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  1. Request 501st status changes here. NOTE: we (the site admins) will periodically check the list of people in this forums database against the list of 501st members as kept by the Legion COG. People will be added or dropped automatically, so it's a good idea to ensure that the email address you use for this board is the same you use in the Legion records. If you need your status adjusted in between database checks, please post here. NOTE: You must include a link to your 501st record as per below, else your request will be ignored: http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=4733 **Please test your link when you post your request to make sure it goes to your legion profile page. We cannot use links for the Legion forum or Garrison pages.** 1. Go to www.501st.com 2. Under "Our Community" select "Members" 3. On the "Our Members" page, select "Member Search" 4. Input your TK number and "Search" 5. On the "Results" page click "More" to the right of your name 6. On this page that lists all of your costumes, copy the URL and paste it into this thread with your request.
  2. First and foremost... There is no one 'best' armor. There is a 'best' armor for *you* depending on a few factors: 1) Your budget 2) What your body size is (yes, different armors lend themselves for different body types) * 3) How experienced are you at building armor 4) It's not the kit, it's how it's fitted to the wearer that counts * While FISD does not endorse any particular armor maker, below are sellers who have proven themselves time and again in terms of customer service, honesty, and quality. All makes below can be made to be both 501st and FISD acceptable. MATERIALS Armor is made from either HIPS or ABS. HIPS --- Pros: generally less expensive, easier to trim. --- Cons: needs painting or serious polishing to look shiny. Most HIPS will not be as durable as ABS or take the stress of ABS --- Suitability: will hold up fine for regular trooping ABS --- Pros: no need to paint, high durability --- Cons: may lack the detail of HIPS, usually harder to trim --- Suitability: will hold up fine for regular trooping plus take a lot of abuse OTHER TERMS Untrimmed: means the kit comes untrimmed and you'll have to trim the parts before starting assembly. Trimmed: parts are pre-trimmed and you can start assembling right away ANH Derived: traces back to a screen used helmet. Armor came from an incomplete ROTJ suit that was supplemented with parts from a tour suit, with this base being modified to be more ANH accurate in detailing. Parts will need to be butt joined with a finishing strip glued on top. * ON SIZING ANH Derived armor (TE2, AP) was sculpted for a typical UK actor circa 1976, e.g. 5'10" and 165lbs. While good for smaller body types, it has been successfully made to fit people as large as 6'4" 235lbs though requires a bit of shimming to pull this off. 1. If you are taller or larger in frame/girth, you may want to consider AM, RT, or TM armor makes for easier fitting. 2. If you are shorter, while ANH derived armor may lend itself to your size, even FX armor has been made to fit and look good on people as small as 5'6" and 115lbs (and smaller!). 3. RT has upsized his helmet by 4-5% which makes it equivalent to the size of the old FX but is more accurate in appearance. So, while it's true that every kit has a certain ideal body type, every make has been made to fit every body type and still look good. WHO TO AVOID 1. Be aware that this site - http://www.stormtroo...s.com/home.html - is not considered commercially available. It is run by a person selling recast parts, and at a healthy premium over what you can buy direct from vetted sources. You've been warned... 2. Do not buy from e-bay - kits are over-priced, the quality is often dubious, and always recast. 3. Also see this thread: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/19329-where-what-and-whom-to-avoid-when-buying/ VETTED MAKERS While there are many other sources for armor, the list below only contains those who have proven track records of honest business dealings, quality craftsmanship, and that are free from recast debates. You are certainly free to buy where you will, but if you vary this list we strongly encourage that you at least do your due diligence inquiring about the seller's quality and reputation before parting with your money. === ANH DERIVED ARMOR === Type: ATA (Affordable Trooper Armor) Country: USA Contact: Supertrooper on FISD / ATAworks@yahoo.com, please email for armor inquiries. Kit: ABS (HIPS by request), untrimmed, ANH derived Availability No known problems. Assembly: Armor needs to be trimmed, parts butt joined with finishing strips, HIPS needs to be painted. Comments: The quality of HIPS material is such that it is the most durable of all HIPS armor makes. ABS is a custom made ABS for color, gloss, and durability, so you can order it either way and feel confident. Type: Authenticprops (AP) Country: Canada Contact: authenticprops@hotmail.com Kit: .080 gloss white ABS, can be ordered Untrimmed, Fully trimmed (ready for assembly) or Ready to Wear out of box. kit includes correct split rivets and cap rivets for centurion build and optional white rubber hand guards and C02 metal clips. ANH Derived. Helmet is screen derived but cleaned up with a smooth cap and back. Armor similar to TE2 but with some parts being different. The AP helmet includes resin hovi mic tip replicas, Centurion approved painted look decals, green acetate lens, inner drop boxes, rubber brow/neck trim and all correct hardware to assemble helmet. Availability: No known problems obtaining this, though there is a waiting list. Options: untrimmed, fully trimmed, fully built- ready to wear/modify. Options for helmet upgrades, belt upgrades and other options. Contact AP for detailed pricing. The ABS is bright white and has a semi-gloss finish like the originals. Now you can order a fully built helmet with advanced upgrades. upgrades include: chinstraps, cloverleaf helmet foam, and darker lenses. Options must be ordered when contacting. Assembly: requires cover-strip and butt-joining for assembly. Comment: To fit a wider range of body types AP added 3" inch extensions to the sides of the AB and Kidney plates for a total of 6" extra inches to easily fit up to 38" waist, also added 2" inches to all legs parts for a seamless authentic look without the need of shimming, extra material can be easily trimmed to original size or custom trimmed to perfectly fit your size, also includes matching ABS strips in the event you still need shimming. Type: RS Prop Masters Country: UK Contact: studio@rspropmasters.com or http://www.rspropmasters.com/ Kit: 1.5mm ABS or 1.5mm PVC, untrimmed or ready-to-wear, only 1st Generation cast of an original ANH armor. Is Expert Infantry ready out of the box, and Centurion ready with very little work on the accessories (hand guards and such). Availability: 3-5 days Assembly: Parts are untrimmed and requires cover-strip and butt-joining for assembly. Can be ordered pre-assembled for an additional fee. Options: 1. Helmet + Armour - Kit 2. Armor only - Kit 3. Helmet - Kit 4. Helmet - Fully finished and hand painted 5. Armor + Helmet - Armor trimmed to your specification but not assembled + Fully finished helmet. 6. "Fully loaded" - Accessory package, when bought together with armor. Contains strapping kit, latex handguards, rubber gloves, canvas belt, etc.. All prices are excluding shipping. Comments: The only 1st Generation cast of an original ANH armor. Comes unaltered with all the good and bad that brings. May require more skill to assemble than other kits. Extremely accurate when assembled with care. Armour is more generous than SDS or AP, but not as large as RT-Mod or AM. Type: RWA (RWA Creations) Country: Isle of Wight, UK Contact: Email to rwacreations@gmail.com .. Facebook: RWA Creations Availability: 6 weeks Kit: ANH, ESB untrimmed kit in 1.5mm ABS, 2mm ABS, 2mm Acrylic capped. Black or White. Options: Helmet assembly service or fully finished (excluding padding). Neck seals, Canvas Belts, Aluminium Thermal detonator clips. 2" longer shins available on request. Type: T/MC Country: USA Contact: tray@traynichols.com or PM Tray on the FISD boards Kit: .090 ABS, untrimmed, ANH Derived. Helmet is screen derived. Armor similar to TE2 and AP but with some parts being different and others being modified. The left inner shin is a duplicate of the right outer shin. The arms (Bicep, forearm and shoulders) are the same, there is no unique left and right arm. The helmet comes with resin cast hovi mic tips, which are acceptable for EIB use, and all assembly material excluding paint. Comes with your choice of Smoked gray bubble lenses or flat dark green lenses. This is most comparable to AP with some slight changes. Availability: 3-4 months for delivery and sometimes sooner than that. Assembly: Seams are overlapping joints making it a reasonably easy build, though one can use finishing strips instead. Comments: The armor is ABS, not bright white and glossy like FX. Due to material thickness lines are a little softer than some other makers. Should shine well with Mr Sheen. NOTE: available in black too! Type: WTF (Walt) Country: USA Contact: Walt on FISD Kit: ABS, untrimmed, ANH derived Availability Current wait times are 6-8 weeks. Assembly: Armor needs to be trimmed, parts butt joined with finishing strips. Comments: No issues with quality or service reported to date. === ANH FAN SCULPT === Type: Troopermaster ( TM ) Country: UK Contact: Please see info contained in for sale threads when posted. Availability: PM to ask, varies Kit: ABS, fan sculpt. Reputedly the most accurate fan sculpt. Seams on legs and arms are butt-joins with cover strips. Available in ANH, ESB and ROTJ (and snowtroopers) Options: untrimmed, trimmed or ready to wear. Comments: This is really beautiful armour and extremely movie-accurate. It comes at the price of being pretty tricky to assemble though, with potentially a long wait for supply. TM now supplies all his armour in acrylic-capped ABS. His ABS suits are incredibly glossy and, if assembled with care, look fabulous. Armour is more generous than SDS or AP, but not as large as RT-Mod or AM, although he also offers an XL shin for taller/bigger troopers. Type: RT-Mod (RT) / RT-PandaCountry: CanadaContact: rtmodpanda@gmail.comKit: ABS, close trimmed, fan sculpt. Updated bucks for the majority of the armor and helmet in 2018 to meet Centurion level standards (separate ab button plate, kidney notches, etc).Availability: Currently about 8 month wait.Assembly: Parts are "close trimmed" (a thicker return edge is left on all parts for those seeking more accuracy for strapping brackets etc. Final trimming is far less work than "untrimmed off the buck" armor. Designed to be easy to put together (regarded as one of the easiest kits to assemble as all "halves of lumbs etc. line up to one another without problems). Designed for butt joined limbs with a formed ridge with cover strips. Some parts can be formed without ridges present. Helmet comes as a kit as of 2019.Options: ANH stunt, ESB hand armorComments: Designed especially for taller/larger body types and has more capacity to fit these troopers (without shims) than most makes of armor. There are 2 sizes of back armor, 3 sizes of thighs, 2 sizes of shins / calves, and the ab / kidney will accommodate approx 40" waist without shims. The thighs are wider and can accomodate a wide range of sizes. Female troopers often order thighs / shins to accommodate wider hips etc. The armor and helmet are sculpted at 4% larger than an original kit. The difference is subtle but makes fitting/sizing much easier for taller/larger troopers (has been worn very easily by troopers from 6' to 6'5"). Type: AM (Armor Master) Country: USA Contact: troopersupplies@hotmail.com Kit: ABS. All body armor components including face piece and ear pieces are .090 ABS. The one piece dome/back is formed using .125 ABS, as this piece is formed over a rather deep mold and anything thinner can cause thin regions which will eventually crack or fracture. White .060 ABS blanks included to cut as cover-strips. Availability: Normally 4-6 weeks or less. Assembly: Comes trimmed out of the box, but you will still be required to adjust for proper fit to your body size. Good choice for large troopers, but can be cut down. Comments: Chest and back molds have been updated to address past concerns, and are now acceptable to Centurion level. They are now including a custom, die-cut Imperial cog themed helmet liner for the helmets, mounting velcro included. They're very comfortable and take three minutes to install. Hovis are professionally cast aluminum. Hero helmets are now available. === ROTJ ARMOR === Type: CFO - note this is for ROTJ armor only (ideal for ROTJ, TK Commander, or Incinerator Troopers). Country: UK Contact: PM Sskunky on FISD Kit: ABS or HIPS untrimmed. Kits can come in lite, full, assembled and weathered please inquire for prices and custom orders. ABS is standard and screen accurate. We can make the armour in any colour HIPS with a 25% deposit. Kits come complete with all plastic parts. Helmets come with resin mic tips cast from an original, black rubber trims, decals and lenses all subject to availability and stock. Availability: Kits available at all times with approx 4 week turnaround time. We have a US distributor who will be able to ship kits within the USA. Assembly: Parts are trimmed and designed to be easy to put together - along with RT is the easiest kit to build. Comments: These suits are cast from original therefore there will be warps, lumps, bumps etc. present on the plastic. The original suits were made to fit actors in the region of 5'10" and 180lb.... there is some flexibility as with all armour which is down to assembly. This armour is no way sanitised or idealised, it is a true representation of what is seen on screen in STAR WARS "The Return Of The Jedi". Other Notes: Hand guards O2 canister/detonator detail and end caps, belt, knee belt and shoulder straps are own sculpt. Necessary/minimal sharpening was done to the moulds to attain the correct level of sharpness lost from the original fibreglass moulds obtained from Cameron Oakley. The original shape and contours are intact and the details and edges have been sharpened as documented in various threads on the FISD and other prop forums. === ROGUE ONE ARMOR === Type: Jimmiroquai Country: PI Contact: email jimmiroquai@yahoo.com Kit: Kits are lightweight flexible fiberglass. Availability: PM to ask, varies Assembly: Fully trimmed and partially assembled, e.g. if it fits out of the box one can go straight to rigging and painting. Comments: No issues with quality or service reported to date. === FIRST ORDER (The Force Awakens | The Last Jedi) ARMOR === Type: Jimmiroquai Country: PI Contact: email jimmiroquai@yahoo.com Kit: Kits are lightweight flexible fiberglass. Can come with both TFA or TLJ details. Availability: PM to ask, varies Assembly: Untrimmed. Comments: No issues with quality or service reported to date. === NO LONGER MADE === Type: TE2 Country: USA Contact: HDPblues on FISD Kit: HIPS, untrimmed, ANH derived Availability: None, since a long time. Best to look elsewhere. Assembly: Armor needs to be trimmed, parts butt joined with finishing strips, then painted. Comments: Helmet is considered very screen accurate. While he rarely makes armor anymore, he's a solid buy if you find any. Type: FX Availability: No longer made. Do not buy this armor - we list it only for posterity in case you pick up a suit second hand from a current Legion member. Kit: ABS, trimmed, fan sculpt. Comments: The armor can be made to be FISD EI acceptable for about $50 and an afternoon of work. The helmet is not acceptable by any Detachment's program, and many GML's are no longer allowing it to be accepted at the Legion level. Type: Older/Original AM (1.0) NE Country: USA Contact: troopergear@gmail.com Kit: .090 gauge ABS - trimmed - Fan sculpt Availability: N/A Assembly: Butt joining required for the legs. Arms can be overlapped but trimming those overlaps off and butt joining is recommended. Comes trimmed out of the box, but you will still be required to trim for proper fit to your body size. Comments: An updated version of the older AM kits with a more accurate helmet and some other accessories. Best suited for the larger troopers who can have problems fitting into screen-sized kits. Comes in full or "lite" kits. Lite kits come without helmet, ABS cement or polish.
  3. Well, at the least we can start compiling photos which is better than we had in some years.
  4. I just hope they aren't relegated to duty beneath them like in Solo. We really need them to be something feared again, like in EP7
  5. Daetrin

    RT-MOD Changing of the Guard

    I've been struggling with what to write. You've been a hallmark of integrity and quality for so many years, I think at this point you have the longest tenure of any active armor maker, which is quite a record. History lesson for some people - when we created the CRL and EI standards back in the day (remember, at the time out of the box FX armor was the standard before then), several armor makers complained, but you never did. You just adjusted your molds so it would comply with the new CRL. My favorite memory though was when I had to head up to a troop in Vancouver with some garrison-mates and needed a new set of shins. Not only did you help GPS me to your home tp pick them up in person, but you had them pre-trimmed and ready to go. You even glued the fronts and added the sniper plate on. That was an above and beyond courtesy that set the bar as an example of how people should help each other out. I can think of no better person to pass the torch on to than Terry (PandaTrooper). His artistry and talent is first class, and his dedication to his hobby and community are beyond question. I remember when Outer Rim was what - 3 people? Your involvement in forming that squad and growing it to where it is today is something few have matched. I could write for hours praising the work and ethics of you two gentlemen, surely. It's a blessing to all that the tradition of RT lives on. Thanks again Rob for all you have done, and thanks Terry taking the armor to the next level.
  6. HOWTO: Make your FX armor Expert Infantry I get this question asked a lot so figured now was a prime time to write it up. Obviously the helmet has to go in toto, but since that’s an all-out replacement and usually taken care of in one fell swoop, and the fact that most already have swapped out their helmet, I’d like to focus solely on the armor. Despite what people may say, making your FX armor EIB acceptable actually takes little effort, money, and time. You can pretty much buy everything you need for $60 and an hours’ worth of work, or if you have time can do it for about $20 and an afternoon. Let’s break it down! 1. Replace the ab plate buttons The ab plate buttons that came with the FX kits are the wrong size and color and need to be replaced. Fortunately this is pretty easy on the FX kit and you have several routes you can choose from: 1. Easiest – buy them completed. VaderDave sells kits for $20 that are the correct size & color, and you can swap them out in about 10 minutes easily. See: http://whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=11696 2. Next Easiest - buy plain buttons and use decals You can buy plain buttons from Tandy. They need to be 7/16" in diameter. You can then buy decals from TK-4510 instead of painting them for $3 Button Decals : http://members.cox.net/appstronaut/Ab_Button_Decals.html 3. Least Easiest - buy plain buttons and paint yourself As above, you can buy a set of 9 buttons from Tandy and paint them yourself. Painting guide: http://whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=8117 Where to buy paints: http://members.cox.net/appstronaut/humbrol.html Maximum cost : $20 Effort : 10 minutes to 30, depending if you buy or build 2. Replace the plastic belt Like the ab plate buttons, this is a pretty straightforward fix if you buy a belt or you can save some money and make your own. Buying a Belt TKKittell : http://whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=10293 TK4205 : http://whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=7954 Making a Belt HOWTO: A guide to making a canvas belt : http://whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=665 Maximum cost : $40 Effort : 20 minutes or more, depending if you buy or build 3. Correctly mounting your holster While most holsters have full straps, in A New Hope (which most troopers do) the belts are actually fastened from behind using rivets. This is a very cheap mod and you there are many ways to achieve this look. If you are doing an ESB trooper, simply wear it on the right instead of the left ($0 cost and time). If you are doing an A New Hope trooper this look can be achieved by simply cutting off the outside strap (free, 5 minutes) and then fastening the holster to the belt like shown in the picture below as a guide: You can use rivets, Chicago screws, or even snaps. The rivets need only be seen on the outside, and you can even use velcro if you wish on the inside to make it more secure. Maximum cost : < $5 in materials Effort : 10 minutes or less Pretty easy so far So far it's been pretty easy and the above steps will instantly make any FX based stormtrooper look more accurate and impressive. Some choose to stop there, but there are two more mods that will need to be done to make that FX kit Expert Infantry. 4. Cutting the butt plate While the cheapest mod to do, this is really the only one people hesitate on and it often takes two people to get it to hang correctly. While there is a seam line on the back of the FX back plate, it's too high and the cut should actually be lower down, about 1/4 to 1/2" below the belt. You can see this in several shots. While the pictures above only show the strapping for the kidney to the butt plate, some people (including myself) also use a strap that goes around the front of the waist to keep the sides from flaring out. Ideally one could use a heat gun to properly shape it, but a strap works well too. Also depending on your body type you may have to put a little bit if padding in the butt plate to get it to sit correctly (OK, maybe just me and my small butt :-)). Regardless of whichever route you go, this is an inexpensive mod in that the cost is just those pieces of velcro or strapping that you use to secure it. The time is the biggest factor, as while cutting it only takes 5 minutes it can take up to 30 to get it to sit correctly. 5. Shimming the side gaps Of all the armor makes, the FX has the largest gap between the ab plate and the back plate. Fortunately this is pretty easy to solve with some extra plastic sheets. While clones advocate a seamless join, FISD is not so picky and simply using a plastic shim is acceptable. There are several routes that people use: 1. Buy spare ABS/HIPS from whomever made their kit (guaranteed to match the armor) 2. Buy spare ABS/HIPS from a plastics store (perhaps cheaper) 3. Use spare ABS/HIPS that they have laying around. The plastic belt that gets replaced by using a fabric belt is often an ideal candidate for this. 4. Buy a cheap plastic sign from a home improvement store and paint it to match To secure it you can simply use velcro or else use rivets. Here is a photo of a completed side gap: Here is a simple fix that a person used as a starting point. Remember it just needs to look good from the outside though it's always a good idea to make these changes more robust as time and budget allow. Conclusion And that's it! It may seem a lot at first, but after going through it you'll wonder what all the fuss was about. Whether you decide to buy everything you need or create all the pieces from scratch, these changes will really make your FX armor kit pop and breath new life in to it, allowing for many more years of enjoyable trooping to come. Where to go next I'd like to encourage those that haven't taken the plunge to make these changes to do so. Making your FX Expert Infantryman qualified actually is relatively inexpensive and not that hard. Not enough you say? Yes, there is even *more* you can do to pimp out that FX kit, from adding side snaps on the ab/kidney to adding return edges to the chest and other parts, but these aren't required for EIB. What do you think? Everyone - we on FISD staff would love to hear what you think of the above. Was it easy to follow? Did you like the changes once done? Let us know!
  7. Daetrin

    Forum support

    Actually we are hosted via the same AWS package that the Legion boards are. Yes, we have our own dedicated instances, but the server administration is all owned by the LWM team. What we control locally are things like theming, forum organization/layout, etc. In the early days we (e.g. me and V'Pier) did it all - hosting, SQL backups, upgrades, etc. however since only the LWM team has access to the Legion's AWS account basic uptime, server maintenance, and upgrades are all handled by the LWM team. It's been a huge cost savings for the det, as FISD is the largest forum in the Legion aside from the Legion site proper in terms of active membership and usage. At some point the Legion's webmaster's will ask us to pay our share. As noted, usually we're able to raise the amount in 24 hours.
  8. Daetrin

    Hello from Seattle

    Hey Jean-Paul - I'm in Seattle too and part of Garrison Titan. Great to have you on board and please feel free to share progress pix as it makes it easier for GMLs to suggestion corrections earlier in the process.
  9. Daetrin

    It's Official Congrats to Sarah (Alay) our New DL!

    Congrats Sarah! I'll be reaching out shortly to start the transition process and will do all I can to ensure that it as smooth and painless as can be.
  10. Daetrin

    New Character/New CRL?

    Truth. All it would take it for some artist to draw you up and stick it in a SW comic or other source and there you go. This is how the Magma Trooper (red TK) got created. Someone painted their TK red to a convention, an artist saw it and then got it created (can't recall if it was a figure or comic first). Clone Emperor same thing. Thomas Spanos created the costume based off a book, an LFL artist used Thomas as the template for creating the art. Also, as I said the entire RP was created by a single trading card that had an ROTJ IC on it and the text below was "reserve pilot". That's it. Strange? Perhaps, but TRUE!
  11. Daetrin

    New Character/New CRL?

    Don't give up Hal. Elections are underway and there will be new LMO's in a few weeks, who may look at it differently. The Reserve Pilot was based on a single trading card, and that's a CRL.
  12. L2/L3 are in the CRL and can be used anytime.
  13. OK, it happens. You look at your Legion profile and it shows that your detachment affiliation to FISD is pending, or otherwise incorrect. Why does this happen, and what is detachment affiliation anyway, and what will FISD do about it? The answer is that detachment affiliation is only ever used once a year, and for one purpose. The only time the Legion ever uses it for anything is to determine who can run for DL and who can vote in detachment elections. That's it. Otherwise it is pretty much ignored and not used for anything. The process of validating detachment membership is cumbersome and time consuming because people use different email information between their Legion and detachment logins, and that there is no way to bulk update the rosters. For a small detachment it is not a big deal to do this manually, but for a detachment the size of FISD with hundreds and soon thousands of 501st members, it's impossible. Fortunately we have technical folk both on FISD and in the Legion web team. Once a year they take a feed from FISD's database and do a bulk update on the Legion database. This occurs right before the election cycle starts and is done once per year. Pro tips: 1) Ensure the email address you use on the Legion & FISD boards are the exact same. 2) Ensure that your FISD profile has the correct TKID. 3) IMPORTANT! You MUST be in the right security group. It should be "501st Stormtrooper" in order for the automated system to pull you over. This thread is where you get your detachment access updated. 4) If after the bulk update is complete and your profile is still not updated, and you are 100% sure your info is in sync between the two boards, then ask for to the Legion web team. They should get feedback on why this isn't working. 5) If all else fails, ping the FISD staff. Which basically means that we'll simply tell the 501st web team to bulk approve everyone Whew! Hope that answers everyone's questions!
  14. Daetrin

    Alternative holster pattern.

    The CRLs are meant to be the canonical trooper, and not to represent flubs and one-offs. If people want to troop with this as an alternative that IMHO pretty cool, but just like Mr. No Stripes or the one or two TKs that if you freeze frame you can see have no holster, these are just things that weren't meant to be standard. ANH is riddled with such types of variations as when you looked at it in the movies in '77 nobody noticed, so nobody cared about that level of consistency.
  15. FYI guys, people need to ensure they are in the right FISD group. If your group icon says "501st member" it's why the sync isn't picking you up. You have to be a member of the "501st Stormtrooper" group. This thread is where you get your detachment access updated.
  16. OK, so I looked at the det roster and you're not even on it for me to approve. You'll have to chat with your GML or LWM person to fix, as there is nothing I can do on my end.
  17. Also, if you guys don't get any traction with the LWM's, I'll commit to flipping people manually before voting starts/rosters are locked.
  18. For this year the Legion web team is handling all the syncs. I have no idea what expired means, you'd have to ask them I'm afraid.
  19. If you are not in the 501st, you will be a "Member" If you are in the 501st *BUT* do not have an active TK designation, you are a "501st Member" If you are in the 501st *AND* have an active TK designation, you are a "Stormtrooper" If you're status is incorrect, you must request a status change in the appropriate thread here: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=16 The admin staff will periodically run bulk updates against the Legion database, so if your status changes automatically w/o you asking, this is probably why. To be affected by bulk updates, it's critical that the email address you use for these boards is the same as the one in the Legion database.
  20. Daetrin

    Pauldron colors = rank?

    Let's also remember that in the 70's no one paid attention to such details. Lucas just put people in whatever order to make the shot good. Many people with different rank bars are called simply "commander". That's why there truly was no rhyme nor reason back then - because there wasn't. Anything you see on wikis etc. is all just retcon (for the OT stuff at least).
  21. EIB Page requests * Fix Academy version -> need to remove the left menu to allow 800 pix with for four across (req by Daetrin). If not possible show them in 3 columns instead of 4. * Update data file to have everyone's awarded date (33 records missing) Site Requests * Bring back the b-day droid (req by tkrestonva) * Fix search box in IE8 (req by Daetrin) * Have fixed topic backgrounds or image headers for topics (req by quebectrooper) * Donors page showing who contributed, when and at what level. (req by a donor)
  22. Nice! Another great win for Garrison Titan
  23. FWIW, they are still working on this. The last information I have is they will do the bulk update this year, just like they have before.
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