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  1. As Mario said, a couple dabs of E6000 should do the trick on your brow trim above the eyes, while also giving you the flexibility of removal in the future. You may also be able to tighten up the gap between the cap (top) piece of the helmet and the faceplate in order to provide more tension for the trim to stay up. However, just keep in mind that any change in the alignment of the face and cap may result in changes to the ears and gaps around them.
  2. Thanks Glen! We need Panda to come back and update his old posts! That's one of the reasons I've also created a great many PDF versions of threads on here--to essentially future-proof the content with photos, at least in one format.
  3. Based on the permissions error I'm receiving, I'm guessing that the below post by Terry is archived due to broken photo links. Is this correct? If so, bummer, as I had it on my resource thread. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/13288-howto-assemble-arm-armor/
  4. Man I wish I had a RO kit so I could jump on this, considering my obsession with thermal detonators. I’m still waiting on Justin to convert his Jimmi to one of these variants. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. We all know that @justjoseph63 won't be able to unsee the seen, and that we'll all soon have more greebs to add to our blasters.
  6. Ardeshir (equuspolo) is a film industry stuntman who also happens to be a member of the 501st, and a very cool guy and asset to this community. This is publically-available and LFL-approved knowledge: recently he has been in Kenobi as a stormtrooper donning the RO-style kits, as well as one of the first live-action clones seen on screen. His own joke is that he's perhaps the only 501st member to have actually executed Order 66 in (semi) real life.
  7. @equuspolo said on FB this morning that that HWT pack was his, and apparently he's going to share his specs with the forum at some point. Wish I was a stuntman in Cali. Now who here is going to add red lights to their pack? Haha. Heck, my pack isn't done yet...
  8. I liked seeing the TKs with DLTs too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Geez 92 inches Dan?! Now I know where to have my next SW marathon next time I'm in Europe. Haha. Looking forward to seeing these OTTKs for myself tonight after work.
  10. I thought the bronzed scope was indicative of the newest run! Very cool! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Lookin' good, Matt! Gotta ask, is that one of the newest Hellhounds blasters from this year?
  12. These names are gold. Somebody needs to print these on those metal blaster plaques for display with our E-11s. I'll take a set. lol. And fantastic job with this research and build; I can't believe I'm just now seeing it! If your project end is not in sight, then what does that make my armor build that I began in 2019...
  13. Awesome, Jonathan! HERE IS A LINK to a section here on FISD where you can post some pre-approval photos of you in your kit for feedback, if you so choose. You could also reach out to Cricket or the other Georgia GMLs (Garrison Member Liaisons) to ask if they'd be able to clear your boots. Additionally, below is a link to the Georgia Garrison's approval process: https://www.ga501st.com/joinus/ Exciting times ahead!
  14. Very coo! Have you already submitted to Cricket and the GML team for approval? Waiting on gloves? Do I also see some ridges on the tops of your shoes?
  15. Such a labor of love, and sad to see kiddos grow up! But pretty soon you'll be able to get him into an OTTK kit!! No suggestions on pricing from me, but man you did amazing on this project!
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