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  1. Welcome. From what I have read and seen, RS provides a wonderful product.
  2. Welcome to the F.I.S.D. Have fun on your journey. It is truly a rewarding and fun experience.
  3. In prepping to start gluing things together, I decided to search on if E6000 reacts with the snaps. On my first build, an Anovos OTTK, I glued snap plate directly to the armor, and after time I noticed that I had what I called “Trooper Nipples” on my chest plate. Sorry, but I couldn’t help but think of the “Bat Nipple” controversy with a few of the Batman films, and decided to name it after that. I saw a video where the snaps on one plate were covered with another plate of the same size, so it wouldn’t react to the armor. I’ve decided to use that method to see if I could avoid said problem of Trooper Nipples.
  4. Congratulations. I did notice one small dressing issue on your left arm, as the seam was not facing forward. At first suiting up seems to be difficult, with all the little steps you have to follow, but it will come with time and you'll be a pro. Again, congratulations.
  5. As I mentioned before some work still need to be done, but it’s getting there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Making some headway on my build. I touched up the tears and traps to make the black outline thinner, as recommended by other troopers. I filed some holes for my Ukswrath Speaker Hovi tips, and finally put my ears and S-Trim on. I still have to add the screws at the bottom. I think I may have to remove the ears and do a little more sanding so they sit more flush. I temporarily attached the lenses with velcro, and will add screws so they are more permanent. I ordered a template for my tube stripes from Trooperbay, and will paint those when they get here. I have some small adjustments to make on the tears and traps, as well as paint the stripes inside them. I think with those being completed, so will my helmet. Pictures to follow.
  7. Welcome to the FISD. As a previous owner of an Anovos kit, I'd have to say it looks amazing when completed. I would reinforce the inside edges aroud the chest, back, kidney, and butt plates as that armor is a little thin and may begin to crack on you after you get some trooping in. You may have to clean up the frown area and make sure that there is no overspray of gray paint on the gums, if you are shooting for Expert Infantry and Centurion. If you are, be sure to follow the CRL, and I would recommend checking out other troopers that have the same kit, and submitted for each level that you are going for. It is helpful to see what the Deployment Officers are going to be looking at, and what pictures you will need to submit when they go over your application. Have fun on your journey.
  8. I thought about having my wife make some on her Cricut machine, but our house is a little out of order due to us having the interior painted. I think I'll be happy with the templates, and knowing that everything is painted on. As usual, thank you @gmrhodes13for the advice.
  9. On my first kit, I had all elastic connections except for one (technically two) where I used nylon straps to hold my shoulder bells to the elastic under the shoulder bridges that connects the back and chest plates. I am currently working on putting together an AM 4.5, and will use the same method, but I am toying with the idea of doing two snaps on the plates I use instead of the one I used in each plate before.
  10. I just ordered a set of handpainted templates from Trooperbay. Thanks again @CableGuy. I guess I better get busy on getting my ears on. I see the light at the end of the tunnel on my helmet though.
  11. Thanks @CableGuy. I'll check it out. I am actually watching one of your videos on the stripes for the tears and traps right now.
  12. Hello everyone. I am in the process of building a set of AM 4.5. I am trying to finish the helmet and had a few questions. I should note that I am aiming for Centurion. I decided to hand paint my helmet as I messed up putting on the decals. So far I have painted the tears and traps, and the frown, and I feel I did a fairly decent job. The questions I have are these. Is it okay if I use the tube stripe decals that came with my kit, or should they be painted as well? While searching Trooperbay for the masking templates, he has a standard set as well as hand painted ones. I'm assuming I would want hand painted if I went the template route. Thanks in advance for the help and guidance.
  13. Welcome to the FISD. Have fun on your armor building journey.
  14. Looks like you have received some great advice. Good luck on you future build.
  15. This news is a relief. Thank you.
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