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  1. Short troop, birthday party in town. A 3 yo boy got apparently fixated on us during our troop for Gameskap and wished for us for his birthday. So the usual group, Me, Vader and TIE went over and exchanged pleasantries for a short while. There is something special about seeing kids happy...
  2. Ok, then, I will keep this relatively brief... Nordsken has come and gone and it was a blast, with over 25 Nordic Legions members participating in the event for 3 days, it came out great! The booth we had were a really great one that the family from Piteå made I got to know more of those trooping with me and I can't wait for next time! Well then, see you next time!
  3. The glue has dried, not too bad, I'm satisfied. I also fixed the shoulder straps and added the metal parts for the chest:
  4. Put in the lenses and some padding for the helmet: Also glued the backpack.
  5. Helmet done! (Except for the lenses) And on me: Maybe not perfect, but it looks good to me. Next up is finishing the backpack and the shoulder bridges.
  6. Been sick, but today I managed to glue the back vinyl: Shall see how it looks tomorrow or something.
  7. Glued the front vinyl. Saw your comments after this @TheSwede , but I think I can still do that.
  8. Started glueing the back piece for the helmet, I tried to get it as close as I could but it still seems a bit narrow, or is it?
  9. Yesterday was a long troop, we were in a local mall, where some people from Gameskap, a group that works with old games and tabletop games had an event. Me, Vader, TIE and 3 of Vader's sons were there, we had a small booth and patrolled the area. I may have tired myself out a bit unnecesserairly as I went on non-stop for about little over 5 hours, oh well... Next troop will probably be Nordsken, next month, the big con here in northern Sweden. It has been an hiatus over the lockdowns, but now it seems they are coming back pretty hard. See you then!
  10. Today I started glueing the backpack together;
  11. Today I continued with the shoulder bridges, now I need some help; Do I need to cut off some tabs as it is or does it look fine? (I have it taped with 3 tabs in the front.) Help is appreciated. For something else, I managed to begin work on the helmet, I added the screw on the dome but there were some gaps that made it move around so I added some e6000 to make it stop. I also added the cowl to the visor, not to bad if I do say so. (Also, sorry, but only one layer. )
  12. Made some progress today on the backpack; And the shoulder straps:
  13. Long time no see! There has been a lot in the way recently, school mostly, but today I managed to take some hours to work on this. I managed to make the whole groin ensamble; The boot straps; And the brackets for the chest. (I couldn't really hammer in the rivets very well so I tried to glue some e6000 on them, went so-so, will clean it up soon.) Hopefully not this long wait for next time, but until then, see ya!
  14. Long time no see! Went on a troop yesterday in Luleå, for Vilda Kidz again, together with the family of troopers that I've been with on numerous occasions now. Also two others. It was a big kids party with MANY kids, but it only went on for 2 hours so it wasn't THAT bad! Hopefully I can continue with my builds soon, there have just been so much crap in the way! Oh, well see you next time, I guess!
  15. It'll come soon, probably, maybe, perhaps next month?
  16. It looks excellent! I haven't started on mine yet, stuff gets in the way all the time, but this is a great source of inspiration! Probably one of the best ones i've seen!
  17. Awesome that you're back! Looking forward to seeing your progress! I might also have a dlt build on the way , but it's going still slow with my snowie so we shall see when I get to it...
  18. I decided to only put foam in them, not tighten, and they are snug now.
  19. Although I did not know him personally, I did however buy parts from him for my build. They were harder and sturdier than the pieces I had and I'm sure they will hold a long time to honor his memory. Buckets off.
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