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  1. 70. Eli Home Thanksgiving - Orange, CA - Sat. 11/19/2022 (ANH-S TK #43, FTE #52)
  2. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=34768 Here's the link you'd need for approval, Michael. Check that original post, but I hope that helps!
  3. SOLD for £46,875 for the suit + £13,750 for the blaster = £60,625 or ~$69,994.90 USD New record...
  4. Some interesting insight from Mark on this podcast...
  5. Thermal Detonator Accuracy Update I received my new thermal detonator carriage assembly from my printer utilizing Jesse M's files, and am stoked on it. I still need the tube or to mock up something to mimic one, but this is significantly lighter than the included resin TD, and more accurate. How does it compare to the dimensions of the included TD? With a spraypaint cap added for mockup... close. Very very close.
  6. Locking, as we do not allow general "Want to buy" threads, per the first rule in the For Sale section. Also, this post does not qualify as "Forum Help or Support". Please see the "Getting Started" forum for additional information and help.
  7. *Portola Springs Elementary Trunk or Treat - Irvine, CA - Fri. 10/28/22 (POC #6) *HPE - Sat. 10/29/22 69. Kaiser Permanente Pediatrics Halloween Event - Anaheim, CA - Mon. 10/31/2022 (ANH-S TK #42, FTE #51) And just for some Halloween fun with my wife (DZ-71490)...
  8. We can do better than close enough! This has been completed and added to our Greeblie Pack! The thigh holster riser and Denuo-Novo specific TLJ arm rails were also added.
  9. Okay, I think there's enough in here to unlock and unhide this thread and have some value. I ended up heavily restructuring but have at least the Denuo Novo trimming instruction photos linked for everything and should be adding my own photos of additional trimmed pieces this week, as well as assembly posts as I work my way down the arms. I threw out my back this week and have been very busy at work, so it's slow going, but hopefully even so far this helps someone or stimulates some discussion. Troopers helping troopers and all that!
  10. Shoulder Lip Assembly After scuffing the contact surfaces, I applied E6000 and multiple n52 neodymium magnets from the center out. I went a little overboard, but want tight, clean lines and strong bonds at all of my joints, so getting good and somewhat even clamping pressure is key. I positioned them so that just the raised "lip" portion stuck out - about 15mm or so if I remember. I found the center of both pieces with a fabric measuring tape and did my best to align them consistently. Here is a finished shoulder bell. Screen Reference The shoulder bell sits on a support tab that can also be seen here, and will be addressed over here(link).
  11. Quick update! I'm just about done rough trimming with lexan shears and am moving on to the final trim with the rotary tool w/ 80grit flappy wheel and edge sanding mostly with fine Emory boards for all pieces. The ab and belt boxes, knees, spats, handguards, posterior, and cod are about done and ready for paint prep! The kit has pretty straightforward cut lines in most places but a few spots I've waited on to ensure I have them totally accurate when I final trim and sand. I'm hoping to only need to use the body filler for the sides of the ab and the shoulders. The rest of the joins, if prepared correctly, should be able to overlap and be glued with ease.
  12. Took a second to open the box up and inventory everything today! More later, but I started very rough trimming off the obviously unused excess plastic before I threw it back in the box. Thus far, I am VERY impressed with the quality of the pulls. My hand hurts from the shears though, so I'll get back on it later this week! Soft goods not really pictured since I'll likely only be using the belt. I also placed my order with Imperial Surplus today, so I should have a complete set of spare forearms, a TFA cod, and a separate thigh holster riser, among a few other goodies, on their way in a few weeks. I also added some prices and links to my first post so people know what I'm using, if curious. I'm getting excited for this build!
  13. Glen is correct, though @Sly11's scrutiny did uncover a counting error - it's actually 41 troops (+1) in my ANH-S suit, plus 9 in other FISD costumes. The remainder that make up the 68 total were in my Officer costume as noted by the prefix "ID". As this is the forum I am most active on, I have chosen to log ALL of my troops here and indicate those that qualify as FTEs at the end of each line. If you have more specific concerns, I'm happy to look into them, but otherwise I feel my log is pretty clear and complete. Thank you!
  14. 68. Orange County Children’s Book Festival - Costa Mesa, CA - Sun. 10/02/22 (ANH-S TK #41, FTE #50!)
  15. Post held and a few replies deleted while I restructure, hopefully for the better.
  16. Spats a. 19A/B & 20A/B Spat Trimming b. Spat Accuracy Update Dino of Sanotized Creations makes an awesome pair of flexible spats and was kind enough to meet up with me at Celebration to deliver! They're made of a flexible resin and are of very high quality.
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