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  1. Will be sending this off to the LMO team for further input and the suggestion that the new statements Chris is working on can be added at the top of the CRL regarding materials and 3D printed armor. I would much prefer it stated once, than in every single section of the CRL for each armor piece.
  2. These corrections have now been made. Some were already corrected when I was constructing the Wiki template, others now done. Thanks for you input S
  3. Welcome to FISD Isabella! We have a newly formed part of the forums for our wonderful women who wish to become Stormtroopers or participate in Stormtrooper activeties. Don't forget to say hi in that sections, and welcome to our community.
  4. Example, but not to forget, we can have additional images and close-ups in the gallery as part of the CRL.
  5. All photos are already done and in the CRL, CRL is complete just refining stage now. All parts are present left and right, considering there are some differences. Frank wrote the text based off his images, I believe.
  6. This is a wise consideration, not only for the sharpness of a resin print but the details are pretty darn accurate.
  7. When we re evaluated the program, yes, it was expanded to capture assistance to getting new troopers into armour as well. Single point. Additional points are earned for assisting to EI level, aiding in climbing the ladder faster, improving the upgrade numbers to EI, and further embodying the Troopers helping troopers mantra.
  8. Love the 3D jig idea, and the blaster looks great.
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