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  1. Hello and welcome aboard, there have been some recent builds with modifications to SDS armor in the pre approval forum, a little bit of extra work and they are easily approved, hope you continue with it Here is one of the SDS builds and he is approved and as also reached EIB
  2. Hello and welcome aboard, looking forward to seeing a build thread from you soon
  3. You really need to post seperate images rather than just a link to a gallery, you’ll receive more feedback that way
  4. Nice build, a couple of things you could tweak Brow trim is a little wonky, looks like you have a tube tripe or tape under the front edge of the ear, teeth paint is a little wide Traps lines are a little wobbly Could trim your smaller ab plate a little, appears you over trimmed then applied a new plate for the larger ab plate, perhaps try to get rid of the join, abs paste or silicon. Boot strap hanging out back of shin Wouldn't hurt to bring your arms out a little for photos, they do appear tucked in. I wouldn't trim the bells until you troop and see what catches and how much movement you have. Just note you do help your GML's job if you submit full length images using a blank backround / all same color Remember these are just suggestions and ultimately the decision is up to your GML
  5. Really depends on the hand guards as to which glue to use, I've done a few sets and had to use E6000, superglue or silicon, some just don't certain glues. Build is coming along nicely, you may want to try to bring your ab/cod up a little, will give you more room around the tops of thighs and between them and the shins.
  6. Love newly opened BBB photos, good luck with the build, sounds like you are in good hands
  7. Ab rivets, have a look at other centurion applications Belt you could move the snaps on the belt or on the ab, which ever you find easiest, you don't need to fill in holes if they are not seen from the outside. Arms, either, equal gaps at wrist and elbow, just make them match.
  8. Great news, post up a build thread as it's a great way to get feedback and answers to questions. Also check with the CRL while building and don't forget the Gallery Section, full of screen references. Good luck and looking forward to seeing the progress
  9. These are only suggestions as most items will be fine for basic approval but you may have to adjust for EIB and Centurion if you want to go apply for those levels. It really depends on your GML (garrison membership liaison) if he/she would require them to be adjusted before approval so I'd check with him/her first as it is ultimately their decision. Side ab/kidney rivets would need to be removed, then the holes filled with ABS past, sanded and polished, here's a how to thread for ABS paste https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/42866-how-to-make-abs-paste/ Then check spacing with references and redrill holes. You wouldn't need a new belt, you could reposition new snaps/rivets and adjust. Have a look at Tony's build, it's full of great detail https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/35086-ukswraths-anovos-tk-build-stunt/
  10. Nice work, looking much better. Could you also measure your TD, the gap between the centre plate and end cap looks a little narrow, You could also move the screws on the TD clips a little closer to the ends
  11. Nice work, most should be fine for basic (depending on your GML) a couple of things you could tweak. Shins are at different heights. Also forearms have different gaps at elbows/wrists Shouldn't be any excess paint on your gums, here's some examples. Also a bit wide on the ends Ab button paint could be reduced a little Ideally tube stripes are a pencil width from the cheek Could tighten up the paint on the vocoder Could also bring the belt up a little so its just under the first button Check the spacing on your side rivets Belt could come a little more to the centre You may need a little heat on your calf closure to help it lay a little flatter Great work and good luck with approval
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