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  1. Today I glued on the straps for bells and shoulders. I also unfortunatly realized the straps between the biceps and forearms were a little long. I have been following builds like ukswraths and got confused by the measurements, I'm still not used to inches. So intead of around one fourth of an inch I had one inch and one fourth of one inch. Not sure how I thought there? Now it should be right anyway. Now also a question: how are the bicep to bell strap done? Where should they stay?
  2. I hope you will have a great time building this, the DLT is a beautiful blaster! Here is a prayer for your sanding fingers! I hope someday to get my own, but I will settle with the SDS E-11 for now
  3. Today I tried out the bells after some trimming away the return edge and I have also sewed the straps for them. Here they are about 1 inch from edge to top of snap (they are only taped down for now): Here is some fitting photos: Don't mind the wonky butt, it's fixed. It's pretty closed up front, but still a bit showing back. What do you all think?
  4. @justjoseph63 asked earlier about pics before I glue on the shoulder straps front and back. Now I got help, and was able to get some photos: These pics are better than the last ones.
  5. So, my package from Dave arrived today! In it was some items he had over from his own build; leather strips for the holster, aluminum strips for the TD etc. THANK YOU DAVE! But it also included something unexpected... A suprise to be sure, but a welcome one! Maybe a start to a new collection? Once again, I would like to thank Dave/ @Helotech for everything. His build inspired me to fix mine up and he has given me a lot of info on how he did it. And sending a package with leftovers all the way from Canada? Above and beyond! When I maybe get a coin for myself from here, I will be sure to send him one too! I would also like to thank @gmrhodes13, @justjoseph63, @TKSpartan and everybody else for getting me this far! This is truly a blessed forum! That's it for now, move along!
  6. So, a mini update: I haven't worked much on the armor recently as I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment and needed a little break. I will probably come back when I get one of my packages. I feel like there is not much left! (I think)
  7. @Helotech Good news Dave! I just got the letter from the customs and paid them, they should send the package now. Now there is no need for you to look for the number!
  8. I'm sorry to hear about this, hope everyone gets better soon. I may have smaller shoulders than you, but I still wonder if the bells will hold me back too.
  9. Well I did a test fitting with the bells taped to the shoulders and biceps and this is how it came out: Right side: It looks good on the front... But not on the back... Left side, not so different: Sorry if it is hard to see, it was a bit hard to bend my arms around. By the way, how high up should the biceps be? I also took a look how the gloves were doing... I give up on these ones, they won't stick , you will be expecting a pm from me soon @justjoseph63 for one of your hand guards.
  10. The one that is more opened up is the overtrimmed one and yes, that one is the left one in the second photo. They are colour coded, red dot is right, left is green dot.
  11. Sure! @justjoseph63 Red is right green is left: Left-Right Right-Left
  12. So, I'm back, how was everybodys christmas? Mine was a bit sickly... Fortunatly mostly just irritating. Anyway, today I took another shot at the gloves, I sanded them a bit more and and put on some hand sanitizer on it all. The guards became a little sticky at the bottoms so I hope they will glue better. If this doesn't do anything I will just buy new ones from Joseph. Here is how the straps for the arms came out: Do they look good? I also finally put on the elastic straps for the shoulders: Next I'm planning on putting on the bell straps, which should I start with? Bell to bicep? Bell to shoulder? Now, something else, does these look right? Are they not cut a bit too much? Shouldn't they be straighter?
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