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  1. Hi Gaines, and thanks for your submission! One of us will be with you shortly, but before we "move along" there are 2 items we need you to take care of, the first being to remove a bit of the paint at the top of the teeth as shown below. As per the CRL for Basic approval, "Frown is gray and does not leave the teeth area". Most are perfect, it's just the tops of the three shown below. 10 minutes with some mineral spirits and a toothpick should get you where you need to be.... easy fix! (Check the bottoms of the teeth as well). Reference images Please also include a close-up of the ab-plate detail like this one: (no need to get suited up). Since this armor can definitely get you to Centurion, while you have the mineral spirits out for the teeth you should go ahead and remove the paint from the following to get ready for Level 3: The "Han" snap cannot be painted. Reference images "Snaps are silver in color... and are not painted". Reference images There are a few other issues for level 3 (but nothing you can't take care of pretty easily) and we look forward to seeing the updated pics!
  2. Welcome to the FISD, Andy, and glad to have you aboard! Yeah, we are all waiting for various bans to be lifted so that we can get out and eventually put some smiles on long-awaiting faces, but in the mean-time we can help those who are also stuck at home and just starting out on their white armor journey. There are a lot of future troopers who may be under some sort of quarantine but still need some advice and guidance to finish their armor. This is where folks like you can offer not only that advice but encouragement as well.
  3. Now that the contest is over (in record time, I might add) here is some trivia about Mr. Muir. For those of you who may not know, he** designed and sculpted the molds for the original armor for Stormtroopers (based on the Ralph McQuarrie design) that we all wear. Although Liz Moore designed the helmet, he was the one who created the rest of the costume! More info on this talented guy can be found here. ** Despite what you may have read from a certain armorer.
  4. Welkom bij de FISD, Domingo! Er valt hier veel informatie te leren, maar we zijn hier om u te helpen bij elke stap op uw reis om een Stormtrooper te worden! Voel je vrij om al vragen te stellen! (Mijn Nederlands is verschrikkelijk, vergeef me alsjeblieft, lol).
  5. You are definitely on the right track, but the top of the round part should be lowered a bit to where it aligns with the ridge. You may need to take a hair off the areas as seen in the second photo to lower them and move them forward a tad. As I mentioned, don't worry too much about the gaps. Looks GREAT! NICE job!
  6. Please PM me your complete shipping info. and I will have that in the mail tomorrow!
  7. And we have a winner! (This has got to be the fastest contest ever, lol). Congrats, Jayke!!
  8. Okay Troopers, time for a super-quick contest! All you have to do for this one is identify the person in the photo below. (Hint: He has a connection to Star Wars). The first person to post up with the correct name wins a cool official 3" x 17 " (7.5 cm x 43 cm) 501st Legion decal which you can put on your bin or car. Open to all Troopers world-wide except Command / Extended Staff (Attaches).
  9. In your Gallery, click on the center area of the pic you wish to post, which will bring you to the area as seen below. 1. LEFT click on Copy next to Direct Link. 2. Paste into your post or thread.
  10. It looks like you will need to trim the bottom rear of the cap at some point in order to get the S-trim to sit correctly and cover the seam. Do this a little at a time until you get close, and post up some more pics if you have any issues!
  11. Never be sorry about asking questions, Thomas, and I applaud you for wanting to "get it right"! That looks pretty darned good, and the ears will cover those seams on the side. When doing the ears, remember that they don't have to be perfectly flat against the helmet on all sides (Heaven knows the originals weren't). When you start trimming just do a small amount at a time until you get them close, and post up pics of your progress. Placement is key, though. As seen in the reference images below, the top of the round part should sit at the center of the rear of the trap, and the screws should line up with the angle of it.
  12. Welcome, Gretchen! You are in the right place for sure, and GREAT to see that you started your own build thread! My advice would be to take your time, and as others have mentioned ask lots of questions. If you run into an issue, be sure to post up photos before moving ahead. You have a LOT of folks here ready and willing to help you through any problems you have (and offer encouragement) so don't be shy. I have a few tutorials below that will help, especially this one, and I look forward to seeing your progress!
  13. Although it's possible, making an item using someone else's design (in this case the hand guards) is considered "re-casting", which is generally frowned upon. However, since it is for personal use what I would suggest is to get in touch with the person who made the armor and ask permission.
  14. Doopydoos sells 2 types of kits, one for upgrading Hasbro blasters and one to build a complete one. Hasbro upgrade kit- https://www.doopydoos.com/stormtrooper-e11-hasbro-blaster-conversion-skin-kit-mk2-2636-p.asp Complete E-11 kit- https://www.doopydoos.com/stormtrooper-e-11-complete-anh-e-11-blaster-kit-offer-2685-p.asp The complete kit is often out of stock, but you can ask to be notified when it is back in stock. If you decide to order one of these, do it immediately when they notify you, as they disappear very quickly!
  15. Great news! It is truly fantastic the way you have prepared for this build, Chris. Which piece(s) you choose to start with will be up to you, but to get a feel for things I suggest starting with the biceps. I am looking forward to seeing your progress, and hopefully a ton of photos! Just remember the old saying "measure twice (or 3-4 times), cut once" and if you run into an issue, ask and post up a pic before proceeding. We are here to help, sir.
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