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  1. Hello and you've landed in a fantastic place for all things trooping related.
  2. Thanks again all for the welcome. I do intend to contribute to this amazing forum at some point but I'm just finding my way around at the moment. To be honest it's an honour just to be amongst such talented people.
  3. Ok thanks. Is that the link necessary or do I need to do something else. Sorry I'm really not greatat all this.
  4. Hope I'm in the correct place! Me and tech not best friends if possible could you do your thing. I'm tk 9593. Thanks very much.
  5. Thanks all. Yes vintage is a great way to put it. Nice to be welcomed so warmly.
  6. Hello everyone. Just thought I'd say hi. I've been checking out the boards for a while and to be honest i don't usually do things like this but my interest and thirst for knowledge made me do it! I may not get too involved by posting regularly but I've seen nothing but good and positive posts from everyone so here i am. I've been a member of the ukg for around 14 years and have owned my armor for approximately 16 year's so like me it's starting to get a bit old and tired but still functioning ok.
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