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  1. I wear my grappling hook box in lieu of a TD (in the center of the back), but always wondered why a TK stationed on the Death Star actually needed one, lol.
  2. The rivets on the thigh ammo pack must be either 5/16ths head split (bifurcated) or single cap type, painted white.
  3. justjoseph63

    TK forearm cuts

    Daniel is absolutely right, Sergio. You should cut all the return edges off of the wrist end as shown on the second photo, and note in the photo below that the return edges have also been mostly removed from the top part as well. Doing this will give them more flexibility, allow for a better curvature which will help take any stress off the seam. If you have any spare scraps from your build, KEEP THEM. You can use them as interior cover strips to reinforce the joins. Doing this on the forearms is not so important as doing it on the calves, which get a workout from being open and closed all the time while suiting up. Interior cover strips don't have to look good. They are not seen and will not affect approval at any level. As Daniel also suggested, starting a build thread is an EXCELLENT idea. We can help answer you questions all in one place, and you can post up photos of any areas you need assistance with. If you do get stuck, always post up a photo before cutting or gluing like you did above. We are here to help!
  4. To quote a certain pet detective, "B-E-A utiful"! Really nice job on those, James!
  5. justjoseph63

    MakeNoiseMan Requesting Pre-Approval Review (AP)

    I had every faith in you, Brendan, and congrats!! I see that you have already applied for Legion access, (perfect) and I hope to continue seeing you around the boards using those mad build skills you have now to help those that need it. "Troopers helping Troopers"!! Next up, EI
  6. justjoseph63

    Hello from First Order Concepts

    Hi David! First, welcome to the FISD! Regarding your potential sales thread, note that items for sale do not require Admin or Staff approvals but I would like to offer some advice if I may... First, it really helps to fill out all the information in your profile, including where you are located (city/country). The reason being is that someone in the UK may not want to pay for shipping/customs to the U.S., and vice-versa. You will also need to list the complete cost including shipping, PayPal fees, etc. ("out the door" price) to potential buyers, as well as detailed photos/info. of the item, and let them know if you do offer shipping outside your country (including postage rates). I would factor in to your price the use of PayPal's "Goods and Services" option, and highly suggest that you encourage people to use it. It shows that you are an above board seller which will encourage them to purchase. Being a new member can be daunting when starting a sales thread. I'm sure you are above-board and have a great product, but until people get to know you and you have a proven track record it can be difficult. I assume that you will be offering your item(s) on an ongoing basis, and as long as you follow the rules in that forum (https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/16-ongoing-sales-project-orders/) there will be no issues. We are always welcoming of new stuff, so once you get your name and reputation established you should do well. All the best on your venture!!!
  7. justjoseph63

    It's Official Congrats to Sarah (Alay) our New DL!

    Congrats to you, Sara.
  8. justjoseph63

    Linz AM ANH build thread WIP

    I have a list here that shows everything you will need: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31404-supply-list-for-your-tk-build/ For the TD clips, Tony can hook you up: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/32554-fs-screen-accurate-td-belt-clips-with-pan-head-screws/
  9. justjoseph63

    Linz AM ANH build thread WIP

    Welcome, Linz! First, let me say that starting a build thread was a wise move. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you would like (no matter how small) and know that we have your back. Whenever possible, include as many detailed photos as you can (we LOVE photos)... they really are worth a thousand words. Also, if you are in doubt about something, always ask before moving ahead, i.e. cutting or gluing. Another piece of advice I always offer is to take... your....time. I know you want to get out there and get trooping, but rushing things only leads to mistakes. Again, welcome, and I look forward to seeing your progress!
  10. justjoseph63


    I have 2 sets of Imperial boots, and after countless troops I have had no problems and could not be happier, and these things have been through hell. With Imperial, I suggest ordering a half size larger than you normally wear, as they run a tiny bit on the small side. As for the lower leg armor coming out of place, it's a matter of how you trim the calf (lower leg). The boots should not affect the bottom of the calf at all. A common problem some have is that the boot pops out from under the calf, but this can be prevented by not cutting the bottom too narrow or too short. If you should have that problem, there are a few ways to fix it. Some add Velcro to the bottom of the inside of the calf and at the top of the boots, or you can make stirrup style setups (easy to do). With all the knowledge here at the FISD, we can help you fix any problems you may experience... all ya' gotta do is ask and we have your back.
  11. justjoseph63

    SNAP Setting 101

    The 4 inch in the tutorial was just for an example, and I should have clarified that, John. I use the 4 inch length on my side kidney to ab connections, which gives a little room to work with while snapping them together. The other strap lengths can (and should in this case) be shorter as needed. This is actually a pretty straightforward fix, though. Just cut the strap as seen below and insert 2 new male sides, that way you don't have to remove the bases that have been glued to your armor.
  12. justjoseph63

    repentance3232 WTF ANH HERO BUILD

    I also have never heard of E-6000 reacting to ABS, and unlike CA (super) glue it does not heat up while curing. If I didn't know any better, I would say that the clamps you used to hold it on while the glue dried were really tight and actually made an indentation in the shoulder tab. The only ones I have seen you use are the plastic ones (and the metal ones for the sniper knee) which usually don't have that sort of strength.
  13. Thanks for the updated pics, Jennifer, and really nice job on that armor! Unfortunately, we need one small fix before moving ahead. The actual tips themselves are fine, but the mesh (weave) in your hovi-tip screens is too tight, and as per the CRL for level 2, it must be a wider weave. Correct 'Hovi mic' aerator tips There are a few places to get this, and if you need some sources just PM me. Thanks!
  14. justjoseph63

    Digz Graavz First Build - ANH Stunt from AP

    Absolutely. Be SURE to add a substantial amount of weight on top while they dry (at least 12 hours), similar to using clamps/magnets when attaching armor pieces together.
  15. It will not affect your EI submission, but they should have a silver/chrome finish: