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  1. Well, with only a little more than thirteen thousand posts here you are getting pretty darned close!
  2. If you are looking for someone to build an incredible set of armor that you have purchased from someone else, Tony @ukswrath is a LEGEND here!
  3. There area few vetted vendors who can build your armor sets for you, including AP and RS props (which may have the fastest turnaround). I would suggest contacting them and explaining your situation and perhaps they can put a "rush" on them. I heard that Dave at AM also builds armor, but again, you should check with him first. Another thing you should consider is that pre-assembled kits are bespoke, and you would need the necessary measurements for those who would be wearing them. Otherwise, they may not fit correctly. Even the difference of a few inches here or there can make a difference, as pieces like the limbs (forearms/biceps- thighs/calves) are pre-assembled and not easy to adjust. There are also other items to consider in your budget... Under-suits, neck seals, gloves, etc. will be required. This list may help. Whatever vendor you use, we are here to help at all stages so always feel free to ask any and all questions you have.
  4. As do I, (just not in armor, lol).
  5. I'm surprised you don't have this in your arsenal yet, Glen! If anyone can build one, I'm thinking it's you. (You FOTKs get ALL the cool toys!
  6. That's up to you. I designed these to flex a LOT and contour to the gloves more than the regular latex type.. this way the sides don't pop up. Just make sure you don't add any E-6000 past the cloth part on the underside.
  7. Like my grandfather used to say, "If it's not broken, don't fix it"! Be sure to keep us informed on your approval!
  8. It looks (to me at least) that the chest and back have been trimmed down for someone who is much shorter since the return edges at the bottoms appear to have been removed completely (like they were for Luke). Unless you are over 6 foot there ideally should be a smaller gap between the bottom of the bucket and the scoop at the top of the chest piece. same with the top of the back plate. Do you have padding in the top of the bucket? It looks like removing it would solve that issue and allow it to ride lower. Sometimes extending the chest/back strapping will allow it to drop a bit more in the back, but your shoulder bridges are pretty short as it is. I find it kind of odd that the rest of the armor actually fits pretty well. You have a few other issues that can be fairly straightforward to fix. I hate to say it, but whoever built this armor mismatched the calves. The outside pieces have been glued together (right leg) and the inside pieces are on the left leg. This accounts for the difference in size. The rear cover strip on the right one is also on the wrong side, and the opening should be on the inside, just as the left one is. The holster strap is the Hero type, and has 4 fasteners instead of 2 as required for Stunt. There is a rivet in the sniper knee plate on the ridge as seen in ROTJ armor. Don't get discouraged, James. You have some work to do, and you may even have to replace the chest and back, but we will help out whenever we can, so hang in there.
  9. Welcome to the FISD, Edgar! Jim and Mario are spot-on with that advice....always feel free to ask here if you have any questions regarding a particular seller, and you will get honest feedback. Choosing your armorer is the most important (and costly) investment you will make, so it's better to ask than to guess. We are here to help you from step one until your eventual 501st approval, so never be shy about asking for advice... it's what we do!
  10. It's just my opinion, but I would hold off on reducing the calves for now. You may want to reduce the angle of the thigh ammo pack a bit, but the spacing between the bottom of the thighs and the top of the calf looks ideal to me.
  11. Looking good, sir! If I could suggest something, it would be to raise your belt in the front and back. As seen in your previous fitting, you don't seem to have an issue with the posterior plate riding out, so raising it would look much better. Ideally, the bottom of the canvas belt should sit right at or just above the top of the posterior plate.
  12. Have you tried imgur? If you have, and managed to get your photo onto their site, scroll over the image, which will surround it with a green box. Left click, and it will bring you to a page with options. Left click Copy next to Direct Link, and then paste in your post.
  13. NICE job on trimming those return edges, sir! I hate to be a stickler (can't help it, lol) but you may want to take some sandpaper to the top portion (blue line). There is also one tiny indentation (red arrow) toward the upper part where this is especially important. Even a tiny nick like this can lead to a split, but it's easily fixed. Looking forward to seeing your pre-submission photos!
  14. Not sure about the quality of the Corsairs boots, but they look pretty darned nice. At $110.00 they are a little more expensive than Imperial boots at $80.00. I have owned 2 pairs of IB boots for years and they have held up great. They run a bit small, though, so if you go with them be sure to order a half size larger than what you normally wear, and a full size if you wear inserts.
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