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  1. Congratulations! Here's for 20000 more!
  2. Thank you! It's an honor to be both in EI1000 and Centurion500!
  3. Jonas Andersson TK 22423 Centurion A4 Joseph Thank you! Yes sir! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/22423-centurion.png
  4. Woooooo! Thank you @justjoseph63 and everyone else for helping me come this far, I feel really proud of this!
  5. It may be a bit wierd to see the old and new photos in the updated first post, so I will put all new photos down here: Or should I just take away the old photos from the first post? Just trying to be helpful.
  6. Thank you, I guess I'm just unsure and anxious. Sorry! Skickat från min SM-G986B via Tapatalk
  7. Thank you, I decided to push for LV3 now with Centurion500 on the horizon!
  8. Here we go! Couldn't take any photos yesterday as the power went down, but here we are! *UPDATED PHOTOS* Name: Jonas Andersson 501st ID: 22423 FISD Forum name: LEGOeatPokemon Garrison: Nordic Garrison Armor maker: SDS (Modified) Helmet maker: SDS (Modified) Blaster maker: SDS (Modified) Boots maker: SDS? Canvas belt: Imperial Issue Hand plates: @justjoseph63 Electronics: @ukswrath bracket fan system Neckseal type: SDS Holster maker: SDS (Modified) EIB application: Armor: Old and new: Action shot: Helmet: Old and New: Details: Old and New: Details: Old and New: Forearms: E11:
  9. Well, since centurion500 became announced today I took a shot at all the things recommended by @justjoseph63 in my EI request Touched up the vocoder and brought it up a bit: Hopefully fixed the distance between the left bicep and bell, and the distance between right bell and shoulder Fixed the sniper knee Moved the hengstler counter forward on the E-11 (BTW can I remove the plastic cables, they are really in the way?) And lastly, shortened the strip on the TD I should be able to request centurion tomorrow as some glue dries, hopefully it will go well.
  10. Understand that, he just came up without a warning! Still really excited though, always fun to see new troopers!
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