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  1. After many hours of troubleshooting, I know the problem at least, if not the cause. When I tell the print bed to move to the Home position, it should extend the BLtouch probe and raise the bed until the print bed hits it. Mine is extending and immediately retracting without contact so it thinks the board is already there and then lowers the board to adjust. Not sure if it is a hardware problem with the switch or a software problem though.
  2. I had 3 things related to this build that I wanted to get done this past weekend. 1. Glue backings onto gloves. Status? Gloves got cleaned, that was it. 2. Build and paint PVC mannequin. Status? Got parts, that was it. 3. Assemble 3d printer. Status? Let's just say it's the reason nothing else got done. Ordered an Ender 5 plus and then ordered some upgrades for it that were supposed to be plug and play. Figured I would put the upgrades on as I built it. The build itself was straight forward but I just can't get the darn thing to work. The symptom is that the
  3. Today was another LBB kinda day. Some stuff I ordered from Trooperbay has arrived!
  4. Highly accurate custom fit. For Dizzy Gillespie!
  5. Thanks! A few weeks without the good stuff will give me time to practice my forum skills!
  6. It seems a little early to start a build thread since my armor is still a few weeks out but that doesn't mean things haven't been happening. Besides, starting early will make sure I can figure out how to add pictures and understand the formatting for when everything does get here. The BBB may be a few weeks off but today was officially LBB&E day. As in Little Brown Box and Envelope day. I've actually been ordering supplies for the last 2 weeks and organizing it in a work space. I have a completely empty bedroom I am using for the build so I never have to worry about putting things a
  7. You are my hero today! I couldn't find the instructions for the magnetic closures on the shins.... then I remembered you put them here. Thanks!
  8. Reviewing the EIB and Centurion request threads has been a tremendous help as I get ready to start my first build. Can't thank you guys enough for making these public and providing such thorough comments along with reference pictures. Incredibly helpful! I do have a question about the shoulder pieces and it isn't addressed in the CRL. I'm not sure I would expect it to be mentioned because it is an "extra" piece that may not be needed. It seems like in some requests I have seen the large block at the end of some armor sets needing to be removed but other times it doesn't seem t
  9. Probably still a little premature for a build thread, but I'll share a quick update. Still on the ATA wait list and should be 2 to 3 weeks out before I'm up. I have a completely empty/unused bedroom to use for this build and have set up a 30"x72" table as a work space. This past week I have gotten all the elastic, strapping, and velcro I should need for this build. I have also picked up a bunch of snaps, rivets, tools for both, clamps, new razor and hobby knives, steel rulers, Goo Gone, E6000 adhesive, china markers, and acrylic scissors. That table is filling up fast! Thin
  10. Perfect. I probably should have asked if airbrushing was considered the same as hand painting or if the brush strokes were necessary.
  11. I am gathering tools and supplies for when my ANH Stunt armor kit arrives. I'll be shooting for Centurion. My painting skills aren't exactly the best and I want it to look as good as possible. My question is this. The regular level build requires the tube stripes to be "hand painted, decals, or decals that replicate hand painted". I've seen some photo's of helmets where the tube stripes were airbrushed and they look amazing. Is airbrushing an option for Centurion level? I want to avoid decals. I would assume this is acceptable but I'd rather not make any assumptions. I appreciate any guid
  12. After years of making excuses to not join the 501st I've finally decided to take on the challenge. Life long Star Wars fan so mixing that with doing charity work is too much to pass up. I've decided to go with ATA ANH Stunt armor and am on the waiting list now. I've been going through the different guides and am stocking up on all of the recommended supplies and tools that I should need to make everything happen. I'm lucky enough to have an unused bedroom in the house that I will be setting up as a work area. Hoping to have the build done and approved in time for the world to open
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