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  1. As I know, these were only used in certain promo shots and not used in any of the films, but they are allowed for any level. ,
  2. Great news Brad , Congratulations!! check this video, so useful !!
  3. Let us know if you need more help and before buying, read, research and ask all questions you have. We are here to help.
  4. Hi, this very common when building the shins, as Mark pointed, the plastic if different today (thicker) and the lower section of the shins is very curved. If I was you I would try to apply a hot water bath , but before gluing. If you have already glued it , I think it's not very noticeable as it. Here some reference images that shows this problem was even in the film. Hope this can give some light.
  5. It looks like you are planning to use the ATA belt, aren't you? If so, could you please take a pic with the Anovos torso with the AT belt? To me The ATA looks a bit more cream than Anovos but it could be my eyes.
  6. hi James, the photos you summitted looks a bit short to see details, you may want to use some photos host like imgur (most used here in FISD) so you can insert bigger images. This thread about Posting Photos can be helpful. Cheers
  7. Hi Jason, welcome to FISD. You may want to check this section about the different armors and vendors, some of then have different size of sets . hope this can help you. cheers.
  8. Hi Mark, It would be so helpful if you can post some photos of you in armor to see the complete scene so we can give you some feedback and the appropriate response . Cheers
  9. Looking Great Ian, congratulations and good luck with your approval!!
  10. Hi Kaden, As Glen pointed, we're processing your app. thanks for your patience . Cheers
  11. Hi Adam, what I usually do for the curved sections, mainly for the forearms is to add a piece of wood, ( you can use other material that is firm (, along the cover strips (outside and inside) and clamp it. let dry for 48 hours. hope this can help.
  12. Congratulations Trooper , Welcome to the ranks !!
  13. Hi David. as Mathias pointed, shortening the elastic should do de trick, looking at your photo it looks like the snap is located a bit down into the bell, you may want to check this out according to the following references. let us know if need further assistance
  14. Hi Ruben, welcome to FISD. cool shot! Hola Ruben, bienvenido al FISD . Qué buena foto!!
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