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  1. Bring the rain, guys! (Looking at all you March to 1000 EI troopers) @Sly11 I know you had to have gotten one.
  2. I second what Kyle said. Some gaps are certainly normal. Have fun on your troop!
  3. Hi Steeve! This is more of a forum for all things stormtrooper-related, as opposed to Sith/Jedi-centric items such as sabers. However, there are actual stormtrooper lightsabers. That being said, assuming you're seeking more generalized universe lightsabers, there are many MANY options. Are you looking for a saber that resembles one seen in the films, or just a generic? Do you want a blade, or just the hilt? Would it be for display, or dueling? Internal electronics and sound, or empty? Once you narrow your target it'll help us help point you towards some options. =)
  4. That's fantastic news, Gary! Welcome! I see that you've already requested the proper forum access, so hopefully in the next couple of day's you'll have Stormtrooper status here on the forum. A great place to start to prepare for EI submission to to post up your basic approval photos for us to see, or even better--take the photos that you'll need to submit for EI so that we can evaluate all the pieces. You can post them here or even start start a build thread in the ANH section. We're looking forward to helping you along on this next step towards EI and hopefully Centurion after that!
  5. Yeah you can almost guarantee that the TKs were practically invisible!
  6. You know, I don't currently own a refillable lighter... To save you guys .02 seconds on google, here's the direct link to the mini-saber. https://hacksmith.store/en-us/products/hacksmith-mini-saber
  7. Man I love seeing blue tape and Lexan scissors! I don’t see anything alarming with your lines. My only suggestion would be to related to photographing for feedback. It’d be easier for observers to have a full body (or upper torso) shot of both arms featuring the biceps and forearms to look at. This would give a true context to each piece, and help with proportional estimations. =)
  8. So much L4 going on. Also the camera image distortion sure is making your AP detonator look like a 68mm! Panel isn’t an AM and the end caps aren’t MonCal (FAC), so unless you went out and found an Anovos or RS one I’m still gonna have one in the mail to you this week! Actually you’re getting it regardless; I gotta spread the 68mil religion. Final coat of 1238 enamel goes on tomorrow.
  9. Another platform on which to discuss shiny white plastic!!
  10. Already mentioned it on fb, but congrats on here is also in order! Welcome to the ranks! Now on to your higher level submissions!
  11. Dude these are freakin' amazing shots! to all those involved! Man I can't wait to get my own DLT someday.
  12. And don’t forget to use black ABS or paint the inside of the v-tabs black, so they blend in with your undersuit!
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