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    classic car restoration, I used to build KITT replicas but have now moved onto Starwars gear and an old '67 Mustang, hike and camp when I can..and of course my beautiful wife and stepson who thinks it's cool his stepdad is going to be a stormtrooper !!!


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  1. I'll clean up my 8 year old AP suit which I WAS APPROVED as ESB for , for Celebration 2015 when it was the 35th anniversary and apply for EIB now and then Centurion...wish me luck...
  2. Mark, I've stood by your reputation for honesty and excellence for over 8 years now and continue to do so...period.
  3. The title currently being used to describe the Stormtroopers in this show are: Remnants. I personally like this title...it sums up everything Stormtrooper at this point in the Star Wars Story.
  4. No..I still troop in my armor despite offers from some out there to buy it for incredibly inflated offers... My suit is nearly 8 years old and is getting close to being retired...but not just yet..it's staying with me.. I joined the 501st to give back to the Community...the drive to do this came from losing my Mum to liver cancer at 62...none of us knew what this last minute gig was about until we showed up and started signing paperwork.. All the stunts in the show were NOT performed by 501st...that was all LFL...we were hired as background and to make up the numbers that the LFL R1 and Solo suits were missing.. We did run around, but were never in harms way.. I can discuss how we participated, but am holding off on specifics until others on these forums have seen the show...I am a native Australian (dual US and Aussie citizen) and I know over there, and in some other parts of the world...they are still rolling out...
  5. Some were not there the entire 3 days, and some were only there for as little as one day...from sunrise until sunset...
  6. Yup..now the episode has finally debuted , I can answer some questions and contribute...as much as I wanted to speak, I took the NDA close to heart so kept silent. I am an Aussie, but also an American.. Whilst I can't yet post about the season finale, feel free to ask about ep 7... Cheers !
  7. I would wait for the Season to finish...just enjoy it for now...Im with Tony...and he knows why...
  8. Excellent post...I have seen some of these helmets and can tell you first hand there is no benchmark for brow height...they slapped these together quickly and they for the most part ended up the way they ended up...being background stunt that's the way it was...ironically these were the suits that survived and from where we all have ours derived from...
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