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  1. Sly11

    The 1500

    The 1500, can you make the cut?
  2. Just make sure when taking the photos for CRL images that the coloured backdrops don't change the colour of the pieces visa reflection. need to try and keep them looking as gold as possible so the dark background might be better for that. Experiment perhaps and post some comparison shots of say the cod with the blue and the red for the images we intend to use for the CRL. This is looking beautiful Dino, beautiful!!
  3. While Novus is great and specially designed for plastics, general car polishes work too. I can't see why headlight polish would be any different considering modern vehicle lights are all plastic these days. Like any compound I would always test it in an inconspicuous area first like inside your chest plate to see how well it shines it up.
  4. Nice trimming work Kyle, getting closer and closer to the finish line.
  5. Welcome aboard Alan, fantastic that you are making headway on this build, looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  6. Sly11

    The 1500

    The 1500, are you ready?
  7. Update to the above translation Great video, it will be useful not only for a beginner, but also for a professional. Thank you very much for your work
  8. Nice work Kyle, hope those sock form part of you troop kit
  9. Hi Laura, welcome to FISD! Awesome to see another Phasma under constructions, best of luck with your build.
  10. Congrats on your 10th troop Paul, all done for you sir.
  11. No problem, we do look forward to adding this costume to our roster of CRL's.
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