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  1. Woohoo! I love seeing ATA Centurion submissions as an ATA wearer myself! Ultimately the DOs have the official say, but you've done a great job pulling your shoulder bells in since your EI app, and you've also successfully minimized the gaps on the rear of your leg pieces through your implementation of mobility cuts! Jus a couple other observations: You'll likely still need to pull your belt up a bit so that the plastic is closer to the bottom ab button, and your ab-kidney seam may also need to be addressed. The 1/4 white elastic on your shoulder bridges also needs to be shifted back to the rear, so that it's positioned atop the backplate armor. It also appears that your chest plate also rides up over the ab piece in a couple of your poses (something I too dealt with), so you may consider tightening/shortening the strapping holding those two parts together. I see your straps are currently on the outer edges, so you could consider adding a shorter one in the middle. Looking great, trooper! I look forward to seeing you in the L3 ranks soon!
  2. Just coming back to admire your work on this again, Tom. Really quite a phenomenal look you've constructed, and hopefully we can get a CRL up and running soon. Discussion thread linked above by Andrew.
  3. Really diggin' this build, and can't wait to see the finished blaster! Maybe I'll even get to see it someday in person if we ever troop together at a midpoint between us, like Nashville.
  4. So who will be the one to slice that little cylinder on Jonatan's belt and print 100 of them?
  5. Hmmm... perhaps a new TD variant to add to my collection without much difficulty...
  6. Not me looking looking at it right now… Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. It’s called refueling for the next round. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Sorta. The fuzzy Velcro on the outside of the clips is to protect your kidney armor plate, since it will be in direct contact. However, if you look closely you’ll notice I also put some scratchy/hook Velcro on the INSIDE of the clips, which is to add friction to the canvas belt when installed, which is a retention measure. You should definitely do the fuzz Velcro to protect your armor, but test out the tightness of your fitment on the belt before doing the inner hook velcro. You may not need it, and your clip opening may be too tight to fit it anyway. Keep in mind that your canvas belt will be doubled over where your detonator is installed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. As you can see, Rob, we have a great many troopers at the ready waiting to help you on your quest to become a STORMTROOPER! Don't ever feel afraid to ask questions; there are never too many, and the only dumb ones are those unspoken.
  10. Congrats on receiving your armor! You're about to embark on the journey of your life, and we will be here to support you along the way! Ask many questions and post photos on your own build thread once you're ready!
  11. So if you're shaping your own TD clips then you don't need to worry about the dilemma I had about the raised or lowered option because you can size/trim the clips to your needs. "Raised" vs "lowered" was relevant to me at the time because I had prefabricated clips that were designed for the larger diameter tubes. Basically you should aim for what is technically the "lower" posture of the tube as it related to how the panel is pointing back (you don't want to knob aimed too high), but the "raised" placement of the tube relative to your canvas belt. For those of you reading, here is the image for context: And by the way, my final thermal detonator is a larger 68mm diameter one from AM, versus the smaller 2" diameter ATA one from my build thread.
  12. I’m so glad you hadn’t drilled those holes on the left thigh! Phew! For higher levels of approval, be sure the ends of the thigh ammo pack are equidistant from the rear ridge of the thigh. You might also consider asking your GML if they differentiate between the ammo pack being placed lower (like the photos Glen posted) or raised like many of us do (because it’s also screen accurate). Ask me how I know. [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Trim away at the tops, James! Many do that simply for comfort, especially on the inner halves of the thighs. I've kinda kept a hybrid where the returns are gone on the inner thigh area, and then tapered them out to thin return edges on the outer thighs. That being said, before too long I may take the returns completely off. I'll let the DOs give the final word though. Also here are two of my fav return edge and reference threads by our new DL! https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/48166-return-edges-101-ottk/ https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/48335-quick-crl-reference-guide-for-your-ot-build-pics-notes-tips/#comment-673658
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