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  1. $500 all-in? Barring a great score on someone’s used kit that is, sadly, not feasible IMO. $500 for just the plastic bits is doable with patience. WTF for example has sales from time-to-time.
  2. …and wear protection! Bondo especially, gloves and a mask IMO.
  3. Close! Another option: girdles/spanx. One of our members uses one. Cheating? Yes, but it works.
  4. I assume the Purge trooper goes to SpecOps though.
  5. That promo blaster is a perfect example of how to finish a print!
  6. RS glue is quite difficult to remove. Would there be any problem simply going over the old glue?
  7. Absolutely loving some of your build ideas. Foam in the dropboxes and spacers on the snaps – doing these in my next build. Keep up the good work! You’ll be approved in no time. Hope to see you at centurion.
  8. As you can see from the title of the picture it says “approximate”. We are talking a difference of 2 to 3 mm tops with the size of rivets, edge vs. center measurement. I would imagine as long as you’re consistent - e.g. keeping your rivets on the same plane, not crooked or at a diagonal - I do not see the DO’s denying EI/Centurion because your rivets are 2mm “off”. AFAIK no-one has taken calipers to a film used suit anyway, so the best we have is approximate.
  9. That was the plan. I may update us with more photos once my hero belt is complete. Also looking into replacing the line 24 snaps on the holster itself with magnetic ones. We will see how that works, it’s not very easy re-securing it with my helmet on currently.
  10. Welcome Adam! Lots of great resources, especially with an established maker like AP. Caleb's link is not a bad place to start. Also check out the tutorial section: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/79-tutorials-tips-and-howtos/
  11. It would be great to use one of these to transport my TK armor.
  12. Given all the set leaks with 501st members... I'll be on the lookout for you specifically. *shakes fist in possible jealousy*
  13. Looks good other than the belt, in my experience you'll likely end up going rivets anyway. Trooping is pretty brutal on ABS.
  14. I would advise against any thigh armor trimming without your shins and undersuit one to measure first. I learned this the hard way. Another tip, from someone who did it the 'wrong' way - make sure to trim for length BEFORE girth, or you'll find yourself having to shim it later. It's a cone, so if you trim... it gets narrower.
  15. Nicely done. Jealous of your sitting.
  16. Congrats! You have done a great job steering the ship these past couple years and I look forward to this term, as well.
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