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  1. UPDATE: I will be updating this thread with the new imgur procedures on Saturday morning (if not before), so hang in there!
  2. 20mm is good for the front. The backs should be the same but can be a little wider if needed.
  3. Excellent news, John! One thing I would suggest is that when you receive it, put everything on, take pictures and then post them up in the "Pre-Approval" thread here. This way we can help you with any tweaks you may need and make the 501st approval process a lot smoother. You won't need a blaster for Basic, but do you have your boots/undersuit/neck seal/holster on hand or ordered?
  4. Welcome, Micah! All of the armorers Glen supplied the link to are "vetted" (tried and true) suppliers. Lots of sellers on ebay and such also sell armor kits, but many (if not most) of them are either not accurate enough to be 501st approved or require a LOT of work to get them to our standards. There are sellers that will build your armor for you, but that can be pretty pricey. Most of us build our own from kits, which is not as hard as you may think (especially with our help). This is not the least expensive hobby by any means, but well worth it.
  5. A well deserved honor for both of you! Now that you will be on Staff in the new term, we will be expecting even MORE from you.. Thanks for all you do for us, my brothers. It doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated!
  6. I wouldn't suggest Testors for painting the tube, Hanson. It would take quite a few bottles and it would probably leave ridges due to the viscosity. What I would suggest is to follow what Glen recommended and use gray primer (spray can) which will leave a smooth finish. I would also sand it down with some fine (500 or higher) sandpaper to take the shine off and give the paint better adhesion. Posting photos is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I have a tutorial here which will help. Looking forward to following your progress!
  7. Overall a really nice job on your bucket build, Wil! I would definitely think about taking Glen's advice on the ear trimming, though. It may pass at Basic but would be a ding at Level 2. Just follow the same lines along the back (a little at a time) and you should be golden. Looking forward to seeing the results!
  8. Welcome to the FISD, Danny! Depending on how well the armor fits, my advice would be to post a few photos (front/back/sides) of you wearing it so that we can help with any issues if there are any.
  9. The only person I know who would be able to possibly help would be Chris from the Blaster Factory @fieldmarshall. He actually makes 100% accurate reproductions of these in metal as well as a host of other items, so if there is anyone to contact it would be him.
  10. Great to have you onboard, Gustavo! Lots of friendly folks here and we always need those with armor experience to help the newer builders, so now that you are officially part of the FISD I look forward to seeing you around the forums!
  11. I still have a few sets of these I'd like to get rid of, so if anyone needs one all you have to do is pay for postage. Shipping normally runs about $5.50 in the U.S. and around $15.00 internationally. If interested, just PM me for availability and I will let you know the exact cost.
  12. As a SW weapons fan, I think having a month showing all types of blasters would ne a nice touch. Yeah, I have done a few OT style, but some of the FO versions I've seen here are spectacular!
  13. Here's one for ya':
  14. If (hopefully) this were to come about for 2025, instead of having one character photo per month it might be nice to re-create some iconic film scenes using stock backgrounds, but substituting FISD members for the actors. Examples: (Using one of our own Capt. Phasmas as well)! Would it require a lot of work cutting/pasting/Photoshop etc.? Yep, but that way a lot more members could be a part of it. We have a ton of costumes, but some characters could be combined in one photo (i.e. a battle scene or the like). We have an AMAZING amount of computer graphic talent here, so I can see this working.
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