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  1. Great work on tackling your issues. You will be at the finish line in no time.
  2. Not to hijack the original posters thread, but perhaps if you get a set of armor you should attempt to assemble it yourself. Look up the Garrison that would be in your area and ask for help. It not only would save you money, but it would be an icebreaker to get to know future fellow garrison members as well. That is if you are looking to join the 501st. It is a fun experience. I just finished my second stormtrooper, doing 99% of the work by myself. On my first one, I had help from various sources, both virtually and physically, and that is what helped me build my second. I still needed guidance but I was more comfortable doing it on my own this time around.
  3. Welcome to the FISD. There are many great people and lots of information here that will get you to the finish line. Have fun building your armor.
  4. Sorry about that. I think I have them all now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Mandatory Information: Armor Maker: AM Helmet Maker: AM Blaster Maker: Praetorian Blasters Name: Mark Gogliano TKID: 42134 Forum Name: TK-42134 Garrison: Central California Garrison 501st Record Link: 501st Legion - Vader's Fist (Currently shows older TK) Optional Information: Height/Weight: 6’2”/220 Boot Maker: Imperial Boots Belt Maker: Imperial Issue Hand Guards: Joseph Pedigo Helmet Electronics: Ukswrath's Specialty Neck Seal: Darmans Props Holster: Darmans Props Full Body Front Full Body Back Full Left Full Right Right Side Detail Left Side Detail Action Photo Ab Plate Close Up Cod and Butt Plate Connection Inner Strapping Wrist Openings Helmet Front Helmet Back Helmet Left Helmet Right Lense Color Neck Seal Thermal Detonator Front Thermal Detonator Back Holster Connection Ammo Belt Back Boots Rubber Gloves Blaster Right Side Blaster Left Side Blaster D Ring Ammo Knee Rivet Inside Ab Plate Rivet Detail Ammo Knee Rivet Inside Ammo Knee Rivet Outside Ammo Rivet Outside Sniper Knee Right Detail Sniper Knee Left Detail Han Snap
  6. Good. Here are the pictures I took of it for my Expert Infantry submission that I be turning in soon..m Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I’m very pleased at how the belt looks now that the drop boxes are tacked down with glue. Painted the screws on my thermal detonator. …..and I filled the backs of my thighs with Sugru. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I guess I will keep this thread going as I reach for Expert Infantry and Centurion. I have since fixed my sniper knee issue by removing it and gluing it on the correct shin. For my submission photos, I adjusted my straps so things align better. Tonight, I glued the straps on my drop boxes to hold them in place. on my belt. I will attempt to put velcro to hold the belt up closer to the bottom of my ab plates. If that doesn't work, I will remove the snaps on my belt and replace them at different spots to get it to sit right. Thinking ahead for Centurion, I have ordered and received Sugru and will glue scrap behind the back ridges of my thighs to fill the gaps. Pictures will be incoming soon.
  9. Thanks Glen. I will be gluing down the elastic on the drop boxes to the belt to keep them in place.
  10. After making some adjustments, I sent photos in to my GML. I found out today I was approved for basic. Last night, I began taking some of the necessary photos to submit for Expert Infantry. I ordered Sugru to close the small gaps at the back of my thighs. Hoping to reach higher levels soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. My wife kept getting irritated when she was helping me, as I was looking at my reflection in the windows. LOL Thanks for all your advice @gmrhodes13. You are a legend.
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