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  1. gmrhodes13

    Anovos Fine Hovi Tip Mesh Removal

    I have 3 Dremel's (well knock off brands) each with a different tip, all plugged in ready for when I'm building, I don't like stopping to change the tips, just swap the Dremel it's quicker
  2. gmrhodes13

    First Ever Build - ROTJ Stormtrooper

    Not at all and please don't feel put off by this, we are a great group but are at times very passionate with this hobby and can go overboard. Clamps, rare earth magnets, painters tape, HOW MUCH, as much as you can get, seriously it depends how quickly you want to build, the more clamps etc the more you will get done, many use E6000 glue as it will come apart if you need to make changes, this glue takes at least 24hours to dry so the more clamps the better. Here's what I have but I do a few builds for others Also doubled that amount of magnets since that photo. Have a read through Joseph's thread, lots of great info there
  3. gmrhodes13

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Hello and welcome aboard
  4. Congratulations trooper and welcome to the ranks.
  5. gmrhodes13

    James Whitley level 1 - Anovos

    Looks like your shins are sitting very high on top of your ankles, can you bring them down more, this will give you more room at the knees. Compare with these.
  6. Legion web team are now working on a system which will allow the Legion's database to simply pull membership data from FISD and automatically update membership requests and affiliation. Hopefully this system will be in place before elections 2019 More information can be found in this post
  7. gmrhodes13

    First Ever Build - ROTJ Stormtrooper

    Yes it's frustrating for a lot of people, I haven't been around that long compared to a lot of others, I don't know if changes have been requested in the past, it annoys me when I'm building a costume then I go to a CRL and find I still have to research that costume further as some things in the CRL are either incomplete or missing correct info. As a GML I don't know every single costume CRL out there of by heart, but I do research them once a new one comes in for approval, I've never had a ROTJ TK so never looked into the CRL until recently when providing some feedback, hence some recent posts I have made asking for CRL updates, others also brought changes they would like to see earlier last year, which were discussed, referenced and pending updating. I did however look into the TKC last year as a recruit had brought up a few questions, I discussed this with our DL, he suggested I bring the discussion up on the forum, it went ahead, references were provided, it was discussed with staff and others approved with that version, text agreed upon and the CRL was updated. But even in that case there is a line of text which needs updating due to costume version restrictions and correct TD images still need uploading, this is pending. A similar situation happened with the ROTJ CRL, there was a discussion and updates need to be made, which are still pending. That's all it really takes, people have to notify staff if there is incorrect information in a CRL and provide references and ask for a discussion, I'm not saying this hasn't happened in the past, it may very well have and not been acted on for what ever reason. I have however found while researching some other TK variants that a lot of older threads here on the forums are missing a lot of images, what was once there as reference has been lost. I know recently requests went out for the sharing of some reference material from a member so it could be included in the gallery section but unfortunately this has not been acted on. I'm not saying this is the case in this instance but it's just an example, if references aren't there then much can be missed. BTW apologies Carson @Carson Zeller for Mark and I derailing your thread, but it has highlighted the fact that the CRL's are not always 100% accurate and research is invaluable with any costume Now moving along and good luck with your build Carson
  8. gmrhodes13

    TRamp contact

    That’s also the email listed on his 501st member page https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=16605
  9. gmrhodes13

    TRamp contact

    He should still receive the email though even if it is used for PayPal payments
  10. gmrhodes13

    TRamp contact

    His profile has an email listed: paul@pwhitrow.com
  11. gmrhodes13

    First Ever Build - ROTJ Stormtrooper

    Hey it’s not up to me I look after the newsletter, but those are also listed on the CRL update thread that I and others have been requesting changes, this has been ongoing since July and hopefully be remedied soon. I believe generic images have been used across CRL’s for sometime and a lot need updating, holster, TD and others.
  12. Link was passed on to me many years ago when I first started building, it's been my go to ever since , starwarshelmets.com
  13. Some info from Star Wars Helmets "For Return of the Jedi, Made 1981/82, the Lucasfilm needed a significant number of Stormtroopers for the Death Star and Endor scenes - far more than were left over from ESB (themselves hand-me-down's from ANH). They therefore produced 50 or so new Stormtrooper helmets and Armor sets, basing the design on effectively a "recast" of an earlier ANH/ESB helmet and armor. Because of this recasting process - the RotJ versions made in 1981/82 look significantly different from their ANH/ESB counterparts. The design was amended quite significantly by the prop makers in London from the ANH/ESB look (although partly so by accident) and it features a taller, almost squashed or streamlined look with thinner ears. The majority of the helmets had green bubble lenses." "It appears there were two slightly different versions of the helmets, with the majority of them featuring rounded black frowns, Aluminium Mic tips, new RotJ Decals and Hard hat liners (left). However there are also a smaller amount that were finished differently, and these feature squared off frown-ends, resin recast Hovi-Mix mic tips, ESB-Style decals and foam lining (right)."
  14. Just adding this last one for ROTJ updates as it has been brought up a few times: There is no mention of the boot soles being white/tan and the image used of the boots in the CRL have black soles, I would think this correction would be a basic level requirement.
  15. gmrhodes13

    First Ever Build - ROTJ Stormtrooper

    Correct I pinged that yesterday on the ROTJ CRL update thread