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  1. justjoseph63

    Free flash contest!

    Not a problem, Ray! (You are the closest one so far)!
  2. justjoseph63

    Flex seal as plastidip replacement

    I have used Flex-Seal for many projects, but due to it's runny nature I'm not sure if I would go that route, Jake. Plasti dip has worked out well for me in my buckets, and as long as you sand the inside (gives it a better surface to adhere to) and then clean/wipe it out thoroughly with rubbing alcohol (let it dry,of course) before starting it should work out just dandy. I'm not sure if Flex-seal has any residual odor, and being as you will be breathing it in you may want to test it first. Plasti-Dip has a horrible odor, but it dissipates in a few days. Whichever product you choose be sure to apply it in a few thin layers rather that one thick one. Hope this helps!
  3. Preferably wearing it, brother, but not necessary, Thanks!
  4. Still need the close-up detailed photo of the rear of your left calf, sir. Thanks!
  5. justjoseph63

    Free flash contest!

    3 more days...
  6. justjoseph63

    Free flash contest!

    Okay Troopers, up for grabs is a BRAND NEW 4 x 16 inch (8 x 40 cm) official 501st car decal! All you have to do is guess the number I am thinking about (between 1-200), or be the closest to it on or before Dec. 20th. Details: 1. No limit to the number of guesses! (Post up answers in this thread, not via PM). 2. Predetermined number will be shared with the Command Staff. 3. Contest is open to all Troopers (except Staff and Extended Staff... sorry). 4. Worldwide postage is included. Sorry, but the photo is kind of wonky. The words VADER"S FIST are above the letters st in 501st
  7. Thank you! We will be with you shortly..
  8. Thank you for the added photos, Miguel... almost there, brother! We still need the photo of your neck seal, and will need two additional close-up side view pics of your ab-button plates (examples below). No more, I promise! Many thanks.
  9. justjoseph63

    Is the following armor accepted

    ...and some poor soul will spend a crap-ton of hard earned money on a ton of crap. Sad... just sad.
  10. Hi Miguel, and thank you for your submission! As Daniel mentioned, we are missing a lot of photos, so as soon as you get those posted we can get started. Please note that we will need to see you suited up for the following photos: Right side detail (close-up) Left side detail (close-up) Action shot We are also asking if you can post 2 direct (not angled) close-ups of your sniper knee plate, both side and from the front. Thanks!!
  11. Any updates on this, Roberto? There is no need to get suited up for the additional photos I requested, I just need pics of the items. Thanks!!
  12. justjoseph63


    Welcome, Dave! AM makes a great kit, and I am sure you are going to be pleased with the quality. Fortunately they do a lot of the trimming for you, but there is still a lot to go for the details. Ask any and all questions you have, post lots of photos, and I look forward to following your build!
  13. justjoseph63

    RS Vlog Build-A-Long ANH Stunt

    You can remove all the return edges from the tops (no-one sees them anyway) of the biceps, as well as the bottoms if you like and still be screen accurate, but do this before final fitting and gluing, otherwise they may end up being too loose. This will also make them more comfortable and prevent them from cutting into your arm. Reference image
  14. justjoseph63

    Steel Phasma (long build) by Rowen

    This.. is.. AMAZING!