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  1. Hi Wil. you're doing a great job and glad to read your goal is Level 3. Looking at your photos I would suggest some fixes to the paint job of your vocoder and the hovi tips mesh . The paint on your vocoder looks pretty good, but it should be more symmetrical and with more definition on the tops of the raised ridges. You will need to round off a bit painting of the ridges as seen in the references. About the Hovi Tips: even though the mesh you used for is wide, the wire is thin and looks a little bent at the edges giving them a curved shape. If you look at the reference images, you will notice that it is firmer, without deforming. A method I have used to replace the Hovi tip's mesh is using a wide mesh strainer , a marker top and white paint. Reference Images Vocoder references Keep up the great work
  2. oh Yes! , I'm sorry I didn't update the "mm" to cm
  3. You can leave 0.75mm of ridge (the cover strip is about 1.5cm) and make the fit adjustment later by trimming the curved side.
  4. Hi Tyler! Great to see your Centurion submission !. You did a great job with some of the required Centurion fixes, we need you to make and extra final effort so we can place that Centurion Badge under your name. First of all I'll need to add some missing photos according to the Check list like: 9. ___ Thigh ammo pack connections (interior and exterior, left and right sides) 10. ___ Sniper knee plate (left and right sides) 11. ___ Wrist openings 12. ___ Abdomen button plates (close-up) 18. ___ Close-up of Hovi tips 20. ___ Ear screws (close up, left, right and bottom). 25. ___ Boots (tops and sides) By the other hand, as it has been noted by fellow troopers Caleb and Glen, there are some issues that need to be fixed : 1- Helmet rear traps lines This is a suggestion in case you would want to improve a little more your helmet. Is and easy and quick fix , just adding a half centimeter of gray paint to the upper section of the taps. BEFORE AFTER REFERENCE 2-Shoulder Bridges and White elastic. CRL L3: These shall be glued in front. The plastic shoulder straps need to be held down in the back via a white elastic band to the white fabric that connects/bridges the chest and back piece. I'll need a close photo of the front section of the shoulder bridges showing they're glued and not velcroed. and move the white elastic to the rear section. 3- Ab-Kidney Connection: Your armor shows a little overlap in the right side and a noticeable gap in the left one. CRL L3: Ideally there no gap between the abdomen and kidney armor. Abdominal and Kidney Plate align horizontally at top. A single visible seam line is present. 4- ABS Ammo Blet position: This was a Centurion requirement from your EIB review. CRL L3: The top of the ABS ammo belt should sit at or just above the bottom of the central and vertical abdomen button panels. Finally: As you rightly noted , the resolution can be improved so we can see more in detail. Remember that Centurion is our top level and the more scrutinize Glen's Note Also your full body images are quite small in resolution 435 x 580, makes it hard to magnify to see some details Photo Guidelines Size: Photo size larger than 800x600 (preferably 1280 x 960) to allow the DO to see your armor's details. 1024x768 Almost there Trooper !!
  5. Hola Guillermo, bienvenido al FISD ! Qué bueno leer que estás preparando tu armadura para unirte a la Legion. Puedes abrir in Build Thread y recibir consejos y ayuda. Suerte! Hi, Guillermo, welcome to FISD! Good to read that you are preparing your armor to join the Legion.! You can open in Build Thread and get advice and help. Good Luck!
  6. Great Kevin! Thank you for the update. Gerald @Doggydoc will be working on your review and will be with you as soon as posible..
  7. sorry for my error. What I'm saying is that use the black inner clothes (It is generally tighter fitting clothing.)
  8. You may want to take a look to the billgram diagram for the thigh ammo pack. At this moment I'm out of office and don't have access to the references I have in my PC.
  9. Just a quick note. If if not a mirror image, the ammo pack goes in the right thigh.
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