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  1. Mario Reyes 48117 EIB letter size Sha Sha http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/48117-eib.png Cool !! Thank You
  2. Hi. thank you for your comments. And Yes. I know it could be many other services and there are many rookies like me that just google it trying to find some solution. regards.
  3. Hi, The first time I posted a request for armor review, I didn't know how to insert a photo. first I tried just uploanding it directly into the post but received an error of "out of space". Well , finally , I found the way using Google Photos free service. I know there are several services that you can use. In this post I want to share with the "rookies " like me, my own experience of how to do it with this tool in 12 very simple steps.. Hope this can be usefull. Thank you for reading. Step 1: Search the Google Photos Service. Step 2: Acces the service an create a free account Step 3: Create an album to save your photos by theme. Step 4: Select upload Photos to add them to your album. Step 5: Add photos by selecting them or just Drag and Drop to the album. Step 6: Let you album window open. Create a Topic into the forum you want to post in and place the cursor where you want the photo to be inserted. Step 7: Return to your Album and select and doble click the picture you want to insert. Step 8 : Once into the picture Rigth Click on it and select "copy image Address" Step 9: Return to the forum page and 1. select "Insert other media" option and 2 . Select "Insert Image from URL" Step 10: Paste the image address into the URL space. Step 11 Almost Done. Press the "Insert into post" button. Step 12: Ready!!! You're finish. Your first post with photos.. Enjoy. Any comment or suggestion is wellcome. TK Spartan out.
  4. Thank you Joseph. here is the modification, I 'm not sure if i must change the fisrt photo or just leave the correction Here? regards
  5. Thank all for your advices, starting working on it today. regards
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