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  1. Definitely the way to go for a printed blaster these days.
  2. Welcome to FISD Connor, looks like the crew have you well on your way with research. Enjoy your new journey and ask plenty of questions along the way.
  3. This is correct and how I have done it for the last couple of years TBH.
  4. At least we know the exact material for the wrapping, but again a possibility that the wrapping is also artistic license as long as it resembles the application rather than the positioning. 20 different CRL's for the one costume, an absolute Night trooper mare! See what I did there The complete costumes I've seen on FB posts have all looked pretty awesome, regardless of what armour the person used, some followed a particular seen on screen trooper, others just went for it and WOW! So far the only thing settled on is that 100% they were R1 costumes used, our source from the set confirmed it was between 17 and 20 full sets that were Dremelled, painted, Gold Leafed, and they thought it was funny that they used every costume they could get their hands on. The thought was, so what are they going to do now there are no standard white R1 TK kits left.
  5. Right!, this is an unusual one for FISD with so many variations, and something that will be under discussion to work out how we get some kind of balance between flexibility and what we see on screen. I think one important factor is to try and keep it easy, not convoluted, which in turn can get confusing. This is only an extreme example, but we don't see an all grey Night Trooper on screen, so that seems logical to dismiss. We do see several different combinations of components in grey, but what might be nice is to simply have a minimum of say one grey component, and possibly a maximum of Three. That's if you wish to have grey components because quite a few had none. (options!!!) Find one on screen you like and match it, or even make your own combo of 1 to 3 components, or none of course. I agree there are so many possibilities, this could be our fist CRL that allows more flare than others because they are so different and so many. Then there is the cracking, I really feel that should be an open aspect, we are not trying to make a level like MEPD where you must pick one and make it exactly like the picture for Level 3. Personally, I've never been against having a new level to go that extreme, but there has never seemed to be much interest to pursue it. I am interested to hear from as many members and staff as possible so we can land on common ground to be honest. Above is only an idea to drive conversation and move us forward, but it is a great question to have asked.
  6. Hey Richard, do you make the FOTK with the correct black stitching on the palms? It's one of our higher levels of accuracy requirements and would be great to know if you do. Gaskets look good.
  7. There are a couple of members currently working on the Imperial commandos, so this is a work in progress. They have been asked to add build threads to the forums so we can track their progress and assist in the CRL creation. Cardinal will come up for discussion again this term with the LMO team once it is ratified with any staff changes. We all would love to see more of the R1 TK style armour come to life as there are some excellent looking costumes there, but also the animated phase 3 for sure. Let's also not forget Captain Enoch, Ashoka series) again a few working on the costumes, we have a build thread here by TK 44228
  8. Congratulations Julien and welcome aboard!
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