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  1. Hi Erick, Welcome to FISD, Your Anovos Armor looks great. Easy Pass. !! Congratulations.
  2. Congratulations Trooper !! Welcome to EIB. Just minor adjustement and Go for Centurion !!
  3. Hi, 1- Is there a return edge on the elbow side at all (BLUE)? You can leave the return edge or trim a little if you need more room . for the CRl, only the wrist has no return edge. 2- Are the two halves supposed to be cut to equal size/ Yes , It's for maintain the forearms symmetry. Cheers
  4. Congratulations martyn and Welcome to the Club of Childhood dreams came True . Enjoy and keep on posting photos of your progress and ask whatever you need. A lot of experienced troopers are willing to help.
  5. Great First Trooping Mate!! Congratulations. Felicitaciones Jose.
  6. Hi Ryan, looking good on your armor. I think It's good enough for basic approval. There is an little issue with your helmet, that is very common , my Helmet is an Anovos too and I was asked to do the following corrections : 1- Add some gray paint to each end side of the teeth area, and trim a little bit to have a better shape as per the CRL States for Basic. Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area. A total of 8 cut outs in the teeth area of the frown are present. 2- For Higher Levels the Hovi tips must be changed, not for basic. Here you can see some reference photos. Good luck with your appoval.
  7. Great Ivan ! So fast response. now just a little patience while the D.O. Team start checking your application. Good Luck and youe EIB badge is waiting for you Sir. !!
  8. Thank you Joseph !! and Congratulations to Brien, you are both valuable people
  9. Hi Ivan, great Work with Your AM Armour. There are a couple of photos you may want to add, I'm sure the D>O. team will ask you to post. 1- Close photo of the Chest to Back connection to see the fabric/elastic connection clearly. as the Crl for EIB States: Chest and back shall be connected with a white fabric or preferably elastic strap at the shoulders. 2- Close photo of Thigh Ammo belt Attachment , Internal and External both sides. to see the rivets type. Thigh ammo belt is attached to thigh with a solid head rivet, painted white, in the upper corner and fastened to the lower thigh ridge. The rivets used shall be single cap, double cap or split rivets. No pop rivets allowed. Rivet should be approximately 5/16" (8mm) in diameter (exterior). 3- Close photo of both sides of your Sniper Knee alignment: Sniper knee plate must be aligned with the ridges on the shin. Sniper knee plate must not have visible rivets or fasteners attaching it to the shin. 4- Close Photo of your Boots There is no seam present on the front of the boot. Boots have a black sole 5- Photo of the rear side of your blaster to see the D-Ring. D-ring mounted on the rear. The D.O would ask you to add some more photos. Good lick with your Approval. Your EIB award is near. !!
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