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  1. Morgi

    FISD Memes

    Such a good series!
  2. That looks like a super fun troop! And that Obi-Wan... wow, did he escape out of the movie? He's on point.
  3. Maybe a buckets Off picture in your TK next year then? Rainbow hair looks awesome!
  4. Pride Month is about to start and we're looking for your pictures for our Social Media! From TK-421 himself to our troopers marching in Pride parades all over the world, the LGBTQ+ community has always played a part in who Stormtroopers are. If you have some pictures of your Trooper in rainbow, you marching in a parade, or you're part of the community and want to show off your armor, please share your pictures with us! All that's needed is a picture of you, your ID and your Garrison/Outpost. You can submit your pictures either here in the thread or send them to me directly if that's preferable to you. If you don't have a good picture from this year, you can also submit older pictures. Good to know: for this one, we're not sticking strictly to the CRL. Flags, different paint and, yes, even Pauldrons are welcome. As this is for our LGBTQ+ troopers, please do not submit pictures of yourself in plain armor if you're not part of the community. Pictures of rainbow troopers however are more than welcome from all our troopers, whether you're part of the community or not! This thread will stay open until the 25th of June. Happy Pride Month, everyone!
  5. Congratulations! Those pictures look awesome, I'm sure you'll get EIB without much trouble. Looking forward to meeting you on a troop one day!
  6. Thank you, Paul! A bit surreal to finally have reached this milestone. Now on to the next badge Meme! Thank you, Adam! Especially the children's festival was all kinds of awesome. Thanks Nairy [51] 13.05.2023 -- Galaktisches Wochenende im Zoo Münster Back to one of my favorite events from last year -- I got to meet CC-75367 here last year and we quickly became close friends. Now it had been several months and this would be our first time meeting each other since Speyer in September. So despite a train strike coming up, I decided to risk the journey through half of Germany for at least one day of this event, and met up with IN-88900 on Friday. Shout-out to him for being a wonderful host once more and for agreeing with my music taste when we watched the ESC on Saturday evening. Looking at you @Nairy. Together with him and TK-10671 we drove to the zoo, got changed, and started our long treck throughout the zoo. So many fellow troopers, so many animals, so much dumb stuff done that day! Most of my day I spent with several clone troopers, visiting the playground, entertaining the wait queue, patrolling the park, and showing Omega, Hunter and Wrecker the way to the lions. Towards the end of the day we even had a pushup competition -- the Shocktrooper won that one by far. In between various shenanigans, I also got to meet several recruits. They were an absolute delight. One of them even walked with us for the parade. I foresee a bright future for the empire! TK-66744 signing off
  7. Morgi

    FISD Memes

    Time to bring this back
  8. Wow, thank you for sharing your story and pictures! It's been a long journey for you, but you did it, so welcome to the 501st and congrats on your first troops! And no worries, I think it feels a little surreal every now and then for all of us, that this is real, that we're Stormtroopers. It's as Nairy said, it's the best feeling in the world, being able to run around as a Stormtrooper and make other people so very happy when they get to meet a Stormtrooper. I'm glad you get to experience that now as well!
  9. [50] 07.05.2023 -- HerzogTumult Children's Festival Mölln The big 50 -- finally! And I had so much fun as well! This one catapulted itself into my favorite troops with ease. Since I live in a pretty trooper-less area, we were all really happy to get six troopers together for this event. The children's festival had a lot of visitors and most were really excited to see us. Aside from us there were local clubs, emergency services, and several other exhibitors who offered opportunities for the kids to play and to learn. Sadly, us TKs couldn't climb this, but our scout fit into the safety harness and got all the way to the top with ease. The rest of us waited at the bottom and cheered for him. Luckily, there were lots of other stuff where the rest of us could participate -- ring toss, a nature quiz, a first aid refresher and a politics questionnaire were all completed. Afterwards we were invited to join a swordfight, in which the imperial forces lost spectacularly against dozens of Ewok-sized opponents. We didn't stand a chance against their sheer energy and all walked away -- or ran away -- with a few new scrapes and additional weathering. We cheered each other up by visiting the local scouts group and getting some popcorn and pancakes, which were prepared over a fireplace. Afterwards I didn't want to miss my chance to go onto the bouncy castle, so I simply had to drag DZ-15925, who managed to accompany us as a handler for the last two hours, over there to help me stay uprigh, take off my shoes, and take some pictures. TK-66744 signing off
  10. [49] 06.05.2023 -- Lego Store Hamburg Getting up at 5am, this was going to be a long, long day. Similar to the Elbenwald Store on Thursday, Lego requested two troopers per store. This time, TK-21641 and I showed up to represent the Empire. The Employees were happy to have us there, but not as happy as the kids were, when they spotted two Stormtroopers guarding the store. At the very beginning TK-21641 and I decided to take up guard at the doors and soon enough a crowd began forming up. I've never before had this many pictures taken of myself. One after the other went up to ask for a picture with us, we barely had time to take a break or take pictures for ourselves. At times the employees even had to step in for crowd management. Despite so much going on, we still managed to find the droid we had been looking for, if only towards the end. As a thank you for showing up, the two of us each got to choose a Lego set worth around 70€, so I'm now the proud owner of a Lego Captain Rex helmet. And, yes, I'm already working on it. TK-66744 signing off
  11. [48] 04.05.2023 -- Elbenwald Store Kiel For Star Wars Day several Elbenwald Stores across all of Germany requested two troopers. For those who do not know Elbenwald, they're a nerd store, so perfect for us, selling mainly Harry Potter, StarWars and Marvel merchandise. We stood at the entrance to the store, taking pictures with the guests. Since there wasn't much going on due to it being the middle of the week, we decided to fool around inside the store, trying out almost all of the merchandise on offer. I mean, I look absolutely dashing in this imperial robe, don't you agree? I was very, very tempted to actually buy this. Just look at it! TK-66744 signing off
  12. I woke up to these news and am incredibly saddened to hear it. I didn't know him very well, but when we interacted he was always so very kind, helpful, and supportive. He was truly one of the people who helped FISD and FISD Members. He will be missed. My condolences to his family and friends. Bucket off.
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