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    Garden Grove, California
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    classic car restoration, I used to build KITT replicas but have now moved onto Starwars gear and an old '67 Mustang, hike and camp when I can..and of course my beautiful wife and stepson who thinks it's cool his stepdad is going to be a stormtrooper !!!


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  1. Now there are 2 of them!!!..lol
  2. I have 2 of those teeshirts back from 2012...I remember speaking to Matthias about the incorrect spelling on the t shirt..Stormtroper instead of Stormtrooper..he had them corrected after that.yeah good old days
  3. I concur with Joseph...the Anovos frown paint is very thin...so thin that I just wet my fingernails and drag in the direction I want the paint removed...might take me 30 mins to clean up the "fog" around the frown paint..
  4. Yeah Mate, we're around...although I'm in the US these days ( originally from Adelaide) but should be back around November...all here to help..
  5. Thankyou both for helping me offload my buckets...the TFA is Centurion ready, and the TLJ just needed the under chin area resculpted...Im moving away from the New Trilogy FO gear for awhile...CHEERS
  6. I'll clean up my 8 year old AP suit which I WAS APPROVED as ESB for , for Celebration 2015 when it was the 35th anniversary and apply for EIB now and then Centurion...wish me luck...
  7. Mark, I've stood by your reputation for honesty and excellence for over 8 years now and continue to do so...period.
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