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  1. Troop: #2 Date: 2019/10/26 Event: Northwest Texas Children's Hospital (Monthly visit) Location: Amarillo, TX
  2. Troop: #1 Date: 2019/10/26 Event: PCCF Support our Survivors 5K Location: Amarillo, TX
  3. Thank you sir. I use your fan system in my helmets and love it. I will need to order another one for this TK now.
  4. I will be placing foam inside the thigh, I do not have any room in my shins.
  5. Newly approved Return of the Jedi stormtrooper.
  6. Newly approved TK status http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=27136 Thanks!
  7. Hello, I am working on the ROTJ TK that Paul mentioned and I have photos of everything I have been working on. Also, if I could make a suggestion, the soles of the TK boots should be white and that should be level 1, there should not be any black soles allowed, even for entry level. I am happy to share photos and I plant to submit my costume next week.
  8. Thank you and I do love my Sandtrooper. I will probably troop as a clean TK, until I add in some Endor weathering.
  9. I am building the SE sandtrooper and it requires RotJ TK armor. I am loving the all white look, but I will get it dirty......eventually.
  10. Hello from Texas. I am currently in the Star Garrison, West Texas Squad, and have been trooping as a sandtrooper for over a year. I am currently building a RotJ TK and I am just waiting on the helmet to send submission photos. Thanks, David
  11. Future TK requesting 501st access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=27136 Thanks.
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