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  1. Soon are the forearms complete, did the right one today Now I have glued on the first two covering strips for both arms Left: And right: Also my cloth belt finally arrived! Soon I can start with it!
  2. Today I trimmed the edges of the forearm as by Josephs advice. Came out pretty nice I think. Then I took away the pesky returning edge by the wrists I think the left forearm is finally finished cutting! I have started with the other arm, that overlap is a PAIN to take off. (Thanks, by the way Dave with giving me instructions.) That will have to do it today, I have a free day tomorrow so I will hopefully make some more progress!
  3. Thank you! Will hopefully continue tomorrow
  4. First day of cutting! Left forearm is pretty done I think? Well... except the ruturn edge at the wrist. It's 15 mm between the marked return edges. How does it look? Acceptable? By the way, this is my workstation: A bit cramped, but it is sufficient.
  5. Update: I have removed all excess glue residue and washed the pieces afterwards Have also bought a dremel, brushes and more knifes.
  6. Dave, you have been a very good support and you shouldn't rush with the package, take the time you need. Just offering the info on what you did to your armor is enough as it is. That you offer to send parts is going above and beyond! I am truly grateful!
  7. Thank you, I will take this in consideration!
  8. Does anyone know the best way to make covering strips?
  9. That's a good way of doing it Dave! Update, the remainder of my packages should be here soon, trouble at the post offices i believe. Will hopefully start cutting and sizing by the weekend.
  10. Finally done with that! How big should the covering strips be as SDS only does overlap on everything except the front of the leg pieces?
  11. I seem to have learned a lesson: WEAR GLOVES! I won't be doing anymore today...
  12. Baby steps... Planning of making the wrap to covering strips, won't work with the belt until the cloth belt has arrived. So now the next thing I guess is pulling off the poppers that exists on nearly all pieces
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