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  1. Hello again, I did post some info in your welcome thread but will repeat here, as yet there has not been a discussion about the version of TK in Mandalorian as many around the world had not had access to the series and we didn't want to spoil it for those people, the UK I believe has only recently seen the first few episodes, once more have seen the series I'm sure more investigation and discussion will ensue. Here is some info on new to the legion costumes; https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRLGuide Good luck with the build
  2. Hello and welcome aboard, no decision or discussion has happened as to if the Mandalorian TK's are actually Rogue One or a variation as yet as many around the world have not had access the Mandalorian Series, I believe the UK has only seen a few episodes as yet. Once most have seen the series the discussion will no doubt continue Good luck with the journey.
  3. No good videos that I'm aware off, you may want to look through some of the build threads to pick up some tips, also check out the gallery sections for details.
  4. Most of us just copy the separate links, doesn't take that long
  5. I had to add some foam in my shins and thighs as I have the same thin frame, things had been wobbling about without it Hopefully your new pieces turn up soon.
  6. Nice work, something that immediately stands out is your large ab plate, needs rotating. Drop boxes should align with the ends of the plastic belt section. You have different gaps between your chest and shoulder bells. Thigh heights need to be even Also looks like your shoulder straps are in different positions, could try to even those. Good luck with approval
  7. Congratulations trooper and welcome to the EI ranks
  8. Nice work, just on your TD I would try to get the ends to curve flat, (if you really wanted too make another set the screw holes go further to the ends) Will any new photos just try to be aware of gaps between the armor sections, try to get them to match on both sides, also watch the closure on the rear shins, one appears slightly open. Great job on all the fixes, SDS does need quite a bit of work to get it screen accurate and you have done well. Good luck with approval
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