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  1. That is perfect, thank you! I was under the impression that the ears on all of the helmets almost touched the traps but one of these clearly shows a gap. If I trim my ears to fit that high, I will end up with a very thick ear section at the top of the tubes. I think I will get a much thinner profile if I let it drop down around a 1/2". It also helps show where I can trim more of the bottom of the helmet. This is exactly what I needed!
  2. It was a good but busy weekend. Didn't get much work done on the armor. I did get the left forearm trimmed back and am much happier with how it looks. So, other than strapping and maybe some return edge adjustments, I'm pleased with them. The current stall point is the ears. I have one of them pre-trimmed but it doesn't look like it will fit as I had expected. I know I need to trim more out of the bottom of the helmet because I can't get my head in, even with the helmet turned sideways. Can someone link me to a photo that shows what a finished helmet looks like, from the bottom, with the
  3. "Change is bad" famous quote by a Grumpy Old Man. "Semper Gumby" quote by me meaning always flexible. For those of us who aren't part of the 501st yet but actively building our first costumes is there anywhere we can look to see how this will impact us? The information and support at whitearmor.net have been invaluable for my build. Will this forum stay active? Do we need to join the MEPD forums and restart our build threads? Will the same people who have been so helpful here still be the ones helping us new builders as we move forward? Will the 501st be providing
  4. It's been a busy week. Last night, after a 3 mile pub run and a beverage, I finally got home and tried on the left forearm. I don't like it. It isn't terrible, but it isn't as good as the right forearm. Again, the shape changed after being held in the correct place for a few days and I want a smaller wrist opening. Not more than an hours work to improve it. I have a full schedule again tonight but should get that reworked tomorrow. I did get an update from Hellhound about the blaster. He has a few that are close to ready and mine should be shipping by early next week.
  5. Thank you! I did grab the correct shoulder for that side and started trimming it. I cut back the return edge so that it is just a little larger than the middle reference picture. I think that is a good place to be until I start the strapping process and see how everything starts fitting together. And an update that I forgot.... my boots came this weekend! Still waiting on the blaster and need to order a belt once I get a waist measurement. And another minor issue. Working on the helmet and when I tried drilling through for the rivet hole the helmet cracked since i
  6. I feel like I have the eyes and teeth where I want them. Unless someone offers advice on how it can be improved I will finish getting the openings cleaned up and ready for painting. Until then, time to start on.... the ears. So many good tutorials I'm hoping it goes smoothly.
  7. I've made less progress than hoped, but that is ok. Fortunately I am not working to a timeline. I had what was a very fortunate setback. The right forearm cover strip didn't stay straight while it was setting so I had to remove it. I hadn't been thrilled with the sizing, but because of the odd curve I couldn't get it on if I trimmed it any more. The shape changed once it spent 2 days clamped together allowing me to cut over 1/2" off of each side of the area I had to remove the cover strip from. Now I am much happier with the shape. Happy setback. I have the left forearm gluing now.
  8. I can't say I've ever enjoyed something this much that was so frustrating! I can see the addiction..... And I've ordered 60 more magnets.
  9. Life got me a little more than expected this week but some more work was accomplished. I'll get some pictures posted this weekend. Shot 1 of the Covid vaccine pretty much laid me out where I didn't want to touch it for 2 nights. Lessons learned: Asymmetrical armor can drive a person crazy. Return edges are different. Curves are different. Lengths are different. When it comes to shape, the helmet feels like a completely different design between the right and left! AGH!!!! This is definitely more of an art project than an engineering project and I am NOT artistic. That said, th
  10. Today marks the 10th day after BBB Day and I'm happy where things are at. I am very pleased with the eyes. The teeth are close, but still not quite where I want them per the reference photos. Shouldn't be much more than 30 more minutes of work to get them done. And, I did get the front cover strips finished on the forearms so those have been gluing overnight.
  11. Your ear looks great! What method did you use to do the initial trace? Did it take much in the way of adjustment after the initial trim?
  12. I'm new at this, so PLEASE DON"T ACT ON THIS without someone more experienced weighing in..... I am trimming the eyes of my helmet right now and I have removed a lot more material than you have. It could be a difference between the ATA and Anovos helmets. I've been using this as a reference but it is an ATA helmet not Anovos.
  13. My issue was completely self inflicted. I had intended to trim the front edge of the outside bicep piece. Unfortunately, I thought I had the top edge to the right but it was actually to the left when I marked it. So, instead of trimming the front edge I trimmed the back edge. It would have been way too tight to properly trim the front edge to get it looking correct. Fortunately, I hadn't finished trimming the other arm so I swapped the outside pieces. I'm sure some experts on here who review armor all the time will be able to notice the swap but I can't tell the difference. No pict
  14. I cut the front of each bicep as good and got those glued together yesterday. This morning I finished shaping the backs and have those curing now. Considering my mistake I'm actually very pleased with the results. I've also been working on the helmet this weekend. Still needs a lot of work and adjusting but making progress.
  15. I was so frustrated last night about not having the orientation of the right bicep outside piece correct when I marked it for cutting I missed what I hope is an obvious solution. Any reason I can't swap the outside of the right and left biceps on the ATA armor? I know they aren't identical but I don't see any clearly defining markings that would be readily noticeable. Thoughts?
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