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  1. Welcome. From what pictures I have seen and read on RS they make some sweet stuff. I was recently looking at a Scout Helmet they make to accompany a set of scout armor I have. I already have a helmet that came with my armor, but I love the accuracy of theirs. Good luck on your future endeavors with your armor.
  2. Congratulations and welcome. Armor bites are not fun. I get one right behind my right knee. After long days, there will be broken skin and blood, but its all worth it.
  3. Looking good. I’d follow the advice of those that have commented to get your armor looking even more sweet. We hope to see you at EI and Centurion in the future.
  4. Welcome to the FISD. Like others have stated, there is lots of great information on these boards. Have fun on your TK build.
  5. TK-42134

    What do you have?

    So far I only have ANH: S. But after much deliberation, I have decided to do a Scout. I ordered a Helmet and Armor Kit from Studio Creations, and it should be here the first week of November. I have all soft goods material and need to put it together, tailor my flight suit, and make my boots.
  6. I just placed a group order to be shipped to:

    Susan Holloway 

    N9370 Exploration Ave.

    Appleton, WI 54915


    There is a total of 5 shirts and 5 forms submitted. I ordered and paid for the following:


    Original Trilogy TK (1 Unisex Small)

    Original Trilogy TK (1 Unisex Medium)

    First Order TK (1 Youth 10Y)

    First Order TK (1 Unisex Small)

    First Order TK (1 Unisex Medium)


    I paid a total of $222.75 ($194.75 for all 5 shirts plus $28 shipping)

    Pay Pal Transaction ID 4TK87181TH8854158


    Please reply so I know everything was ordered correctly and that you were able to receive all 5 of my forms submitted and payment in full. My transaction ID was just listed on the last form I submitted. I forgot to add payment notes on my Pay Pal transaction listing address & sizes and can’t find a way to go back and add it. 

  7. I am ordering 4 adult size and 1 youth size shirts. How much do I pay for shipping?  Shipping rates listed show for 4 shirts maximum. Do I pay that plus 1-2 shirts rates for shipping?  Please reply ASAP. Thank you. 

    1. TK-42134


      Where are these shirts headed?



    2. Susan Holloway
    3. Susan Holloway

      Susan Holloway

      I paid $28 for shipping. I hope that’s right. 

  8. Joseph, sorry to hear that things haven’t been pleasant for you. Like others have stated, it’s great that you are still able to participate on the forums, as you are a valuable resource. Keep your head up, and things will certainly get better.
  9. Placed an order for two racing shirts for me and my wife. Transaction number Transaction ID: 20Y49236YX077735F. Total forms sent was two. Shipping address is 9655 Florida Mining Blvd West, Suite 606-A, Jacksonville, FL 32257. Male size: XL and female size:14. If I missed anything please let me know.

  10. Hi Sir,


    just made a group order to be sent to Singapore. Total 17 forms sent for 17 racing shirts. Please see below for the details.


    Group Order for FISD Racing Shirts to be sent to Singapore


    OTTK Racing Shirts Ordered

    1) Male Size S - 1 pc

    2) Male Size M - 4 pcs

    3) Male Size L - 2 pcs

    4) Male Size XL - 2 pcs

    5) Male Size 2XL - 3 pcs

    6) Female Size 10 - 1 pc


    OTTK Racing Shirt

    1) Male Size M - 2 pcs

    2) Male Size 2XL - 2 pcs


    Paypal transaction id - 4EU47977T95146530


    All individual form sent. Payment for Racing Shirts Sent except for shipping. Payment will be made when shipping cost is known. Thank you very much.

  11. Good Afternoon,

    I ordered 4 shirts for Melissa, Helen, Steven King and myself. They are all being shipped to the same address at 3303 Quarry Place Lane, Katy, TX 77493. The paypal transaction ID is 53L43574JA9296644. If I messed something up while ordering please feel free to tell I will not be offended. Thank you!

  12. Hi I just order 2 OT racing shirts.

    M & L Men’s sizes

    2 forms submitted.




    I forgot to write the sizes on the PayPal information.

    Regards & Thanks for the run.

    Adam Nahoum


    CO Israel Outpost

  13. Welcome sir. Great job on your sons costume. Im sure you'll have no issue building your own kit. This is the best place on the web while doing that.
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