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  1. Thank you Justin and what a great looking blaster.! I just bother you with one last favor , could you please update the action photo holding your blaster? Almost there !
  2. Hi Cj, Welcome to FISD, we are here to help !!
  3. looks good, once you make the strapping , you will see things getting into place. great work!!
  4. In my case, I usually let 48 hours dry for forearms, thighs and shins cover strips. don't let it in warm room, it's better in normal/fresh weather .
  5. Fantastic John !! well done Starting your review now. thanks
  6. Hi John, and thank you for your EIB app. One of us will be with you shortly. Added to the processing line.
  7. Don't worry Richard, It doesn't need to be perfect, at the end, when making the adjustment with your boots, you will probably need to trim that section a bit. Reference Image
  8. Hi, take a look to this TFA Build Thread , he has some vendors links.
  9. Hi Richard, definitely we never have enough magnets and clamps , a tip I have been using when assembling thigs and shins is to place a piece of wood along the cover strip and pressure with clamps. It has worked really good to me.
  10. Hi Luke, welcome to FISD. Let's know how we can help you !
  11. Welcome to FISD Richard, good luck with your project and let us know for further assistance . We are here to Help.
  12. Depending on what did you use to reattach it the first time as you have mentioned at top of this post, It would be necessary to carefully remove it and make the same, but I would like to have @justjoseph63 thoughts about .
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