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  1. The elastic and bra hooks are nonsense and only worth your time if you're going for a fully screen-accurate static display. It's clear even in the movies that they don't actually work to align or hold the shins together effectively, so most of us use Velcro instead. Personally, I use a 1" strip of fuzzy (loop) side velcro on the outside, under the coverstrip, and then I trim a strip to about 1/2-3/4" of industrial (hook) side for the inner half. You always want your hook side facing away from your body when possible. The industrial holds well, but I wouldn't recommend using full industrial because it does put a lot of strain on the armor when detaching it if you're not careful. Mobility cuts are a huge help, especially if you're a little on the shorter side, but I've done them to all of my kits just for extra comfort and range of motion, as they are fully canon to have, and do help make misalignments less noticeable as well. Anovos doesn't line up by default either. Just ensure your cuts don't leave the 'ridge' and have been sanded super smooth. Good luck!
  2. Hey Daniel! Ensure you've checked to see if they have a Facebook group as well, as many Garrisons have created groups for their mentees, separate from their forums that require membership access. Morgi is spot on about contacting your local Attache as well. Is your kit an 850 or Jimmiroquai? Honestly, neither really have a ton of support just yet (we're spoiled by ANH-S!), but there are a couple of great build threads over in the Build Theads subforum. Research is key, but make sure you start your own thread and we'll try to help you as we go! I'm one of only 2 approved L2 troopers for Rogue One and have been lucky to interact with the studio suits on a number of occasions, so feel free to reach out with any non-850-specific questions!
  3. Awwwww yea, another convert. How you like the finish?
  4. Is this program still active? No awards since 2020... If so, I'd like highlight @trooper96 for the work put into his L2A1 Sterling design since his last award, as well as continuing work on his M38 scope, perhaps consolidating his previous silvers to a well-earned gold award? *Just re-read and noticed Gold is usually given after 5 Silver awards, but he's well on his way and deserving of another... something, I'd say! I'd also like to highlight @BigJasoni , perhaps for a silver award, for his work on the Rogue One ammo belt boxes! I don't know if that's how this works, but I'm happy to see people continuing to develop, submit, and support excellent 3D designs, and hope this program encourages people to continue to make great files available to the FISD family!
  5. My biggest advice is just to get a couple solid (ideally, alternating color) coats of primer on it, and don't sand down past that and back into the fiberglass whenever possible (for all pieces) - sanding the actual glass just opens up MORE tiny pinholes from embedded air bubbles. Also ensure ALL of your cuts are finalized before paint... you don't want to go back and do touchups. All the above advice from Jeff and Q is good, and I'll add that I'm also a fan of wet sanding. Just don't go too ham or you'll lose details/sharp edges, or use a crazy high gloss on top - the studio suits are like semi-gloss at best. Good luck!
  6. I think Mr. Paul has one of the best solutions that's most accurate to screen-used. I've been doing the velcro too and haven't been stoked. https://www.facebook.com/totalgrunt/videos/171713058078296
  7. Welcome aboard, Daniel! If you're on Facebook, please also join us over at the SCG Recruits page for additional local resources! Let us know if you have any questions and we're happy to help!
  8. Hey Steve, and welcome to the FISD forums! It should be noted that the primary focus of this detachment and forum is the discussion and building of Stormtroopers of all varieties from the Star Wars franchise, but almost all costumes are represented in a corresponding detachment. If your post is related to Clone Troopers, their forum can be found here, or if more about Scouts, the Pathfinders forum can be found here, and may offer more relevant feedback. That said, it doesn't look like a link or picture was attached, so we are unable to see anything at present. Check out this guide to adding photos and I hope it helps!
  9. It's literally the same suits, almost 100% forsure. There IS now a second generation of suits with tweaked material, but they looked to be the exact same molds and assembly as well. Only one substantive change I'm aware of, and it's already been noticed, so I'll support its inclusion when the time is right to discuss it. But I absolutely agree that the E-22 and SE-14R should be available accessories and can use the CRL text from other detachments where they are already optional. Should be an easy inclusion since the sources are clear and plentiful, and the CRL text is already written and approved, but I'll defer to Sly as to how things work around here.
  10. Given the whatttt...?! What you talkin about...? I hear LFL has a droid for taking care of that...
  11. I can't wait. At least there will even be some stormtroopers in this show! But hey, it's the height of the Empire's power... I have a good feeling about this
  12. Also a valid concern - I'd ensure you have the thickest visor possible, and even then... Is Dave actually pulling them these days? For some reason I thought he was just distributing for them, but AM has always been a little hushhush... He's one of the few US makers that uses the correct size gray tube, but be aware that his white ABS won't match anything else - it's BRIGHT white, just fyi.
  13. Okay, glad that you're already aware that everything about this is a bad idea, except that it will definitely look cool... so with that being stated clearly: If you were going to go with any armor maker to do this, AM is the way to go, as they are one of the thicker and stronger kits available. Since they utilize metal molds and industrial machines when pulling their plastic, they can go a little thicker than most and still capture excellent detail. Definitely more accurate than a Rubies kit. As far as damage to the suit, if you do anything other than stand around and take photos in it, you're probably going to damage the armor. The original armor was literally thrown in the trash after stunt filming, so usually we take great care NOT to be doing the exact type of running/dodging/etc typically found in airsoft or stunt work. Be aware it is very difficult to lean, kneel, or crouch, and sitting is usually off limits as well except under certain conditions. The 'correct' chelsea boots are also not terribly comfortable and don't have good grip for running. Heck, if someone bumps into you hard enough or you fall down, you're going to have a bad time. Repairs are possible for small cracks, but a large crack could destroy a piece. I can't see this being a regular thing, but it'd be a fun $1500 gimmick for a few rounds. You'll undoubtedly want to make some mods to increase mobility (almost more akin to those Boogie Storm clowns), but I'm sure the kit could be cut to some type of compromise between some level of comfort and still looking like a stormtrooper. As far as the impact resistance... There ARE thinner spots that might not take a direct hit from close range, but in general, BBs should bounce off and be fine with some scuffs or dents at close range (there ARE still several gaps in the suit under which a thin compression suit is typically worn, so that might still hurt). The BBs aren't going to be your problem, it's going to be the terrain you're interacting with and your mobility/vision. EVA foam could be a good alternative for comfort, but wouldn't look as good. That's been done before with interesting results... So idk, there are some thoughts on that and I guess an endorsement for Dave, but yea... I would never invest the money to do this, but would love to see you do it if you're dead set! Post pics/video hahaha
  14. https://www.denuonovo.com/products/star-wars-the-force-awakens-first-order-stormtrooper-standard-kit-pre-order It's part of their conditions of taking over the license that they can't sell these until they fulfill all backorders, and so far they've been good on that. The fact that this is up on their site is very encouraging and I know they've said they were trying to get these out in Q1. That said, it says TFA armor... and is definitely showing TLJ... so I have concerns. But it's something!
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