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  1. Saw your post on fb. Looking forward to following along on your HWT build! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. It didn't look like anybody ever answered this question regarding the "fall" of the tube stripes, so here it is. The "fall" actually refers to the lean/sweep of individual stripes, not the distance of the stripes from the cheek crease above. Screen-used stripes had a forward slant at the top, which the photos below illustrate. I've also added a link to Dan's thread below, which has these same illustrations. For your particular situation, since your stripes are symmetrical, with no lean/fall, so there's no need for you to take the fall into consideration. And all the stripes should be equidista
  3. In case you're interested, I used t-nuts found at my local Ace Hardware, but those linked standoffs also look good. Having the base on the nuts I used enabled me to (I think) mount them well to my bucket.
  4. Congrats Trina, and way to represent Filipinos everywhere, and as Justin said, also our outstanding female troopers! I'm a dual citizen living in the States, and eventually after getting Legion approval I'm going to be seeking out some Philippine and Cebu Garrisons merch. Again, excellent job on your build!
  5. Congrats to all you fine troopers! Excellent work by all the builders and troopers helping them along the way! I intend to join the club in this next 500, and in the meantime, I think we're all also anxiously wondering who will be the 501st Centurion.
  6. Tim - With no Celebration this year, do you expect a larger than normal contingent of 501st members to descend upon DragonCon this September? At only two hours away, I'm wondering if I may need to attend for the first time to meet some of you fine Legion members (also for the first time).
  7. Congrats Grave! Well done with your MTK build! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I LOVE the idea of getting the Troopers Helping Troopers theme in there. And your mock-up is AWESOME, Greg. It’s going to be impossible for Command to choose. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Not gonna lie - I'm digging this O I I design. My critique would be that there would appear to be large numerals on both sides of the coin. Too bad this isn't the 011th anniversary.
  10. Greetings Alex! Welcome to the wonderful world of TKs! Greg is pointing you in the right direction with the "Getting Started" section, and you'll have days of reading from there. If you haven't already decided on a particular armor maker, you'll want to check out this vetted armor vendor list for sure. And I suppose before you'll also need to decided on a particular TK variant; are you leaning towards one in particular at this time? Once you've had your BBB (big brown box arrival) Day start up a build thread, post lots of photos, and ask lots of questions, and Troopers will be here to assist!
  11. Welcome Devin! I, too, am a future GA Garrison builder, located in northwest GA right outside Chattanooga. I’m viewing from Tapatalk so I can’t see your exact location; where are you? Here’s a thread I created which can hopefully be a helpful resource to you! https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/49412-all-in-one-tk-anh-stunt-index-of-resources-by-maskedvengeance/ EDIT: Oops, I see that Glen already shared that link. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I'm in agreement with you, Joseph, that at least that particular chip has 14 pins, and that the screen-used ones may have had wider pins than what you found. I'm tempted to go back through the 3,688 screen captures (they include every instance in which even part of a TK are visible, whether it be part of a helmet peeking out from behind another character, a knee-pack barely above the trash compactor water, or Luke wearing TK-421's belt) I saved from SWSC's 4k image bank to see if I can find any additional angles or close-ups. Though I suspect you pros have already done that work.
  13. I'm really digging this discussion and am definitely going to save it with my E-11 resources. Once Joseph has his kits ready I'll definitely be hopping on that train.
  14. Bring it home, Troopers! Congrats to the recent inductees! Any chance you want to get in on this, [mention=21449]zv288bot[/mention]?
  15. OP (MV) Post #44: The Empire Strikes Back (A turning tide in my life) Boy has it been a month, and a year, for that matter. None of us need reminding of the global crisis that has impacted nearly each and every one of us, and I know there's still many more months of recovery ahead, but I wanted to share the recent developments with my personal situation. Many of you will recall that a little over half a year ago I had to put my first TK build on hold due to my family dropping to a single income, and intended to sell my armor. Due to frugalness through a budget deficit, and the extr
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