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  1. It's not so much the return edges as it is the lack of a gap between the butt plate and the top of the thighs, and it's not just an ESB thing, it was the same in ANH as seen below. In your ANH Stunt pic (4th photo) the return edge is present (not a biggie) but there is no overlap. This is not a huge deal for EI, but since I'm sure you will be headed for Centurion this may be mentioned. I honestly would not worry about buying a new plate, but I appreciate your enthusiasm!!! ANH references Photo 4 "Per ESB Helmet, this helmet copies the three stripes on the right ear and two stripes on the left ear" Not all of em'.. .
  2. BRAVO for wanting to get things in line for EI and then Centurion, Michael! Ordering a set of RS armor is a fantastic start, no doubt, but as Glen mentioned there may be a few small details that are needed for the higher levels. Know that you are in the right place for any and all advice and that our goal is to assist you in any way we can to reach higher levels of accuracy. No question is "too small" and we are here to help you every step of the way! All you need to do is ask... we are here for ya'!
  3. WOW! Excellent job on this armor, Ardeshir, and I am WELL impressed with how you changed that bucket from ANH to ESB! If I could make a suggestion, it would be to remove all of the return edges from the sides/bottom of your posterior plate. As seen in the ESB references below, there were none, and there was a definitive gap between the top of the thigh(s) and the posterior (butt) plate. At present yours overlaps. 10 minutes with a Dremel and you are screen accurate, brother! ESB reference images One last favor, please add some close-ups of your blaster, in particular both sides of the scope. THANKS!
  4. What can I say, Dan... you have been a vital part of the FISD community and done an outstanding job as a Staff member, so here's to the NEXT 3000 posts, brother! Cheers!
  5. Hi Tudor, and thank you for your application for Expert Infantry! (My apologies for the delay)! CRL and EIB Application Requirements All required photos are now in and, after review, we are pleased to welcome you to EI! On behalf of the entire DO staff, congratulations!! Other-Armor Fit/Assembly In this area we review observations made by your fellow troopers and the DO team. Some observations may lead to suggestions to improve the overall look of your armor. Note that we consider both text (CRL) and pictures (screen caps/reference images) when reviewing submissions. As seen in the reference images below, your brow trim is sitting a bit low, so we are suggesting that you raise it a few mm to better match the Stunt buckets seen in ANH. Reference images The right side is spot-on, but the brow trim on the left could use a snip to shorten it. Ideally it should be cut off right at or in front of the rear trap line above it. Reference images GREAT to see that you hand painted the traps, but ideally they should fill in the indented area more. Reference images You have the ear screws painted, but unfortunately the color does not match the same shade of white as your ears, causing them to stand out quite a bit. Reference images We rarely have access to a mirror before suiting up, but you can ask a fellow TK to ensure that your gaps are parallel. Reference images Your forearm openings are sitting a little far from the hand guards. Lowering both the biceps and forearms would close up that gap nicely! It also seems that your ABS belt is sticking out pretty wide on the sides and could use a hot-water bath to bend the ends in so that they wrap around your waist instead of flaring out. Reference images Both your thighs are sitting high, and in a perfect world should not ride under the cod area. Trimming them down would also make it more comfortable when you walk. Reference images The same in the rear. The tops of the cover strips need to be trimmed, as they should not extend past the top of the thigh. Easy fix! Reference images The alignment of the cover strips on your left side could not be better, but for symmetry the right thigh and calf should be rotated in a bit to match. Reference images We are asking that you trim down the small ab-button plate and square off the corners. NICE paint job on those, by the way! Reference images The thigh ammo pack should be equally spaced from the "corners" of the thigh on each side. Reference images Centurion Requirements In this section we prepare you for Centurion. More photos may be requested in the future that allow us to make better decisions on possible adjustments. If there are any areas of concern they will be discussed here. Because Centurion photos show much more detail than EIB, items to pertaining to Centurion might be seen there and not here. We try to point out all that we can from what is seen, but the final accuracy is the responsibility of the trooper. The tube stripes on the right side of your bucket are pretty close, but the left side is not the same distance away from the cheek and should be closer. Reference images Unfortunately you over trimmed the sides of your large ab-button plate. It must have a flat area surrounding it so will need to be replaced for Level 3. Reference images Brilliant job on your shims, sir, but as per the CRL no seam can be present (seen). An easy fix here for a better screen accurate look... Your ABS belt needs to be raised a bit. Some troopers use Velcro with great success. Reference images While the bottom is perfect, as per the CRL "The corners of the plastic ammo belt shall be trimmed at a 45 degree angle that meets the outer edge of the cloth belt" Reference images And that's it, sir. You have a bit of work in front of you, but we are all sure that you can rise to the challenge. Looking forward to seeing your submission for Centurion as soon as you are done!!!
  6. The small bit of return edge on the ends of the TD plate can (and should) be trimmed off, Jakob.
  7. Adding these to our CRLs has an immediate thumbs-down vote from me.
  8. It also looks as if they are longer (a good thing). For closer screen accuracy, you can cut off the large rear tab if you have enough overlap over the tabs on the back plate. This was done on all TKs, both Stunt and Hero.
  9. We are currently working diligently on # 1000, folks! Because this is a group effort among the entire D.O. staff, the fact that we are in different time zones and have odd schedules it may cause it to take a tiny bit longer than normal. Thanks for bearing with us! We also have a few surprises up our sleeves forearm pieces...
  10. You might want to think about trimming off some more of the bottom of the sniper plate. This may give you some "wiggle room" to straighten it out a bit as well as reduce the gap between it and the top of the the calf.
  11. Hi Tudor, and thanks for the additional photos! One of us will be with you shortly, sir, so hang in there.
  12. This may sound strange, but because of the oval shaped opening many of us have to put our buckets on sideways and then rotate it forward.
  13. OK troopers, we currently have the applicant for EI #999 in review! However, several recent troopers have unfortunately not yet added the requested photos needed to complete their submission. What does this mean? While we cannot guarantee it, the next Trooper to submit for Expert infantry (with correct armor details, of course) could very well be # 1000! HINT! Please follow the guidelines as set forth in the CRLs. For examples of the details we look for when doing approvals, look here. Also, it is imperative that you submit all required photographs and information as seen here. Even if you don't get to be #1000, if approved you will still get your EI badge and be one step closer to Centurion!
  14. Great to have you here on the FISD, Bryan! Although I was 14 when ANH came out I felt the same way... to this day I still think the original TKs are the most iconic "bad guys" ever! It's never too late to fulfill your dream of becoming a shiny white spaceman, though. I was 51 when I purchased my first set of armor and haven't looked back. Is it an inexpensive hobby to start? Nope. But, after you get your 501st approval, go on your first troop in your armor and see the smiles on so many faces it makes it all worth it. Trust me. Know in advance that we at the FISD are here to help every step of the way, from providing the best resources to finding the right armorer to assisting in the entire build process. We encourage a lot of research on your part, but are always here to guide you if you have any questions. It's kinda' what we do best! As a fellow vet, thank you for your service, and if you have any other questions please feel free to PM me.
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