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Ending black marks

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OK, I can't find where I posted this before so sorry for the repeat.  This is what my left thigh looks like after a troop.  Two questions:

1. What is the best way to get this off of my thigh and make it look normal again?

2. Is there a good holster vendor who sells holsters that don't do this?  Cash in fist as I am unhappy with my current rig.



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I've not come across this issue before but I have a vinyl holster, could be an option to add a piece of vinyl to the backside of your holster to stop the bleed.


After I found some black marks from the microphone had bled onto my hand plates I used some automotive cutting compound (rough polish), then went over with a fine polish, came out fine, some mention they use the Novus brand polish with some success.


Here is a previous thread you posted with brown marks (lucky you wore the brown pants) :laugh1:

Another thread with black bleed on armor

Trooperbay has an armor whitening product too but I've not tried it myself




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