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  1. Touched up the vocoder before putting away the paint:
  2. Jonas Andersson 22423 EIB A4 Joseph Thank you for everything! My pleasure, brother! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/22423-eib.png 278
  3. Thank you! It has truely been an honor working with everyone on this project, it glads me that it is so little left to L3! I might take a little break on the armour though, as it has been going on for almost half a year! I WILL come back though, probably when I've worn it a bit more and seen if I could improve things here and there. TK-22423 out!
  4. Here we have some extra photos: Split rivets: Han snap: Buttons, I know as they are separate and not molded into the button panels they don't hold up for centurion. I will probably change them sometime when I can afford new button plates, right now I have very little money and can't afford any new ones. Will be satisfied with EI for now at least. Hopefully those will do!
  5. No thats light, they're metal Skickat från min H60-L04 via Tapatalk
  6. Here we go! Name: Jonas Andersson TK ID: 22423 Forum name: LEGOeatPokemon Garrison: Nordic Garrison Armor maker: SDS (Modified) Helmet maker: SDS (Modified) Blaster maker: SDS (Modified) Boots maker: SDS? Canvas belt: Imperial Issue Hand plates: @justjoseph63 Electronics: @ukswrath bracket fan system Neckseal type: SDS Holster maker: SDS (Modified) Full body pics: Helmet: Blaster: Holster: :TD Abdomen: Neck seal: Interior strapping: Cod to butt connection: Tell me if there any more pictures you need.
  7. Tried to put on the D-ring today, drilled with a dremel, bent the ring open and when trying to force it into the holes, broke the holes. Fortunatly found all the pieces and glued them back on with E6000. Will probably paint tomorrow.
  8. Well, I also really need to thank everyone who helped me, I couldn't do this on my own and this forum has been a real blessing for me! I would like to thank you, Joseph for all your help and tips, but also those sweet handguards! I would also like to thank Dave @Helotech for helping starting this build and showing how he did his. He also sent me some of his spare parts! Thank yous to both Glen @gmrhodes13 and Mario @TKSpartan for all their help as well showing how it's done! And last, but not least, Daniel @TheSwede for sending me some parts and approving my build! If I missed someone, do know you have my gratitude. Now a review of the build. I curse myself for not researching before buying this armour, but it worked out in the end. There where many ups and downs in how it went and I do not think this build was made easier being a re-build. I often wished I had just ordered a kit, it would have made this whole thing much easier (and I think cheaper too). However despite all this, it worked out in the end and I can call myself an Imperial Stormtrooper! Typical this virus thing happened now, so my first troop will probably be in a while. EI coming soon!
  9. Finally done! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32349 Now I'm in the 501st!
  10. I think it's dressing issues, both of them, it can be hard to see how everything looks when you've got the stuff on and family have a hard time seeing that too.
  11. I think I fixed it, it is atleast better now: Yep, I didn't close it enough I took this chance to fix something else too, the SDS grey are not the same as the other greys. It was darker so I repainted it all, hopefully this is better.
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