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  1. I first stumbled upon FISD back around 2010 but only came back to it and started my build in 2019. Have had some setbacks since then, but am finally approaching the finish line! What do you need us to do to convince you to take the leap? =)
  2. @paradoxb3 recently received his and the likeness is excellent! I'm pretty sure he also had a faster turnaround time than that estimated in the Hasbro app.
  3. Based on information from buyers, as well as some conversations I’ve had with Daniel (Hellhounds), a batch of a dozen E-11s was shipped out back in May of this year (2022). More recently, I received my order placed in winter/spring of 2021 at the end of this past September. At the time, two months ago, Daniel was supposedly still working through other back orders, but it’s unclear if any others have been shipped since then. In speaking with him, he hopes to continue to fulfill orders and revive his operation, but he’s well aware of the uphill battle he faces after the business and communication blackouts from the past two years. I’m hoping to post about the newest E-11s sometime in the near future after I push through and finish my ANH Stunt build. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Congrats Greg! And I gotta ask about your bike and the jumpsuit and other accessories on the wall shown in your earlier post.
  5. Hi Steve! It's very cool to see a fully-printed ROTK out in the wild! To answer your question, since pre-approval isn't part of any formal process, there's no specific time-table on response time. Essentially, you're posting your build for others to comment on with feedback. At the end of the day, your local GML (Garrison Membership Liaison) will be the one to give final basic approval, so you could also consider sharing this post or your photos with them for initial comments.
  6. The cost on these is $59.99 through the Hasbro Pulse app, and the stated production time is about two months. It seems that Gary's lead time may have been a bit shorter. I'll admit, I spent an hour or so last week rescanning my face and experimenting with the different SW characters available. Perhaps I'll try to snag one as my birthday present next year. Note that it doesn't come with a helmet, but I imagine any other 6" TK figure bucket, like the one from the George Lucas figure, would be functional.
  7. Are those Chris' files? If not, you should also check out his in the thread below.
  8. Three new threads added to the compilation, including Dan's armor dressing video and a couple posts by Adam (including the awesome Leia Leveller E-11 recreation).
  9. Welcome, Burn! You're in the right place for building a TK! What type of trooper are you considering, and have you decided on a maker yet?
  10. Honestly I thought the same thing. I sense a resurgence of antenna installs, and perhaps mounted E-11s. I'll admit, two years ago I bought a Rubies E-11 to attach to my HWT pack. I'm sure I'd never actually implement this, but it'd be cool to see a smoke generator install inside the vent box someday, perhaps using a vape pen.
  11. OP (MV) Post #52: A baby changes everything It's been a while troopers, for a build update at least. This short post is simply to say that I've made extensive progress on my build, and I'm in the process of compiling several thread updates for posting. In regular conversation some of you probably heard me give August, September, or October completion times, but something else has been occupying my time. Constantly moving targets over the past two years notwithstanding, I was really aiming to complete my build prior to the arrival of my second daughter, but both physical/time and mental barriers kept me from doing so. In fact, I worked right down to the wire before delivery, and on the day our baby was born (nearly three weeks early) I had stayed up until 2:21AM trimming and fitting pieces. Little did I know that we'd be heading to the hospital seven hours later, followed by virtually no sleep the next two nights (and coming weeks). Over the past two months I've picked back up my lexan scissors, sandpaper, E-6000, and daughter (HAHA), and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Helmet completion Faceplate and cap attachment Ear trimming and fitment Neck opening sizing and S-trim installation Tube stripes Biceps Forearms
  12. Excellent work, Adam! You should make a new not-at-your-post signature image with you in process of updating your pack load out.
  13. Hello there, and welcome from just across the state line from Chattanooga, in Georgia! OT TK guy myself, but I look forward to following along on your FO build! Tons of people here to serve as a resource!
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