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  1. Not official, but I want to post it anyway. Surprised a friend who recently finished school by wearing my armor to his celebration at the beach. Here I am on my way, good thing it's only 5 minutes walking away from where I live.
  2. So, today I had a more official TROOP! It was a run (walk) for Hjärtebarnsfonden, it was me and 3 others, including Vader, a TIE and a Royal guard. We walked about 2,5 km (half of the real run) and took some photos. The local newspaper was here too, that was fun! Altough it all only took 45 minutes, it was fun none the less. May update if I get any more pictures.
  3. Maybe you could try imgur? It works pretty well for me
  4. Here we have the recording, maybe not the best but I think it came along fine! (Fixed)
  5. Today was my first (I think official) troop! Well, it was a virtual troop, but it worked anyway! The Nordic Legions (501st, RL, MC) recorded a video for social media for May 4th, there were some technical difficulties but I hope it came out good. It should be out tomorrow or something on Nordic garrison's facebook page, I think. Will share a link when it's out. I'm the trooper between Kylo and the scout, under the other Kylo. Fun times!
  6. @Helotech I've said it before and I will say it again, Thank you for inspiring me to start with this build!
  7. Oh, that was you! Haha! That's a nice surprise!
  8. Touched up the vocoder before putting away the paint:
  9. Jonas Andersson 22423 EIB A4 Joseph Thank you for everything! My pleasure, brother! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/22423-eib.png 278
  10. Thank you! It has truely been an honor working with everyone on this project, it glads me that it is so little left to L3! I might take a little break on the armour though, as it has been going on for almost half a year! I WILL come back though, probably when I've worn it a bit more and seen if I could improve things here and there. TK-22423 out!
  11. Here we have some extra photos: Split rivets: Han snap: Buttons, I know as they are separate and not molded into the button panels they don't hold up for centurion. I will probably change them sometime when I can afford new button plates, right now I have very little money and can't afford any new ones. Will be satisfied with EI for now at least. Hopefully those will do!
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