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  1. Welcome to the Legion sir. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Attention all our brilliant, talented designers and graphic artist We are getting very close to cut off times for manufacturing of merch for Celebration 2019 so this is your opportunity to again be creative and show us what you can do. Your design could be used on T-shirts, decals, and patches We have a competition thread running for designs as we did last year so, please submit your ideas and designs as soon as possible. Heres the link
  3. Sly11

    Rocket Trooper CRL Discussion

    Very nice indeed
  4. Sly11

    My Brown Box Came!

    Welcome to FISD
  5. Wow, you look sensational, welcome aboard trooper
  6. AT LAST!!! an easy solution, this is great news Paul, thank you Legion LWM team
  7. Hi Andy, good to hear from you brother, hope things are well in sunny Sydney. We have had a discussion regarding not only this but other items in some of our CRLs, and as this is the way Jimmi actually has made the armour I think its safe to say at basic it shouldnt be a problem. I'm going to use an example that might get your OCD tingling as a GML but here we go AP armour has duplicate forearms, when it comes to the dimples on the back of the forearms on the actual screen used costumes, one has 11 the other 12 where AP both have 11. This is something we dont question from basic right through to Centurion, so i think the small difference in curvature or shape on a fan sculpt can be something we can easily let go through. Jimmi's armour is also fiber glass with a flexible resin and that stuff is very difficult to modify so we run the risk of the member doing more harm than good trying to fix the shape. Now looking at the extra images just added on the phasma, it could be an optical illusion due to the rotation of the thigh or the curve may beslightly different so a minor reword would be easier than getting the model to suit up and have the photos re taken. Hey hope to chat again soon my friend
  8. Guys, NOT RPF, please remember, we are a costuming club first and foremost. Yep everyone is going to have some pet hates when it comes to CRL, and variation among costume builds, I know I do but!! ask yourselves, do many of these small items really matter in the grand scheme of things. I would hope that everyone here can look at and discuss what a CRL from basic and up, in the spirit of costuming should contain, because if we entertain every little item that every member doesn't like, the entire CRL will not resemble anything that looks like it was on screen. I would also like to add, as I have earlier in these discussion that the DO's bring up anything that looks too far out of the box as a suggest to fix or even a must fix. That being said, most of those that get the feedback from their application "DO" make those changes, without it having to reside in a CRL. The DO's are also the guys in the firing line when it comes to back lash from CRL changes when they become too lets say, nit picky. (I used to be a DO, so I have seen this first hand. Maybe concentrate on one item at a time before adding more and more things peeps dont like, and lets make sure we frame that item into the correct language as it would look in the CRL and please make sure it is a change for the better. Obviously this is all just my opinion and I'm happy to be proven wrong and my mind can always be changed
  9. Now you are going down a rabbit hole that will just piss more and more people off I advise caution.
  10. Now this is an interesting one, yes the Bells on screen have the swoops facing forward, but where it will confuse some is the fact not all the kits available actually have the swoops. It would come under the "If present" statement. The other issue is some kits have duplicate parts so it would be impossible to show both swoops facing forward if left and right Bells were the same. The same could also be said for the dimple count on each forearm as on screen one has 11 the other 12, but again, we have makers that have duplicate sides AP for example, this however is already brought up while reviewing as it is easy to tell if forearms are on back to front. So you see there are many things that aren't written specifically in the CRL's but it is our DO's job to guide applicants on the right path and help them look the best they can.
  11. So we have the same conversation running across two threads, thought I was going crazy when i couldn't find my posts
  12. Rat, you would still be approved , Grandfathered only means if you were to retire, then later re apply, you would need to make the appropriate mods to the current CRL to pass.
  13. Some good points have been made in the last couple of posts. We are not the RPF, we should not be making too many constant changes that start to discourage members from aiming higher. Prop replication is not what the Legion or FISD strives for, although we are reasonably close to the mark. Continuity is the best tool we have for the little things that are easy enough to be done. Size is a great example and cant be discriminated against, so please always bare in mind any changes you make should always be in the spirit of EIB and Centurion. (the different brow heights is good, the ear angles can be far more difficult to fix if not impossible in some cases so be wise with your suggestions. We cant judge a member on the armour they purchased we can only guide and help them build it the best they can, please dont forget this. Paul's suggestion of looking at CRL adjustments quarterly is far more feasible for better stability and uniformity plus easier on GML's etc, remember what I said about the RPF. AND... hopefully we hit the March to 1000 EIB early enough in the year to celebrate with some special merch.