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  1. Looks great Jorge! My Tapatalk was blowing up when you were posting your progress yesterday, but I enjoyed watching your fast-forwarded progress in “real” time. Haha. I believe I saw in the 3D forum that you use a Creality printer. Perhaps someday I can get my own; I’m sorta eyeing the same one, or an Anet A6. Definitely can’t afford a Prusa. Looking forward to your progress! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Welcome to FISD, Rick! It sounds like we're on the same path to a Centurion-level ANH Stunt TK! Just a little note—for level 3 approval you will need to purchase some rubber chemical-style gloves, at least for your submission photos. Here are some links at Trooperbay and Amazon. A word of advice, though, which I mention in my own build thread. DO NOT purchase the flexible hand guards from Trooperbay. Instead, get them from justjoseph63 here. His are both cheaper, and of superior quality, and I have comparison photos on this post of my thread. As you make a final purchase decision regarding your E-11 blaster, let me know if you'd like any supplemental photos from other angles not shown in my Hellhounds E-11 review. I'm happy to assist a fellow builder!
  3. As T-Jay (one of, if not the FISD's leading resident experts on E-11s) said, the @Hellhounds E-11 should be good to go for level 3. That is the conclusion I came to myself, based on my research, as I am also building towards level 3. Below is a link to what the ANH Stunt CRL has to say about E-11s. Click the blaster photo to be redirected to the 501st CRL page, at which you'll need to scroll down to the "Optional Accessories" section. Here is a link to the FISD E-11 Blaster Reference, which can also be found in T-Jay's forum signature.
  4. I recently started my ANH Stunt TK build and then discovered the Heavy Weapons Trooper (HWT) from the Battlefront games (EU). They are sorta a combo of a normal stormtrooper and sandtrooper, and get to wear orange pauldrons! You may consider something like that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. OP Post #2 Thanks guys for the encouragement, kind words, and helpful insights! I'm perhaps as excited about this part of my Legion journey as my actual TK armor build! By the way, be forewarned that this post is picture-heavy, and is formatted to best display on the computer web browser view of this forum. So I did something bad—or not. One single GarageBOSS 16qt oil pan came back in stock for the clearance price at Walmart, so I purchased it... along with the normal 12.5pt version AND the Midwest handle-less pan. Now I can literally compare them all side-by-side, and as previously alluded to, I may simply make several versions of the pack with the three pans. Below are the comparison photos. Note that the pan without the handle (to be added later) is the Midwest, the one with the circle cutout is the mid-sized 12.5qt, and the largest one is the 16qt. The last two photos are with the smaller and larger pans laid with the standard mid-sized. I also found several more pull handle options to add to the Midwest pan (a need which makes it a more pricey option than the other pans), and purchased the SouthCo one from the Walmart marketplace since I believe it most resembles those in the Battlefront games. Below are some other handle links for reference. Note that several vendors sell what appear to be the same handle as the one I purchased, shown larger in this first image. Click on the later three photos for links to the purchase websites. Purchase links to the "boxy" handle above: Walmart | Grainger | Bisco | Zorro Moving on. I've been on a purchase spree this past week, and have ordered two sets of MP40 LEATHER pouches, an orange pauldron from Trooper1, two sets of Popit container sets, and the button box bumpers from Amazon. With help from several forum members I came to the conclusion that I'd need to resort to an international purchase for the leather MP40 pouches, and having had good experiences on Aliexpress in the past, I went that route. If all looks well when they arrive in three or so weeks I will post the seller and item link I used, and several (aka many) photos. As for the Popit boxes, I was literally about to click and finalize the purchase on Amazon when I thought I'd do one last google search and came across the Popit Shop website. Fortuitously, they had the 6 container stackit set in stock, priced cheaper than Amazon, and the new user coupon code "MYFIRSTPOPIT" netted me an additional 25% off and free shipping! A single set was going to be $14.99 shipped, so I decided to get two sets to give me a margin for error and to use on the extra backpacks I might make. I never knew I could be so excited about a food storage container manufacturer's website. Interestingly enough, my order arrived in two days via Amazon, so there must be a Popit / Amazon partnership. Before I get too much further and lose some readers — QUESTIONS! Which of the four largest Popit containers should be used? Based on Ukswrath's 2nd thread, it appears that the button panel should be the Xe 041 (6.6" x 4.75"), the vent panel the Xe 051 (8" x 5.6"), and the right arched panel the Xe 061 (9.1" x 6.6") container. If that's accurate, then I'd be using the first three boxes in the photo above, but with my plan to angle the front of the arched box, I may consider using the Xe 062 box—the fourth one in the photo—which has the same length and width dimensions, and is simply deeper/taller than the Xe 061. That extra depth with enable me to cut off the top and create a new angled surface. What are the preferred primer and paint brands and colors you all use for your backpacks? Always prime before main coat, correct? Any clear sealant on top of it all? I'm going with the 1" nylon for the backpack straps; what are your preferred purchase sources for the material? Radio bottle cap question; see notes several paragraphs below. Be prepared to overthink little plastic cylinders. To continue, I've also started a reference guide folder for my HWT build, and so far it contains printouts of the CRL and some reference guides and images. I will also be adding some backpack, T-21, and DLT-19 build threads and instructions. The OCD part of me has been pushing to find flat-topped 2" PVC end caps for the antenna tube, rather than cut off the rounded tops of some caps and leave the tube end open. Thus far my search has yielded the following, and I believe the last two are likely the same product (click the images to navigate to the purchase websites): Similarly, I've been pondering what type of caps to use as the knobs on the radio, and have secretly been eyeing all the caps on every type of vessel present in our house (shhh, don't tell my wife). At first I thought these small 16oz naglene bottle caps would be perfect, with their deep-grooved outer edge and the circular disc on top, but alas they are too wide at 2-5/8". Then I found these Dr. Brown's baby bottle caps in a three-pack for less than $3 shipped on Amazon, and they seem to fit the bill perfectly with the ridges on the outside and the recessed interior. I'll know whether or not they're the proper size ratio after I print out a radio box template. Cap dilemma continued after these first images. Ukswrath's thread says to use 2-1/4" caps, but Joseph's spec thread diagrams indicate that the height of the small window which houses each knob is only 2" tall, and that the knobs should be 1.5". I've seen in multiple threads the use of "milk caps," which I believe would be closer to 1.5" figure. Should I simply choose once I've laid out my framing template on the photo box? @justjoseph63 - It looks like you use something like this (also first photo below) in your CRL photo, correct? Here are some additional options I've found. Yes, I've spent far too much time researching bottle caps. Click the images for links to the purchase websites. Here are some additional items I've been collecting for my builds, including an excessive amount of black button bumper pads, the 35-count wipes container (the caps are now clear, not colored, so no green or yellow showing if the tube gets scratched!), and a nalgene hopefully for the top portion of the siphon funnel. I have so many old bottles needing new purpose in life. Time to serve the Empire. Finally, as far as purchases go, I jumped on these spare ABS parts for this build. Specifically I got the main belt (for a dedicated HWT) and the shoulder bridges to use on the antenna tube. I know I'll need to make three buttons for the belt, so I had Mark send me some ABS scraps which I will use to fashion into buttons. My plan is to use @Cricket's Step 1 procedure on her magnetic calf closures thread to create the raised round area on the square cutouts. Can anybody tell me the dimensions of the square and round portions? If not, worst case I measure the ones which will arrive with my ATA armor. I've also been browsing old HWT pre-approval, EIB, and Centurion request threads, and I've been quite shocked at the lack of consistency which existed a decade ago. Most of the builds appeared to be Sandie packs, and Troopers seemed to have different interpretations and a lot of latitude. No wonder the DOs created the General Guide for packs and updated the pack CRL. Here are some of the more recent threads which I poured over: Charles (Templar726) | Tony (ukswrath) | Shawn (CrookKnight) Dave (PBTrooper) | Derek (DZFireMedic) | Jim (Engineering trooper) Sarah (Alay) | Christopher (Chewy) | Randy (magni) For your viewing pleasure, here is one of the old, non-standard, crazy ones: JBOD70 3D Printing So I have a friend who has the ability to print in PLA, but I don't think it will be realistic to utilize that route, so I'm wondering if Shapeways might be a good solution for any random 3D printing I may need, particularly related to my BFG scratch builds. I know a lot Troopers on here have your own printers, but can anybody speak to their experiences using Shapeways or other 3D print services? To conclude, I guess I need to go to Home Depot to pick up some power conver... I mean, this stuff: 2" antenna tube (24") Nibco 2" PVC hub caps Black sticky floor tiles pine lumber for T-21 and DLT-19 scratch builds PVC pipes, adapters, and connections for blaster builds PVC for my thermal detonator (no, I will not wear this as a HWT) There were several other sections I wanted to add to this thread, but it's lengthy enough already. So until next time, heavies, take care. Quote Responses: Randy - I'm definitely going to make the angled arch box, and if my GLM frowns upon it I'll spin up a backup box, which I may make from the get-go anyway. I had already looked BMW and other German and UK vehicle plan, to no avail. With the pans being such a disposable item, even ECS Tuning, who took over brand legacy for BavAuto doesn't have them. I probably could have searched deeper into Euro options, but I figure that shipping might be a bit prohibitive to the US. Joseph - Thanks for the tip on the floor tiles. I will also be experimenting with cheap cutting boards for protecting the photo box. I also like your idea for the placement of the straps in the recess of the oil pan, and I'll definitely be getting screw head covers. Thanks, too, for pointing me to Anthony's T-21s. Those are a bit out of my price range, but I may see if he'll sell me just some of the cast parts. Shawn - If my floral vase cone doesn't work, I may take you up on your 3D print template offer. Thanks!
  6. Avoid the forrest moon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I, too, have the 421s from Imperial Boots, and though I haven’t trooped in them yet, I ordered a size up and they fit great. I normally wear a US size 11 or 11.5, and got a size 12 from IB. I actually have pretty narrow feet, so perhaps my actual size would have worked, but I wanted to be safe, and adding extra insoles (should it become necessarily) would only make them more comfortable anyway. That, or extra socks for winter trooping. Here’s a link to some unboxing photos I took of my IB order upon delivery: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/48337-mvs-anh-tk-stunt-ata-1st-build-thread-for-centurion/?do=findComment&comment=677524 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Welcome back! I’m new here since you’ve been away (lurking), but I get the sense that at some point I need to catch up on the amazing number of posts on this thread. [emoji12] I wish you the best this 2020 year! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Mario - Thanks for these helpful insights! I think I'm on board with all four of your points—chemical gloves (at least for submission photos), the thicker holster, and a ready-made neck seal. Thanks, too, for mentioning Henry's Helmet Fans; that was new to me. Justin - Thanks for your pointers! I've seen the discussion about whether to always wear the rubber gloves, but I'm starting to lean towards trooping in alternatives such as the Amazon ones you posted, or nomex. I will definitely jump on the heavier 8oz holster, and will look again into Uksrath's cooling systems. I honestly think this will be the only armor build I every do, so interchangeability won't be important to me. Darman neck seal it is then, with the zipper. I believe I have an average neck height, and since his seal is already taller in the back anyway, should I even worry about ordering the taller version? What about the bib style—smaller stunt or larger premium? When I do my shins I'll definitely make sure to plan for the fact that they will be opened and closed repeatedly. I'm also already planning on inner cover strips. Finally, really no worries with the strapping kit. Definitely make sure mine is the last one of the run you finish since I am in no hurry, especially with my armor slated for a late February or early March delivery. I won't need them before then anyway, so take your time and heal up!
  10. OP (MV) Post #9 For the past week I've been consumed with my HWT build (thread), but I also have a few updates/questions on this TK Stunt side of things. First, an updated component list with some changed items since my first post, and ✓ marks next to items already in-hand. Bucket: ATA [ordered] Armor: ATA [ordered] Undersuit: tbd. Likely two-piece. ✓ Boots: Imperial Boots 421 Gloves: Trooperbay gloves, though possibly others (see questions below) ✓ Hand guards: justjoseph63's kit (these are AWESOME!) Strapping: TheRascalKing's double-snap strap system [ordered] ✓ Blaster: Hellhounds / Trooperbay rubber E-11 Holster: Darman's thread. 8oz leather (Etsy) (see questions below) Neck seal: Darman (Etsy). I may consider fashioning my own to start with; see below. Belt: TKitell's Imperial Issue (site), (thread). Will likely purchase two to have a dedicated weathered one for my HWT. TD hooks: Likely Ukswrath's kit. Preferably something prefabricated, with Centurion screen-accurate screw hole locations, but I do wish I could find a cheaper option. ✓ Mounting hardware: justjoseph63's kit for Centurion level approval Helmet fans: Possibly Troopertronix (see questions below) Voice Mod/Amp: iComm (Etsy) with VB MR1506 (Aker) amp sometime down the road. Will try to find one used; let me know if you ever see one for sale! Questions Are the Trooperbay rubber gloves superior in some fashion to any others on the market? I'm wondering if these two (1) options (2) would be ok. After purchasing the TB flexible hard guards I cam to realize that they are inferior to others readily available, so I want to avoid that happening again with the gloves. Do any of you have experience with either the 4oz or 8oz versions of the Darman ANH leather holsters (thread) (Etsy)? I like the idea of the heavier 8oz construction, but might it be limiting in some way? I'd hate to spend extra only to find the lighter one would have been superior for some non-obvious reason. I did see this thread comparing Darman's soft goods to some others, and several Troopers said the heavier option was great. It appears that Ukswrath's (Etsy) helmet fans are the gold standard, but I'm seeking something a bit more economical. I found the Troopertronix triple fans, which I believe would pair well with the extra USB battery packs I already own. I'm not sure if they come wired with a switch though, so I'll need to investigate further. Any good sources for the small brushless radial fans for a DIY solution? DIY Neck Seal When I first began my research I came upon Darman's seal pretty quickly and decided that was the route I wanted to go. However, I later stumbled upon this thread, which peaked my interest in DIY options. Several people have used these Home Depot weather seals, but I recently stumbled upon this Walmart bumper which I thought might also work. I like these options because they are low-cost, but with them I'd need to deal with constructing a rear closure, and it would also not be washable like Darman's is. That last point may actually be the kicker, since I know I'll be sweating down here in the south. ARMOR ORDERED My ATA armor has finally been ordered. AKA I'm on the wait-list for delivery sometime in February or early March. The holdup with the armorer is a delayed ABS shipment, but I'm really ok with that since my DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone hasn't sold yet. I'm also clearly still collecting soft goods, and will be working on my HWT backpack while I wait for the shiny white stuff to arrive. =) Finally, here are some photos of some of my recently tool and hardware (from Joseph) acquisitions. The heat gun will actually likely see very minimal use since I know it can easily destroy armor, but I am foreseeing needing to bend some ABS (bicep hooks and Cricket's magnetic shins), and I can also use it for other projects. The jigsaw will be for the woodwork on an eventual DLT-19, and hopefully a T-21 for my HWT! I think that's about it for now. Amazingly, I don't have any non-build life stories to add at this time. Peace. MV
  11. Thanks Nada! My mom sees her sisters from OZ about every year, but it sounds like I’ll need to seek an alternative. I’ve actually now found something that may work. =) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Those pouches look great! Might I ask where you purchased them? I’m in search of some myself for my HWT build. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. OP (MV) Post #8 Christmas was last week, and Imperial Boots came through with perfect timing. My 421s came in, and here they are! In my previous post I mentioned that I've come down with BFG syndrome, and some of you (@justjoseph63 & @TheRascalKing) will be happy to hear that my symptoms have fully developed into a plan to dual build my ANH TK Stunt as a HWT (CRL). For just a moment here I'm going to hijack my own thread and mention/ask a few HWT items. Pauldron Perhaps more so than wanting a large blaster, donning an orange pauldron has always been on my bucket-list, but I also want the ability to troop as a shiny TK. Lucky for me a HWT will allow me the option of choosing either while remaining within the CRLs. I've seen Troopers debate between Trooper1 and TB for the purchase of a pauldron, and I'm almost certain I'll be going with Trooper1 for my orange! MP-40 Pouches I likely simply need to do more research, but these recommended ebay ones from this thread are sold-out, so I'm seeking alternatives. I'd prefer to go pre-made, but any suggestions would be welcome. I have many more thoughts and questions regarding HWT TKs, but in the interest of staying on-topic with this thread, I've created my own link-heavy HWT build thread linked below: As my TK research has continued I also decided I need want more published print material, so I began searching for some books. Here are four books which I acquired for a grand total of $38.55 USD between two purchases on eBay and facebook marketplace. I really only wanted the first two books shown, but they were bundled with the latter two. I suppose there are worse things than having extra Star Wars books. A couple other notes regarding my TK build. First, I technically haven't pulled the trigger on my ATA armor yet, but obviously I've already been acquiring build components. I've had a mental barrier with officially adding myself to Terrell's wait list until listing my DJI M2P drone for sale, and I've been held up in photographing it for the listing. As of this morning, the ATA wait time is around nine weeks, so I really do just need to get my name on the list, regardless of whether or not I've sold my drone yet. By the time I have to pay for the armor I will have surely have already completed the sale. Second, as of today (1/1/20) I weigh 192.4 lbs. That's almost a record weight for me, and something that may be an issue with my ATA build, since the ab and kidney plates are not elongated like some other armors. Thus I'm officially going to be extra intentional about getting down to at least 175 lbs in the next couple of months. Not only will I feel better, but I'll also look better in my armor and I can hopefully avoid shimming. Lastly, for some compulsory non-build topics. (For those that don't already know, I'm using this thread to detail the story of my TK build—as opposed to solely documenting and detailing the specifics of my build). So, on Christmas Eve and Day my aforementioned nephew (the Jar Jar fan) had a bad cough, and we weren't sure if his family would be able to join us for our gathering. Remember, I have a nine-month old whose immune system is, well, baby-like. Thus, I made this mask: Additionally, in my increasing age (though I'm still young) I've lost both interest and the ability to stay awake for the New Years ball drop without something to occupy my time. This past week, after seeing TROS, my wife decided that she wanted to re-watch the saga, so we bumbled through the prequels (years ago I had already screened the saga to her in the Machete order) and started on ANH last night (New Years Eve). This image below shows exactly how far we made it before our daughter's sleep regression reared its rebel scum head, and the rest of our night until the ball drop was consumed with baby care. Further side note, watching Star Wars with my wife means I get non-bachelor style snacks—we had baked brie during Clones the other night. Yum. Thanks for bearing with me on this extended journey! Happy New Years Troopers! MV
  14. [DISCLAIMER: THIS THREAD WILL INCLUDE MANY LINKS, FOR BOTH MY FUTURE REFERENCE AND USE BY OTHER TROOPERS] I've always wanted to wear an orange pauldron. I've always wanted to be a stormtrooper. Yes, sandtroopers are cool, and I imagine someday I will make the conversion (ABS yellowing?), but right now I'm still drawn to shiny white armor. I recently began my journey to join the Legion with an ANH Stunt TK kit and in the past couple of weeks I caught the BFG bug. DLT-19 and T-21 build threads consumed my Tapatalk time, and then I discovered the HWT. Eureka! Yes, I'll have to shell out for some MP-40 pouches, and build a backpack, which sounds fun, but—ORANGE PAULDRON and BFG!!! So much like Kman's side track, here is my semi-tangent. For kicks I'm going to have to boot up my old Battlefront games to check out some of the heavies, but luckily there are already some great screen caps here on the forum, and of course there's the CRL (link). I'm aware that there has been discussion on building packs to match the games vs the CRL, and my plan is to stick to Joseph's CRL model image as close as possible to maintain continuity (guide link), but there are several areas in which I will differ / provide my own interpretation. My plans, including the small variances which I believe will be approvable, will be noted by category in the next section below, and in general to plan take inspiration for my build from the following trailblazers: Tony's (Ukswrath) three part series Charles' (Templar) two threads Shawn's (@CrookKnight) thread (he also sells them) Kalani's (Kman) thread Zac's (Devolver) thread Bradley's (@AngryEwok) thread. My goodness, I particularly love the analysis on this one. Rick's (Caligari) thread Sarah's (Alay) thread Pauldron I've seen troopers debate between Trooper1 and TB for the purchase of a pauldron, and I'm almost certain I'll be going with @trooper1 for my orange. Is there any reason for me to reconsider other options? I'm still waiting on an email response from Jay for pricing, and hopefully I won't have to change plans based on the cost. MP-40 Pouches I likely simply need to do more research, but these recommended ebay ones from this thread are sold out, so I'm seeking alternatives. I did reach out to the ebay seller, and he hopes to have them back in stock sometime in the new year. In general I'd prefer to go pre-pade for these pouches, but any suggestions would be welcome. Oil Pan Base The oil pan used as the base of the backpack is perhaps the area in which I'm most curious about, in relation to the CRL. In the CRL photo Joseph is donning a pan from Bavarian Autosport, but unfortunately they closed shop earlier this (2019) year. [Anybody have an extra Bavarian pan they'd like to sell?] This means that all Heavies from now on will no longer be able to perfectly match the CRL, and we are instead left with two primary options—the Wedco 12.5qt model 83150 or the GarageBOSS 12.5q model GB150 (also available here). However, I believe there is a third, and possibly a fourth option. Here are the specs of the aforementioned pans, and the two others I am considering. CRL Model: Bavarian 16qt, dimensions 22" x 16" x 6.5' (photos by Templar (2) and justjoseph63) Wedco and GarageBOSS 12.5qt identical options, both with dimensions of 21.5" x 15.75" x 3.5" There are the most commonly-used oil cans now, since Bavarian has closed shop. I'm not a huge fan of them due to their shallow depth and their angled handle, which isn't accurate to the game or the CRL (see section right above). GarageBOSS 16qt discovery, dimensions 22.75" x 16.75" x 5.5" This is the first alternative option which I am considering building with. I especially like that it is deeper than the Wedco's, but not quite the the larger depth of the Bavarian. I'm quite bummed that I didn't pull the trigger on one of these the other day when Walmart had them clearanced for $12.32 shipped, since they're also out of stock on Amazon, but they can be found on eBay. The other aspect I like about this pan is that is has the larger cutout which would lay very well onto the backplate [ O II ] of TK armor. You can see how tight Joseph was able to cinch this same cutout style in his Bavarian photo above, which I'm not sure would be possible with the Wedco. Midwest 9qt discovery, dimensions 20.5" x 13.25" x 5" Finally, here is the most bold of the two alternative options I'm looking at. Most obvious, from the photos, is that there is no built-in handle, so I'd have to afix my own. Two potential options are shown below, and considering the fact that two different types of handles are already approvable, it seems like these (especially the first one) should be too. Such and add-on would also be more game accurate, but of course, I need to stay within the confines of the CRL for continuity. The two features I particularly like is the large recession, similar to the Bavarian and GarageBoss are the large recess which would lay against my backplate, and the non-flat surfaces on the sides, also like the Bavarian. This pan would also be deeper than the Wedco, but not to the extent of the Bavarian. The height and width are a little more narrow, so I'll need to examine those aspects. Rick has some great diagrams of the existing options, and I'm very interested in hearing feedback on these two other oil pans I'm investigating. Purchase sources: Autoplicity, Farm&Fleet Top Left Button Box As much as I am tempted to build the button box to the game-used ratio relative to the middle tube, I will be sticking with the commonly-accepted Popit! storage boxes. I don't recall which thread I saw it in, but somebody had cut squares in the octagonal pace plate in which they set the buttons (Amazon) to add a little depth and the appearance of functional utility; I may consider this. Too bad I have to buy 35 buttons when I only need four, but then again it may be useful to have spares. I think I will screw them into the box top from underneath for added security. Middle Tube This one will be easy to source, since we already use these wipes here at home. I'll just need to sneak purchasing the smaller, 35-count and less cost-efficient, tubes next time. =) Vent Box No rocking the boat in this area either. Popit! box with hopefully very clean-cut vent covers. Uniformity will be mandatory. Radio Box I'm not yet sure how much time I want to spend on this section, but I really like what Devolver did with his, and I do plan on using the Michael's box as the base. I grabbed three of them in black clearanced for $1.99 USD (plus tax) each. I like the idea of depth, and the framing on the sides of the box, but I want to ensure I remain CRL approvable. I think I will also reinforce walls of the cardboard box by adding some extra framing on the inside. There is an off-chance I may look into using Radio Shack project boxes in the same fashion that Charles did. Bottom Right Box I'm going to look into two alternative methods to make this box, though I still plan on using the Popit! boxes. I really REALLY want to angle the front of this box down like Templar did, but I'm not sure if my GML would be ok with it. I wonder if it would help my cause that the CRL model himself wished he had done it? I'm also interested in Bradly's cutout method to pride more depth than a sheet cover would. I am considering making two versions of this box, in case I get denied during my first submission. Drop Siphon Funnel Since the siphon will be the lowest point of the pack, and perhaps also the least sturdy due to the rounded mounting surface, I've decided that I want to go with a rigid structure, rather than a handmade / rolled piece. I checked out both of Devolver's options at Walmart and went with the floral vase due to it's larger taper, and the shaker cup having flat edges on two sides. The vase is nearly nine inches tall, so I know I will need to shorten it to reach the required six inch height. I'm also considering Bradley's nalgene bottle top portion, since I have tons of those laying around, and I might even look into a screw-removable siphon, to protect it from damage when laying the pack down. Antenna Tube There's not much up to interpretation and deviance in this area, and my goal is to close the ends of the tubes with flat caps. I've seen some Troopers mention that the home improvement stores only had curved-top caps and that they found flat ones at Walmart, but thus far I've had no such luck. Do any of you have purchase links to such caps? I briefly considered investigating a latching attachment mechanism for the tube for removal in transit, but I don't think any space benefits will be worth the hassle. E-11 Mount This may, perhaps, be the most controversial aspect of this pack build. I LOVE the idea of mounting a Rubies blaster on the left side of the pack, but I definitely will not be doing so before submitting for approval. If I do eventually elect to implement such a mount, I will go with a very simple, removable design. Other notes: No, I will not be including the previously-accepted antenna on top. It looks cool, but I understand it is not game or CRL accurate. Yes, I will be utilizing a "less is more" approach to armor weathering, especially since I want it to be removable. Joseph will be proud to hear this, and that I purchased the makeup brush set in the photo above for $2.49 in Walmart's Christmas clearance section. Now I just need the dollar store eye shadow. I purchased a thin $0.88 cutting board at Walmart with the intention of reenforcing the bottom of the radio box, but I may end up getting more and use it to create the framing / paneling on the entire radio box. The cutting board also has a texture to it, which may look better on a weathered radio than smooth cardboard. I may also have a fellow SW enthusiast friend print me some of Kman's templates. Question for @justjoseph63 or @Templar726: Which specific sticky floor tiles from Lowes did you use for your box covers? Here is my ANH Stunt TK Build Thread which will document the armor to be used for my HWT. My plan is to build it to Level 3 specs, submit for 501st approval, attain Centurion status through FISD, then transition (at least temporarily through Joseph's temporary weathering technique and Charles' styling) to HWT and submit for approval. Wow. I think it took me sessions (squeezed between baby naps and diaper changes) over four days to hammer this out. Hopefully this compilation of links will be helpful to future builders! MV
  15. @ukswrath - Is there any chance that this thread series might be one of those being "cleaned up" here on FISD? I'm wondering if the photo links may be fixed, or if, perhaps, the original files are accessible in some other gallery. I've gotten sucked into HWT mode and am researching backpack build threads. =)
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