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  1. Great that you're back and at it Dave! Hope you've been well! I may also have a dlt build on my way soonish! Skickat från min SM-G986B via Tapatalk
  2. Today I had a GREAT troop! It all started with another trooper, a Sandie, wanted to help the owner of Bureå Camping with a LEGO event. The event was to have 13 out of 16 of the contestants of Swedish LEGO Masters TV show (the owner being one of them) together with some of their works and some more LEGO centric stuff. Sandie asked around if anybody wanted to help and he got me and another family of troopers (Jedi, Mando and Tusken) on. So, after meeting eachother for the first time, I went together with Sandie up to the camping. And after being shown around we dressed up and got to work! I was together with Sandie for the most part of the event, from 11.00 to 16.00. Longest troop so far? Many wanted photos and high-fives and so on. (MANY!) It was later aproximated around 600-700 people showed up during the day! Me and Sandie got to know eachother well under the day and I hope I get to troop with him some other day too! We all had great fun! The Guys Lastly, we took a big photo together with the LEGO Masters people! BUCKETS OFF! To summarize, one of my best troops yet! I'm so happy I found this hobby!
  3. My 10th done today! Requesting first badge! https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/49239-10-tk-22423-troop-log/
  4. Number 10! Me and Vader got the chance today to do some actual trooping at a school in town. They apparently had a Star Wars themed day and asked us to come, great opportunity for using my new electrobinoculars from Joseph! We came there and took our time dressing up, when it was time we came out of the gym with smokescreen and the Imperial March playing. All the kids was in awe, and we both began to give out fistbumps, high-fives and I also borrowed out my blaster to whoever wanted. (One even wanted an autograph!) The kids were everywhere , it took some time interacting with all of them but eventually we slowly made our way to the green screen they had set up and began to take pictures. All the kids got their photos taken and then some of the teachers got theirs. After some more talking and interacting we went slowly back into the inside and ended it with Vader showing off his lightsaber in the dark gym. It was a short and fun troop, hopefully there will be more live events in the summer!
  5. Happy May The 4th! Today I got two small online troops under my belt: 1. Nordic Legions online celebration, Just waving a flag around as I didn't have any good fantasy. Facebook link: https://fb.watch/5gOhyu8-MX/ 2. And for Wilda Kidz; World Asthma Day, jump while breathing through a straw to simulate having an asthma attack, not a big difference from just being suited up. https://i.imgur.com/Rd2LTik.mp4
  6. It's coming along! Keep it up!
  7. I see. Sometimes I feel good about living in a smaller country (smaller than Canada that is), the most we drive through Sweden is usually around 1000 km to family down south (around 2 days travel). Well, I hope all the best for you! Hopefully you will have it good where you move to.
  8. Great work! I can see this coming along nicely! Btw, did you finish your DLT?
  9. Awesome! Pyre is my favorite character from Resistance! Can't wait to see how it looks done!
  10. Wow! If the empire allowed customization of armors and helmets i could easily see this as a helmet from a TK commander on the battle of Mimban or similar. Great work!
  11. You go Dave! Someday I'll also get a DLT, saving for a snowie right now though.
  12. Today was a troop for Musikhjälpen (The Music Help), a collaboration between swedish TV and radio that each year hold a charity centered around kids. NG was asked to participate as they've done years before, online however, because of the virus. It was a bit of trouble with scheduling first but many members actually appeared on TV! Not me though, had some problems both with my helmet fans not working correctly and not really knowing if anything was seen. So I took everything off a bit in and watched the rest on TV. I don't think I got on TV so unfortunatly no photos of this troop of me. I think it went well though overall.
  13. Bit late but, took some pictures for Nordic Garrison's Great Hoilday Troop for social medias! I made it for the 6th December!
  14. Thank you for all your help! Hope I can see you sometime later at a troop!
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