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  1. That has come up very well and some great progress. looks like a little bit of paint reaction on one end, but nothing sanding and a respray wont fix.
  2. January 24th 2022 Joseph Pedigo (justjoseph63) as many of you can attest, gone over and above, consistently doing something to benefit the detachment. Things that go well outside of his deployment office duties, year upon year. Everything he has done was of his own volition, and done with passion for the benefit of as many members as possible. I find no one more deserving of this, our detachments highest accolade, and feel privileged to be able to bestow it on Joseph for his continued and outstanding efforts over so many years of service. Thank you Joseph, your "How to" guides are legendary, your sales items incredible in detail, and your generosity and loyalty unquestionable. Please join me in congratulating Joseph on this hard earned and well deserved award. With unquestioned loyalty TK11469 "Sly11" DL
  3. Mine are simply doubled over, have lasted 8 years so far, without the need to reinforce with anything. Mind you I am thinking of re strapping my whole kit as the elastic looks a bit tired in areas, and some of it is loosing the elasticity and stretching.
  4. Make sure not to paint the entire surface, you need a clean area for glue to bond when assembling and paint can interfere with a strong bond.
  5. Quick update: Tri-folds now approved and available in English, Spanish and German. We will continue working with international members in making these available in more languages. Stay tuned.
  6. The RS guide is only that, a guide. Depending on how broad your shoulders are, you may well need to trim less than that off. Make sure you go to the gallery section and check out all the screen references, and you will see the shoulder bells fit well up against the chest plate, so over trimming can leave you with larger gaps. I would simply trim them to the mold lines first, then try them on against your chest and back plate. you may require some assistance, or simply wait until you have assembled chest with bridges, and strapped to back plate leaving the trimming of the shoulder bells to later. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/category/24-anh-tk-reference/
  7. Excellent move, Photobucket have caused plenty of major issues for our forums over the last few years and trying to fix that has been a massive undertaking. Thank you for taking action on yours.
  8. Your old account, was it under the same forum name? I might need a few more details from you so please shoot me a PM
  9. Ah I totally see what you mean. Good luck with your second attempt, hopefully they stop curving up so much.
  10. Ab plates are looking great, hard to tell with your hand guards but they look ok to me. Perhaps a side by side before/after image will do the trick.
  11. Moving right into it very nicely, and welcome to FISD Chuck.
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