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  1. Did I take a spot? I want to make sure I have been accounted for. Thanks
  2. David Favela 79008 Letter Sha Sha Thank you! You are more than welcome! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/79008-eib.png 287
  3. Thank you so much!! I am honored to be awarded the title of Expert Infantry and glad to be your first ROTJ TK approval ma'am. I will look over the L3 (Centurion) requirements and go from there. It is so hard to find a ROTJ E-11, but I will do my best. After reviewing the shoulders bells I will round it out a bit more, thanks for that. On the shoulders bridges, the previous CRL stated that rivets were needed to hold it in place so I did not want to do that. I can make that modification for the new L3 on the CRL. I appreciate it very much and thanks to everyone who helped me along the way!!
  4. I believe my application is ready for another review, thank you.
  5. I appreciate it! If I am not able to secure the EIB status, at least I will have a D ring on the blaster now.
  6. Here are the blaster photos since the last ones were not clear enough. Thanks!
  7. I did just that and it looks great! Thanks for the support and assistance.
  8. Yes sir. The D-ring arrived, but since the blaster is a 3D print, I cannot remove the butt on the stock without breaking it. I am afraid I will not be able to complete this application.
  9. Thanks and waiting on D Rings to arrive in the mail. Photos soon!
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