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  1. I'm getting my second vaccine this weekend and I anticipate being pretty out of sorts, so it'll probably be another couple weeks before I have a chance to. Wish I would have known I'd have to suit up again for that... I'll get to it... : facepalm :
  2. I have the Jimmi integrated version, and it's might easy to get on and off, and the gasket areas stay in place nicely, so +1 for that.
  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO this thread has been all over the place, but I'd like to get this conversation started back up now that we've seen the same "Remnant" Stormtroopers in Season 1 and Season 2 and multiple toys under that name. The Pathfinders Detachment has also set precedent with their new Mandalorian Scout CRL. If someone makes it, will a Remnant Stormtrooper be given strong consideration for a new CRL? I believe there is enough reference to warrant it. If not, can the SE-14R be added as an optional blaster for the Rogue One CRL? And should it be updated to include clea
  4. AMAZING, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm stoked to see a lady win this huge honor as our 500th - representation matters, and it's even better when it also showcases EXCELLENCE in this hobby! Great work and welcome to Centurion!
  5. Yup. Unless you want a cheap Halloween quality costume. Joseph's suggestions are solid. I'd make recommendations, but they wouldn't be UK-specific (like DarmanProps for the holster and neckseal), so your best bet may be seeing what other UKG members who have submitted for Centurion wore.
  6. This all makes sense and I support even spacing moving forward. But if that's the consensus, I also support it being added to the CRL wording so people are more aware.
  7. I use it and it works well. It's probably just soapy water, but who knows lol I use a small screwdriver to pick the decal up so I don't touch the underside much, then float it into place, then rub out the liquid from the center out. Sucks those decals are so pricey, but they look good and there aren't any other options I'm aware of :/
  8. Dan started a new thread in case anyone wants to weigh in further. I thought it was odd that Max received his feedback via PM, but whatever... To my knowledge, he also clarified that the feedback was required to be corrected, not suggested, despite not being mentioned clearly in the CRL. I believe we have corrected everything anyways, so we'll post photos and try to get this moving soon.
  9. Hey Dan! Very helpful stuff, and thanks for posting a new thread! Here I go starting trouble again... Your average member probably hasn't had enough submissions (personal or mentees) at the higher levels to care enough to gripe about this stuff, but someone should! If there is enough reference as to the thigh ammo pack location floating around for us to say that with confidence and enforce it at high levels of approval, as it sounds like there very well may be, I would suggest strongly that some guidance as to its placement be added to the CRL. I realize that the CRLs c
  10. Oh man, I might like this one even more! Heck yea! I'm not surprised that the design was very intentional and that all makes total sense! Just offering another opinion. Some great design elements in both though and I'm very excited to see what we end up with! Despite being the largest detachment in the Legion, FISD hasn't always been known for their incredible (or drama-free) merch, so I'd be happy to pay a bit more for something truly distinctive for this occasion if that tempers anyone's design efforts. Great work and much appreciated!
  11. Yup! I helped Max with a bunch of corrections this weekend, including: - pulling his forearms apart and tapering them down at the wrist, while still trying to keep them in shape - trimming his ammo belt and moving the rivet covers out towards the edge slightly - trimming his back armor plate lower corners - adding material to the back of his thigh armor to close the lower gap between halves - removing his knee ammo belt and recentering it. A little salty on this one - the AM belt is very clearly intentionally pre-curved to have the center ammo box centered on the cover st
  12. Only a couple of good options out there currently (RESEARCH, as above!) that I'm aware of. I love my Jimmi helmet, but Nico's is a little more accurate and gorgeous if finished properly. Jimmiroquai - one piece fiberglass, Philippines-based (this one is mine!) HeadShot Props - resin cast, US based (Brent Seymour recently posted this one to FISD) Nico Henderson - sells a wonderful 3D-print file (this one was finished expertly by Paul Prentice) ...or Modify a Black Series! There are a couple of threads floating around on h
  13. Uhhh, WOW! So straight out of the gate, LOVE THIS! I do have some constructive feedback that I think would make it even better though! The front looks outstanding and I dig the big TK helmet design! I would consider making the XV more prominent though - maybe just by switching to GOLD or something? The helmets on the back are an AMAZING touch as well and it's so fun to see all the different helmets represented! I might switch out the Concept trooper since so few of those are around and do one another of the OT helmets instead... I know it's on the front, but most of us are OTTKs, so it w
  14. Learning the skills to build and repair your armor is one of the best parts of costuming, but I do wish you good luck, as finding someone to give guidance in person can be very helpful (though challenging in these COVID times...) - for that, I would still look to your local unit as gatherings and armor parties are finally starting to be planned again as conditions improve. Let us know if you need help finding their forum or often Facebook page/group. I would definitely look more into the threads Glen linked before hiring out... you'd be surprised what you can learn, and many of the frustration
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