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  1. In short, no. And weathering would not be the issue. As it is sold in its "E-11" configuration from S&T, the accessories are pretty wildly inaccurate (note the incorrect T-tracks, scope, Hengstler, and power cylinders), and should not be used if adhering to 501st standards and CRLs is your goal, as it would not be approved at any level. The BASE model is the correct one used, but only in Rogue One/new generation properties, and it also varies significantly from the actual Sterling machine gun used in the Original Trilogy (note the squared off handle to accommodate the motor assembly, and oversize end cap for battery access, among other things). You could absolutely modify a base model with the 'proper' accessories and use it for a Rogue One trooper, but in general, most cons don't allow, and common sense would dictate, not having a blaster actually capable of firing projectiles while trooping. Plus, honestly, it's freakin heavy, even gutted. I would look elsewhere for a number of reasons. Also, if an admin can move this to the proper area somewhere over here, that might be helpful. If you'd like to learn more about the Rogue One blaster, there's a great thread over here!
  2. Aaaaaaand since you brought it up, I went back and added a couple pictures of kits installed in people's suits! Hopefully they help, though I can't take credit for the other diagrams, as noted. We'll see what the future holds for RascalSnaps but it's always nice to get positive feedback!
  3. This^. Clamp the webbing, not the snap I also scuff up the plastic underneath to promote mechanical adhesion, if you aren't already.
  4. I agree that looks better but I was impatient and cut mine at a 90° angle and a little shorter since I believe I saw that most often.
  5. Necropost, but @Deployment Officer Team, is this accurate today?
  6. Stumbled across this, but easily one of the cleanest AP builds I've seen - good on ya and that Centurion is well-earned!
  7. 60. HPE Hollywood Christmas Parade - Hollywood, CA - Sun. 11/28/21 (ID #22) Not me, but can I mention how cool my wife and her clan looked!? She's the front right, and that's also a costume I built for her. 61. HPE Anaheim Ducks Star Wars Night - Anaheim, CA - Fri. 12/17/21 (ID #23) Again, not me if you couldn't tell, but our Leia for the night (and my friend Jasmine), was phenomenal and the Ducks team photographer got this amazing shot! Best of the night. 62. Rivero Graveside Burial Honor Guard - Santa Ana, CA - Wednesday - 12/22/21 (ANH-S TK #35)
  8. Imperial Boots is now making a Rogue One style undersuit based on some leaked set photos that is a little more accurate than those other two options and looks really good.... downside is it's a centerzip onesie so a little harder to pee in. So there's that. But another great option to look into.
  9. Back again... If the same person is approved twice at the Expert Infantry level for two separate suits, with the same Armorer assisting both times... Does that same person count as two wins? Are we counting suits or troopers?
  10. One of the former HyperFirm guys (not THAT one) is still making quality rubber blasters, but as "Hellhounds Props" now. He has a deep backlog of orders after taking unexpected time off for his mental health over the summer but should have blasters available again in the new year. Let me know if you want to be added to his interest list - I've been helping out with outreach and orders.
  11. Oh I just saw the most recent comment, above mine... but yup, from the grave, oops. Still true. 2/3 of those are done by now!
  12. "Hello everyone, my name is Nate and I am an addict!" "Hello Nate..." You are among your people hahaha
  13. If you haven't gotten an email yet, please shoot your order info over to HellhoundsCustomerService@gmail.com and we'll ensure you're on the list!
  14. Torso should be connected to the chest and kidney to the back, not free floating to where the torso needs support. Suspenders are an old-school and less accurate way of rigging, mostly from when people were attaching the thighs to their ab. I would recommend a garter belt and strapping like the below. If you insist, this thread from my ROTK (which are rigged differently), might give some inspiration:
  15. Yupppp, so the other person he enlisted to help get things back on track is me haha I set out (with a huge assist by @MaskedVengeance) to gather info for potential legal action and found a brother in need instead. Frankly, life hasn't been kind to Daniel lately and he's in quite a deep hole, but he's coming out of it, has no intention of ripping people off, and wants to make good as best he can. I'm somewhat local to him and a project manager by trade, so I volunteered to help handle business/order management and communication/updates so he can just focus on production. I'm still optimistic and hoping he can dig his way out but hopefully my assistance in eliminating any known roadblocks or excuses will eventually benefit the community. No way I'm gonna let him leave everyone hanging but I'd rather seek positive outcomes if I can. Expect email updates soon if you've reached out to myself or Caleb and we'll be hopefully working our way through most of the backlog by end of Q1 and implementing better business practices moving forward so this doesn't happen again. Consistent updates are coming soon and I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding in the meantime.
  16. *Comment removed pending discussion. Anovos thighs are known to not line up perfectly at the ridge edges as molded, so this would be a challenge with ABS paste or backing. Would it be acceptable to remove more material up to the bottom of the coverstrip to minimize the visible gap?
  17. Yup, the ribbed shoulder 'covers' that attach to the chest plate, whatever you want to call them. Reinforce them. They're one of the weakest points on the armor and very prone to cracking. I usually just run a same-width strip of pre-bent ABS sheet glued under each one. Does wonders. You can see towards the top right of this photo, sorry I don't have a closeup handy.
  18. Especially after you're approved, as long as you don't look like a Sandy..........
  19. Hey Wayne, looking forward to seeing this finished out, and congrats on the nuptials! Just got hitched recently myself. I'd strongly recommend taking a look at the OP on this thread and using it to format your submission info and photos, to make it easier on everyone. Good luck!
  20. Welcome and good luck! Some thoughts: - Gio was a good choice - Imperial Boots 421s are outstanding, but run notoriously narrow - Reinforce your shoulder bridges - Use underside cover strips while building - Take your time - measure/mark twice, cut once and ensure your pieces are sorted and labeled properly - Reinforce your shoulder bridges(!)
  21. With the above being said, if you have a personal design already (non-Legion branded), here's a great site to get them printed if you're in the States! Just remember that Legion logos and branding as well as LFL and most Star Wars branding is off limits without approval as well. https://www.gotprint.com/products/collectors-cards/order.html?fid=255507187
  22. Hey all! Not much progress, but some updates! On the bright side, both of my other side projects have been completed - the Shadowtrooper I was mentoring has been approved and received his TKID this week! And the other suit I was building for a friend is out the door as well, so focus is back on the FOTK and finishing out my various other little projects. Since my last post, soft goods from Sheev's Emporium and Geeky Pinks have been delivered! I was EXTREMELY impressed with the care and attention that was put into packaging both orders, and with the overall quality of each. They'll obviously, definitely need some additional tailoring, but are in the right ballpark out of the box, and I'm very excited for them. I threw everything on with my TLJ BS helmet real quick for a test run below! I'm supersuper impressed with the stitching on the ribs that Sheev's does - my seamstress literally almost didn't believe that it was sewn and not a pattern until I showed her the backside. The material is also super flexible and pretty breathable - I won't be cool, but it's genuinely not THAT hot. The arms and 'shirt' actually fit pretty spot on (and I LOVE the accurate change in direction on the ribs), but the pants need to be trimmed to bring the knee gaskets up about 2", and I'll be adding stirrups. The shiny shorts fit pretty well, but will also need to be shortened. Neck seal quality is top notch (albeit worn crooked in the pic, my bad) though I may add some velcro to keep the bib held down. While we're on the topic of new stuff, I did order the shoulder/yoke reinforcement brackets from Tony, and I'm currently trying to figure out if/how I can install them, as I believe they were designed with ABS kits in mind. They still may work for me with a little bending and trimming. Interestingly enough, I pulled the holster off and noticed it is not in fact an R2-Dan and all metal as I thought, but a metal faceplate on a resin block. Still nice with the metal screws and all, just needs a repaint and I may use it until I can snag one of Dan's. Finally, I did end up selling the 3D printed F-11D from my original post to a garrison mate... I honestly just didn't want to sand it that much. I happened across a great deal for the above blaster and am pretty hyped on it. Metal accents really make a statement! And just some closing thoughts from @Dsposato0 and I - hit the bar, hang with friends, just make time to have some fun too, like we did at the Funko Pop Hollywood flagship store recently! Cleaning up the workshop over the Thanksgiving holiday here in the States, but I should have more to post once I get back into the bodywork on the suit!
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