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Advanced Tactics


  1. TK Pre-Approvals


    TK Pre Approval Small.png

    This section will allow future Troopers the opportunity to submit photos of their completed build to be reviewed by FISD for pre-GML approval.

  2. 28.6k
  3. 13.4k
  4. FISD Master Armorer Program


    Master Armorer Small.png

    The FISD Master Armorer program is an optional, detachment only incentive award to recognize individuals who have directly helped another 501st stormtrooper to achieve Expert Infantry status. Some people spend countless hours helping others, and want to reward their results as well as incentivizing new people to help as well.

  5. The Replica Section


    Replica Small.png

    This forum is dedicated towards discussing the original Stormtrooper suits, their strapping, assembly and so forth, and as a centralized location for preserving that information. It is completely unrelated to the needs or requirements of 501st membership and trooping. If membership in the 501st legion is what you seek, you do better to look at the other sections, as the original suits construction and strapping may not meet your needs as a trooper.

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