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  1. Wow , thanks for taking the time to look into my application chemi that's brilliant. Also thanks to everyone who helped along the way, it's really much appreciated...
  2. Tk9593 Cleantrooper Uk garrison All armor TM Boots. Imperial boots Neck seal. Imperial seamstress E11 blaster. Sheartech
  3. Wow that's great. Thank you so much for taking the time to look into my application chemi and everyone who gave me advice along the way. Hopefully I'll get time sooner rather than later to get the fixes done. Thanks again..
  4. hopefully these show the area's in question and the hovi 's look ok. Thanks for the guidance, as always it's much appreciated.
  5. Name. Cleantrooper Garrison. Uk Boot maker. Imperial boots. All armor. TM Blaster. Sheartech.
  6. I've made the changes that have been pointed out and I'm much happier with the results. Obviously the handgaurds were a stand out issue but if these now get the ok its happy days if im correct I have to get clearance by my garrison before trying for EIB.?
  7. Hi Joseph. Great to hear from you as always. I'll just clarify a few pionts so were all on the same page the handgaurds on the rubber gloves are held in place with elastic straps. I purely added the stitching to look more authentic. My thought process was just for the aesthetics and like you said stitching to a rubber glove would be a challenge! As i understand then its silk gloves and I'll add the front stitching or rubber gloves NO stitching and elastic straps. Thanks for the comments so far I really appreciate it. I lowered the biceps to achieve that ESB look but I take your point and I'll return them to the original position. The other fixes will be sorted as well as i apply for higher levels. Thanks again..maybe this is my next job
  8. Didn't think that this would cause such a stir but it will be interesting to see the results.
  9. I put the stitching in for the pure aesthetics but absolutely its all up to the DO's not our interpretation.
  10. The handplates are secured with elastic straps. So isn't that a yes?
  11. So just out of interest are my original gloves ok for higher levels???
  12. Great feedback as always, thank you. The TD is no problem at all, I'll pop some foam behind the sniper knee , if there are any pics of what people have done with there own I'd appreciate that. As for the butt plate i have tried to get that more aligned but it might just be my shape, that said I will give it a go and see what i can do. What is the procedure as I look into possible EIB . Thanks in advance for your guidance.
  13. These updated pics captured the ESB look . Not sure why they have all separate though. Sorry.
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