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  1. I think these (link here) would be your best bet, Keegan. The listing says "Free U.S. Shipping" and that's actually a really good price!
  2. "I cut and glued in some wood supports for a more solid mounting points on the pack". Excellent idea! Another idea I used was to cut out the entire circular area. This served 2 purposes- It allowed me access to the interior to better secure some of the attachments with short drywall screws (including the side tube), and it allows the OII plate to sit nestled inside the rear of the pack so it doesn't make the pack sit too far out away from the armor. I lined the entire rear exterior with 1/8" thick black craft foam (EVA), which can be pressed into the circular opening
  3. I wish I had better news for you, but unfortunately the ears will have to be replaced for Stunt, sir. The Hero ear bars have 3 bumps, and the Stunt version has 4. There are also 3 screws in the top rounded section of the ears as opposed to 2. I would suggest getting in touch with your armorer to see if they can supply the correct ones if you want go for Stunt. Hero Stunt Hero Stunt You would also need t
  4. Always GREAT to see another HWT in progress! Looks like you are well set up for this, Greg, and I look forward to following your build! If I could offer a quick suggestion, it would be to securely glue the white PVC caps to the ends of the tube before cutting the rounded parts off. Using a shim to keep the tube/cap level will give you nice squared end, especially if you are using a chop (radial) saw.
  5. To be honest, gluing a backing plate to the large ab-button plate, making ABS paste to fill the transitions and then sanding it down smooth will be quite a task, Mitch. Can it be done? Absolutely, but I would consider getting in touch with Walt about getting a new one. He is a great guy, a phenomenal armorer and would more than likely hook you up with a replacement. You don't need a large edge on them, but you will need some sort of edge for Centurion. P.S. NICE job on painting those buttons!
  6. WOW, brother. Great job on those fixes from EI, and know that your hard work is appreciated! I must say that is without a doubt the best job on covering the gaps at the rear of the thigh bottoms that I have ever seen. Well done, Jonathan. Well done indeed!
  7. I have to start by saying AWESOME job on removing those return edges! As I see it, the back plate needs to come down at least 2cm so that the tabs sit on your shoulders. Doing this would obviously require the kidney and butt plate to be lowered which would throw everything out of whack, so if you can get a back plate that is shorter that may be the answer.
  8. Hi John, and THANKS for your submission! As Mario mentioned, one of us will be with ya' shortly, but can you post up one more photo while you wait? Even though it is not a requirement for EI, we would appreciate seeing a close up of the wrist openings as seen below. THANKS!!
  9. Hi Joachim, and thank you for your submission for ANH Hero EI! After reviewing your photos, there are a few items that need some work before we can move you along, sir. Please note that as stated in the CRL Text descriptions are only one part of the guideline. GML’s and costumers must consider both text and pictures (CRL and Reference) when reviewing the costume. . As D.O.s this also applies when reviewing submissions for Expert Infantry as well as Centurion. Starting with your bucket- You have applied for ANH "Hero", and while the ear bars have the correct num
  10. As far as I can tell it was mostly the Bapty versions (seen below) that had the counter sitting that low, but since it's not too far back or forward and is a great looking blaster I would have no issues passing it at Centurion level. (Hint hint, Cory)...
  11. Hi Joachim! I assume you are submitting for EI (Expert Infantry), correct? If so, I will edit the title of your thread. Also, you are missing quite a few photos! Please check out this thread (link here) for a list of all you will need, and I look forward to seeing them!
  12. WAY TO GO TRINA! Congratulations not only on your achievement, but for becoming a part of FISD history... both are something to be very proud of!
  13. Congrats on your RS kit! Finding a "one stop shop" for all those items may be a bit difficult, so you may have to use several different sources. I would try Amazon for the undersuit. Just search "Men's black compression shirt/pants", but just make sure they don't have logos that will be visible when wearing your armor. For boots, 421s by Imperial Boots (link here) makes a GREAT product. They only make them in "waves" (like once a month) and the current on only runs until tomorrow (April 9th). They arrive pretty quickly, and having them on-hand will really help when fitting the lower leg
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