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  1. Hi Rodney and congrats for your weight achievement this will bring you great health benefits . About your thighs, it looks like definitively they need a little trimming session. you could do it half an inch and test, trim another half inch if needed and so on. For the butt plate, once you have adjusted the thighs , you can add some ABS V tabs into the butt plate to prevent slipping backwards.
  2. Hang in there Chris, @justjoseph63 is working on your review . I think there's nothing pending.
  3. Hi Merlin. I'm the D.O. making your review, sorry for delaying but I had some issues with my pc. In order to continue I will need you to do a couple of small fixes and add a some additional photos please. 1- As the Crl states for L2, Any gap between the abdomen and kidney armor is no more than 1/2" (12.5mm) wide. Your left (ab/kidney) section is perfect with no gap, but looking at the left one, It will be a bit tedious , but we need you to suit up and take some new pics (both sides) with your belt or strapping tightened a bit to close that gap some. It doesn't have to be EXACTLY half an inch (or less) THANKS! Reference Image 2- Required for L2 is the ABS belt button covers- they should be square, not rounded off on the corners. It looks like you used E-6000 to attach them so I think this should be a pretty easy fix for you brother. Reference Last easy fix brother . Looking at your nice looking E-11 blaster, specially that real Sterling magazine (nice touch) , we noticed some printing lines and as the Crl states for level 2 "3-D printed blasters can not contain visible print lines, and must be sanded smooth for a more realistic appearance." So we'll need you to take some minutes to give another touch with some Bondo glazing putty and a bit of sanding. Finally, please add the following photos: A- Photo of your Thigh ammo pack inner sides to check the rivets type. (both sides) example B- Photo of your Left side AB/Kidney connection without canvas belt to check the 6 rivets position. C- Photo of your TD showing the metal clips and screws. Thank you .
  4. Hey Ben, It looks like everything is going with the wind in its sails. Great work. If I can make a suggestion. It could be the photo angle but you may want to check for the Ammo counter position, in the photo appears to be a little forward and as you can see in the reference image it should be back. Reference images keep up the good work.
  5. Hi, you may want to check at the kraytclan detachment forum https://www.kraytclan.net/forum/ and the CRL costumes they have. https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:Kraytclan_CRL Good luck with your project.
  6. Hi Cory, You have done a really really great effort with this "painting job" and I think you're almost in the right point. As you can see bellow, I marked with yellow arrows the buttons with a great finish. If you can achieve something similar with the remaining ones you will be ready brother. I'm not the paint expert but some tip I have seen here and by browsing the web is to sand a bit the bumpy surface with a 600 grit then 1000 or 1200 grit. May be you can make a test with one button first little by little to avoid removing the paint . Keep it up Trooper !
  7. Hi Ardeshir, and thank you for your Centurion application! CRL and CENTURION Application Requirements: All required photos have been submitted, and on behalf of the entire D.O. staff we are pleased to welcome you to the rank of CENTURION. Congratulations! Other-Armor Fit/Assembly; In this area we review observations made by your fellow troopers and the DO team. Some observations may lead to suggestions to improve the overall look of your armor. Note that we consider both text (CRL) and pictures (screen caps/reference images) when reviewing submissions. We noticed that you included photos of your upgraded F11D blaster. Since this weapon is considered an accessory, we think it should not block your new centurion badge. But we know you are a perfectionist, so, we would suggest changing out 2 items: -The picatinny rail is a bit long, should only have 2 raised sections (ribs) in the center and the holes are close to the ends as seen in the reference images below. Reference images -The D-ring you presently have is an actual D-shape as opposed to a more square shape. Reference images That's all sir and congratulations again for another well deserved Centurion Badge
  8. Hello, welcome to FISD . good look with your project and looking forward for your build !
  9. Congratulations Trooper ! You may want to check our Advanced Tactics Program (EIB and Centurion Level)
  10. Good luck Chuck, looking forward for your advances !
  11. Hi Shayan, Welcome to FISD and glad to read you're on your way of becoming an imperial Stormtrooper ! About your questions, what I can suggest and help. Considering the lineage of the RS armor, I feel like it would be worth a shot and build this to Level 3 specs. Do you think this is a reasonable thing to seek out for a first timer (on armor)? Definitely YES , it's better to aim for L3 from the start. We are here to help you . I'm handy with a dremel and such, but I am worried about certain stepping stones just making it impractical for a first try. - RS have a series of armor build tutorials on YouTube. Would these be adequate when aiming for a Level 3 build? All resources are good, you can learn from everything on hand (videos, Building threads here and direct tips from others also here) I would recommend to check this useful index of resources HERE and especially when aiming for L3 check the GALLERY SECTION and ask every questions before CUT or GLUE to receive feedback - Can internal parts of the costume be changed and a Lvl 3 spec still achieved? I'm thinking of for example adding white velcro inside the calves instead of the hook system, as it seems sturdier to me. Yes , some internal changes are allowed and still achieve Level 3 , Check and ask first to be sure. Once your kit arrives, I strongly recommend to open a Building Thread HERE , post tons of photos to ensure you will receive better help, feedback and tips to accomplish your goal. Good luck and looking forward for your BBB day photos!
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