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  1. Very nice use of v-tabs! Did you also paint the inside of the v-bend black? I plan on using black abs for mine to avoid having to paint and to keep it invisible from outside. Excellent kit, which I’ve prob already said before!
  2. Great job, Scott! You've made the Emperor proud! Bring us home, Troopers!
  3. I agree with Eric. Daniel is pretty active on both FB and IG, and I believe he is still making them. In the past year, all the rubber E-11 blasters for sale on Trooperbay have been Hellhounds as well. I have a photo-filled thread review of them linked in my signature.
  4. Yeah, Aaron, we’d love to see photos! Perhaps start a build thread and get us all caught up on your progress! I, too, have been working on my first ATA kit.
  5. Troopers! Just a quick note to remind everybody that I'm always on the lookout for new informative resources to add to this thread, so if you spot something not listed that may be helpful, send it my way! I definitely want to harness the hive mind for the ultimate goal of troopers helping troopers!
  6. Here's my own frown mesh install offering, with excerpts taken from my build thread. To begin the process I first tried tracing the general shape of the frown onto a portion of clear sheet protector, which I previously used for my eye lens templates. Once I had a profile I was happy with I cut it out and dry fit it into the inside of my frown. After some additional trimming I then transferred the shape onto screen mesh and cut it out. [...] I wanted a clean and presentable solution, so I decided that I would obscure the edges of the mesh with a frame of sorts. Using my mesh templat
  7. Nice LEGO TK, Paul! And nice progress with your build. In regards to your questions, here are my thoughts, which are essentially in agreement with yours. 1. Definitely take the bicep return edges down. You can remove them completely on the tops since they’ll be covered by the shoulder bells, and you can shave off in increments (and retesting) on the bottoms if you really want to maintain some armor “thickness.” 2. Wait on shortening the biceps until you have at least all your arm pieces on, if not also your torso. You’ll want to get a sense of proportions and spacing be
  8. OP (MV) Post #43: Helmet Face Work Recently my life has been so busy that I found that the only time available to make and any progress on my build is during my lunch break at work, so I decided to utilize our deserted Art Workshop. We are between semesters here at the College/University, since COVID delayed our spring term until the beginning of February, so the 2D studio has been TK central. Thus the work in this update occurred in short 30-60 minute sessions over several weekdays these past few weeks. Oh, and one quick note regarding my thread formatting. Some of you
  9. Welcome, Tim! When I first saw your name and location I though you might be my cousin, but alas, you’re not. Haha. Regardless, I’m excited to follow your progress with your ATA build, as I’m in the midst of one myself! In case it’s helpful to you, here is a link to a master resource collection I made for my own ATA build. Not only does it have links to many excellent tutorials, but I’ve also included an abundance of ATA build and submission threads for reference. Now get to building! =)
  10. Glen’s idea of a conical washer seems like a good idea for hovi tip mounting, as the well area is super thin. If you haven’t already, hold it up to the light and you’ll see! I reinforced mine with milliput, documented in my most recent build thread update, and then used a rubber washer and the ATA supplied metal washer. My ATA hovi screws weren’t quite as off-center as yours, but they were off a bit. Honestly, having them that was was kinda nice since I could then rotate them around to adjust the final angle at which the tips pointed. Keep up the great work!
  11. Ironically, Dan, I just painted my vocoder two days ago and while drafting my next thread update yesterday I mentioned this thread. =)
  12. Christine (Cricket) also shared this tip with me several months ago, after she accidentally discovered the occurrence with one of her props. I am considering using the technique myself to remove my TD control panel.
  13. Congrats, Matt! Looking forward to seeing your photos, and you, Justin, and the rest of the gang in action!
  14. OP (MV) Post #42: Helmet Work Continues Happy New Year, Troopers! I've never been one to place much significance on the transition from December 31st to January 1st, but in light of what we've all experienced these past 10 months, I'm actually excited and hopefully for 2021! I'm not sure what this new year has in store for my build, and despite my absence on the boards for the past couple weeks, I have continued to make slow progress on my helmet. Side note related to the forum. When my Tapatalk forum feed seemingly went dark on December 21st I initially thought that si
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