, the armor has discoloured quite a lot, using some Ret0bright may help bring it back to the original color, no guarantees but it worked on my 10 year old helmet that yellowed on the cap. It could also be used for a Death (zombie) trooper as they get a lot of weathering. You could try advertising it though your local garrison, you can find them here I hope you have success with the sale
  3. Stormtroopers don't wear these types of caps so we won't be able to assist you
  4. Congratulations trooper and welcome to Expert Infantry and also the Expert Infantry Honor Gallery
  5. Aker amp with a static burst Icomm unit. If you wanted specific phrases you'd need an mp3 player and finger switches, I have finger.remote switches for my Mandalorian costume. https://voicebooster.com/products/icomm-imperial-communication-system Lots of TK.sound files out there https://www.soundboard.com/sb/stormtrooper_sounds
  6. Entirely up to your GML as they are the ones who approve or deny any legion costume or prop, BUT if you go by the CRL: E-11 Blaster Based on a real or replica Sterling sub-machine gun, scratch-built, or a modified commercial toy Stormtrooper blaster Note: a blaster is not required for base Legion approval
  7. Must be one of these (or similar, they came out in many different versions) Doopy Doo's used to do an upgrade kit to bring the blaster up to L2 specs, unfortunately no longer supplying them, they wouldn't make centurion L3 either You can check out my build here There are still options, printing some updated pieces or making from scratch, has been done before, you can actually find full files for the E-11 if needed.
  8. When it comes to the rear make sure you size with boots, socks and pants on, can make a huge difference, also think about the closure, if you use velcro that will make them a bit tighter
  9. Old trick with shoes was to stuff with crunched up wet newspaper, then leave to dry, this would expand the leather a little. Not sure if you could use the same method with a blaster and holser, wrap wet newspaper around the blaster, may work
  10. Bottom return edge remove, also many remove that tab, you don't want an armor bite down there, that's for sure
  11. Wearing inner cloth gloves make the rubber gloves nicer to wear. I go through a few pairs of inners at a troops, soaks up the sweat so it's nice to swap with a clean pair between breaks
  12. I have found scrap pieces of plastic or trimmed pop sticks (frozen icecream sticks) can save your thumbs if you have a lot of glue to remove. Clean up with a slightly damp rag, it's the friction that helps break the glue away
  13. New addition to the CRL's perhaps: Brow trim should not contain visible lines
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