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  1. Great idea, at least in theory! Test it out and let us know!
  2. Sweeeeeet! My EF gloves here yesterday too! They feel amazing cuz they're lined, but I hope they're not too hot here in SoCal... Did yours come with a string connecting them, and with opposite velcro on the backs of the hands (one hook, one loop)? Just curious! And of course the thing I want most (helmet) is delayed... hahaha
  3. Welcome, Scott! Are you in the SCG Imperial Recruits Facebook group and did you make it to the Brea armor party? RS is extremely accurate armor, but not the best for trooping, and will take some work to bring up to standards and make comfortable to wear even after a full commission build - do you have your heart set on it?
  4. I would recommend placing the mounting tab right underneath the "pec" ridge and running the longest straps you made (that will still of course have it hang right). This give you a bit more ability to have your chest plate be able to slide over your ab when you bend forward and will increase your range of motion. I would bring your back to kidney straps in a bit and use three (or move them out at least) between the kidney and posterior. You can also trim quite a bit off the cod and posterior tabs at the bottoms for comfort. Shoulder bridges definitely need to be bent so they're rounded too. Would have been easier to do before attaching... Shin coverstrip looks too wide as well - should be 20mm. Back of shin is 25mm and only half glued on. Just to confirm, you're following a build thread, ya? Hope all this helps, glad to see the progress man!
  5. You're a madman! hahaha jkjk. I may get dirty after getting approved clean, we'll see... I do like capes...
  6. I plan to Velcro both sides so I can open it all the way up without bending when I put them on. I don't think I'm actually going to glue anything structural together on this suit at all! Plus I may add additional fiberglass to some key stress areas before coating with Flex Seal and painting.
  7. Hey Isaac! I'm also building one of Jim's suits currently and our group build will have threads up soon (we just got 1/4 BBBs yesterday!). Have you already checked out Jeff and Johan's threads? TONS of info in there. Since you're going to be painting over it, you'll definitely want to use a filler and paint that has some flex to it, otherwise it will crack your paint. We haven't quite arrived at an answer yet, but let's keep each other posted if we find something that works. We're looking into like a fiberglass automotive bumper filler currently. I've been told to stay away from Bondo... Jeff also used a Flex Seal brand product to coat the inside with good results - only caveat was that velcro wouldn't stick to it.
  8. BBBs are starting to arrive... 1 out of 4 so far... BIG THINGS are in the works, guys... big things... XD
  9. They flew a few Golden Gate Garrison and I think one Central California Garrison TK down for it! Our leadership and Jon know we're planning to be ready if we get the call again! And if they need extra ROTKs specifically, you bet we'll mention ya.
  10. If all goes well, BBB day should be today! Heck yea, group shipping! Several of us also picked up flexible shoulder bridges from Jeff (@11b30b4), who has graciously agreed to offer his advice and guidance on our build. I may have a helmet to post later today if all goes well.....
  11. TheRascalKing WIP 7/17/2019 California TK No Jimmiroquai
  12. Found these for ya. Mine are based on the same diagrams, but I use two Line 24 snaps and 2" black elastic for all the body connections and 1" for the sides and arms. Some places like the legs and left side of the kidney attachment, I use 1" black *nylon webbing where I don't want it to stretch. I'd also be cautious of using snaps actually set into the armor for anything load-bearing, as it just adds stress and stress makes cracks. I'll try to find a good photo of one of my kits too so you can see.
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