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  1. They look good as it , I would recommend , when dry, trim the borders following the ridge. Reference
  2. Remember to start with the AB section rivets first..
  3. Hi James, thank you for your EIB application. Meanwhile you add the remaining photos , your applications is added to the processing line. One of us will be with you as soon as possible.
  4. for the COD section this could be the first try. Some references
  5. Thank your , so fast !! I forgot two more photo request Could you please add a picture of the 6 rivets on the left side (no need to put on the armor) with the two sides lined up and the Han Snap. Something like this: Thank you.
  6. Hi Sherry Thank you for your EIB application. It's now in the processing line . There are a couple of details we'll need you to address before we can continue with your review. 1- CRL L2: Clips shall be attached with slotted type, flat or dome top style screws, and be black Just a short painting session to give a Black paint coat to the screws and ready to go. 2- A photo of your ABS Belt laying flat as you can see in the example bellow please. Thank you and one of us will be with you as soon as possible.
  7. Welcome to FISD Alan and congratulations for your DN Armor kit. Good luck and looking forward for your advances. Post tons of photos, ask all your questions and remember "measure twice, cut and glue once"
  8. It could be my eyes or the photo angle but it looks like you have enough room in the lower section of the thighs , If so, I would suggest to adjust a little to get a better shape (Triangle not squared ) Could you check this out ? Reference
  9. Hi Todd, We apologize for delaying and thank you for your patience . We have some additional photos to request and a couple of items we need you to jump on before we can move you along and get that EI badge under your name. Additional photos -ABS belt close up -TD (Thermal Detonator) front and connection mount -Cod armor -Left/right and front sniper knee plate close up -Left/ right and front thigh ammo pack close up -Boots (showing tops and sides) Items to fix 1- CRL for Basic : Tears and traps may not be hand-painted. The paint job on the tears and traps will need some fix to look smooth. References 2- CRL L2 There is a roughly 8mm circular indent near the right top corner of the backplate. It could be a light effect but it looks like the requested circular indent is not present in your Back plate. Reference Image 3- Your large Ab buttons panel seems to be a 3D printed piece as it shows some lines that will need to be sanded a little more. 4 - CRL L2 : The thermal detonator mount should be fully enclosed with solid walls on all four sides. Thermal detonator... is accurate in detail and proportion to official references. The TD plate should cover the entire top and extend to the back, as there are solid references for this and it is highly noticeable. 5- CRL L2 3D printed blasters can not contain visible print lines and must be sanded smooth for a more realistic appearance. Bellow you can see that there are some places that clearly shows printed lines and will need a sanding and we recommend a new painting session to give a smooth and cleaner appearance . By the other hand, The folding stock shows two separated parts and it should be one single piece. Filling and sanding will be necessary and the ammo counter needs to be relocated to a more accurate position as shown Finally Brother, as Glen correctly pointed, the Scope appears to be wrong assembled and needs to be corrected. Reference Reference Image We are confident that you can do the fix Trooper!
  10. Hi James for higher levels ,( Centurion) we look for the correct position of the belt not the snaps CRL for Centurion Level :"The top of the ABS ammo belt should sit at or just above the bottom of the central and vertical abdomen button panels." This look ok . References
  11. Hi Gary, thank you for your EIB application. One of us will be with you as soon as possible. Added to the line.
  12. before trimming, It would be good if we can see how they look on your thighs.
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