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  1. I reeeeeeeally don't get the obsession with this at EIB. Yes, many or even most frowns were pretty restrained but there were plenty that look just like his in my opinion... Still, potentially an easy fix... "¯\(ツ)/¯"
  2. You know it - Dwight is in my Squad, one of my mentees, and a good friend, so I worked very closely with him to finish this suit on a very tight schedule after we got his Shadowtrooper L2 Specialist approved!
  3. I posted it to the FISD Facebook page, but figured we'd get a conversation going over here as well... Anyone else see the new First Order accessories that showed up in yesterday's episode of "This Week in Star Wars" from the new VR game, Star Wars Tales from the Galaxy's Edge: Last Call? I think they're kinda cool but the feedback has been lukewarm at best on the FB page. Once more reference is available, it'll be cool to add these as options for the TFA FOTK CRL! Thoughts...?
  4. Looking AWESOME, Jacob! Making Fire Team Heavy Hitters proud! I too am terribly curious about the pauldron rivets and strap attachments - I've heard and and seen both ways. Is one style more accurate for a particular costume? Do we have any solid reference shots? I've been a fan of Katara8's pauldrons (and prices) for a while, so I usually go with the 'under' style, but the Trooperbay are popular as well, and were more recently screen used... Not to highjack the thread, but would love more info.
  5. Beautiful work as always, Glen - you're a legend! That your TFU suit with the blue paint added? If so, smart! Huge congrats
  6. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Great job, James - your suit looks phenomenal. I knew after I met you and saw your armor that you'd be a Centurion in a matter of time. Wear that patch with pride now! Awesome work and a huge congrats!
  7. POST 98 2020 Fire Team Heavy Hitters of the Southern California Garrison Photo: @KC Grim 1. 2019 Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace, Star Wars-themed High School Prom, Yorba Linda, CA TK-10272 2. 2019 Anaheim Angels Baseball Star Wars Night, Anaheim, CA TK-61490 & The Juice 3. and 4. 2019 CHOC Children's Hospital Inpatient Visits, Orange, CA TK-61490 5. Do I have more great pics? Yea. Can I find em? Naw, not really... hopefully these sneak in! I'll update info if I find more or if they are used. Thanks!
  8. Thanks @gmrhodes13, but not quiet yet! Since this is the forum I'm most active on, I'm keeping track (poorly haha) of ALL of my troops here, but am still a few more TK troops away from the next milestone. I'll clean this up when I have some time, but appreciate it.
  9. 58. La Habra Host Lions Car Show & Pasta Fest - La Habra, CA - Sat. 7/17/21 (ROTK #2)
  10. Hey Spike, I see that you created another thread over here, and this is a good place to keep a running log of any questions you have as you go through your journey to joining and becoming a Stormtrooper. I would definitely recommend checking out the links provided to you previously in the other threads, and then coming back here to ask questions specific to your build, and we'll do the best we can to help. I also highly recommend taking your time to type out clear and concise questions and information so we can know what you mean and how best to help you. It looks like you're asking what would be the easiest way to purchase ready to go, complete armor so you can start trooping - I love the enthusiasm and will do my best to help, but there is no 'one-size-fits-all' answer. There are a handful of makers that can build custom armor for you on commission, but which one would work best will depend on you personally. What is your height/weight/frame looking like? If you're a bigger guy, I would consider AM armor (also out of Florida), or perhaps an RS Props commission out of the UK if you're closer to 'standard' stormtrooper size. Commissioning will always run you significantly more than building your own, but can be easier if you do not have prior costuming experience. *Update: I believe I saw in the other thread that you are 6' 5" and 300lbs with size 16 boots? That will admittedly be a bit of a challenge, but not impossible, pending your shape. I would skip RS then and look closely at AM, RWA, and Panda-MOD (formerly RT-MOD), and ensure that whoever builds your armor has your dimensions handy. Those makers are built a little bigger and are more friendly to a larger trooper. I am not certain Imperial Boots will carry your size, so you're probably looking at having Gio from Crow Props make you custom boots. Hope that info helps get the wheels spinning as well. I would use the forum search function and the links previously provided to look into both of those options, then come back with questions and we'll do our best to help! Good luck!
  11. The other big component if not previously mentioned is that, there is no one right answer - there are LOTS of right answers, and plenty of wrong ones. It drives me up a wall to see (mostly on non-FISD Facebook pages), someone ask "What armor should I buy...?" with no further context, then a dozen people throwing out makers (usually RS) without any further context. It's silly! That's like joining a car group and asking, "What car should I buy?" and everyone just going "BUY A VAUXHALL ASTRA". What are you going to be using it for? How often do you drive? What country do you live in? (We don't get Vauxhalls in the US)... What is your budget? Do you prefer performance or luxury? etc. These type of questions MATTER when buying a car, and it's a similar process to buying armor... And it's why research is key and why I avoid just straight up telling people what armor to buy and where - you want the armor that's right for YOU, and that requires some work to know. The more you research, the happier you'll be with your purchase in both cases. But you're in the right place to start building that knowledge. Good luck! (Another component is also that many makers do not have websites, since at least in the US, it opens you up to legal liability/receiving a Cease-and-Desist order from the Mouse for profiting off of their unlicensed intellectual property, which they don't take kindly to. UK laws must be different or RS for example must not care, but that's why a lot of the best makers and their contact info are here on the forums, where you at least have to sign in and be actively looking for armor - buying on a whim off a website (or EBAY) is asking to trouble for many different reasons...)
  12. Most armor makers do not. Email him at authenticprops@hotmail.com or maybe I can summon @ABS80 haha
  13. Been sitting on this news for a while, waiting on the official announcement, but word on the proverbial street is that this is legit, and that part of NECA taking over Anovos' license will be to either fulfill or 'make right' any pending orders before beginning new projects. There is hope. My guess is "interest list" and "pre-order" items are a no, but if they were formally "sold" and have your money, hopefully it will be fulfilled. Curious if they'll have access to Anovos molds or the same manufacturers. I actually really like the majority of their products, they just had bad business practices. Rubies reputation isn't stellar for quality, but they have the infrastructure and experience that Anovos was lacking. Fingers crossed they do right. The name is pretty funny tho XD https://www.denuonovo.com/pages/about-us
  14. Super interesting! Fun to see that these were given the greenlight despite being completely non-canon and not set within any specific time within the SW universe, but rather just using those worlds as inspiration. I enjoy the "Love, Death + Robots"-style setup too - multiple studios and animation styles for several unrelated episodes. Still, possibly some cool new CRLs coming from it for other detachments. Please no one try to submit a 2D Anime trooper XD (or maybe?)
  15. Yep, if they're covered you should be good (and shouldn't have any from ESB anyways). More proper to replace the belt since you have to remove the drop boxes anyways, but if the holes aren't visible, no one will know.
  16. Who told you you were too tall, RS? Their armor is good if you're 'standard' stormtrooper size, but you can find other makers whose armor is slightly larger and will fit better (check out AM and Panda-MOD to name a few). But even then, there's a good deal of adjustment for height that's available in any kit and a little extra black showing at the knees and elbows isn't the end of the world. We have several extra tall troopers in my Garrison. If it's a total no go, I'd build a Deathtrooper, personally Hope that info helps!
  17. Sounds like you're talking about the return edge at the inside of the thigh, which is totally cool to remove and sand smooth. Post some pics with the area highlighted and we'll confirm our suggestions! If it helps I can dig my suit one to take pics or find some around here too if you need examples. Ah, gotcha. Sounds like you already know it's less accurate that way, but no worries at all and thanks for letting us know - we're here to help and knowing your goal is important too.
  18. Velcro? Shouldn't need any velcro on the thighs, as they should be fully closed... I can echo Glen (as usual) and agree that some foam blocks on the inside of the outer piece of armor should help pull them away from your undercarriage and make them more comfortable. Make sure they fit you and are sitting at the proper height as well (garters can sag and attaching them to your ab can pull it down if not strapped properly). I also usually remove the return edge at the top, inside of the thigh armor and blend it back in, keeping it on the outside of my leg to give it the look/depth of armor. Definitely post some pics and we'll try to make recommendations.
  19. Looks very similar to the Crossfire Props one, which is one of the better models and one that I have seen approved before (and am almost done with mine!).
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