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  1. Craft Beer. Your my kind of guy. We have some most excellent local craft breweries where I live in Arkansas.

    1. TheRascalKing


      Nice, man! What area and what breweries? I'm very fortunate to live near The Bruery, Bottle Logic, and Noble just to name a few!

    2. Von Goodleef

      Von Goodleef

      I apologize for the late reply. I'm close to Bentonville Arkansas. Bentonville Brewery is good. There's Bike Rack brewery. My fave is 

      Saddlebock in Springdale. Core brewery is good also. We also have Black Apple Crossing. A cidery in Springdale.

  2. Welcome, welcome! If you have any questions or need help with anything, I'm a TK Mentor with the SCG and am always happy to answer questions. Please feel free to hit me up on here or via FB, where you've hopefully found our SCG Imperial Recruits page. Looking forward to trooping with you in the future!
  3. Much appreciated, my dude! Hit me up in the new year if you still need some. I should be finishing up treatment by then. Trying to stay active on the boards when I can though. I'll jot down some thoughts on your build too when I have more time!
  4. 3D printing is an option, but honestly not a good one for Stormtroopers. It's easier for some other costumes, but the suits were originally vacu-formed, and look best when that construction technique is followed. It would be a LOT of work and hundreds of hours of printing, sanding, and painting, and just not worth any cost savings you MIGHT get (probably not even). We do have a 3D printing section here on the forums you can check out, but it just isn't really practical for doing a whole suit. Custom lenses would be extremely expensive and probably not even work due to how they're positioned in the helmet. Visibility is never great anyways, but some guys can cram glasses in there. The best answer is contacts.
  5. Yeaaaaaaa probably this. At least not officially as part of the CRL. But like he said, you can absolutely carry one after approval, and YOU SHOULD (cuz it's awesome). ;D
  6. Personally, I wear the Anovos hard plastic handguards with my nomex/fabric gloves for trooping (with a 1" elastic strap around the palm and a thin one around my wrist), and glued my flexible urethane handguards to rubber/chemical gloves (with CA glue - not ideal, but I only ever wear them for HPEs or approval photos. The best solution is to embed duck cloth or the like in the handguards, like @justjoseph63 does with his - those E6000 in with no problem). But yea, right now you're combing something MORE accurate with something LESS accurate. Plus, the urethane ones make my hands sweat even more during warm troops. Also make sure you place something inside the gloves to keep the shape and keep them from gluing themselves together. I used a Novus bottle with some wax paper I wanna say. Good luck and the build is coming along nicely!
  7. I believe 1/4" is most commonly used. Totally dealer's choice for how you attach the ammo belt, just be aware of my warning as to folding/cracking the reinforcement in the canvas belt. Much less of an issue if you have a big crate with lots of room, a luxury I unfortunately do not have haha https://www.amazon.com/Chicago-Screws-Plain-Pcs-Silver/dp/B00355AN4U
  8. It'll be a tough sell, but I'm all for it. Maybe add some screen caps if you can find em? Also, the other big question is who is making these? Anyone yet? o.o
  9. I wanna reinforce and thicken em up from the backside before I mess with mine, forsure. I think a cutoff wheel on my Dremel might be the right size, then finish to the ends with jeweler's files. They're so thin tho, it makes me nervous and I do NOT want to bust one of those little vents if I can help it. I may not cut em at all, we'll see. I plan to troop in this armor so I want it to be STRONG. Looking good tho, man!
  10. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do! I'm sure we all appreciate your honesty and candor, and that we all wish you the absolute best as things continue to settle. Let us know if you need anything! Other than some more quality EIB and Centurion candidates of course
  11. I'm curious how your helmet fits with the pouches there - I mounted mine as low as possible, otherwise I can't turn my head to the left. I also used Line 24 snaps to make it removable instead of rivets. Just some thoughts Weathering looks good! I used @justjoseph63's suggestion and picked up some cheap eye shadow - was amazed at how well it worked too.
  12. Agreed - or maybe just your handguards up a bit. I use a small hair tie as an additional strap around my wrist to keep them in the right place , they look like they're almost down over your fingers... That should help close the "gap" too. Otherwise, looking good!
  13. +1 more. As others have said, Dave has taken over selling AM Armor. AM has a long history and is extremely high quality - few other makers have as sharp of details or similar bright white, thick ABS. Their tooling is impressive and you get a ton in the box for your money (ie, ANH and ESB harndguards, TK and TD sniper knees, etc.). I have built several and they are one of my main recommended makers, especially for bigger guys. The kit even comes rough trimmed out of the box. Absolutely a quality vendor, just a newer face taking the reins. Buy with confidence.
  14. Thank you to Joseph and congrats to Brien!
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