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    Anovos Fine Hovi Tip Mesh Removal

    I used a small file and a dremel if you feel comfortable with those. Easy to ruin things though!
  2. FISD @ Celebration Chicago 2019 - Patch Contest ATTENTION TROOPERS!!! Feeling creative? Want to see your artwork and creativity immortalized and worn (and traded!) by hundreds at the biggest Star Wars event in the world? We are holding a contest to come up with an original FISD inspired patch design for Star Wars Celebration Chicago this April. The finished product will have it's own sales thread here and will be available for order as soon as possible! Contest Rules 1. The competition is open today, January 5th, through midnight (PST) January 31st, at which time a poll will be opened so that everyone can vote on the design they like best. 2. There is no limit to the number of designs you can enter, and the shape can be round, chevron, etc. 3. You are welcome (and encouraged) to reference our official logos and colors at the bottom of this post to incorporate into your design. 4. All entries become the property of the FISD and 501st Legion. FISD Image/Color Reference: The winner will be announced in the February Newsletter. In addition, the winner will receive TWO (2) free patches of their design and some other cool swag (TBD) but most importantly, serious bragging rights!
  3. Bump - just two weeks left to submit your designs!
  4. Harbinger

    Hello from the Upside-down!

    Hello and welcome!
  5. Harbinger

    Greetings from the frozen North...

    Hello and welcome aboard.
  6. Harbinger

    TK 18938 Reporting for Duty

    Welcome to the ranks!
  7. Harbinger

    Anovos Belt Conversion

    They are a real PITA to get off but they will, eventually, come loose. You just need to drill out the 'blob' and then you can usually use a bit of force to snap them free and then the belt will come loose. Taking the rivet covers off is more difficult - at least for me it was. Go very, very slow... they used some kind of epoxy to glue them together which does not want to come off.
  8. Looks like a SW fan film is having success with it making the rounds on tech blogs etc: https://www.theverge.com/2019/1/13/18180851/star-wars-short-fan-film-squad-leader-td-73028-soliloquy-shakespeare-maxime-claude-lecuyer Starring one of our own dirty TD brothers no less. Congrats!
  9. Harbinger

    TheDon's Build: BSP/KB Props TLJ FOTK

    TheSwede cut his forearms down, you could always reference his build thread if you wanted them less chunky.
  10. Harbinger

    Helmet Transport

    This is what I use. Working great so far (12 troops).
  11. Harbinger

    My Brown Box Came!

    Welcome John! Looking good, I hope you are aiming for Centurion from the looks of your build. Hope to see you as a full-fledged TK soon!
  12. I would measure to find out your foot width (C, D, E, etc.) - the boots are C width I believe, I am EE so I have to go up like two sizes for them to fit.
  13. Might as well, if you have a normal width foot you may not need to go as large... They run narrow more than they run small.
  14. Welcome to the Legion trooper.
  15. Harbinger

    Hello from Spain!!

    Hello and welcome aboard Abraham!
  16. Harbinger

    Darth Aloha in the news - interview

    Very cool.
  17. Even at Centurion, internal strapping, unseen snaps/velcro/etc. - do not affect approval. Use whichever snaps you prefer.
  18. If you are referring to the belt-to-ab snaps, you can use Line 24 snaps. Tony used popper snaps for accuracy - as the snaps are covered by the belt we don't care which type you use.
  19. Harbinger

    hello from kalamazoo MI.

    Welcome to FISD Jody!
  20. Harbinger

    Lorelei's 5'4" ATA ANH-S Centurion-Hopeful Build

    Very nicely done!
  21. Gaps don’t bother me as much as ears that are too thick. Plenty of film helmets with some ear gap.
  22. I think there is more to it than just upping base requirements, though. For one, getting people over to the detachment and getting them informed. I can only speak for myself and my Garrison mates, but when I first decided to build a TK, I was lucky enough to have found FISD and realized that if you're starting a BBB it's minimal effort over basic approval (and just a couple hundred dollars more in parts) to go for Centurion from the start. My friend who joined at the same time didn't join FISD, build to the base CRL, and later, when I became an attache I tried to get him to go EI. He didn't. Why? Because he ignored L2 and L3 when building (because he didn't care at the time) and now if he wants to get his EIB badge (we aren't even talking Centurion) he'd have to rebuy quite a bit of his kit. As for base requirements, maybe it is finally time to move many of the ANH/RoTJ split EI requirements (such as cover strips and rivets vs none) to base requirements?
  23. Harbinger

    Greetings from VanCity!!!

    Welcome, Matt!
  24. I think SWAT (and Lancer) have moved closer to prop replication than Centurion has. I don't think any of these programs should go to full prop forgery, but it does IMO show that Centurion could be made 'harder'.