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Only 0 spot left.. We did it!


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9 minutes ago, Daetrin said:

It's midnight in Oz so I expect we'll hear more when the other parties wake up their tomorrow.  As an aside, @GoofTrooper that picture in your avatar is sweet.  You did a really nice job on your armor too (looking at your centurion thread).  :salute:

Thank you for the compliment on my armor, I appreciate it very much! My avatar photo was taken during one of my last troops before lock down started and it's one of my favorites for sure.

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It wont be too much longer folks, there are several things going on in the background at the moment and the plan is to have them all go live as close as possible to each other.

We have held the Newsletter back to capture all of it as well, so trust me when I say your detachment staff are busy getting this all aligned :)

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Congratulations FISD! This was a very exciting moment to be a part of! It makes me very proud to be an FISD member, Attache, part of the 1000 EI, and member of the 501st Legion. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this moment possible!

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Light for this year that only brought darkness ... I hope this is the first celebration of many others during this 2020 ... A big hug to all those who were left behind and to their families ... This goes for them too .:(


And of course, thanks to all the staff  and all the people who made this  possible ... Great job guys.:th_AnimatedBravoSmiley:

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21 minutes ago, ForeverFanFirstTimeRecruit said:

So... where is everyone at for their "Centurion"?  What's that total at?  How many of the EI are going to go that next step?  Count me in!

Working on that after a short break!

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