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  1. Welcome to FISD. I see you are (or will be) in CCG... I would reach out to @sharkbait who has built a Phasma as well, and is in our Garrison.
  2. Keep in mind the SS snaps are significantly harder to set.
  3. For lift or comfort? Which trooping boots?
  4. "Display only"... someone will troop it. I guarantee it. You all better act fast before our replica guys buy them out.
  5. RPF seems to be the best place for lawsuit updates.
  6. That is probably good enough, the cover strips and glue should force them the rest of the way. Mine weren’t perfect either.
  7. Now I've got to watch it, I'm a couple behind.
  8. Welcome (back)! It seems daunting at first but by the end of the build you'll learn so, SO much. Especially if you decide to make another costume down the road... TK's are actually not the hardest first costume in the Legion, IMO.
  9. I believe the original hovi’s were white/off-white and painted black, and what you see is the paint wearing off as mentioned. I think rewording the CRLs as some kits come with black and others white hovis, to avoid confusion, maybe?
  10. A dirty variant would be neat! As for TDs being optional because some TKs lacked them, IMO, I view those like Mr.-no-stripes or Mr.-upside-down-bicep. Production goofs.
  11. Good work. I bought a 3d printing pen for the same purpose, soldering iron is a good idea too though.
  12. FOTK? I think I have read it being done but it is likely not very easy. I took my ANH apart.
  13. All very good tips. FWIW I sprayed mine disassembled, not sure if the end result is any better or less work but no issues.
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