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  1. Yes, this is what most people usually recommend. Good Luck
  2. Hi Emma, Well , with the cover strips perhaps your new knife help you to have a better result. May this post can help in the Kidney Return Edge issue The following post may be useful for the Ab-Kidney Shims take a look . Cheers
  3. Ears and cover strips looks great ! keep it up. just a Tip for cover strips : Try as follows, 1. Mark the 15mm 2. Make a first cut with a cutter , (this is going to make a track) 3. With hand or a plier just bend it . 4. sand it . This is a fast, practical way to make the cover strips. Take a look to this screen captures from a RS Props video. cheers
  4. Hi Dane, good luck with your build and sorry for your helmet issue .
  5. Hi Adam, congratulations for your BBB Day !! About trimming and return edges, i would recommend to take a look to this ReturnEdgesPost , It's very useful. Good luck future Trooper
  6. Hi Emma, The Gloves are ok and the blaster is not acceptable , It 's not the ANH Style. Mine is a "Praetorian Blasters" one, It;s not the cheaper but a great one. Another suggestion is when testing the armor parts It would be better if you wear the inner black clothes that you're going to use with it. Cheers
  7. Hi Shane, I have been searching in the forum about the front cover strips and the wide ridge. If I can make a suggestion, what if you use 25 or 30 mm front cover and 25 mm back cove strip? This would give you a better look and I have seen this in a Level 2 approved Armor . like this one This one has a 20mm I think and the ridge is less covered. Cheers
  8. My two cents, What if Those differing factors, not only in ROTJ TK but in other armors like The Mandalorian's Remanent TK and even ANH TK like mr No strips etc. Can be a 4 level of certification as the MEPD has the SWAT level? just a crazy idea for a near future. cheers
  9. oh, Ok, I think I go it, the external cover Strip is not glued yet. is it? Thats because I said if it was a ligth effect that it appears that the external cover Strip didn't cover the ridge ? Sorry .
  10. Hi, looking good, E6000 gluing is always challenging because of the swoop . just a quick question : Did you left the 7.5 mm from the internal edge in the black arrows direction ? I say this because It looks ,( I'm not sure if it's a light effect or not) like the cover strip didn't cover the edge? It's not a big Deal but is a personal option. For the Biceps pairing, take a look to this page Cheers.
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