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  1. Hi, I think you can try trimming a little more , to get the shape from the reference photos . What I would do is trim litle and compare, a little again and compare. cheers
  2. Nice work Cory, as Dan pointed, just a few tweaks and you're ready. Good luck
  3. Hi Trooper, Investment in you, your life and health is the best decision. Good luck with this project, I'm sure you're going to achieve this goal and more to come. Let us know how things are going, and If you need some encouraging words, just come to FISD and for sure here we are to give you some support. No one left behind trooper !!!
  4. Hi, Some close photos would be preferable, here are a couple of reference photos so you can have an idea how the ayes looks like. Cheers
  5. Nice work, Yes the screws help to bring everything together.
  6. If you feel more confidence, leave a 0.5 cm down the line you marked and start to fit , you can use painter's tape or magnets and let us see. cheers
  7. Hi Domingo, welcome to FISD. !! My first E11 Blaster was a Hasbro converted one and I used the Doopydoos convertion kit. this is good at least for level 2 certification, If you want to go for L3 Centurion you would need a better one. Hasbro upgrade kit- https://www.doopydoos.com/stormtrooper-e11-hasbro-blaster-conversion-skin-kit-mk2-2636-p.asp Good luck with your project and post photos of your progress. Cheers
  8. Hi Trooper, keep on being safe. New trooping time is coming soon
  9. You did it right mate. !! You can take a look to this tutorial
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