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  1. You can simply rub the excess glue off with your thumb. Or if you can manage to pry it loose at one point, just pull it all off. Usually you can get it off without any trouble or residue. Just had to reglue a snap and couldn't resist sharing a picture of me pulling the E6000 residue off Looking forward to seeing this build!
  2. Morgi

    FISD Memes

    I must've spend at least half an hour staring at Tino's (T-Jay's) armor when I saw it for the first time, haha
  3. If you like going by pictures that you want to recreate, I can only recommend this thread: Joseph selected several references that show what the armor should look like, which means that if you look for the brow (for example), you will only find those "ideal" pictures without the outliers. It's always important to remember that those armors weren't perfect and just because they were used in the movie, it doesn't mean that we want ours to look exactly like that (tape and all, haha). In case of the brow, Glen has already provided some amazing images, but perhaps the post above might help with other parts My helmet is an ANH helmet and therefore handpainted without any decals, but technically that would be the right terminology if I had used decals BTW, I love that you're asking so many questions, this is super interesting to read!
  4. Looking good so far! One thing that I noticed is that the brow trim seems to be a little short: You could try to press the helmet into the original shape, but I've found that when I aligned those with my helmet it caused a bit of a gap between the face plate and the cap. With the brow trim that gets easily hidden, but the face plate not fitting 100% into the cap seems to be a side effect of the screen used helmets being made out of a different material, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Now, some DO's might say differently, so I can't promise anything, but I'd say that's okay. Side view of my RS helmet, I hope this helps, sir
  5. This might help when it comes to applying the ABS paste: Whilst you're at it, it might not be a bad idea to fill the dents in the front as well, because that way you can just sand everything smooth at once. I'm no DO, so it might be better to listen to them, but at least to me those seem okay
  6. How to: Apply ABS Paste For those of you that are new and have just clicked on this thread because you're curious, you might be wondering what ABS paste even is and why I would be making a guide on how to apply it. The first thing you need to know is that ABS paste is, well, it's basically what the name suggests. It's a slurry made out of ABS scraps and acetone that you can use to fill in holes, thigh ridge gaps and cracks. Because it's made out of scrap material from your armor build you don't even need to paint it after using it, because it's already exactly the right colour. The most you need to do is sand it down and polish it to match the look of the armor. Simple enough, right? So let's get going! First thing you need to do is make the paste! You can find a good tutorial over here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/42866-how-to-make-abs-paste/ Because of something that I noticed with my first batch, I would like to suggest that you wash all of your ABS scraps and your jar before putting it all together so you won't have any debris in your final product. So, I scrapped that one and started a new batch, where I washed every piece of scrap before I cut it and put it in the jar. It's looking much better than the other one, if you ask me. In the next step, once you've got your paste ready to go (it should be the consistency of toothpaste) you're going to prepare your armor for applying the it. This means taking a piece of scrap ABS and putting it behind whatever you want to fill, so you can apply the paste onto that area and just use the paste to fill in the gap/hole/crack. Time to apply! I've taken several pictures of my progress, I hope this might be helpful! A quick reminder: please make sure to work in a properly ventilated area since you're going to be working with acetone. First I gathered my materials - several sizes of wooden sticks, the ABS paste and (of course) the armor (the thighs in this case), where I had a piece of ABS with some tape to hold it in place. This keeps the paste from seeping through to the other side. I actually needed two pieces of ABS due to the shape of the ridge -- one inside the ridge and one on top of that to cover the gap between the ridge and the cover strip. Whether you can reach your goal with only one piece of scrap or with several, make sure you've covered all the gaps that you need to have covered! Time to apply the paste. Now you open that jar with the paste, have your wooden stick ready and preferably some tissue paper to the side for cleaning the stick. You can simply apply the paste by scooping some up and putting it into the gap. I've found that if the ABS just covers the tip of a toothpick, it was easy to get in the gap without smearing it all over or getting too much on there. After ~2-3 layers After applying layer I would press down with a clean toothpick to make sure it lays flat and that there would be no bubbles or gaps. I also used this time to push in any of the paste outside of the gap. Because of the fast drying consistency of the paste, it felt like moving around chewing gum that has been chewed on for a few hours already. Remember: every bit of paste outside of where you want it is going to have to be sanded. So go slow, work carefully and you'll be able to save yourself some time. I repeated this process several times until the paste matched up with the armor. The closer I got to the top edge of the armor, the smaller the drop of paste got. I had to clean my toothpick every now and then to make sure that I could still work cleanly. I also had to add a drop or two of acetone every now and then to my paste in the jar and stir it in with a toothpick, to make sure the consistency stayed roughly the same and that it didn't harden in a layer at the top. Once I got to a point where I was happy with the results, I closed the other gaps as well in the same way. Afterwards I went back to this one and closed up a few spots that weren't as clean as they could be and still had some gaps. Once it dried, I took some scissors and cut away the visible part of the tape that wasn't covered with the paste. Next I had to wait until it dried (about 24 hours) then sand the paste smooth and maybe cut the return edge so it looks smoother. Once I've got it sanded down, I'll see if there are any gaps that I've missed that need another bit of paste, fill them up, sand it down and so on until I'm happy. If you worked carefully enough, you might be able to skip sanding because it's already flat and aligns perfectly with your armor. If that isn't the case, here's a great tutorial on how to get things sanded shiny again: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/45052-howto-wetsand-polish-for-a-great-shine/ I hope this could help you! At this point a huge thank you to @justjoseph63 who inspired this, proof-read and helped with editing the pictures!
  7. Morgi

    FISD Memes

    Oh wow, amazing memes, Glen! I see you've taken over this thread, haha
  8. Morgi

    FISD Memes

    Congratulations, Glen, consider me very impressed!
  9. Morgi

    FISD Memes

    *enters with large, stuffed trenchcoat* Wanna have some memes? So glad to see this thread in the newsletter and to see others joining in with the memes! They're awesome, especially yours, Glen, with the editing! Just an example
  10. Hallo und herzlichen Glückwunsch! Hello and congratulations! Your armor looks amazing, you definitely made the right choice going with an RS kit A belated congratulations for this as well! That's quite the impressive feat and I'm sure that armor was a great motivator, haha Hopefully your first troop will come soon and maybe we'll get to meet each other in armor one day LG, Luca
  11. Morgi

    FISD Memes

    I've seldom felt as validated as I did, seeing Glen's newest EIB application not even 24 hours after me making a joke about it. Absolutely stunning armor, I'm already very scared of your deathtrooper and it'll fuel my nightmares the nights to come, and it also inspired this newest meme: I mean, it's seemingly never truly complete ... Maybe I'll go for a conversion from ANH Stunt to ANH Hero or ESB instead. Now, if the owner could please share the original pauldron picture meme that this was clearly inspired by? So, don't expect three memes updates within twenty-four hours to become a regular thing
  12. Morgi

    FISD Memes

    Oh wow, high praise! Glad to hear that! I do not have Facebook, so if anyone wants them shared on there, or any other social media platform for that matter, it would have to be done by others. I'll make sure to reach out to the responsible staff once I get back from work So glad to see another meme on here and its even one of the classics
  13. Morgi

    FISD Memes

    Well, we still see you as the Stormtroopers But don't worry, I personally loved all the insanely focused feedback, it's great to know that others spend time trying to help you get better! Thanks for your comment and the appreciation! I'm very glad people are liking them and I'm very much looking forward to seeing more memes here -- both from others and from myself. Considering that I've got a list of planned and completed improvements lying right next to me, this is very relatable And because I'm very happy to have gotten such amazing feedback, I've already made a few new memes that I'd like to share as well I do not know if this is just me, but this is literally me right now, haha Chemi, this one is for you And everyone will gladly provide both. Just something that I noticed scrolling through old blogs, haha Okay, so there'll definitely be more from me in the future, and hopefully some others will join in as well, so this isn't just "Morgi's Memes" . I know we've got a few pretty neat memes around here and whilst I've even got some of them saved on my phone for personal enjoyment, I'm loath to share them without consulting their creators. So, if you've got a meme about the FISD, please feel free to share it! Whilst we're at it, my memes are generally made to be shared, so feel free to use them at your own leisure. I wouldn't mind getting credited tho
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