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  1. Congrats Mark well done!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Keep it up folks! Any extra time over the holidays? that extra effort should pay off!
  3. Thank you Joseph and the rest of the staff. So excited! I'm already fabricating new aluminum clips to lower the TD (and I'm working with Glen to move those pan heads closer to the edge. I'll also clean up that sniper knee plate. Screws in the bottom of the helmet are already loosed up. Looking forward to helping others with my experience. :-)
  4. Honored to serve with all of you. Who's next? Congrats to all who have made it here before me, and to all those making their way here, you got this. With this support team - anything is possible!
  5. Joseph, Thanks for the feedback. You are correct about the screws there was a small amount of dome on them (truss). I located the correct screws and have installed them. Here are pictures of them painted: . I also have trimmed the ammo belt per Glen's instructions. Please let me know if there is anything else that I need to adjust. Thanks again.
  6. Glen, Thanks for the feedback. Quick question for you on the location of the pan head screws on the TD aluminum clips. What is the dimension for the location of the screws? Because if memory serves I thought I was using Tony’s Stunt build as a reference for the screw locations. I thought it was .5” (12.7mm) from the end of the clip then another 1.5” (38.1 mm) to the second hole. Is there a specific dimension? I need to make a new set of clips to drop that TD down on the belt, so if someone can show me the correct dimensions, I’ll make the clips accurately. Just want to measure twice and
  7. Trooper Info Name: Ken Schafer TK: TK-88667 FISD Name: TK88667 (formerly: ForeverFanFirstTimeRecruit) Garrison: Southern California Garrison Height: 6'-1" Weight: 210 Armor: Anovos Helmet: Anovos Cloth Belt: Trooperbay Neck Seal: TheCostumeBase Boots: Imperial Boots Blaster: Hyperfirm Holster: Trooperbay Hand guards: Rubber gloves and latex hand guards from JustJoseph63 EIB submission: Photos: Full Body 1. ___ Front (Arms flat by side, no weapon) 2. ___ Back (Arms fla
  8. Here is a pic of the other side of the kidney... a little less finely sanded... honestly I got a bit frustrated...
  9. Darn it... yes I should have connected with you. I went out to the work shop to try a "single" location - and got carried away and started putting it on ALL the spots. I've been sanding quite a bit the past day. And needless to say I may have a problem.... seems when I sand the ABS - the finish on the shim surface is lighter than it was before I sanded it. See picture below. The shim has been sanded pretty extensively, and it is lighter white than the kidney. Even the Kidney is lighter where I've sanded vs areas untouched (around the back of the kidney). Is this a natural yellowing of
  10. Thanks Glen. I checked it a couple of times and yeah - kinda like E6000 needs more time that you think to dry. ;-)
  11. Caleb, Thank you! I may call on you soon. I've let ABS dry and starting the sanding process. I'm down to 2000. Having issues with color of white paste not matching perfectly. Also the shim pieces not matching exactly after I sanded the "shine" off of them. Funny - all the ABS is from the same kit. I'll post more pics tomorrow and hopefully get some input.
  12. Applied the paste to the parts... lets see how this goes. back of thighs: Kidney shims: - may have applied a bit thick here... but well see
  13. I started by following a great tutorial from @kman on ABS Paste : here Paste seemed to come out alright.
  14. First the suggestions per my EIB approval: Make seams of the kidney shims disappear - via ABS paste. Your kidney shims turned out fantastic, but as you and I have discussed for Level 3 they cannot have a seam present. Making ABS paste to cover them and then sanding/polishing is actually not as daunting of a task as you may think, and I can offer some tricks/tips for ya'... just PM me. Move thigh ammo pack a small amount on the thigh (no I did not use CA glue... thankfully) - possibly just re-drill thighs or re-drill ammo pack and thigh and f
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