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  1. Heyhey and welcome! I definitely would not say definitively that "RS is the way to go" - they're one of several excellent options, but far from the end of the discussion, especially if you live outside of the UK and plan to troop frequently in your suit. You're definitely paying extra for the name, "lineage", and shipping. As to the ABS vs PVS debate, ABS armor is more accurate to the films and by far the most popular material currently, though it can yellow from UV unlike PVC. If you go RS, there are several threads floating around with info on what changes will be required before approval and higher level submission. ANH-Stunt is also by far the most popular TK variant, but there is something to be said for ESB (mine is growing on me and it's the 40th Anniversary!). You'll need all of your soft goods most likely, so have a look around at the vetted vendors and we can always make suggestions as well. I prefer to get my boots from Imperial Boots, holster and neckseal from Darman's Props, canvas belt from Imperial Issue, and I wear a Nike Pro compression suit with thin running gloves for trooping. They make a resin blaster, but I love my rubber blaster for trooping - check out Praetorian and Hellhounds if interested. Hope that info helps!
  2. RS are usually pretty good to go out of the box for basic (and not much for L3 even), and it seems like you've done solid research into many of the common things that need fixing/improving (kudos!), so you're off to a great start. I always say that RS are accurate to a fault though, and there are several things that can be done to improve them specifically for trooping vs display. Some things to watch for if not mentioned above: - I'd replace their thin (often wrinkled) acetate helmet lens with a more substantial plastic lens, as well as replacing the starfish with more comfortable padding (airsoft tactical pads work well or motorcycle or hardhat liners) - I personally use a black truck bedliner spray to black out my helmet and add a tiny bit of extra strength instead of Plastidip, which can peel and velcro/glue doesn't stick well to - I want to say their suits use the bracket assembly method by defaut, which can be prone to cracking your return edges and difficult to adjust - I'd leave the brackets themselves but switch to a velcro or even snap-based elastic/web strapping system personally - their Han and posterior snaps often come painted white, which we require to be removed to a natural finish - I always add some fuzzy velcro or craft foam to a couple key areas to prevent rubbing and damage to my armor - places like the back of the TD clips, the backside of any metal bits on the holster, the backside of the canvas belt attachments, and I add a little craft foam to the backs of my belt drop boxes to keep them from clattering quite as much You hit on many of the other common ones in your OP, so that's awesome. Even with a commission build, I'm stoked to see your enthusiasm and attention to detail! I hope your kit comes out awesome and of course, keep posting up if you need any help or feedback!
  3. Anything from RS is nice, but you're paying extra for the name, "lineage", and shipping. Plus theirs is resin, and I'd hate to drop a $200+ blaster and have it be done - little things like cocking handles, power cells, and sights are fragile...
  4. Forsure. The biggest difference with Hellhounds is that he uses an actual metal scope rail, and I believe Praetorian's is molded in like HfX before them. I've had plastic, resin, and metal blasters... and for trooping, absolutely nothing beats a rubber blaster. Best balance of accuracy, durability, and weight, imo. Worth saving up for.
  5. That's a repainted Rubies Rebels. Not bad for a first trooping blaster but far from accurate. Here's one for $19 and a $5 can of spray paint if you wanna save $60. https://www.ebay.com/p/18014758288 https://www.amazon.com/Rust-Oleum-263422-Automotive-Enamel-Matte/dp/B00F87S5KM I usually tell people to get one of those to hold you over while you save up for a rubber one for trooping (display is different recommendations obviously). Hellhound Props is probably the best looking one out there currently, followed by Praetorian Blasters, if you're US based (I believe CCG is). https://www.facebook.com/hellhounds.props https://www.facebook.com/BlasterMaker
  6. Bump! Curious if your armor arrived and you've started building? Are you on the SCF Imperial Recruits FB page as well? Let us know how we can help! (I'm also in Orange County!)
  7. Not something I've seen before, very cool! I was trying to figure out how to attach latex bridges to my fiberglass RO check piece and failed, so that's good to know. I wonder if it would do latex to fiberglass... My only other concern is that the only latex shoulder bridges I have seen so far do not closely match the references for their era... so hopefully they're a good looking cast. Definitely post up if you get em!
  8. Oh man, you would hate RS/true-OG style helmets then... lumps and bumps everywhere! But not a usual hallmark of AM, so likely a mistake in production - their molds are too clean for that, so can't hurt to have Dave replace it. Good luck on your journey! AM is beautiful armor when finished, and tough. Let us know how we can support you!
  9. What the what... o.o No amount of Christmas spirit could ever compel me...
  10. My question is how you'll glue them to the chest piece and if they'll lay properly, in addition to the above... Post up if you do it! Shoulder bridges ARE prone to cracking, so I see the demand, but am cautious...
  11. Betrayed by the booty yet again! hahaha It's a common one with my submissions (I really do need to mess with that strapping a bit maybe) and was the first thing I spotted..... after I suited down haha I'll probably plan to retake photos for Centurion (maybe do my ESB at the same time?) but hopefully it'll squeak through EIB - I'll of course be adding more photos then. Our GML is notoriously tough (he sent back one of my Officer costume submissions recently because the pants weren't ironed flat... it's in the CRL though!) but I'm hoping it breezes through Basic shortly and I can put it up for EIB soon. I always appreciate the input tho!
  12. I would ask over in the Facebook group, and tag Eric Dyck - if anyone knows, he definitely will. I want to say the versions mostly refer to the helmet, and that I saw a comparison (earlier versions were 3-piece!) but can't find the photo for the life of me. https://www.facebook.com/groups/840018932822639
  13. Hey all! At it again, ever the student. Figured I'd give Hero a try! Let me know your thoughts! Mandatory Information Costume = Stormtrooper, ANH Hero Costume CRL Link = https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_anh_hero Name = Justin R. TK ID = 61490 Forum Name = TheRascalKing Legion Profile = https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=26076 Garrison/Squad = Southern California Garrison, Orange County Squad Armor = Anovos Helmet = Troopermaster (TM Hero) Base Suit Centurion Thread Link = Optional Height = 6ft 0in, or 183cm Weight = 175lbs, or 80kg Boots = TK Boots Ammo belt = TrooperMaster (TM Hero) Canvas belt = Imperial Issue Holster = Anovos Hand Plates = flexible latex from justjoseph63 Gloves = Double1 Rubber chemical gloves Neck Seal = Darman's Props Armor Photos Helmet Off (unadjusted) Full Body Front Full Body Back Full Right Full Left Action Shot Helmet Detail Photos Front Left Right Back S-trim Detail Vocoder and Hovi Mic Tip Detail Lens Color (Backlit if necessary) Accessory Photos Neckseal Thermal Detonator Ammo Belt Boots Blaster Optional Interior Strapping Abdomen Detail Cod Details Handguard Flex Sniper Knee Attachment (glue) Thigh Ammo Pack Attachment (single-cap rivets) Belt Box Back Detail (fully closed) Wrist Return Edge Detail (none present) Right Ab Snap Detail Left Side (rivets) and Kidney Notch Detail Shoulder Bridge Attachment (glue) Other than the posterior spacing/overlap on that one photo (hopefully still good enough for EIB!), let me know if anything jumps out at you! Thanks for looking! [Again, a million shoutouts to my amazing *now FIANCE, DZ-71490! as of recently* for putting up with this ridiculousness and shooting and adjusting me in my photos. I've said it once and I'll say it again, she should be an honorary Centurion and knows this stuff as well as I do! haha] (is my signature big and dumb enough yet?!?!? :P )
  14. Heyhey! Welcome to the finest detachment in the Legion! Between here and the SCG Imperial Recruit's FB page, looks like you're in all the right places! Let us know how we can support you!
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