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  1. Sly11

    CRL Ranting

  2. Just a reminder to all, I am still on the lookout for our next 3D Contributor award recipient, If you have something to share be it a great file or service please add to our 3D community here on FISD.
  3. Congratulations and welcome to the rank.
  4. Sly11

    Future TK in Charlotte NC, In memorium

    Welcome aboard Derek, you are in good hands here my friend
  5. Welcome aboard sir and looking good.
  6. Sly11

    Newbie here!

    Welcome to the White zone Dakota, this is a great place with loads of information, it can seem daunting but fear not, we have your back
  7. Sly11

    Steel Phasma (long build) by Rowen

    Truly amazing work, I would love to know the total weight of the armour once completed.
  8. Sly11

    Scratch Built TK Saber

    Agreed, this is very cool indeed. Great job.
  9. Sly11

    Hello from the LMO Team 2019

    Hey Dawn, thank you for the detailed update and your teams Bio's. We know Mr Brager well Looking forward to seeing your CRL improvements and guides over the next few months.
  10. Sly11

    BigCara's ANH TK AP Build

    I had some clean up to do on mine, and used Turps and toothpicks as Glen mentioned .
  11. Congratulations and welcome to the rank .
  12. I will add, the beauty of using Plasti dip Spray is you can actually and quite easily peel it off if you did manage to get a slight over spray.
  13. Definitely easier to do this while the helmet is in pieces, plus it will take time for the paint or plasti dip to de-gas and the odor to reduce and fade away, so best to do this when you know you wont be trooping for a while.
  14. Sly11

    Hello from San Antonio, Texas

    Welcome to the FISD Adam!
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