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  1. Would love to get my hands on one of these but there is little hope it would ever pass customs here in Australia. Looks magnificent, make lots of photos of your assembly process.
  2. You are lucky enough to have a TK man cave, I would love to have one any size
  3. It looks like an RS Prop kit although it does appear it was assembled using the overlap method rather than but joint with cover strips. This kit also doesn't fit the wearer as well as it could and may not fit you the best either. If those limbs aren't joined as per the CRL it will need to be pulled apart and assembled correctly to gain 501st approval specially if you intend to aim for Expert infantry and Centurion. If its assembled with E6000, that is a very possible thing to do, but if it is assembled with CA glue, it would be quite difficult to pull apart and you risk damaging the parts. If they are in fact cover strips on the shins thighs and fore arms, they look awfully wide and would need to be replaced with narrower versions.
  4. This is coming along very nicely, well done Christine, looking forward to the finished product.
  5. The Vocoder looks like a separate piece, if that is the case it is SDS
  6. You are killing this build Andrew, keep up the excellent work.
  7. Welcome aboard Matthew, loads of help available here so dont be afraid to ask as many questions as you need.
  8. Congratulations Michelle, and welcome to FISD.
  9. A similar if not the same snap as per Tony's comment are also called "Marine Grade" snaps. These can be found at marine supply stores, they are non corrosive and very sturdy. Think the kind of snaps used to secure tonneau covers .
  10. Wow, nice work Glen, where do you find the time?
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