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  1. Hello @all many thanks for that really detailed Feedback, it really makes it easy to improve my costume. I'm very happy that i got EI approved and i'm very excited to make the needed changes for Centurion approvement. A few years ago i never would have thought that i would run around in an armor (plastic) costume, but i really fell in love with the FOTK. The FISD community with all the detailed WIP Threads was so helpfull and inspirational for us (at this point of course many thanks again @ukswrath, we literally learned your building Thread by heart). It was a lot of fun to build i
  2. @TKSpartan & @shashachu problems which i had last night with IMGUR are gone, i reuploaded all pictures again - i think it should be right now ^^; Did the same for Dani too Thanks for the Feedback!
  3. Hey Mario, thanks for the fast feedback. I've changed the resolution of all pictures (i had problems with IMGUR, so it was the first time using postimage, sorry for that!). I will change the resolution for Dani's Pictures as well.
  4. COSTUME INFORMATION Armor: ANOVOS TFA beta kit Chestplate seam mod (wings cutted and reassembled) Chestplate chestslot mod (cutted and reworked) Biceps detail mod (3 step stairs) Shoulder bracket mod (àla Ukswrath) accurate fabric behind detail holes replaced front Belt Boxes with resin Belt Boxes (made by R2Dan) replaced Handguards with resin Handguards (made by R2Dan) reworked Forearm detail holes Helmet: ANOVOS TLJ Standard Line Gaskets: ANOVOS Belt: Belts of The First Order Belt Pouches: custom made (by TK-72216) Ho
  5. @Cricket The TD is also not really continuously the same in TLJ - here is a example from the movie, with the "short cap" (maybe it is because some trooperes were CGI? idk) I like what the 3D Designer did with the cod
  6. regarding the cod - The ridges are there - recently these pictures were posted in an Facebook group:
  7. Very great build, can’t wait to see more progress - can I ask which TLJ Cod file you used? Or have you more screenshots of it? thank you!
  8. Asking for access, TK-51337, German Garrison https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=20276&costumeID=408 Thanks!
  9. what do you mean with both sizes? But yes, they are two different patterns for of course two different bags, the smaller wide one and the taller more narrow one.
  10. There is a raffle going on the UK, which says the winner will get a screen used Episode IX Trooper Helmet: Some User on reddit made a great comparison between the episodes: So there are some minor differences (can also be the camera angle) between the Episode 8 and 9 Helmet, but over all it seems they keept the Episode 8 Design
  11. Hey Jonas, had you time to finish this awesome bulild? I'm really intersted in more details, like components you used, or wiring diagram Thank you!
  12. Hallo everyone I hope it is okay to post this question here. I‘m from Germany and not yet a Member of the FISD (FOTK in progress, will post soon a Thread here :)) I/We have a question, maybe you can help me here, or point in the right direction where I can ask the right person.  We want create I Fire Team with only FOTK/FOArmor to create a more steady group of FOTK‘s in Germany. The question we have is regarding the naming of the group. Would it be okay to use „Batch Eight“ here?  „Batch Eight“ was mentioned in the elevator scene w
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