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  1. That's great. It's not a case of me not trusting anything at garrison level at all , which I'd like to make clear. I know that with eib and centurion the smallest details are considered. Anyway, so this is the right place for a pre approval before , if possible a post in the EIB section!
  2. Looking for some advice if possible and hopefully this is the right place to do so. I've recently just finished my armor build ( had to wait until Christmas for the last bits from santa ; ) . I've just been cleared by my garrison so my question is, rather than head straight to EIB would it be advisable to post here for feedback? Thanks.
  3. There are some amazing collection's and talentedbuilders on here! Me, or only ever wanted to be a stormtrooper so it's a RS stunt and a TM hero tk for me!
  4. Congratulations all and a massive thank you to all the staff and peps who made this milestone possible .
  5. There are some great stories here and this won't be ranked among them . : ) A simple tale it is. Not being the tech type I've only ever join 2 forums the UKGarrison and this one! So to the name, my first TK armor kit was meant to be a sandy but the more I looked into it the Clean Tk s seemed to get more opportunities and didn't have the expense of making the back pack! It was cheaper ( and easier ) to add some abb buttons and change the knee! And so I became clean trooper!
  6. Hi there Dave. Good to see you here , This is definitely the place to be for help, advice and just all things TK !
  7. Brett white Tk 9593 Centurion A4 Shasha http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/9593-centurion.png
  8. Wow, that's amazing, what an amazing honour. I'd like to thank the D O 's who's patience and guidance along the way was first class. Brilliant, just can't wait to troop now! Thanks all ☺
  9. To be honest I've never noticed that. Having just checked my belt though it's not coming apart . I'm not sure if I can do anything about it. I hope it's not a deal breaker, I've just ironed it out and this was the result ( above ) I think it looks better. Was there any other issues that stood out. Thanks.
  10. Absolutely no problem whatsoever. Thanks for taking the time to have a look. I've added a couple of new pictures that show the side view a little better. Hope this helps.
  11. Hi all. I've just posted the new abb button pic but it has gone into the start of the post! I thought I was doing well with the technology but every day is a school day! Just noticed that the trim pic's disappeared! Added new one. Thanks for your patience with me and the tech, sorry for any inconvenience. I hope that I have now supplied all the relevant pictures and I look forward to seeing what you think. Thanks as always for your time. My nerves are building, add that to the anticipation, I'm a wreck! But a good wreck. .....
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