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  1. There are some discussions going on the main Legion forums right now that are relevant - I wouldn’t let boot reference stop this moving forward IMO.
  2. Awful, awful news. My condolences to his family. Losing both parents is rough. Never had the chance to meet IRL but enjoyed his presence here and around the Legion. Great armor maker as well - I had an issue a few years ago with my Anovos belt, when they were already going down the tube, he sent me rivet covers for free. Not many would go above and beyond like that. You will be missed brother.
  3. This forum has as many (if not more) registered users than the 501st and RL membership combined. Let that sink in for a second.
  4. I think @ukswrathused to have one. It’s a great idea even if you don’t have a limit IMO.
  5. I have ATA rivet covers and they are much glossier than the Anovos plastic. TM/RS are pretty close as Glen mentioned above. Keep in mind colors can change from batch-to-batch too though.
  6. Congrats all. @jsilviusGreat work on the coin run. Taking on runs for the largest detachment is no small feat. You join an elite club of masochists.
  7. Keep in mind some vendors add the extra length for you. Confirm before ordering!
  8. Congratulations Justin, welcome to the club. You have done an outstanding job for your Garrison and FISD. Keep up the good work trooper.
  9. Congrats, condolences and enjoy!
  10. Depends. The plastidip + cloth method I’d need to dig up some info as I used a spray-on truckbed liner, thick stuff with some texture, so didn't need it. As wook mentioned many use velcro and/or adhesive-backed foam sheets.
  11. It’s possible! My Anovos ANH bucket developed a crack near the left mic tip at a thin spot. Many of us reinforce the insides with, basically, plastidip (or truck bed liner) and cloth.
  12. Tradition has just been a gold version to cut down on overall costs as vendors charge for overall quantity, so it’s cheaper to lump them together. Plus the whole cap on merch.
  13. So glad to see this milestone reached. Let us hope it takes far less time for EIB2000 and Centurion1000. Congrats!
  14. Best to ask such things at the Spec Ops detachment: www.specops501st.com ...As they own that CRL.
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